Top 10 Anatomy Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Anatomy Apps for iOS

As humans, we have to keep learning to keep up with the advancement of life.

However, if you are a medical student who wants to pass exams, you must be willing to learn new things, asides from the regular lectures.

So, we have compiled a list of the best anatomy apps for iOS. Read on!

1. Anatomyka

The Anatomyka app is the first on our list of the best anatomy apps for iOS. The app’s musculoskeletal system is excellent.

It has over 4.5 thousand anatomical 3D models. You can twist and zoom 3D models in this app, as well as delete some.

However, it lacks enough information on the nervous and circulatory systems. But developers are working to fill in the gaps. Also, the app includes HD-quality anatomical structures.

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2. Teach Me Anatomy

TeachMeAnatomy is a well-detailed anatomy app. Students and educators will enjoy it as a teaching and learning tool. These features have made it one of the best anatomy apps for iOS iPad.

A group of doctors and medical students developed this app. Each topic combines anatomical knowledge and improved patient care.

Besides, each topic bridges the gap between learning and enhanced patient care. They do this by combining anatomical knowledge with high-yield clinical pearls.

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3. Anatomy Learning

One of the best anatomy apps for iOS is this app. You can study bones, muscles, tissues, and the structure of internal organs.

You can also use the app can also in a variety of languages. When you choose a topic, the app will display 3D images of the topic you choose.

Images can be rotated and zoomed. Furthermore, you can crop the image to get a better understanding of the anatomical structure.

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4. Complete Anatomy Platform

For high-quality information adaptation, this is one of the best anatomy apps for iOS. All organs are depicted in 3D in the app.

You can study each one in-depth. It’s a well-liked app that over 200 universities around the world use.

Furthermore, this app contains over 17 thousand human body structures, and the image quality is excellent.

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5. My Organs Anatomy

My Organ Anatomy is a medical application that allows users to study human anatomy in detail. It comes with an x-ray, animation mode, and a 3D model for 360° rotation.

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6. Visual Anatomy Free

This is another excellent app that gives you a sufficient understanding of anatomy. It is one of the best anatomy apps for iOS.

In this app, over 1000 anatomical structures are available. Doctors can display 3D models visually to their patients. This app also features a quiz to test your expertise.

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7. Learn Muscles

This app has a lot of information about the body’s muscles, which are an essential aspect of anatomy. It contains over a hundred images of muscles from the human body and 3D models of their locations.

However, I’m confident that this will aid you in your efforts to understand anatomy better.

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8. Gray’s Anatomy – Anatomy Atlas

Medical students find this iPhone app easy to use because it has a modern interface design.

However, the app has two categories, which are anatomical positions and anatomical systems. It has pictures of every anatomical system.

Also, this human anatomy atlas app consists of six different types of tests. You can repeat and test your knowledge through the medical examination.

Furthermore, you can use this app offline, so you are covered even without data. So, we can’t possibly exclude this app from the best anatomy apps for iOS.

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9. Essential Anatomy 5

There are more than 8,200 precise, educational and excellent anatomical structures to look at in this app. It has a range of features.

Without getting tired, you can explore the app and learn new things every day. However, you can purchase the full features of this app in-app.

But it does not make it lesser than the other best iOS anatomy apps.

10. Skeleton

Skeleton is the last on our list of the best anatomy apps for iOS, but that doesn’t make it the least good.

It would be best to download this app if you want to learn everything there is to know about the skeleton.

This human anatomy app has a simple user interface. The creators have created 3D models of all of the human body’s bones, allowing you to examine each one.

On the other hand, many 3d bones are divided into regions to understand their structure better. So, this will enable you to comprehend the interaction of bones as the body moves. 

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