18 Best Android Apps for Customization Lovers

While there are a few options out there to give your Android phone some customization, such as themes and wallpapers, it’s much easier if you install an app that does all the work for you.

These are some of the best Android apps for customization that will make your life easier. And your phone looks beautiful in no time at all!

Android comes with a lot of customizations out of the box. But many apps in the Play Store allow you to change just about everything about your phone’s look and feel.

But it can be hard to find the best Android apps for customization. Because there are so many of them, here’s a list of some of our favorites.

1. Volume Styles

Volume Styles is one of the newest Android apps to hit the Google Play Store. Will change your phone’s volume buttons into various shapes and symbols.

You can use Volume Styles in tandem with any app that needs an extra button or a volume change. Such as music players, video players, and even in-game volume functions.

Volume Styles also works with any headphones/earbuds with a microphone. Users are not limited to just tapping the new shape you can hold down on it to activate different shortcuts too!

Actually, I found this particularly useful when listening to music at night. When I needed my phone on silent but wanted volume control too, it’s one of the best Android apps for customization.

2. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is not your typical launcher. It’s one of the best Android apps for customization. Hyperion’s main selling point is allowing users to pick their favorite live wallpaper and fill it up. The background of their phone or tablet.

Furthermore, you can customize Hyperion by choosing what icons are in the dock, changing text colors, and disabling default gestures. Achieving this customization level with any other app requires significant time or money.

For example, the Andromeda live wallpaper app costs $3.99 alone! And Hyperion Launcher has all of those features baked in and ready for you to use!

3. WalliPop Wallpapers   

WalliPop Wallpaper is an android app with high-quality walls with different textures and color palettes. They have 100+ wallpapers that are being updated monthly.

When you change your screen orientation, you will notice that the design of the wallpaper changes gradually to adjust to the phone.

The settings panel lets you select whether it goes fullscreen or uses window mode.

How long it takes before automatically shifting a new wallpaper, and whether or not it will use your existing wallpaper if there’s one on your device? 

They update their collection with new additions every month, so there’s always something new to choose from.

This app covers you whether you’re looking for something flashy or minimalistic.

4. Muviz Edge 

Muviz Edge, an Android app, is a video production tool that includes over 500 color gradients and styles.

This enables users to easily change the background of their videos, making any project come alive.

Other than color grading and applying effects such as strobing, night vision, or rainbow, Muviz Edge offers a timeline feature. 

Similar to iMovie on iOS, this is something that would make even amateur vloggers happy.

You can crop clips on the fly, mask out faces and logos or add different text or logotypes to your video and preview it live before uploading it to YouTube. This is one of the best Android apps for customization.

5. Dove Icon Pack 

Dove Icon Pack is one of the best Android apps for customization in this category.

This app has a neat and crisp look, with well-designed icons that give a modern look to your phone. The icons are minimalistic but not flat or boring-looking.

You can change the theme of the icons so that they can match your wallpaper or other elements on your device. Some app icons even come with animations to bring some character to them!

We think it’s worth giving this free app a try today. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to customize how your phone looks.

This is why we put together this list of our favorite customization apps for android users.

6. Zedge 

Zedge is a free, customizable ringtone and notification app, one of the best Android apps for customization.

Available on both Android and iOS devices, this app can make your phone sound like anything from a traditional alarm clock to a pulsating club beat.

Zedge has an enormous library of original tones to choose from. As well as tons of classic options like the Star Wars theme song or Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in F Major.

Users also have the option to record their own voice message or send an audio file they’ve downloaded off the internet.

If you want to get creative with it, you can set up custom vibration patterns. And animations using pictures saved on your device’s camera roll.

7. SwiftKey  

The ever-popular SwiftKey Keyboard app is one of the best Android apps for customization.

This phenomenal keyboard replacement provides users with a fully customizable layout, including symbols and illustrations, and the ability to set up individual themes for all of your apps. 

Also, it has great text prediction software and word and sentence prediction.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also has full emoji support! This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for $3.99 in the US or £2.29 in the UK.

8. Gboard

A great way to customize your phone is by downloading a new keyboard app. One of the best Android apps for customization that I’ve found is Gboard. It comes with everything you could want in a keyboard and more.

You can also add GIFs and other memes as shortcuts on it as well. So there’s always something fun to share with people.

Gboard also has a learning tool where you can input phrases and tap them at will to use them again. Saving keystrokes when typing these phrases over and over again.

And if you’re not happy with the images on your phone either, this keyboard has support for themes. So you can always switch things up if you want to change them up every once in a while!

9. Energy Ring  

Energy Ring is a one-of-a-kind Android app that provides an intuitive and customizable control center for your phone. This app lets you give all the necessary information on just one screen.

Energy Ring gives information about incoming and outgoing calls, messages, system events, and more.

