15 Best Android Apps for Digital Drawing

You can easily become an artist on your smartphone or tablet with the right tools and apps, whether you want to draw stick figures or want to create your own comic books.

There are thousands of apps out there that can help you do that. Here are some of the best Android apps for Digital drawing available today!

Digital drawing apps have really come a long way in the past few years. And today, artists and designers can use many different options to get their work done.

You can choose from several popular digital drawing apps available on Android, iOS, and the web. 

So you’ll have no trouble finding one that works for you and your projects. This article will teach you about the best Android apps for digital drawing.

And walk you through how to use them to create some awesome artwork.

1. Procreator

Procreator is the Apple of the Android world, even though it’s technically only available on iOS.

This premium painting app is so well-designed that you’re guaranteed to get good results when you use it, whether you’re a seasoned illustrator or a novice just picking up a pen and pencil.

Even if your skill level doesn’t improve significantly, something must be said about how comfortable this drawing app makes your drawing process with vibrant colors and an interface that adapts to how you like to draw–whether your tools are big or small.

You can spend hours refining what should have taken minutes to meet your high standards.

2. Affinity Designer  

Affinity Designer is a new type of app that lets you design, create and share professional-grade vector artwork on your tablet or phone.

It is made by the people who created the industry-leading illustration software Affinity Photo. Affinity Designer allows you to work with shapes, text, graphics, and images to make any type of project imaginable. 

Also includes posters, logos, greeting cards, and photo montages. It also has a built-in social platform that will allow you to reach out to other like-minded designers from around the world! Affinity Designer works on all major tablet platforms (including Apple iPad Pro), so it’s an easy transition from paper.

3. Pixelmator Pro 

There are a lot of drawing and painting apps out there. So it can be tough to figure out the best Android apps for digital drawing to try. The good news is that you don’t have to go far to find one because of this free app. 

With its realistic painting tools, Pixelmator Pro is just what you need to take your sketches or photos and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. Get ready to start creating amazing things!

4. Adobe Capture  

If you’re looking for a free digital drawing app, then Adobe capture is an excellent choice. It provides a basic set of pencils and brushes to create with. But it does have additional features if you want to get more into digital art.

In addition to a paintbrush, eraser, and fill functions, you can save and share your drawings. With others or move your projects onto your computer via Creative Cloud. 

Adobe is the go-to app creator, so you know they know their stuff. Two brush sets come with the premium version, giving you even more tools. To play around with, like shading and metallic pencils, as well as 18 saved layers at once instead of three.

5. Sketchbook   

Drawing has never been easier. Thanks to these apps, it’s one of the best Android apps for digital drawing. With Sketchbook by Autodesk, you can draw anywhere and anytime, on any screen and device. Capture your ideas as they happen with quick sketches or detailed drawings. 

With a drawing tablet or a smartphone, you’ll be unstoppable! Thankfully, it also comes with a decent set of features. Including some basic filters that make the app more versatile. 

But the best feature is its export options; not only does it allow you to save in multiple formats (including PNG, JPG, SVG).

But if the sketch is too large for one screenshot, then it allows exporting to multiple screens. When I need a quick sketch drawn digitally, this is my go-to app. it is free.

6. ArtRage 

The ArtRage is the perfect app to use if you are looking for a digital drawing tablet with simple and easy-to-use tools. This also allows you to sketch on your device.

Using different types of brushes, pens or pencils, watercolor paint, and many other features like layers that can be used professionally. 

Other notable features include quick menu commands, which make the process easier by letting you access all of the features.

This is without having to go through extra steps; undo/redo function. And an option where the user can choose a virtual canvas size depending on what they want to draw.

And It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Artrage is one of the best Android apps for digital drawing.

7. Tayasui Sketches Lite

Tayasui Sketches is the ideal app for people who want to start drawing or just want a simple painting application.

In addition to being simple and easy to use. It also provides 16 different types of brushes, such as canvas, chalkboard, watercolor, airbrush, pencils, and markers.

Also, Tayasui Sketches allows you to do digital editing on your images. Turning them into sketches with 8×8 grids that can be turned on or off as desired.

