17 Best Android Apps for Boating

Best Android Apps for Boating

Do you enjoy being on the water, namely on a boat? Then, for things to go more smoothly on the water, you will want to download the best android apps for boating.

You may become a more tech-savvy sailor with the help of these tools, regardless of where you sail. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the most out of your boating trip if it comes equipped with a comprehensive collection of functions.

We have compiled for you here the best android apps for boating that are available for download on your mobile devices.

You can choose the one that works well for you by considering the feedback of other boaters who have used the app. In addition, most of the apps on this list are free, so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Best Android Apps for Boating

1. Nautics Sailmate

This software is a need for those who enjoy recreational boating. For a more enjoyable sailing experience, Nautics Sailmate provides users with nautical charts.

You can accomplish various tasks using this free mobile app, such as perusing official nautical charts, zooming in on them, and viewing your approximate location.

In addition to viewing a comprehensive database of guest marinas, Nautics Sailmate also allows you to construct five individual points of interest.

For optimal usability, each of these capabilities has been encased in an uncomplicated design and is easy to comprehend.

The basic version of this software is available without charge, but if you want access to more features, you may pay for the Premium version. The premium version of Sailmate includes limitless personal POIs, offline charts, and marina maps.

2. RAMS Mariner

RAMS Mariner has a GPS system on board so that you can better understand the environment around you.

It comes with many functions, like the automation of logbooks and the estimation of journey times, among many others.

This app makes it easier to keep track of your movements because it can record your journey. The RAMS Mariner includes a speedometer gauge that allows users to select their desired scale.

There is also a facility for cloud storage, which allows users to store a backup of their data and sync it across all of their devices. In addition, you can access five different speed units, making the conversion process simple.

In addition, you may acquire a more accurate understanding of the current weather conditions by using this tool, which gives you access to live local weather and wind displays.

A travel time calculator is provided for you to use so that you may have a great idea of how long your journey will be.

3. Ship Locator

Do you require up-to-date information about marine traffic? Then, the ship Locator can take care of everything for you.

This practical application functions as a ship finder and allows mobile device monitoring vessels. In addition, it provides dependable marine navigation for all types of marine traffic, which is useful whether you need to monitor shipments or work at the port.

Ship Locator might be one of the best android apps for boating for people who need to keep track of loved ones traveling on ships, active captains, and many others.

It features a comprehensive assortment of essential elements, such as a shipping timetable, a live marine traffic feed, and a vessel map.

And if you have a passion for marine photography, Ship Locator often updates its gallery with fresh images that you may look forward to viewing.

In addition, it offers high-quality videos of marine traffic that you can download onto your mobile device.

4. Marine Radar

One of the best android apps for boating on the list, Marine Radar, is available for download for Android-powered smartphones.

This program offers dependable real-time ship tracking and features a user interface that is easy to navigate.

Thanks to this feature, you can watch the traffic of ships from around the world in an aesthetically pleasing style.

In addition to tracking ships, Marine Radar also features a tool called cargo ship checking. This feature assists in identifying a moving cargo ship based on its place of departure, the sort of ship it is, and the shipping line it is affiliated with. We’ve made it simple by assigning a different color to each vessel.

5. Boat Watch

Boat Watch is an iPhone and iPad application that provides all the information about ships and vessels that you could require.

You can monitor ships located anywhere in the world by using this application. In addition, it can recognize different types of boats within a very short time.

The Boat Watch app does not cost anything, yet it comes packed with many cool features. For example, it can also recognize ships, view vessels’ destinations, locate boats, and track and identify them.

To take your experience to another level, consider upgrading to the Pro edition, which includes complete boat details, recent boat tracks, and augmented reality.

6. Trackship Universal

Another one of the best android apps for boating applications for android devices is TrackaShip Universal. This application can assist you in determining the type of ship you see off the beach’s coast if you have ever been curious about that.

In addition, you are provided with a wealth of information regarding the ships, such as their final destination, speed, and dimensions.

This app is a piece of art in terms of design and accessibility. You will find a graphic design that is both attractive and impressively designed, with huge icons that make identification much simpler.

In addition, it naturally provides a plethora of helpful features, such as an integrated compass and data from OpenSeaMap.

7. Sea Pilot

In addition to navigation, Sea Pilot has automatic tracking capabilities. All the necessary information, including weather predictions, charts, and routes, is presented in real-time, thanks to automatic updates.

You can instantly download maps onto your phone for viewing at a later time or during periods when there is no mobile coverage.

Because of these amazing features, people consider it one of the best android apps for boating in the marketplace.

This app stands out from the competition since it allows you to link the app to the sensor on your boat even when your smartphone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

8. OnCourse

Utilize OnCourse to get the most out of your boating experience. MarineTraffic, the industry leader in vessel tracking worldwide, provides boating and sailing guidance through one of the best android apps for boating for free. Sounds great, I know.

So while you are having fun on the water, our program is working to make you more aware of your surroundings.

With OnCourse, you can accomplish various things, including planning and monitoring the journey and calculating the most efficient route.

You can also detect collisions and avoid them using the same software, adding a waypoint of your own that is fully customizable.

On top of that, OnCourse has standard features such as vessel identification and a boat tracker. And if you want to show off your fantastic photography skills to the rest of the boating community, all you have to do is push the share button.

9. U.S. Coast Guard Mobile App

This is a program that has the support of the armed forces. The United States Coast Guard is dedicated to ensuring everyone’s safety while on the ocean.

You will find a wealth of information within the application itself. For example, the app can quickly access the weather, charts, and information you’re looking for.

