9 Best Android Apps for Airpods

Best Android Apps for Airpods

Do you want to know about the best Android Apps For Airpods? Then read on. Since their release, AirPods have gained popularity among iPhone owners.

Insert AirPods into your ears to enjoy hands-free listening while you’re on the go.

But did you know Android phones can also utilize AirPods with Play and Pause features? Surprised? 

Of course, you should be! Many AirPods apps are available for Android, providing the same experience as using AirPods with an iPhone.

Let’s now look at some of the best Android Apps for Airpods;

1. Assistant Trigger

A great AirPods Android app called Assistant Trigger by DotArrow allows you to contact the Google Assistant with a double tap, just like you can call Siri more quickly when linked to iOS. 

Even when your device is locked, it functions flawlessly. You can even check the battery level of AirPods and its battery case with this AirPods app for Android. 

Nice, huh? The Powerbeats Pro, AirPods Pro, and AirPods 1st and 2nd generations are compatible with the application. 

2. Equalizer

Equalizer: Set the sound for AirPods is one of the best android apps for AirPods. Music is now appropriate. 

If you want to get a little extra oomph out of your wireless headphones, you may choose from among the hundreds of equalizer apps available on the Play Store. 

AirPods provide a flatter, more balanced sound suitable for everyday usage. Any other music player with an equalization will work if you listen to locally stored music on your phone. 

However, Equalizer would be a better choice if you wanted one app to control the Equalizer on all apps on your phone. 

There are nine presets Normal, Classic, Popular, Pop, Hip-hop, and Rock. The complete edition of the app costs $1.99, and you can purchase it if you wish to make your own presets. 

3. AirBattery

First up is Georg Friedrich’s invention, the AirBattery. It is helpful software for Apple Airpods that displays the remaining battery life. In-ear detection for automatic media playback is also included. 

Additionally, the latter only supports a small number of apps, including Google Play Music, YouTube, and Netflix. 

The Bluetooth Low-Energy interface on AirBatteries is only functional when the location is on. Furthermore, you need to remember the background whenever you use the program. 

First up is Georg Friedrich’s invention, the AirBattery. It is helpful software for Apple Airpods that displays the remaining battery life. In-ear detection for automatic media playback is also included. 

4. Wunderfind

Like iOS, it offers the “Find My” app, which lets you play a loud tone to help you locate AirPods if you lose them around the house. 

On Android, Wunderfind provides similar functionality for finding your AirPods. All you have to do is launch the app while making sure the AirPods are plugged into your phone. 

The app would detect all adjacent Bluetooth devices, and you would have the choice to play audio. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on finding any misplaced Bluetooth device quickly. 

In our tests, Wunderfind’s radar feature—which uses signal strength to determine distance and approximate location—failed to calculate the distance to the AirPods accurately.  

5. Podroid

Podroid is next on our list of best Android apps for Airpods. Like Assistant Trigger, Podroid provides specific buttons and tap-based playback pause/stop features. 

Additionally, it features three different themes to let you personalize your listening experience and has a simple yet distinctive user interface. 

Furthermore, you can change the theme to white, black, or pink. You can view real-time AirPods battery information using this Android app, which also supports double- and triple-tapping. 

6. PodsControl

The extremely clean UI has been pared down to its bare minimum. There are now four sections on the main screen. 

The device name and connection information are displayed in the top area. The percentage of the AirPods’ and case’s battery charge is shown in the following battery charge section. 

The monitoring system can be turned on using a toggle switch. To conserve battery life, it can be turned off. The tap assignments can then be specified using customizable double and quad taps settings. 

However, the program does not allow you to customize the AirPods’ tap behavior; instead, both AirPods’ taps behave identically. 


7. AirBuds Popup

Fast, Simple, and Beautifully describes itself in the AirBuds popup created by Developer J. We can confirm it! 

The AirBuds popup is straightforward but comfortable to use. It serves its intended function flawlessly. Like most other apps, it shows the battery status as a screen overlay or a notification.  

However, the AirBuds premium edition is the only one that offers the notification feature. It features a wearing detecting feature that can tell if you are using AirPods in your ears.  

Additionally, the more expensive ($1.5) premium edition allows additional capabilities like reading Caller and Assistive Listen are accessible. 

The location permission and notification access are required for AirBuds Popup to function effectively. 

8. Droidpods

Droidpods is also one of the best Android apps for AirPods. The utility app Droidpods was created by Ctrl-s to function with AirPods.  

Most of its operations are performed by this notification-focused app from the notification area. There is no overlay need for Apple AirPods control because it is located in the notification drawer. 

Additionally, Droidpods notifies you when one of your AirPods’ batteries drops below 10%; the same is true in this instance. 

It appears that the Droidpods developer isn’t motivated to continue the work. The app received its most recent update on February 1st, 2018. 

If you don’t care about ongoing development, we advise you to try Droidpod. Simple use case apps like this don’t gain anything from further development. Possibly to fix bugs. 

9. MaterialPods

Even though Airdrops are compatible with Android, there is no simple way to check their battery life (unlike the iPhone, which gives you a fancy popup whenever you open the case near it). 

But MaterialPods accomplish that. Your Android phone displays how much battery life the AirPods and case have left. 

Although the AirPods’ ear detection feature is intended to show you the battery level, you can also use it. The audio pauses when you take out one AirPods from your ear. It only functions with a few apps, like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best Android apps for AirPods. You should download them and test them out. 

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