14 Best Android Apps for Electrical Engineering Students

Best Android Apps for Electrical Engineering Students

The most popular and best Android apps for electrical engineering students can help you stay organized.

And also help you study better and do all kinds of other helpful things related to your studies. 

And not only that, they’re great tools to have in general, even if it’s not electrical engineering! Here are the 16 best Android apps for electrical engineering students.

Therefore, are you an electrical engineering student? Are you constantly busy with classes, labs, and internships?

If you are, it’s important to keep your smartphone updated and well-stocked with the best apps for engineers.

The 14 best android apps for electrical engineering students listed below will help you stay organized, productive, entertained, and prepared!

1. Microsoft OneDrive and Office

Microsoft OneDrive and office are one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students. As an engineering student, chances are you spend a significant amount of time using Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneDrive. If so, here are the apps that will help to ease your burden. 

Moreso, you can download Office for free on Android with a Microsoft account and even sync your documents across all devices. That is if you sign up for the 100GB OneDrive storage option at $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year. 

However, remember that not all features work seamlessly between Windows and macOS, iOS, and Android versions of Office apps.

For example, some formatting won’t always appear correctly when exporting files from Word to PowerPoint. Or to Excel in an office app made for one OS to be used on another.

2. PartSeeker android app

PartSeeker is one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students. This is a really handy android app that lets you quickly research the various parts and suppliers worldwide. With PartSeeker, you can find your desired part in seconds with just a few taps. 

In addition, it offers immediate access to all the different suppliers with instant price and leads time information. If you’re finding the right part number of prices, then PartSeeker will be an invaluable tool.

To get started, simply search by keyword or browse through categories such as company, part type, or model number.

3. ElectroDroid

ElectroDroid is one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students. It is also known as electro doc on the google play downloading site.

The app has various tools, such as calculators and reference materials. Moreso, ElectroDroid contains the following: Wikipedia page.

That’s summarizing the law of Kirchhoff’s current law and the node voltages in circuit analysis with steady-state sinusoidal sources. User manual on how to apply these tools to circuits consisting of resistors and capacitors.

4. DroidTesla– Electrical Engineering App

DroidTesla is one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students. To determine how much voltage they need to supply a certain number of amps at a certain duty cycle. 

Also, it calculates the energy usage and battery charge left if you do the calculations in your head. So it’s an extremely useful app if you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

5. Circuit Lab

Perfect for students new to electronics circuit design and construction. CircuitLab has every tool you’ll need to create circuits on your computer.

You can plan circuits with symbols, edit them with drag-and-drop functionality, simulate them, and view detailed schematics. 

And share them with other users online. The best part about CircuitLab is that it doesn’t require any knowledge of electronics. You just have to be able to use a mouse or trackpad! 

Therefore, for those more experienced in the field, Eagle is one of the most popular programs for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The software offers component libraries and lets you build prototypes on screen before sending your design off for fabrication!


6. Learn Basic Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring is a FREE app. That helps engineers understand the details and complexities of how electrical wiring works in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The app can be customized by selecting the type of wire (copper or aluminum). 

Also, the type of insulation (varnish or plastic), voltage, and wire size. Then, several conductors in a cable, cross-sectional area per conductor in amps per 1000 ft. 

And ground conductor cross-sectional area in amps per 1000 ft., dead-end box depth. This is great to learn before buying a home!

7. Electrical Calculations 

Engineers often need to calculate something quickly. But they may not have a pen and paper on hand. Or be able to find the required equations in their textbook. 

Therefore, the answer is simple: Calq lets you create an equation on your phone or tablet and solves it automatically. And y then provides the step-by-step solution.

Moreso, it has all of the equations that engineers need during their studies and practicals. With an easily accessible one-click interface for displaying complicated steps in a concise way.  

8. PICmicro Database

The PICmicro Database is a comprehensive database of microcontrollers. This app is one of the best androids for electrical engineering students and professionals. And it’s good to have on your phone if you’re not at your desk. 

However, you can browse the entire chip library or use the search function to find just what you need. All of the information is in one place.

So you don’t have to go from website to website trying to track down which I/O port needs an external resistor.

9. Mobile Electrician 

Electrician- Electrical engineering app is an interactive electrical engineering catalog that includes the most popular items in the industry.

The app features a convenient way to view which type of product you are looking for, including illustrations and dimensions.

Also, it contains various information, such as what industrial standards are related to each product. Then, pricing and purchase options (lease or buy), technical details, certifications, and specifications. 

As well as datasheets that list detailed diagrams and explanations of every item. Electrician-Electrical Engineering App is both current with industry standards and highly interactive!

10. Circuit Jam

This app is one of the best Android apps for electrical engineering students to design circuits. This is a great app to use when you are learning how to make a circuit. And want an idea of how it will work in real life. 

Moreso, to use this app, the circuit needs to be built with traditional electronic components. And it needs to be placed on a non-conductive surface so the current doesn’t short-circuit itself. 

And my favorite feature of this app is that it gives me feedback as I design my circuit. It shows me if my circuit works as expected or not based on what input I feed into the system. Which then teaches me how circuits work.

11. Electricians’ Handbook

Written by an experienced electrician, this app will be a comprehensive guide to the nuts and bolts of the trade.

Part I covers fundamentals such as electrical circuits, wire types, sizing of conductors, grounding principles, and distribution systems.

Part II moves on to household wiring with complete instructions on installing receptacles and switches. 

Then, instructions on installing lamps and fixtures, room air conditioners; electronic ballasts; heating systems. The final section provides information on wiring industrial machinery such as motors, fans, welders, and elevator control panels.

And along the way, readers will find many clear illustrations and photographs that show how electrical work is done. That is, in both new construction and renovation projects.

12. Electrical Formulas and Calculations 

This app helps with calculations related to electromagnetism, electronics, and networks. Not only does it have formulas handy.

But it also has calculators that will solve equations without having to fiddle around with all the math. However, there are 8 steps in this process: first, choose a button on the screen to find an equation.

Fill in the required values and then use the answer sheet that shows up at the bottom of your screen. Press enter; Tap yes to get your answers, or tap no to go back and try again.

13. Electrical Engineering Diction  

An electrical engineering dictionary app is one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students.

This includes a multitude of electrical terminology as well as translations from English to Spanish and Russian. 

Moreso, another fantastic tool is the field calculator, which can be used in electrical fields with calculations such as Ohm’s law and circuits.

There are many excellent tools available on Android; these two are among the most important and valuable to any engineer.

14. IODEMA Srl Apps

The IODEMA Srl app is one of the best android apps for electrical engineering students. It offers a broad range of utilities that help you work with electrical engineering and architecture.

IODEMA Architecture can be used to draw anything from architectural plans to garden paths. 

While IODEMA Calculation has over 30 different calculators, architecture Modeling Lite is a tool that converts 3D images into 2D drawings to produce building and facade designs: IODEMA Calculation, IODEMA Architecture, and Architectural Modeling Lite.


The field of electrical engineering is continually growing as technologies advance and devices become smaller and more powerful.

But with the rise of smartphones and apps, it is hard to know which ones will do your job better rather than just consume more of your time or data plan. 

Therefore, that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 14 best Android apps for electrical engineering students. To help you get more out of your phone and have more fun along the way!

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