15 Best Android Apps for Astrophotography

Best Android Apps for Astrophotography

Astrophotography requires a dependable camera and processing software, but now your smartphone may contribute to your success.

We suggest downloading these best Android apps for astrophotography to optimize and improve your astronomical experience and talent.  

A great and affordable shortcut to getting a great shot of the night sky is to have the best astrophotography applications on your smartphone or tablet. 

Finding the ideal location, waiting for good weather, and timing the shot correctly are just a few examples of the external elements that can make the difference between getting a spectacular astronomy photo and not. 

Some excellent free (or inexpensive) programs can improve your astrophotography: 

  • Locating the appropriate places 
  • Checking the weather 
  • Help you plan and compose your photographs. 

Who couldn’t help but be entranced by the starry sky? Sometimes you observe a moment and go for your phone in your pocket to take a picture, but nothing is there. 

The issue is that, despite technological advances, cameras can only partially capture what the human eye can see. You can utilize specialized astrophotography apps to acquire a detailed night sky image. 

Additionally, all astrophotography fans can find additional helpful apps in this niche that are, by the way, free! 

Below are the best Android apps for astrophotography. 

1. Photopills 

One of the best comprehensive planning tools for photography, Photopills is excellent for Milky Way and night sky photography. 

It has a wide range of functions, but its planner is where it shines. It enables you to investigate any area of the world at any time in the future and obtain all the necessary data, such as the times of: 

  • Sundown and dawn 
  • The moon’s phase 
  • Blue and golden hours 
  • Galactic core of the Milky Way’s visibility and location in the sky 

With the help of its night augmented reality feature, you can also see photos in advance. 

2. Sky View  

Sky View lets you look up details about practically every star in the sky and take images of the stars.

Additionally, you may find the star maps using the phone’s camera. The star that the software projects in three dimensions must be aimed at using your phone’s camera.

You can learn all there is to know about a particular star by touching on it. The constellations you want to view can be made by Sky View using the stars you want to see.

Also mentioned are the planets. You can obtain the information thanks to several websites, databases, and other sources.

Because all of the information is confirmed, there is no need to question the accuracy of the stars, planets, and asteroids displayed here. 

As a result of the information’s excellent organization and categorization, even novices will be able to understand the essential points when conducting research in Sky View. 

If you want to do more than take images of the night sky and genuinely investigate additional information about the galaxy, you may always upgrade to a premium subscription. 

3. Stellarium  

Next on our list of best Android apps for astrophotography is Stellarium. Stellarium uses a quick and simple method for determining what will be seen in the night sky tonight and shortly.  

It contains useful features, including the ability to switch on and off your local environment’s atmosphere (light pollution), the terrain, grids and lines, and star constellations. 

It has a night mode function, which is crucial for use at night when photographing the stars since it prevents your eyes from adjusting to the dark. 

The desktop version of Stellarium’s website, as well as a free mobile app with upgraded features, are both accessible for use for free (including being able to control your computerized telescope). 

 4. Light Pollution Map – Dark Sky 

This app is more all-around; as its name suggests, it’s not just about astrophotography.

Here, you can view a high-resolution light pollution map that you may customize by choosing the location of a particular area on the map. 

Light Pollution Map is much more than just a photo app because it can show Moon phases, pictures of the Sun, and the calendar of night events. 

In this program, you can also view daily images for the day. Despite its relatively simple UI, you may view the lighting of any location in the world with this software. 

You can take screenshots or astrophotos, and the program will evaluate them based on the illumination.

Dark Sky offers a wealth of information about several planets, constellations, and other stars, even in its free version.

It’s impressive that such a small program also offers graphics at a respectable level. Regarding astrophotography, Dark Sky doesn’t offer any filters, but you can take a picture and look up fascinating stars on it. 

 5. Clear Outside 

The Clear Outside app from the astronomy store First Light Optics is a fantastic choice if you use an Android device or would like more specific cloud and weather forecasts. 

This is a great tool for planning. It is one of the best Android apps for astrophotography. As a result, this software is fantastic at forecasting weather. Compared to the Dark Sky app, it’s only a bit tougher to read at first. 

6. Sky Portal 

The app’s functionality is unaffected by the somewhat dated interface design. A fantastic 2D map is also included in Sky Portal.

However, there is the option to research constellations in the program, and a tiny icon will identify each star. 

You can access the information block about it by clicking on it. It is available in text and audio forms. We also emphasize that this app is not the greatest option for people unfamiliar with the topic. 

The software also includes features like a focus, Compass, and telescope. Another intriguing aspect of this site is that by typing in your hometown; Sky Portal will display information on the most spectacular stars you can see from your vantage point. 

7. Nightshift Stargazing 

When it comes to knowing your stargazing conditions for tonight or any other night in the future for your location, Nightshift is a terrific resource.

But if I take a few days’ worth of time to look ahead, I can see that much better weather is on the way. 

