17 Best Android Apps for Engineers

Best Android Apps for Engineers

Here are some best Android apps for engineers for individuals who, for some good reason, prefer Android to iOS.

If there is one thing that people say about them with absolute certainty, it is that they adore anything that can make their work or daily lives simpler and more effective.

There was a time when the primary purpose of mobile applications was to provide entertainment. Still, nowadays, there is the majority of apps that may make your engineering job a lot easier.

The following are amusing games with an engineering theme, calculators, and portable reference libraries.

Best Android Apps for Engineers

1. Learn Java

What issue does it resolve? : The purpose of this application is to guide you through the fundamentals of Java programming.

You may learn the ins and outs of Java programming with the assistance of the best Android apps for engineers called Learn Java.

Because Java is amongst the most popular programming languages available today, anyone interested in becoming a Java programmer should find this software extremely helpful.

This tool is perfect for obtaining a grasp on the fundamentals and learning using it in a way that is not only enjoyable but also highly productive. It contains 64 lessons and thoroughly examines most of Java’s subject areas.

If you find that you enjoy using this application, the developers have developed several others for various programming languages, including Python, C++, and many more.

2. Wolfram Alpha

What issues does it clear up? : Consider this the equivalent of Wikipedia for engineering. Wolfram Alpha has been termed the “Wikipedia of Engineering” by a significant number of engineering students.

In this regard, it functions as a vital knowledge engine that it can put to use to respond to inquiries. Like Wikipedia, the application will search through its database and return any relevant entries it can locate.

The software requires payment, but at less than $5, it could be the best app purchase you’ve made in a while.

This software is one of the best Android apps for engineers. It is excellent for many professionals and students who work in disciplines other than engineering because it covers various subjects and is not limited to engineering alone.

3. Electrical Engineering

This is a wonderful small engineering design tool and calculator for Electrical Engineers, and it solves the following problem:

This is one of the best Android apps for engineers, specifically created to provide a powerful design tool, and its name is Electrical Engineering.

It also comes with other useful tools, such as an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator, and various electrical formulas.

It encompasses various subfields, including, but not limited to, electronics, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio frequency engineering, and signal processing.

The app’s capacity to compute crucial electrical sizes and power, as well as current in parallel circuits, is one of its most useful capabilities. Other useful calculations include parallel circuit current.

In addition, you can use it to view the formulae for electrical power, resistance, current, and charge, compute the amount of energy stored in a capacitor, and more.

4. Engineering Cookbook

What issue does it address? : This is a reference manual for mechanical engineering that comes highly recommended.

The Loren Cook Company’s Engineering Cookbook is an excellent and practical reference handbook geared specifically toward mechanical designers.

It makes it possible to quickly and easily retrieve regularly required information and places that information at your fingertips.

The application contains various topics, including assessing loads for heating and cooling systems, sound and vibration guidelines, ventilation rates for improving indoor air quality, design formulas, and conversion factors.

The majority of users appear to be very pleased with the application, as seen by the overwhelmingly positive evaluations they have given it.

5. CamScanner

CamScanner is a useful little instrument that can digitize documentation and notes, which answers the question, “What problem does it solve?”

One of the best Android apps for engineers that are used in scanning applications available is called CamScanner.

Photos can be converted into a variety of formats, including PDF, using this user-friendly and straightforward application.

This application has been downloaded over 350 million times in more than 200 countries up to this point. Its popularity is undeniable. Additionally, it was one of the top 50 applications in 2013.

The application comes with its very own cropping and enhancing capabilities, and it gives you the ability to store documents and sync them across many devices. To tell you the truth, this will be an excellent little tool in your arsenal.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is a terrific solution for sharing and syncing files across your mobile device and desktop computer. This is the problem that it solves.

If you haven’t heard about Dropbox by this point, you have no excuse other than the fact that you’ve been hiding under a rock for the previous few years.

However, it is one of the cloud-based storage programs that are most widely in use, reliable, and simple to operate currently available.

It operates faultlessly on a wide variety of systems and offers a user interface that is both welcoming and intuitive.

Therefore, this program is highly recommendable for situations where you need to distribute documents quickly and effectively.

It has a lower storage capacity when compared to other available options; however, you can increase its storage capacity by either additional purchasing space or publicizing them on social media.

7. Frame Design

This program is fantastic for making 2D frames on your mobile device, which is one of the problems that it helps tackle.

Frame Design is an outstanding Finite Element Method (FEM) tool that has designing features to assist a wide variety of people, including students, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and architects, to name just a few. Textually and graphically, you can design, edit, and work with supports, forces, and hyperstatic structures.

This application can easily import steel profiles or other sections from free engineering libraries. Additionally, it is possible to import.dxf files, exchange photos, undo tools, scale the entire structure, and use automatic dimension lines.

Even though the app has received mostly positive feedback, there have been reports of problems experienced by some users; it is recommended that you read those reports before diving in.

8. Microsoft OneNote

What issue does it address? : OneNote is Microsoft’s response to organizational tools such as Google Keep and Evernote.

OneNote is an excellent app that may help you store important facts in one spot, schedule appointments, and keep track of other things in one location.

It is accessible on multiple platforms and synchronizes flawlessly between your Android handset, the desktop version of Windows, and any other devices you use.

It does not cost anything to use, and those who do so on a regular basis tend to have a positive opinion of the service.

Organize all of your thoughts in one place with the help of this program, which enables you to type, handwrite, and clip content from the web. This feature makes it one of the best Android apps for engineers.

