10 Apps Like Quadpay

Apps Like Quadpay

Quadpay is an app that lets you send money to people you know, like, and trust. How great would it be if other apps allowed you to do the same thing?

There are plenty of services like Quadpay, and there are no definite answers to give on apps like Quadpay. 

Although It depends on the features, you’re looking for in your app, which may vary depending on how you plan to use it and whether or not you already have another app that can do the same things (and do them well).

Whether you’re looking for an entirely new set of apps or want to find some alternatives to your current apps, we can help you find some great apps like Quadpay that fit your needs perfectly!

1. AfterPay

AfterPay is one of the apps like Quadpay with a service that allows users to pay in four equal installments, with no interest or fees during those four weeks.

It can be compared to Amazon‘s installment payment option and PayPal’s Buy Now, Pay Later system.

The Australian-based company also launched in Canada and New Zealand, but for now, it is not available in any other countries. 

The whole point of AfterPay is to allow people who might not usually be able to purchase big-ticket items on credit or even lay out hundreds of dollars at once.

If people had more time to pay off purchases, they could choose more wisely and avoid debt.

2. PayPal

PayPal is a payment service that lets you send and receive money online. Customers can log in with their email address, username, password, or Touch ID.

To pay through PayPal, you must register an account with your email address or other existing PayPal account details; each business member must also set up a separate account. 

You’ll also need to link it to a bank account or credit card and configure your payout settings – usually via direct deposit and checks. Once configured, payments are made instantly within minutes of someone paying you (unless they use a credit card).

If they choose a credit card, extra fees will be applied for processing that transaction on top of the amount initially paid.

3. Splitit 

When you want to split a restaurant check, you’re probably picturing doing it via paper checks or cash.

That is how most people do it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for splitting your bill among friends. Splitit offers a different alternative: split any check for free in just three taps. 

Plus, you don’t have to pay anything if no one else claims your offer within 24 hours of posting it on Splitit.

There are many ways to split a restaurant bill and ensure everyone pays their fair share, but only one app can make things incredibly simple.

4. Zebit

Zebit works similar to a credit card and is one of the apps like Quadpay, where you can deposit money into your Zebit account and then buy anything you want using your phone.

Send it back to your bank account when you need more money. This app is perfect for those who want to pay off debt or get free stuff. 

They also have a 1% flat rate on all purchases, so that’s a nice bonus for not having interest charges.

You can link up as many cards as you want, but there’s also an option for Pay As You Go cards for only $0.99 per transaction with no monthly fee or sign-up costs! Check out Zebit today!

5. Venue App

The mission of the Venue app is to make your life easier. It’s one of the apps like Quadpay, and we send you every piece of information you need at every moment in time.

By knowing what’s happening, where, and when – you can also use our advanced AI to plan your day, book your appointments and help run your life more efficiently.

With Venue using Big Data analytics, we have answered some vast questions: Where are my friends most likely to go out? Who are my favorite restaurants for dinner?

Who might I know at those restaurants? So, the Venue is there for you whatever you want or need to be done. Happy organizing!

6. Sezzle

Shopping for a mortgage is a daunting task on apps like Quadpay. At Sezzle, they make it simple and are easier to use, one of the apps like Quadpay.

You can sezzle a free mortgage calculator to get an instant quote in minutes, compare rates across lenders and do all of your home loan shopping with a straightforward application!

7. Visible Mobile

These apps like Quadpay keep track of your finances, making it easy to see how much you’ve spent during any given month or year.

You can quickly check how much you’ve spent on shopping trips and then input that information into a summary screen showing how much money you’ve spent.

This app also offers analysis tools to alert you if you’re spending too much on coffee each week.

8. FuturePay

FuturePay allows you to accept credit card payments on your smartphone or tablet. (Mobile payments are often called mPOS or Commerce).

FuturePay offers a full suite of payment processing services but is more affordable than Square and has a minor fee schedule; and it also has no monthly fees and no per-transaction costs. 

If you’re just getting started, it’s one of the apps like Quadpay and can be your best option. The company also offers complimentary support and instant approval.

Customers can take advantage of FuturePay’s flexible funding options that let them pay for their purchase in full or use it as a way to carry forward balances from prior transactions onto future purchases.

9. Affirm 

When you are shopping for items you would like to purchase but maybe can’t afford in one go, you may want to consider a loan from a firm.

You will be offered a personal loan where you borrow up to $30,000 for up to two years. The money is deposited directly into your bank account and doesn’t affect your credit score or report. 

Even though fees are associated with using Affirm, they are smaller than many other financial institutions.

Another reason why people love using Affirm is because of its customer service support and user interface design. These aspects make it easy for people to use their services and remain committed customers.

10. Perpay

These a great apps like quadplay that are free. You can set a time limit for any purchase, and you won’t charge your bank account until you decide to exceed that limit.

Perpay will not have access to your credit card information, so there is no risk of being charged beyond what you intended. 

The Pay a Bill feature is easy to use and makes it simple to pay recurring bills when due.

Paying bills is one of those mundane tasks we put off too long without realizing how much money we might save in interest by paying on time every month.


Did you find all of them? These ten apps like Quadpay, have great features, making them an alternative to Quadpay. Have fun, and don’t forget to share it with your friends! 

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