26 Best Android Apps for Developers

Best Android Apps for Developers

Because Android smartphones are portable in contrast to personal computers, having these best android apps for developers will enhance your programming skills, adding flexibility and convenience to your learning or practical work.

In addition, these tools come in handy if you are getting started with android development.

As a result of the fact that Android is the preeminent operating system in the technological market, any app or program that is not available on the Android platform is surely losing users or clients, depending on the context.

As a result, Each app has a link to its respective page on Google Play, where you may find additional information regarding the app.

The number of programming apps available on the Android Apps Store is large, and as a result, in this post, we will list the best android apps for developers. So relax and grab some coffee.

Best Android Apps for Developers

You will be able to get more stuff done on your projects with the assistance of these apps, and you will also be able to use your Android smartphone to invest your spare time in learning how to program.

So please have a glance at the apps that I am going to list below.

1. Hacker’s Keyboard

Do you find yourself longing for the key layout you will find interesting on your computer? This particular keyboard features individual keys for the numbers, punctuation in the standard locations, and arrow keys.

If you access SSH with ConnectBot, you will find that this keyboard is extremely helpful. It offers functional Tab, Ctrl, Esc keys, and arrow keys, which are necessary for devices not equipped with a trackball or D-Pad.

2. Dalvik Explorer

The Dalvik Explorer app is the ideal choice for you if you are interested in learning more about the features of your Android smartphone. The application provides information on Java System attributes, Locals, and much more.

3. Developer Tools

If you are an Android developer, you can use this handy tool to see which resource qualifiers are currently on the device. This program also has several other helpful features that will prove to be of great benefit to a developer in the long run.

4. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor

This app is one of the best android apps for developers; you must have it if you are a web developer or a programmer.

This lightweight program has an HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP editor with some useful features. Although it is compatible with other programming languages such as Python, Java, C, and C++, as well as CoffeeScript, Haskel, Clojure, and Groovy, this application is primarily designed for web developers.

5. C4droid

C4droid is an integrated development environment (IDE) and C/C++ compiler that developers design to be user-friendly while retaining its capability.

In addition, this program includes an offline C compiler that enables users to construct their applications on Android devices and run those applications even if they lack internet connections.


6. DroidDia prime

You can construct flow charts, organizational charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and other types of diagrams with as few limitations and as little effort as possible with the help of DroidDia. These great features have given this app a place as one of the best android apps for developers.

7. HC-16C Programmer’s Calculator

The HC=16C Programmer’s Calculator is so widely used that it is difficult to find a developer or programmer who does not make use of it.

In its most basic form, this is an emulation tool for programmers attempting to free themselves from a coding problem they are now facing.

8. DrawExpress Diagram

DrawExpress is a speedy diagramming application that recognizes hand gestures. You may create diagrams and flowcharts in a straightforward and user-friendly manner with the help of DrawExpress. It’s as simple as writing it down using a pen and paper!

9. Frink Programming Language

One of the best android apps for developers on my list is the Frink Programming Language. Programmers can use the programming language and mathematical tool known as Frink on their Android device or computer.

It performs math with arbitrary accuracy, calculates dates and times, accesses the sensors built into Android devices, draws images, and does much more.

10. VT View Source

This application makes it possible to read the source code of web pages and files you will find in a remote location in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or XML format.

In addition, it provides support for various syntax highlighting themes, line numbers, text wrapping, in-source active links, mobile and desktop browser modes, and many features.

11. Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE

Dcoder is an integrated development environment (IDE) for mobile apps that enables users to write code and study algorithmic concepts.

This is one the best android apps for developers that is designed specifically to improve your coding skills through the utilization of code compilation and the resolution of algorithmic problems. So now you can learn to code whenever and wherever you choose.

12. Quoda Code Editor

Suppose you own an Android smartphone and seek a code editor that supports multiple languages. In that case, Quoda Code Editor might be one of the best android apps for developers that is most suitable for your needs.

This free piece of software offers the capability of modifying the source code. The application has virtually all of the essential functions that are necessary for a coder to have.

13. TeamViewer

You may be already familiar with the remote control program Teamviewer. The application allows customers to control their desktop PCs from their mobile devices.

Through the usage of this application, users can exercise remote control over their Mac, Windows, and Linux computers using their Android handsets. Therefore, this is still another excellent tool that programmers utilize.

14. LeakCanary

LeakCanary is one of the most useful open-source applications that software engineers and programmers could wish to have.

People may find memory leaks quickly and easily with the help of LeakCanary. Users need to set up the app once, and after that, it will quickly send a notification to you anytime it discovers memory leaks in other applications. Therefore, it is yet another one of the best android apps for developers to have in store.

