15 Best Android Apps for Fashion Design

Best Android Apps for Fashion Design

Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing or a dress on someone and thought it was beautiful? The dress or piece of fabric had gone through many creative processes put into making design.

Modern-day designs can be created with software applications, making the design process much more manageable. 

In contrast to time-consuming traditional design methods, you work much faster and better. You can also have so much fun with your creative designs.

This list of best android apps for fashion design can help you get creative and acquainted with the design process. 

Hopefully, after reading, you’ll want to check them all out! These best Android apps for fashion design will improve your fashion experience!

1. T-shirt Design

This app is first on our list of best android apps for fashion designing, and the app is majorly used for designing t-shirts.

Also, the app has many styles for T-shirts and over 15 categories for creative stickers and graphics. 

Furthermore, these graphics and creative stickers will help you in the design process. The app also has creatively designed fonts you can choose from; amazing!

Your t-shirt text can beautifully be imprinted on your designs as long as you decide which font you love best! 

Also, the app is user-friendly and allows you to import your creative images from the gallery.

However, the only downside to this app is its limited tools for sketching and ads. Aside from these few perks, the app is free, and you can create any design you want!

2 . Fashion Design Flat Sketch

This app offers designers, illustrators, and fashion makers an easy way to design women’s clothing.

The app is simple to use and uses efficient approaches that further reach your creative side. The part I love the most is its easy accessibility. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter where and when you get the idea; you’re good to go!

The app lets you make sketches and save them when you’re done. The app, however, is unsuitable for beginners and doesn’t have tools for coloring. 

Despite these off features, you can access numerous designs and share your images with others. As a fashion enthusiast, I would recommend the fashion design flat Sketch as one of the best android apps for fashion design.

3. Sketchbook 

Another of the best android apps for fashion design on our recommendation list is the sketchbook.

You can bring all of your creative designs to life with the tools this app has to offer. Users can make use of a sketching brush that helps with digital painting.  

Further, you can make various patterns and familiarize yourself with your creative clothing designs. Fashion creators and professional fashion designers have adopted the app as a top tool for design making.

That explains why sketchbook has the highest number of downloads from the app store. Now, let’s talk about some features of this fantastic app.

  • The app is user-friendly and very creative.
  • The app doesn’t have annoying ads popping up from time to time
  • The app provides pen support for all of your fantastic sketch designs
  • Users have access to a wide range of colors to help create beautiful designs

However, the app does not have added features for fashion design and experiences minor glitches on some mobile devices.

It is still one of the best Android apps for fashion design. You’ll agree once you start with the app.

4. Vogue Runway

Have you seen a runway show on television before? I’m pretty sure you have. Usually, only the most appealing designs stay in our memory for a long time.

Despite seeing lots of unique designs, you might remember all the fashion statements made. Furthermore, being a fashion creator isn’t just about your style but your fashion audience.

The app offers users access to millions of images from over 12,000 fashion shows; some images run way back to the early 2000s. 

In addition, this means you can get inspiration from designs that may be over 20 years old.

Although the procedures might look old-fashioned, you can still make new designs using their inspiration.

The app is free to use and can help you get inspiration from other fashion designers. 

Finally, these best android apps for fashion designs have so much to offer fashion enthusiasts regarding inspiration. Any of these best Android apps for fashion design might be just what you need.

5. Fashion Design Sketches: Style Maker

This app digitizes your sketchbook. Fashion designers always carry a physical sketchbook, but a fashion design sketchbook is entirely digital.

You can create your designs and implement them with design modules, creating your unique collection. Users have access to various clothing elements. 

In addition, the only downside is users have to deal with ads and can not make original patterns. This app is one of the best android apps for fashion design that every creative designer must have.

6. Fashion Engineering

This is one of the best android apps for fashion design that is most helpful to fashion enthusiasts.  I’m talking about fashion enthusiasts that want to be designers at all costs.

The app appeals to your creative side and won’t offer tools to assist in the design process; it’s all you! 

Besides, this app is an excellent place to start if you have a flair for fashion design. The app’s name should motivate you to chase your fashion goals.

However, you should know that you need foreknowledge of design patterns or design creations. Furthermore, users can get tutorials that have a text-to-speech feature.

Also, they can share exciting fashion articles and keep bookmarks for fashion articles. The only downside is the extended display of ads; don’t let it discourage you; excellent fashion designs are possible.

7. Color Snap

Color adds spice and essence to designs. The first thing that attracts people to a design is style and expression.

Even better, color sets attention to your design and makes other features more apparent. 

In addition, this explains why color snap is essential to fashion designers. It helps choose creative color combinations that would fit an outfit.

After taking an outfit image on your phone, the app will display information about the outfit. 

Also, everything you need to know about what would look best on the outfit is displayed on the app.

The color combination suggestions can help designers make designs that scream elegance and style. Also, help make warm color designs that fit different occasions. 

