Apple HomePod Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Apple HomePod

Sure, you could own an iPhone, but that’s not the only thing you would love. To get the most out of any gadget you own, you need the right accessories.

If you want to get more out of the music you love, you would want some good speakers – they can help liven up parties at home or other places easily. Or you could even listen to them on your own, anytime you like.

And while there are plenty of home theater systems and speakers out there, the Apple HomePod does stand out on its own.

Apple HomePod, a speaker developed by Apple, offers a good quality sound that music lovers will enjoy.

It’s among those smart speakers that you definitely need to take a look at, and we aren’t just saying that because of the great Bluetooth speakers on offer.

Specifications of Apple HomePod

The first question you would have in mind is whether the HomePod makes the cut. Now, the design is great and carries the Apple like feel you would get with any Apple product you buy.

And just like what Apple did with the iMac or the iPad Air, Apple seems to have managed to pack in a lot in too little a space.

So, what is it that makes the Apple HomePod a good buy?

It’s light, weighing around 5.5 pounds. You can play different audio formats easily including HE-AAC (V1), AAC, MP3 and more.

You can expect some great stuff from Apple, and the HomePod doesn’t disappoint. The product has a touch surface like tap and holds for volume, play, and so on. The wireless product also offers additional features like voice over.

Apple HomePod Review

So, what is it that you would love about the HomePod, apart from what we talked above? Let’s take a look.

The Apple HomePod is a premium offering, with some great, clear and crisp sound.

Easy to set up the speaker, and no need to figure out how to deal with the product. You just have to put your iPhone near the HomePod, and it gets detected immediately.

All you need to do is to tap setup to start things off. Additionally, you will know that the HomePod is working and ready because of its light on top of the product.

You can’t tell the weight of the product just by looking at it. You can see it is heavier by holding it. The minimalistic design means that it’s easy to miss out on the numerous speakers like woofer and tweeters inside it. Additionally, it has an amplifier and microphones cooperative for producing a good quality sound.

The speaker has a fine design that is perfect to place anywhere like your side table or anywhere in the house, office, and so forth.

For its size, it can produce a loud sound and you will hear every tone even small ones. It can fill the whole room of impressive quality sound that some products can’t produce.

Pros and Cons of Homepod

Products always have its pros and cons. It is impossible that a product won’t have it. In this particular product, the Apple HomePod, here are some pros and cons that you would like to consider.


  • You can effortlessly control the product.
  • Loud, crisp sound with clear treble and bass that makes just the right noise
  • Has a powerful loud sound.
  • Even if you connect to the iPhone, you can still receive calls.
  • Well-established Siri voice assistant.
  • Speaker’s design is cool. It looks so neat and can place anywhere at home or office.
  • Listening to acoustic music is great.


  • Basically, the product is expensive. You have to invest a huge amount of money in buying the product.
  • Built-in radio is one quality that other speakers have, unlike Homepod that doesn’t support radio.
  • One thing that customers look for in a product is its capability to connect to Bluetooth which this product lacks.
  • Not all the phone works for this speaker, only iOS phones work.
  • It can’t use by multi-users.
  • It’s only for Apple devices. If you own an Android phone, you won’t be able to use the speaker.

Should You Go For It?

Apple is known for giving a good quality product. The company is famous for creating iPhone, iPad, Mac, and so on. Yet, another invention that they offer in the market is available, the Apple HomePod.

Based on the specifications, this is one of a good quality product, however, not everyone can purchase it.

People usually love listening to music, and if you feel that your speaker is not enough for your taste, then give Apple HomePod a try.

It will give a new experience that music lovers will adore. Apple HomePod may be the product you are looking for. The quality it produces, the design, and the additional features does make this a great buy.

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