It features a canvas that is quite adaptable and may be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, one can scan even notes or pages written by hand directly into OneNote, where they can be made searchable.

9. Engineering Unit Converter

What issue does it address? First, it makes it simple for engineers to convert between different unit systems.

This handy tool is a must-have for anybody who frequently needs to convert measurements using a variety of various units.

After the program has been downloaded and opened, users are given a selection of different topics from which to choose.

This encompasses many properties, such as length, energy, entropy, electrical charge, etc. It is easy to pick up and operate, and previous customers have given it great marks for its effectiveness.

If there are any units that you require that are not present, the creators invite you to get in touch with them so that they can include them in future releases. This app will be of good use among the best Android apps for engineers when useful.

10. Realcalc Plus

What issue does it address? First, it gives you access to a scientific calculator that is simple to use in virtual form.

RealCalc Plus is a practical scientific calculator that mimics the appearance of many units of measurement used in the physical world.

But it includes other functions such as degrees/minutes/seconds, fraction calculations, unit conversions, and constants in its arsenal of tools.

In addition to supporting binary, octal, and hexadecimal computations, it also comes equipped with history and memory functions. In addition, trig functions, radians or grads, and a 12-digit display are all included in this software.

If you are not pleased, it also has PRN and classic algebraic modes, so you may choose the one that suits your needs.

11. Turboviewer

This program enables you to collaborate on, modify, and share 2D and 3D models. The problem that it solves is as follows:

It has been said that this is an excellent program for modeling in both two and three dimensions on an Android device.

Not only can you create models using it, but you can also work on them, edit them, and share them with other people. In addition, you can add several kinds of elements, such as text, lines, and shapes.

Additionally, the program makes it simple to pan and zoom all around the 3D model. The function that stands out the most is the ability to exchange files with other TurboViewer applications.

It is advisable to read reviews before deciding whether or not to purchase the premium edition because the product does have a few bugs.

12. Engineering Codes and Standards

What problem does it solve? This software serves as a quick reference guide for engineering design codes, and it was created expressly for that purpose.

As its name suggests, this lightweight application will serve as a speedy reference guide for engineering rules and standards.

Users are provided with a concise description of each standard and code and cross-references to other standards and codes connected to it.

It encompasses a wide range of engineering specializations, such as mechanical, civil, pipeline, and electrical engineering.

The rapidity with which its creators respond to questions and problems raised by users is one of the product’s defining characteristics. As a result, this app will prove useful, undoubtedly one of the best Android apps for engineers.

13. Build a Bridge!

What issue does it address? : This is an extremely fun and educational engineering game for Android. According to the old proverb, “work hard and play hard.”

Engineers need a break every once in a while, so why not give this entertaining little engineering game a shot?

The objective of the game is to construct a bridge in a variety of environments and predicaments, as the name of the game suggests.

It includes a very simple and straightforward 2D interface that allows one to switch to a 3D mode to view your creation in action.

This is the perfect game to play when you have a little extra time on your hands but still want to hone your engineering skills. It comes highly recommended, which is why it is included in this list.

14. Droud Tesla

What issue does it address? : This is a straightforward and completely free Android SPICE engine. This Android app for the Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit (SPICE) is straightforward but packed with functionality.

It is simple to use and understand, and it assists in explaining fundamental resistive circuits through Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL).

It is ideally best for students who are just starting with the design and construction of electronic circuits. Still, it will also come in handy for anyone interested in tinkering or playing with electronics.

Like the others on the list, this software comes with a strong recommendation; nevertheless, before purchasing any premium editions, it is important to read the reviews first.

15. Mechanical Engineering One

What issue does it address? Designed to be practical tool engineers may use to make their day-to-day computations easier.

Engineers developed this application specifically for use by other engineers. Its primary objective is to offer solutions to the day-to-day challenges that mechanical engineers may face.

According to the information on the Google Play website, it is “one of the best Android apps for engineers on the market.”

It features many reference tables, calculators, and converters and has an interface that is basic and easy to understand.

In addition, the program has an input of a unit converter that is widely put into consideration among the most complete available on the market. It utilizes the metric system (SI) and the imperial system (US).

16. AutoCAD 360

You will likely use some version of AutoCAD in your day-to-day work if you are an engineer. If this describes you, read on.

Using this design software to sketch out your ideas quickly is very easy because it is available as a mobile app.

You can read and modify DWG files using this mobile or tablet application. As a result, people can put this fantastic drafting program to good use in a variety of professions, including project management, electrical engineering, architectural design, and so on.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best Android apps for engineers that you may obtain from the internet or app store.

17. Graphing Calculator X84

One can avoid the inconvenience of carrying a cumbersome graphing calculator like a TI-89 or Nspire by downloading this convenient app on your mobile device, which will carry out all necessary functions.

This useful graphing calculator will prove to be an invaluable tool for you to have in hand no matter what you might be doing with it—whether you are doing homework or working as an engineer in the field.

After gaining access to the application, all you need to do is select an equation and then set values for it, and you will see the result in a graphical representation.

This application can handle mathematical issues ranging from the most elementary to the most complex, making it accessible to many users. The fact that Engineers can use it on iOS and Android is a definite plus.


I have high hopes that this article has been helpful in introducing you to the best Android apps for engineers and has provided you with the foundations necessary to go off and start downloading these applications so that you may utilize them in an ideal manner.

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