13 Best Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS

Best Apps Like Whisper for Android and iOS

If you haven’t heard of Whisper yet, you’re in for a treat! Whisper is an app that allows users to anonymously share secrets and thoughts and upload photos that they can share without identifying who they are or where they took the photo. 

Whisper has quickly become one of the best apps on the market, allowing users to anonymously share their deepest secrets without fear of judgment or backlash.

While it’s no secret that Whisper has become incredibly popular recently, not everyone can access it or figure out how to use it properly.

While some secrets are silly, others are inspiring and thought-provoking, making this the kind of app anyone can enjoy! Here are some of the best apps like whisper.

1. Secret Admirers

If you have a secret admirer but don’t know who it is, use the best apps like Whisper. Secret Admirer allows you to find out discreetly.

If you send a postcard with your address on it to a secret admirer, they will send one back; if you get one back, then you’ll know someone likes you, even if no one knows who that someone is.

This app is great because it protects your identity and lets another person express their feelings—something that can be hard to do in real life.

2. Go Secret

The app Go Secret is one of the 13 best apps like Whisper. Unlike Snapchat and other social media platforms, Go Secret is designed with anonymity.

That means you can tell a secret or share something personal without worrying about being ridiculed by friends, family, or strangers. 

It also means that what you post won’t be tracked by anyone else or used to build up your popularity score or targeted advertising efforts.

Instead, Go Secret encourages direct interaction between users with their encrypted messages, with each message deleted after each reading.

While there’s no way to ensure total anonymity on any platform (primarily if you use email addresses to sign up), it’s worth a try if you want to drop your guard once in a while and open up about something more personal.

3. SecretsPlace   

SecretsPlace is a free app that allows users to share their thoughts and feelings by sending text, photos, videos, audio recordings, and other messages.

The privacy settings on SecretsPlace allow you to choose how your message will be displayed on the screen

Users can choose from a Secret Group, a Secret Chat, or a Public Show.

If a user chooses Secret Group, then only those who have been invited can see your message; if you select Secret Chat, then only those who know your password can view it; and with a Public Show, anyone who comes across your message will be able to see it.

4. InTouch Messenger

InTouch Messenger is an anonymous social network that allows users to share their deepest, darkest secrets without fear of being judged.

It’s not a replacement for Facebook or other social networks but a way to connect with people who share your interests.

Users must sign up with their email addresses, and posts are public. You can choose who gets to see your messages by setting privacy options and allowing access only from certain email domains.

5. DirtyRoulette

This app is reminiscent of Chatroulette but allows you to share your darkest thoughts with strangers. If you’re looking to get down and dirty, DirtyRoulette is an excellent place to start.

While not as popular as other anonymous chat apps, it provides an excellent alternative that lets you immediately broadcast your kinkiest thoughts—not just see them in text. 

The application’s interface isn’t particularly fancy; if anything, it can sometimes be a little distracting. But that’s probably a good thing when using DirtyRoulette!

To start chatting, tap Connect and wait for someone else to jump on board; once another user joins, you can begin flirting or talking about what turns you on.

6. PostSecret

PostSecret has been around since 2004 and is a unique way to connect with others over common anxieties.

Users can post anonymous messages on PostSecret’s site and mail them to you on postcards.

You can view thousands of people’s deepest, darkest secrets or submit your own. The site is free, but if you’d like to receive postcards, there’s a $20 monthly fee.

7. Wickr Me

If you want to keep your secrets from prying eyes, try Wickr Me. This encrypted messaging app allows users to send self-destructing texts and photos. 

It also features end-to-end encryption, so nobody else can see what you’re sending.

As a bonus, Wickr lets users create temporary groups where everyone gets deleted after 24 hours. It may not be as much fun as PostSecret, but it provides peace of mind.

8. Anonymous Storyviewer

If you don’t know about it, you need to check out an app called Whisper. It allows users to post secrets without revealing their identities.

In other words, if you have a secret that might be embarrassing, incriminating, or just meant for sure eyes only, then Whisper is a great way to keep your Secret from being traced back to you.

The website and app even have a rating system, so users can get real-time feedback on how trustworthy other people find them.

While anonymous story viewer platforms aren’t new (you might recall services like PostSecret), they are becoming increasingly popular in our digital society.

Here are some of our favorite alternative options if you’re looking for another way to share your stories with strangers worldwide.

9. Friend Shoulder

Friend Shoulder is one of the free best apps like Whisper, with an anonymous confession board similar to Whisper.

It allows users to share their secrets while protecting their identity, making it an excellent app to use when you want to talk about something personal but don’t want your true identity revealed.

The user experience is simple, and it allows people looking for a friendly ear or two to someone who can relate on a deep level. 

If you have been struggling with keeping certain things inside, now might be a good time to use Friend Shoulder to relieve some pressure without having your voice heard by people in your usual circle of friends or family members.

The anonymity protects you from being judged by others and opens up some exciting discussion possibilities.

10. MeetMe

MeetMe is one of our favorite free iPhone and Android best apps like Whisper. With MeetMe, you can chat with random strangers or invite people to a private chat room based on your shared interests. 

Just don’t use it to run background checks on people or creepy stuff like that — we don’t recommend anyone use an app designed for dating to do anything shady!

But if you want to talk with someone one-on-one (or in a small group), MeetMe is free and easy, so there’s no reason not to download it. 

You can get started chatting by using your Twitter account. Give it a try! It might be fun. And if nothing else, it’ll make you smile at least once during the day.

11. Chatous

It’s more discreet than Whisper and lets you chat with people around you—even if they aren’t using Chatous. And as long as your message doesn’t violate any of Twitter’s content rules, anyone can re-share it on their profiles. You can get a lot of mileage out of just 140 characters here and live vicariously through others. 

If you want to make friends and get to know people who share similar interests or lifestyles, Chatous is an excellent bet. The app is available in select US cities (and has plans to expand nationwide).

12. Thumb Secret Messenger

Secret Messenger keeps things simple by letting you write down a secret to send into cyberspace. With Secret Messenger, you don’t have to be logged in to Facebook or have an account to send someone something private. 

Just write your message down, put in your contact information, and type in whoever’s phone number you want to text. Once it’s sent off, anyone receiving it will see no sender info, so they won’t be able to reply or follow up with questions unless they guess who sent them that anonymous text!

13. Stranger chat

If you’re looking to meet up with strangers and chat, try Strangers. It’s one of the best apps like Whisper that connects you randomly with other people in your area, though there are a few different settings to choose from when choosing who sees your profile. 

Once you match with someone, you can start chatting right away or add them as a friend—so even if it doesn’t work out romantically, at least you made a new friend! If a date is what you’re after and you want some control over who can message whom, Hinge might be up your alley.

Hinge only pairs people with mutual friends; if those standard connections match well on paper, you can chat more directly through Facebook Messenger.


Finding an app to share your secret thoughts and feelings anonymously can be a great way to get things off your chest.

The best apps like Whisper are fast, secure, and easy to use, and it’s also good that many offers feature that help keeps you anonymous and allow you to interact with others.

While there are dozens of options, these 13 best apps like Whisper should give you plenty of choices regarding finding one that fits your needs.

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