12 Best Android Apps for Daily Planning

Best Android Apps for Daily Planning

We’ve all had those days where we’re either too busy or don’t have the motivation to get out of bed and start our day.

To make sure that doesn’t happen anymore, we need to plan our time more effectively, and there are plenty of apps to help us do that.

From keeping track of your daily schedule to tracking your goals and reminders, plenty of great Android apps will give you the freedom and flexibility to organize your life and get more things done each day. 

Do you have trouble staying organized? These Android apps can help you manage your life in no time! Plus, they’re free, so you don’t have to spend money to get your life together.

Check out our list of the best android apps for daily planning today!

1. Workflowy

Workflowy is a popular choice among college students. It’s a little like Google docs, except that you use lists instead of lines, and it syncs across devices in real time.

In addition, you can create hierarchical lists which can be expanded to include any number of items.

You can also change the color on each list so that tasks are organized by when they need to be done, whether now, tomorrow, or next week.

Plus, your lists will sync automatically as you make changes on any device – even if you’re offline!

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best apps available on Android to help you manage your daily tasks. The app’s boards are perfect for grouping related activities, and you can use individual lists to organize your actions into manageable chunks.

You can also link Trello with other productivity apps such as Asana, Zapier, and Evernote to create a customized workflow that will help keep you on top of the day-to-day happenings at work. 

Its compatibility with integrations and customizable templates sets Trello apart from other task management tools.

So if you’re looking for an intuitive tool that helps maximize productivity, Trello is the best bet among the best android apps for daily planning options.

3. Wunderlist

The Wunderlist app is a popular choice among the best android apps for daily planning, so it’s probably worth taking a look at it first.

It’s easy to organize tasks, with any color-coded list on the left side. Each item has a set due date and recurring day that can be changed if necessary. 

You can also share lists with other people to collaborate with them on your project or have items added to your list by others in real time.

There are many options available when looking at the best android apps for daily planning, but Todoist is one of the most popular options.

4. Todoist

 Todoist A great all-around app, Todoist has a simple interface that is easy to use with various color schemes and dark mode options.

They offer shared tasks so your family or partner can also help plan your day out, track progress, and reminders about tasks.

Tasks are completed by starting; you can set due dates for when you want them done. The app is free, but some features come at an additional cost.

5. Any.do

One of the most useful and well-known apps on this list is Any.do. These best android apps for daily planning can be used on your phone or tablet to keep track of tasks and everyday life. In addition, you can create different categories and reminders and notes within those categories. 

Once you’ve created a category, you can add new tasks or recurring tasks to it by tapping the plus sign at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then entering in a due date and what needs to be done by that day.

A bonus with this app is that if you want some help completing certain tasks, people who are willing to complete your task for a fee are waiting online.

6. Google Keep

One of the apps on this list that’s also handy on your phone is Google Keep. These best android apps for daily planning allow you to record voice memos, make lists, or set reminders for yourself.

And because it syncs with all your devices, you can access your information from anywhere at any time. 

Another popular app that many find helpful in managing their life is Todoist. This app is designed to help people manage all their tasks and get them done efficiently and effectively so they can have more time for other things like family, work, or play.

7. ClickUp

One of the best and most convenient tools out there is ClickUp. It offers a free three-month trial and many great features, so it’s perfect if you’re on a budget or want to try it before buying.

The team chat makes collaborating with teammates a breeze, especially when assigning tasks, delegating authority, and reviewing work. 

You can also use Google Drive if that’s your preference because you’ll have easy access through the app. And if design aesthetics tickle your fancy, there are loads of customization options from logo placement to font styles.

8. Google Calendar

You can track your daily to-dos, grocery lists, or anything else you want. With smart notifications and reminders, these best android apps for daily planning can help make sure you never forget anything important.

Google Calendar is free and easy to use. Plus, it works seamlessly with Gmail, so all your personal and work appointments are on the same schedule.

The app is available in both English and Spanish. You can also add photos to events, which makes planning fun. 

There’s a bonus that the app runs smoothly offline and online. So if your phone doesn’t have internet access or you’re traveling abroad, no worries; download the events beforehand, and you’ll be good to go when a connection becomes available again.

9. 3 Things

Other than Todoist, 3 Things is another excellent app worth looking into that syncs across all devices and offers some neat customization features like due dates or deadlines.

However, at $50 per year or $17 per month (depending on the package), it might seem pricey to those just looking for something simple.

But it becomes more appealing considering all the bells and whistles these best android apps for daily planning offer, such as integrating with other productivity tools like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or Slack.

In addition, keep track of any changes made by adding notes so you don’t forget what was changed. 

10. Proofhub

One of the best and most popular planning apps available on Google Play is called ProofHub. It’s a free app that you can download onto your phone and use to create calendars, events, and more.

ProofHub also has an option for tracking expenses and setting up alerts that will let you know if anything is overdue or coming up soon. 

Plus, with ProofHub, your contacts are stored inside these best android apps for daily planning, so they’re always in reach when you need them, perfect for business owners with remote employees.

You can also export all of your data into a CSV file format which is helpful if you have many calendar items or appointments that you need to save outside of the app or if you want to switch devices but don’t want to lose any information.

11. Habitica

A major advantage of Habitica is the reward system. You earn rewards deposited into a virtual wallet as you complete your goals.

These rewards can be cashed in for game gear, which increases stats. Rewards can also include Gold and Gems tokens, which have in-game currency value.

  • Positives – Habitica has excellent features that keep you motivated and easily maintain long-term planning goals.
  • Negatives – These best android apps for daily planning could use additional journaling or drawing features to make managing the creative process more straightforward.

12. TickTick

If you’re a typical person, you can understand why time management is a big deal, especially if you work full-time and have kids at home.

But as some people say, it’s not the amount of time we spend doing things that matter, but what we do with the time we spend on them. 

That’s where TickTick comes in to help you get your life organized. One of the Favorite features of TickTick is their alerts that can be set to your local time zone or show up as floating red bubbles on your screen. 

These best android apps for daily planning allow you to customize how often you are notified about upcoming events to stay on top.

Other benefits include seamless syncing between devices, sharing tasks with others, and tracking completion percentages over time.


There are tons of apps designed to help people organize their lives, and thankfully, the market has developed enough that there are now an ample number of options.

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best android apps for daily planning options below that can be used for planning anything from a weekly meal plan to grocery lists.

No matter what you want to get done daily, there’s bound to be an app here that will make your life easier.

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