10 Best Apps Like Lenme

Best Apps Like Lenme

More than 1.5 billion people worldwide regularly use mobile applications (apps) to stay in touch with friends, take and share photos, shop for groceries, or organize their daily tasks.

Since mobile technology is advancing quickly, developers and business owners are constantly adding new mobile app-based services to meet consumer demands. Even the best apps can sometimes get stale and boring, but they don’t have to be!

You don’t have to spend hours scrolling through app reviews or comparing features to find the perfect app!

The apps on this list are similar to the popular social network lenme in that they’re meant to share your thoughts and photos with others, but some other great features make them unique and innovative.

If you’re looking for some new apps like lenme to spice up your phone, you’ve come to the right place.

There are thousands of apps in the App Store and Google Play, and it’s hard to know which one to download first! 

1. Prosper 

So you’ve picked a few of your favorites but are still looking for more options. Look no further. Prosper has been helping people buy and sell goods since 2006, but in recent years it’s added new features to broaden its functionality beyond peer-to-peer lending. 

For example, you can use Prosper to raise funds by listing an item you want to sell; once someone purchases it, they send money directly to your bank account (no cash ever changes hands).

While other sites have tried similar schemes, we think Prosper is unique in that it targets non-business transactions—so if you’re selling something on Craigslist right now (or even at a garage sale), give Prosper a try.

2. Wealthfront

If you’re starting, it might be a good idea to invest in an automated investment service like Wealthfront. Wealthfront can automatically diversify your assets and help you stick to a disciplined budget. 

The company manages $10 billion in assets, offers free trades and rebalancing with no fees, and charges an annual 0.25% management fee on top of other fees.

Plus, if you sign up for an account with a $500 deposit, you’ll get one year of management for free. With so many appealing features for new investors, it’s hard not to recommend Wealthfront.

3. Kiva 

Want to invest $25 in a business? Kiva one of the best apps like lenme is an online platform that lets you lend money to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

I’ve invested about $100 over 5 years, and it’s been one of my favorite side hustles; I’ve seen my money multiply as borrowers make their payments on time. 

The website is secure and intuitive, too; you can read more reviews from other Kiva investors here. The only drawbacks are that A) you’ll have to be at least 18 (or have a parent apply for you), and B) they don’t accept credit cards or bank accounts—so cash is king when making a loan.

But if you’re looking for a way to give back while also earning some interest, Kiva might be right up your alley.

4. Happy Money

Figuring out how to spend money is easy, and things can get complicated when you have to deal with saving it. But if you want to save for a particular goal or know how much of your paycheck will make it into savings each month, use Happy Money.

Enter in all your income and expenses, and Happy Money will tell you exactly how much (or how little) you’ll have left over at the end of each pay period.

5. MoneyLion

When managing personal finances, most of us are guilty of holding a cash-only mentality. We stash our money in checking accounts or under mattresses and only tend to it at specific intervals (such as when we want to pay for something).

If you’re tired of keeping track of cash, consider using an alternative that can provide convenience without sacrificing security. 

One such option is MoneyLion, which bills itself as a financial assistant that wants to make life easier for those who use their smartphones.

Cash isn’t going anywhere soon, but MoneyLion can help you manage what you have more effectively than ever before. It’s not perfect, but it has some exciting features. 

This program has two main selling points: It offers budgeting tools and uses smart categories to help you stay on top of spending habits; It allows users to access their bank accounts through an interface similar to mobile banking apps (and looks great).

Both aspects seem promising, so let’s dive into them in more detail. Budgeting ToolsMoneyLion’s budgeting tools allow users to set up budgets for each category they care about tracking.

6. Payoff

A great way to get started with a new app is to check out other similar services. Similar apps like lenme are well known for their user-friendly interfaces and ease of use, making them a great starting point when trying something new.

If you’re looking for a good photo editing tool but don’t want to pay premium rates, try checking out photo editors similar to lenme. 

That way, you’ll save some money without sacrificing quality. When you see what’s offered at comparable services—and what they charge—you’ll have a better idea of whether it’s worth signing up with an alternative option.

Since every app is different, it never hurts to look around before spending any money; if you decide to pay the total price, that’s okay too.

7. Hundy

Are you looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and functional invoicing tool? Hundy’s tool is just what you need, and it’s one of the best apps like lenme. Developed with simplicity in mind, Hundy makes invoicing clients a breeze. 

You won’t ever forget to send out an invoice again, thanks to its automated reminders that send emails to alert you of new or outstanding invoices.

The same goes for payments – add an item on Hundy, and it will automatically email your client when they have completed their payment.

Perfect for small businesses, freelancers who are always on the go, and startups that want a no-fuss system!

8. LendingClub

Based in San Francisco, LendingClub is a peer-to-peer lender apps like lenme that lets users buy and sell loans.

You can invest as little as $25 into individual loans or pool your money with other investors to have more impact on borrowers.

If you’re looking for something more hands-off, OpenInvest allows you to make a public portfolio of stocks and bonds to which anyone can add funds.

From there, it’s up to you how much effort you want to put into selecting suitable investments and managing your portfolio—this isn’t a tool for day traders or speculators.

Stash Invest offers four portfolios (Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive, and Custom) across two asset classes (stocks and bonds) for those who want to get their hands dirty. Users set their investment goals based on risk tolerance and investment amount. 

The service also offers free financial education tools and resources. And if you’re starting with investing, Acorns is an easy way to start by rounding up the spare change from everyday purchases and investing it automatically—for free.

Users can link bank accounts or credit cards from over 2 million banks worldwide for automatic deposits straight into an investment account.

9. Peerform apps 

It’s time to stop worrying about your business tools. Peerform apps like lenme make it easy for you to focus on what matters—building a great company. These apps are created and maintained by our community of world-class developers. 

We keep them up-to-date with all of the latest features, giving you access to a seamless platform that combines functionality and ease of use. For just $99/month, you can select an unlimited number of monthly subscriptions. 

With Peerform, you never have to worry about choosing one over another because they work together in one place so seamlessly that they feel like they were always intended to be together. Are these Peerform Apps right for me? Check out

1o. Dave apps

Dave is an app that’s Tinder for chores. With Dave one of the top apps like lenme, you can hire a professional cleaner or someone to do many tasks for you, so long as you pay them with a credit card through Dave. 

The app makes it easy to find an affordable service in your area, letting you sign up for recurring services if needed.

You can also add notes about what needs to be done and even upload photos of areas that need attention. Other apps like Dave are not quite as comprehensive, and it’s worth checking out.


Many of the best apps like lenme are out there, and many of them can do some incredible things. But if you’re looking for a specific feature, chances are someone else is too, so instead of hunting for hours for an app that does what you want it to do. 

They’re all pretty good at giving quality experiences. They have almost everything that makes up lenme, with their little twists added.

Most cost less than three bucks. So give one of these a try when you need something new and fresh!

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