In conclusion, the app is one of the best Android apps for fashion design that is free and user-friendly.

Users can also store paints and color combination suggestions for future designs. Which of these best Android apps for fashion design intrigues you the most?

8. Fashion Empire App

Practice makes perfect. Keeping your skills alive through continuous practice is essential as a fashion designer. Also, practice will help you fine-tune all your creative design skills. 

Furthermore, this app provides users with simulation platforms that help designers get more creative and put their design skills to the test.

I would also recommend the app for designers who want to improve their Innovation skills. Users can reference other design patterns and use them to create their designs. 

Fashion Empire is one of the best Android apps for fashion design that will help you create your fashion impressions. You can get creative with any of these apps for fashion design!

9. Smart Closet Fashion Style

Have you ever thought of a platform where you can showcase your designs and make money too?

People deserve to see your fabulous designs as a designer, and smart closet fashion design apps provide that platform. You can create your profile and add your exclusive designs for other users to buy. 

Besides, the app gives you access to references from other brands of clothes designs to help with inspiration and styles.

The good part is that you can create a virtual wardrobe of your designs. Also, you can even add as many outfits as you want, thus creating lookbooks. 

Furthermore, to add your designs,  go to the app’s homepage, then click on add an item.

However, if you cannot access your professional designs, you can simply take pictures. Ensure you use solid background colors so the app can easily blur the background color. 

The app is among the best Android apps for fashion design that can earn you a few bucks. You can sell your exclusive designs or outfits in partnership with the app’s developers.

10. Adobe Illustrator

This app is best for fashion illustrators and designers because of its various tools and practical approaches to design.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics app that allows users to create drawings, designs, illustrations, icons, and logos. The app designs mannequins used for designs based on the type of material and cloth applications. 

Furthermore, users can complete their designs using the broad range of color palettes available on the app.

However, using the app might not be ideal for a beginner. The good thing is that beginners can get acquainted with the app’s various tools. 

In addition, learning how the app works may require 7 months of consistent practice. However, you can learn the basics and keep practicing to improve.

The excellent part is users can use the graphics created with the app in any print format.

However, don’t be bothered; your designs will look like what you had in mind. Let us take a look at some of the features of this amazing app.

  • The app uses mannequins to help the designer or illustrator understand how each piece of clothing fits on the body.
  • The app has ready-made files that designers can use in the design process.
  • Users can use gradient and blend tools to create images of the design on the body.
  • The app also has a layering system support with tools for making patterns.
  • The app has creative pens for sketches and wide color palettes.

Although the app has impressive features, you need to look out for some of the issues you’re likely to face.

So when using this creative design app, remember that it doesn’t have separate features for fashion design.

Also, the app will likely crash when working with heavy files; be on the lookout! In addition, the app is not free and is available for download on your mobile app store.

Despite these little perks, professional fashion designers, illustrators, and enthusiasts still widely use the app. It’s one of the best android apps for fashion design; I would recommend it to people who love fashion design.

11. Drawing Clothes Fashion Ideas

This app is one of the best Android apps for fashion design, with over 50,000 downloads from users.

The app is unique because of its inspirational ideas from existing designs. Unlike other fashion apps, the app doesn’t teach users sketching; it seeks to inspire designs.

Furthermore, users can access thousands of creative designs that can help them make their designs. If you ever run out of ideas, check out this app; you’ll get all the inspiration you need!

12. Fashion Design Illustrations

The app is best for fashion illustrators, and it has many designs and styles along with their illustrations. Designers can also take a cue from this app; it might help with dress-making.  The app is one of the best Android apps for fashion design that shows the dress as it is!

13. Fashion Figures

The app is one of the best apps for fashion design designed by a fashion illustrator. The app has tools that help users finish their designs quickly and easily. Users can access 323 different fashion figures to help them make creative designs.

14. Fashtory 

Social media can serve as excellent inspiration for new designs and open fashion designers to endless fashion possibilities.

Fashtory connects users to a broad audience in fashion with the latest fashion trends. You can get to know new ideas, the latest trends, and popular designs from people worldwide. 

Furthermore, the app allows users to save their favorite designs for future inspiration. The app is one of the best android apps for fashion design that keeps updated in the fashion world.

15. Basic Fashion Design

This is one of the best android apps for fashion design that can teach you all you need to know! The app has courses on different aspects of fashion design that are easy to understand.

Beginners who want to learn fashion design should check the app out; all its courses have relevant information.

Furthermore, users can access course materials on pattern making, textile and color combinations, basic sewing techniques, and much more. The app is available for download on your mobile app store.


These fashion design apps have that unique feature that makes them the best. However, the essential ingredient is you and how creative you want to be when using these apps. 

We hope these suggestions on the best Android apps for fashion design have helped you identify the best one to choose.

Whatever decision you make, ensure it keeps the creative sparkle alive. Have fun trying out these apps while improving fashion illustration or design.

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