At the same time, the Energy Ring has a timer to show how much of your battery is left. And how much time you have before it shuts down due to low power.

Another really handy feature this app has is that it notifies you of sound or vibration whenever new text messages come in.

Or when someone starts calling you before accepting the call so that you can know whether to take it or not without checking the caller ID on your phone first.

10. Energy Bar  

One of the best Android apps for customization apps that can be of help is Energy Bar. An app will change your phone’s color scheme with a simple swipe up and down. This customization app changes the background, wallpaper, icons, and sounds.

There are eight preset color schemes and a ninth custom one to save your creation from recalling it later. As you keep scrolling, you will see different color choices.

To find the perfect one that suits your mood! Other customization apps worth trying out are Pixolor on iOS and Evie on Android.

11. IFTTT  

One of the best IFTTTs for smartphones is to set up an event like, Is Home, and when your phone detects that you are home, it’ll trigger different actions.

You can set up an event like Do not disturb when on vacation. And when your phone leaves that geo-fenced area, it will know to pop out of Do Not Disturb mode.

Or, say you want a notification every time there’s a new favorite on YouTube if you’re subscribed to that channel, then great! You’ll get notified about their new videos right away.

12. KLCK  

KLCK is a nifty little app that can change up your notification colors, wallpapers, icons, and more. You’ll need a rooted device to use this one. KLCK allows you to build your own theme, including customizing colors and fonts.

You can also customize sounds and notifications by using the built-in soundboard feature with 200 unique sounds included! Along with different icon sets, you can also change the look of Google Play Music by tweaking colors or themes.

And one of the coolest features in KLCK is called Translate. Make any text in any app transparent so it looks like it’s floating! It’s definitely one of the best Android apps for customization. 

13. KLWP

KLWP android app has been gaining traction as one of the most popular KLWP skins. You might be wondering, What is KLWP skin? Well, it’s the best way to change the layout of your device so that it reflects your own personal style.

It is an absolutely incredible customization tool with huge potential. The Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) team has made this app free and with high-quality content that you can enjoy daily!

14. KWGT

KWGT is an intuitive, easy-to-use customization app that’s perfect for phone customizers. It has tons of built-in styles and fonts and supports custom presets. You can create your own layouts using its widget set and widgets with effects (themes).

If you want to make changes from inside the app, tap a widget on the screen to start editing it. The tools available include a magnifying glass, straightening lines, reversing colors, and more.

Your live preview will be updated as you tweak things, just like in Adobe Photoshop! And when you’re done tweaking your design.

Save it as a preset so you can use it again later or share it with others by exporting the preset file. This is one of the best Android apps for customization available.

15. Sharedr

Sharedr is an amazing app that lets you share screens with your friends on the fly. It’s available on both Android and iOS, which means you can send screenshots to people using Sharedr no matter what kind of phone they have.

The most impressive thing about Sharedr is its simplicity. You can quickly take a screenshot by tapping the button in the top-right corner of your screen and enter in a password before sending it off to your friend (or share it publicly if you want).

They’ll receive a notification and be able to download the image from their end as well. Sharedr’s interface is simple and straightforward, so downloading this app doesn’t take much time at all.

16. Synergy 

Peter Johansen created synergy to allow complete customization of your device through a simple GUI interface. For example, if you don’t like the default icons on your desktop, Synergy can swap them out for something you like better.

If you need specific apps hidden from view and out of reach from the user without root access, Synergy can do that too! This app has won numerous awards for its simplicity and flexibility.


17. Tasker

One of the best features of Tasker is its automation. The apps can be set to automatically perform specific tasks, such as turning off Wi-Fi when you leave the house or sending your phone back to Do Not Disturb mode at bedtime.

Some of these processes are customizable and easy to set up, while others might require more work.

Tasker has a whole community that posts tutorials and offers support. And develops add-ons that allow it to do things that weren’t possible with earlier versions.

The app also includes many examples out of the box to get you started immediately without any guesswork.

18. Volume Control Panel Pro 

Volume Control Panel Pro is a fantastic android app for those who love customizing. The app can do more than just change the volume on your phone; it can also increase or decrease screen brightness.

Also, disable/enable WiFi, toggle auto-rotate mode, take pictures with your camera, and much more.

It’s one of the best Android apps for customization available. Other customization lovers might like to try Floating Circle.

This free android app lets you resize any circle widget on your screen by holding it and moving the size control handles at the corners of your finger. Several other free apps let you customize everything from battery levels to contact shortcuts.


Some people love the look and feel of an Android phone, but many people like to customize their smartphone.

They want it to look unique or just as it looks. Luckily, plenty of apps on the market will help you change almost everything on your phone.

And make it the way you want it to be. Here are some of the best Android apps for customization, and bring it into your own hands and mind.

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