In addition, this is among the best android apps program for boating that provides information regarding boating maintenance and safety precautions.

10. Boating Essential Safety Gear

This application will show you some of the most interesting and desirable products available to assist in the upkeep of your boat and to ensure your safety.

You may ensure that your boat complies with all the relevant safety regulations by using the boat inspection checklist included in this application.

In addition to that, you will have access to maintenance and repair advice. This application is one of the best android apps for boating, ensuring that your time on the water is enjoyable and risk-free.

11. Navionics

The Navionics app may be one of the best android apps for boating in terms of navigation. In addition, it is an outstanding application for all kinds of water sports, including fishing, cruising, and sailing.

Its primary purpose is to act as a navigation system, and it features SonarChat and HD contour imagery to assist in directing your journey.

This tool can display the land’s topography and the water’s topography. Additionally, it provides satellite photographs that come from different sources.

If you need more time to make up your mind regarding the course of travel, Navionics offers suggested route planning to make your life easier.

For example, owing to dock-to-dock auto-routing provides information on ETA, fuel usage, and other relevant factors.

12. MarineTraffic

MarineTraffic allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your boat or yacht. This software for boaters provides the real-time whereabouts of ships, allowing users to locate more than 100,000 vessels from across the world daily.

In addition, because it is connected to AIS receivers after it is downloaded onto your device, you will have access to important maritime routes and ports.

MarineTraffic has several useful features, such as a live map that allows users to search for boats, ships, and seaports.

The functionality is improved thanks to wind and weather forecasts. You can observe the wind as it is happening in real-time and get wind forecasts for the next 48 hours displayed on the map.

The identification of the vessels is one of the most useful characteristics. By utilizing the camera on your phone and this capability, you will be able to recognize nearby vessels.

Furthermore, it is outfitted with an augmented reality tool that assists in immediately figuring out the ships—one of the best android apps for boating with its amazing app features.

13. C-MAP

The C-MAP software is a boat navigation tool that takes your sailing experience to the next level. It provides you with everything you require, such as nautical maps, information on traffic, and navigation, so you can sail with some degree of calm. All are available on your mobile device.

The marine chart is essential to navigation, but checking the forecast before setting it out will ensure a pleasant overall experience.

You can also choose to download an offline chart, allowing you to enjoy sailing even if you’re offline.

This app can find useful information, including harbors, beaches, marinas, and other locations. And if you visit a wonderful spot, save it and retrieve it later on your device. In addition, this software gives you the ability to customize the map to your requirements.

14. FindShip

FindShip has been operating for some time, and throughout that time, it has assisted millions of users in locating any ship.

This application, which functions as a ship locator, makes it possible for you to locate boats and ships worldwide. In addition, it provides a real-time map that you can use to monitor the whereabouts of vessels.

By using these best android apps for boating, you will be able to locate more than 100,000 ships that service most ports worldwide.

This entails information regarding the ship, such as its AIS data, owner, photographs, Inmarsat communication, and much more. In addition, a fleet management option can assist you in managing your ships.

Findship is an app perfect for beginning a vacation because it has a straightforward user interface. If you want to prevent a storm or typhoon, remember to check the weather using the weather forecast feature on this device.

15. I-Boating

To view nautical charts, you will need to download this application. It provides a variety of charts, such as those for sailing or kayaking, including nautical charts, river navigation charts, and lake contour maps.

In addition, because it includes Voice Prompts, this software has the potential to become your most helpful assistant when planning your boat trip.

I-Boating is loaded with features that will make your life on the water easier, such as the ability to record marine tracks, view lake depth maps, and access offline charts.

In addition, it possesses an overlay of wind predictions, an anchor alert, and information regarding tides and currents.

The navigation app can be downloaded by boaters in any part of the world. It offers detailed nautical charts for lakes, streams, and rivers in various countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other places. Decide where you want to go, and i-Boating will act as your sailing helper.

16. VesselFinder

Downloading the free VesselFinder app is the finest thing you can do before going out on the water. It is one of the most popular vessel monitoring apps, giving real-time data regarding vessels’ position and movement.

It does this using terrestrial AIS sensors, part of a huge network that provides tracking capabilities for more than 100,000 ships.

VesselFinder offers a wide variety of other features, such as a simple ship search by name, MMSI number, or IMO number; ship details, such as estimated time of arrival (ETA), destination, flag, and year of construction; as well as ship images taken by users.

Using this application, you can also keep your preferred map view and filter ships according to their vessel type. The great part is that there is no cost associated with using VesselFinder.

You can nevertheless upgrade to the Pro edition to remove advertisements and access other features, such as a history of ship movements.

17. WinGPS Marine

WinGPS Marine is among the best android apps for boating with cutting-edge navigational tools if that’s what you’re looking for.

In addition, you may have a risk-free journey on the water thanks to the capabilities you can find in the GPS onboard.

Not only does it indicate your location, but it also gives you access to maritime charts that you can download and read when you are not connected to the internet.

This app, which Stentec developed, is excellent for navigation while participating in water-based activities such as sailing on yachts, canoeing on the ocean, or kayaking on inland waterways. Save this application to your mobile device; you will have the necessary support for your travels.

The most recent charts for navigation are highlighted by WinGPS Marine, along with support for SD cards and track and chart administration.

Additionally, it avoids collisions with its speed vectors, locating lost crew members with its man-overboard button and facilitating an easy connection to AIS and GPS via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


There is a wide selection of boating applications available, but only a select number are truly top-tier. Therefore, you are better positioned to select the next boating trip now that you are familiar with the best android apps for boating.

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