This is quite helpful in preventing you from wasting time by leaving the house after dark when there is little likelihood of finding favorable astrophotography circumstances. It is one of the best Android apps for astrophotography.  

8. Snapseed 

This photo-editing program is familiar to you; it may be used to take Astro photos. Adjusting filters in the program may produce atmospheric, realistic images of the starry sky or astronomical occurrences. 

You can alter your photo to make it into a true starry map using various tools, a simple and accessible interface, and modifiers.

For instance, you may modify the constellation’s color, sharpen pictures, and many other things. 

Snapseed is an app that is not for absolute novices but will be useful for people who already have some knowledge of how to adjust the lighting in photos.

Your photographs will be as saturated and contrasted as possible if you can do this, though. 

9. ProCam X 

ProCam X is another top-notch manual-mode camera app. Modifying features like shutter speed, IOS, white balance, etc., gives you more power over your smartphone’s camera. 

It does have limits compared to a DSLR camera – for instance, the greatest shutter speed it would allow for me would be 3.9 seconds. 

A free lite edition is available if you want to try it out first. This software is only available for Android and costs money. 

10. Night Mode Camera 

We should mention this software when discussing programs that can capture stunning images of stars in the night sky. You can try Night Mode Camera even if it isn’t the most widely advertised camera app. 

Even if you have a weak camera on your phone, you can enable Night Camera Mode and take a picture at dusk (but try not to shake the camera when you take pics).

The outcomes should be superior to the typical ones. However, use caution since this program may not function with certain outdated cameras.

The application also offers a range of filters, modes, and lighting options. The final product is easily editable in a few seconds. 

The interface is very average and with no frills, such as an excessive amount of buttons and inscriptions that are difficult to understand. As a result, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about it. 

The numerous program options allow you to tailor the programs to your needs as you see fit, which is especially helpful for taking nighttime sky photographs. 

For this app to function properly, having a tripod or placing your phone on something would be preferable. This app generally allows users of midrange smartphones to snap pictures of the night sky. 

11. AstroCam  

AstroCam is one of the best Android apps for astrophotography. A software for astrophotography called AstroCam gives you more manual control over the camera settings on your smartphone. 

To capture better images of the stars and even deep-sky objects, you can configure it to take several shots at predetermined intervals that you can later stack. 

The shutter speed may be constrained due to your camera’s capabilities (with my Google Pixel phone, it has a maximum of 2 seconds). 

12. DeepSkyCamera 

This intervalometer app aims to make it possible for you to use your phone to take shots of deep-sky objects by layering numerous images. 

You’ll need to utilize a star tracker or telescope mount to take the Earth’s rotation into account to perform this correctly. 

Additionally, you will require a smartphone with RAW photo-taking capabilities. A handy table of compatible phones is available on the app’s website. The app is only available for Android phones and is still in beta testing. 

13. SkySafari 

SkySafari is one of the best Android apps for astrophotography. You might try scanning the night sky with the camera to learn more about the stars.

We must state that it will only initially function if your device’s camera is extremely sophisticated. 

Sky Safari includes: 

  • A search engine. 
  • An interface dimming feature that is useful at night since it reduces eye strain. 
  • A “Compass” mode that allows you to point your camera at stars and constellations. 

Overall, the app may boast about its fantastic selection of postings about planets and stars. However, it is debatable whether or not it can shoot photos in the dark. Download it to test how it functions on your phone. 

14. Redshift Sky Pro 

Currently, one of the best Android apps for astrophotography. Although it isn’t all that well known now, it can surely capture Astro shots. 

Read about space objects, their position, and visibility as you explore the space maps available in the app. Additionally, you may find information regarding the motion of comets, asteroids, and satellites here. 

The eclipse calendar app is one peculiar feature that distinguishes Redshift from competitors. You can use it to organize your observations of these fascinating cosmic events. 

The software uses a sizable database that contains 70,000 deep space objects and more than 2500,000 stars.

Although it’s in poorer shape than other apps on this list, the UI design could be implemented more effectively. 

You can use this app to take night sky images, but not all devices will be compatible. Additionally, many great Redshift features are only accessible through a premium subscription. 

15. Compass 

The last on our list of best Android apps for astrophotography is Compass. Unless you are a 19th-century sailor, you may need some assistance determining which direction North, South, East, or West is. 

This app, which is more of a simple compass than an astronomy one, can help you determine which direction you are facing. 

This can help you locate North-West, for example, where you want to take star photos. This one is my favorite because it’s straightforward and hassle-free to use (and it works exclusively with Android), although many excellent options are available. 

These are some of the best Android apps for astrophotography. Astrophotography is a fascinating hobby that requires the right tools and knowledge, and you can take stunning night sky photos with the right apps and explore its wonders.

Each app has unique features that make it ideal for capturing amazing images of the stars. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced astrophotographer, these apps can help you take your photography to the next level. 

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