This app even allows you to export your drawings in JPG format if needed. It’s one of the best Android apps for digital drawing. And the best part about this app is that it’s free!

8. Ibis Paint  

Ibis Paint is an amazingly simple drawing app and one of the best Android apps for digital drawing. I’m always looking for good drawing apps, but even when I find them, they’re still missing one important feature or another.

Ibis Paint is a straightforward and easy-to-use drawing app. It’s the best I’ve found so far because it doesn’t have a lot of confusing menus.

And only the basic tools you need to make your drawings look just right are pencils, lines, shapes, and colors.

9. MediBang Paint  

MediBang Paint is a powerful paint program with everything you need to create a digital masterpiece. The best part about MediBang Paint is that it’s free.

This means you can test it before committing to the $5.99 purchase price tag. Some features include:

  • Backgrounds and themes to choose from
  • The ability to edit photos and make them look like paintings
  • Customizable brush settings

The downside of MediBang Paint is that it doesn’t have Photoshop-style filters, which might disappoint some people.

10. Infinite Paper  

Infinite Paper is a great app to get if you’re looking to create on-the-go art without having any tools on hand.

The beauty of this app is that it can do almost anything and doesn’t need any ink or paper! This means you’ll be able to do sketches, draw up designs, paint, and so much more.

With the artistic possibilities endless with this app, there are virtually no limits when it comes to artistry. For digital artists who use sketchbooks extensively in their creative process, Infinite Paper is a great app to have around!

11. LayerPaint HD  

LayerPaint HD is one of the most popular painting apps on the market. However, it’s not as well known as other giants like Adobe Photoshop.

If you’re looking for a free painting app with fantastic features and a user-friendly interface. This is one of the best Android apps for digital drawing available.

The pricing plan is such that you only need to pay once per year to keep up with new versions, updates, and new features. It includes in-app tutorials that are incredibly helpful, especially when you first start out with digital drawing.

12. PaperColor 

PaperColor is an app that turns a surface into a blank sketchbook and allows you to draw on it. The lines you draw can be erased by swiping over them, like regular paper.

This app is perfect for drawing rough sketches or scribbles, as it won’t interfere with the line-art layer of your project.

And everything will look better when you export it out of the app. It’s free to download, and you can unlock additional features for $4.99 if you want to access more brushes, ink colors, and tools.

13. RoughAnimator 

RoughAnimator is an amazing new android app that allows you to capture your creativity and thoughts fun and playful. It’s one of the best Android apps for digital drawing.

Use this app to create stunning animations with your own drawings and create beautiful stop-motion films.

With the Premium version, you’ll be able to export up to 60 frames per second, making high-quality gifs. Plus, all the drawings can then be re-rendered into high-quality vector graphics images!

Overall, if you’re looking for an android app that will enable you to create engaging animations easily and enjoyably. I definitely recommend giving RoughAnimator a try.

14. ArtFlow  

ArtFlow is one of the best painting apps on the market and can be used to create just about anything. Many brushes are available for use, giving users a huge range of creative choices.

ArtFlow also has other features like layers, masks, support for Photoshop files, and much more. This app is truly worth its price tag of $6.99.

You’ll have access to Nvidia’s DirectStylus support if you’re using an Android tablet. With an active stylus, Google Play Games Services support, and much more. 

15. Adobe Illustrator Draw

One of the most amazing things about the Adobe Illustrator Draw app is that it lets you sketch, shade, or color in vector graphics.

And you can export them as SVG or PNG file formats. This means that your drawings can be scaled up to larger resolutions without compromising on their quality.

Also, it integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud so that you can easily upload your drawings to the cloud and let people edit them collaboratively.

So if you are looking for a free drawing app for android devices, this should certainly rank high on your list of choices.

Find the Drawing App That’s Right for You! 

Nowadays, you can do almost anything on your phone, and digital drawing is no exception. Drawing on your smartphone is one of the best ways to kill time in line or during an unexpected delay. 

And if you need to take notes on the go, it’s probably easier than whipping out a pen and paper. Plus, with apps like Adobe Illustrator Touch and Google Sketchbook, you can draw directly onto your screen and view results almost instantly.

But with so many drawing apps out there, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your money and time.

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