15. SoloLearn

Individuals interested in becoming coders may find that SoloLearn is the most practical application available.

The software allows users to learn coding techniques by selecting from among thousands of different programming topics.

Essentially, it organizes free educational content on several other platforms. In addition to this, the community itself is responsible for the publication of new educational content. Programmers are always looking for the greatest apps, and this one is another one of the best.

16. Algoid

One of the best android apps for developers in the marketplace and one you will like having on your Android device.

It features a real-time debugger that is the first and only one on Android, a step-by-step execution mode, and a scope explorer, all of which contribute to improved comprehension.

In addition to this, you can hide the turtle, and you can write the code for your own video games. In a nutshell, Algoid is capable of transforming your Android device into a genuine programming workstation that is devoted to self-learning, and it does so while simultaneously making the process of learning enjoyable.

17. Udacity

It’s quite a fantastic tool that assists you in bettering your coding experience, and it’s one of the cool apps that the members of our team use individually.

You can take classes from the convenience of your home using this app, work on a programming challenge at a local coffee shop, or answer some quick quizzes outside the park.

In addition, Udacity for Android provides you with an educational experience in that you can include your kind of schedule.

18. Programming Hub

This is one of my favorite apps, and it is also the finest option for any coders. This application is designed for Python, Assembly, HTML, Visual Fundamental for Applications (VB.NET), C, C++, C# (C Sharp), JavaScript, PHP, and Java programming.

It is helpful for novices to learn both basic and advanced programming. Therefore, examples are given straightforwardly and tastefully, with the output produced by our knowledgeable team.

In addition, this application includes a list of other Programs that are both significant and helpful. Users can also use this application to study for examinations, and you can also use it to prepare for interview questions. You absolutely must download and try out this awesome software on your cellphone.

19. DroidEdit Pro

The other great app enables you to change a significant amount of code on your Android device. DroidEdit and text editor for Android phones and tablets are similar to Notepad++.

20. AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

The best android apps for developers, particularly for java programmers; I use them myself on my Android device.

An integrated development environment, or IDE, is what you need to create simple Android applications on your own Android smartphone.

AIDE is such an IDE. But first, you must follow the interactive coding courses and step-by-step instructions to become an expert app developer.

Then, visually design applications, write code using the feature-rich editor that includes code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring, and smart code navigation, execute your application with the press of a button, and utilize the Java debugger to detect and fix errors.

21. Learn Java

This book is an in-depth introduction to Java, which is currently one of the world’s most widely used programming languages.

And here’s a bonus: there is no cost to learn Java! The lessons in Learn Java are quick, simple, and effective, and the program itself has three hours to complete its lifespan. In addition, there is no requirement for previous experience in programming.

22. C++ Programming

This C++ Programming app on your Android device allows you to carry C++ programming Tutorials with you everywhere you go.

It includes roughly 140 different programs, many frequently asked questions, and important exam questions.

The user interface of this app is straightforward, and its users should have no trouble comprehending the program’s information.

This will unquestionably be of use to you in the process of preparing for interviews, examinations, and in a great many other ways.

23. DroidScript – JavaScript IDE

JavaScript makes it simple to create applications for your mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. You can change your code using our user-friendly WiFi editor, or you can edit code straight on your device using the built-in code editor. So you can now write apps regardless of where you are.

24. Programmer Keyboard

The long-awaited Undo and Redo keys are finally available on this free keyboard, along with autocompleting support for all PHP functions.

When it comes to the buttons, you can locate all of the special characters that you need for programming. The two varieties of keyboards available are the complete keyboard and the small keyboard with two sets of keys.

You have easy access to switch between all three different keyboard layouts. In plain sight is also the key that will reveal the rest of the keyboard when pressed.

25. C# To Go

C# To Go is an application for the Android operating system that enables you to compile C# programs directly on your mobile device.

Using this application, if you are a C# programmer, you will now be able to compile your application on the fly.

The application C# To Go can be downloaded for free. In addition to providing syntax highlighting, this application also allows you to debug your application. Users can download the application by clicking on the link provided below.

26. Code Peeker

Another one of the best Android applications available for programmers is called Code Peeker. On your Android device, you can read the source code for various languages by using this application. You can download this app from Google at no cost by clicking on the link below.


The top-rated and best Android apps for developers and programmers are listed above. You can improve the coding environment on your Android device by downloading these apps and using them together.

Programmers need the best logic, and the best coding environment leads to the best logic. So if you want to become a better coder, download this app and have fun with your Android while working on your new projects.

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