15 Best Android Apps for Filmmakers

Best Android Apps for Filmmakers

The filmmaking industry today tends to expand by making it easier for people to express and showcase their talents with the aid of some of the best android Apps for filmmakers on their mobile devices, which are built with an interface to make it easy for them to make videos at the click of a few buttons.

I met a filmmaker on my way to lunch some days ago, and we got along quite well.

Here are the top 15 best android apps for filmmakers that give the best performance in filmmaking.

1. Kinemaster

One of the most well-liked video editing programs is KineMaster. It lets you change, edit, and improve every video you capture with your tablets, smartphones, or other gadgets.

Most of KineMaster’s free features are also accessible to you as color as you download the program.

If you need more than those, you may quickly and easily purchase a Premium subscription to increase your possibilities.

What about the application did the users prefer? First, KineMaster has a fantastic lighting and color editing feature.

You can significantly alter the image’s quality by changing brightness and contrast settings.

You can even record your voiceovers for everything, add music or subtitles as needed, or blend the song and the clip yourself.

Minimal editing capabilities, including trimming, splicing, cutting, speeding up, and others, are available in KineMaster.

Kinemaster’s features make it number one on my Best Android Apps for Filmmakers list.

2. Kodak Cinema Tools

Kodak Tool is second on my Best Android Apps for Filmmakers list. It’s challenging to find a photography enthusiast who needs to be made aware of Kodak.

Even though it’s challenging to find film-based cameras and camcorders in use these days, some people still prefer them to more contemporary ones.

We want to tell you about the Kodak Cinema Tools software, which will assist you in determining all the factors necessary to capture the ideal image in the frame.

For instance, you can always choose how far you need to zoom in on your subject, where to position the lens, and other things by knowing the focal length of your camera.

You have experienced the upsetting circumstance when the video doesn’t turn out as you had hoped and envisaged. This won’t occur with Kodak Cinema Tools, though.

You will need to enter specific camera-related values into the application to perform all the calculations, and the Intro guide will then show you all the settings that need to be made.

The Kodak global catalog, which can inform you about excellent cameras, films, or filmmaking formats, is another option you have.

3. PowerDirector

Another excellent video editing and montage program from my Best Android Apps for Filmmakers list with tons of valuable capabilities are PowerDirector.

If your phone supports you, you can make real movies here, even at 4K resolution.

Additionally, you won’t have to wait for processing; once editing is finished, you may post your films immediately.

Even those who have never held a professional camera can feel like a part of the film industry because of PowerDirector’s user-friendly interface.

Millions of people have already downloaded the app for various uses: some upload funny videos to social media, some make Christmas movies, and others generate their videos.

But it’s possible to notice that PowerDirector provides users with far more than they need for business.

4. Shotlist

It’s important to note that cell phones may assist you with more than just shooting and editing content.

For instance, many directors and producers take copious notes while working in their notebooks, diaries, and other papers.

The ShotList app allows you to create a detailed action plan and keep track of all your progress and decisions.

This software was built in collaboration with businesses interested in movies and producing beautiful images.

You can store any ideas you have for details, locations, scenes, or sketches in ShotList.

In a complex narrative, you can write down the pieces you wish to remember for each stage.

These notes will make it easy to refer to them while filming and rally the team around your suggestions.

ShotList makes it easy to stay on top of the shooting schedule and ensures that you never miss a crucial development in the storyline or an unexpected scene.

5. Funimate

Make a unique film with lots of additional visual effects. Using the Funimate app is simple. You only need to select the impact, music, or stickers to create videos in seconds.

You may store your findings in your library in Funimate and later display them to your friends and followers or share them on social media.

The program is made for everyday people who aren’t professionals and want to create a fun film.

The creators point out that videos are more likely to be included in Instagram or TikTok recommendations because of the enhanced quality of their effects and editing techniques.

You can decide whether or not that is accurate, but you can always quickly check it out.

With Funimate, you may experiment with current trends while giving the film a more unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

For instance, you no longer require a fantastic app or a different provider to record a video with lip sync.

6. FilmoraGo

One of the apps consistently included in the Best Android Apps for Filmmakers rankings is FilmoraGo.

Thousands of users do daily video editing for social networking, video hosting, and other uses.

With FilmoraGo, you may capture your regular activities and edit them into a fun video. Filters, effects, color correction, and even playback speed may be quickly modified with a few clicks on the screen.

Making edits to your film using FilmoraGo is quick and straightforward, and you can add stickers and create covers.

Additionally, you can edit videos using the app to customize their resolution and format for a specific social network.

By the way, modern movies frequently use transitions between frames and scenes you can access. To achieve the ideal appearance, use smooth transition effects.

7. Footej Camera 2

Footej Camera 2 is a specialized shooting program that you can use whenever possible, even without customizing any settings or parameters.

The quality of the resulting videos and photos will astound you, provided that your smartphone has a good camera.

The app Footej from this Best Android Apps for Filmmakers list interface is straightforward to use. Both single and continuous photo and video capture are possible.

You can capture content with Footej Camera 2 in video format and the resolution you would with a professional camera or camera.

You can shoot images of the grand occasion while using the app to record videos.

The frequency and time interval at which the movie is shot can be customized in the time-lapse feature of the Footej.

Camera photo intervals longer than 10 seconds are possible! You’ll produce flawless films and photos using only the built-in cameras on your smartphone.

8. HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera

Are you looking for a camera with simple quality adjustments for your still and moving images?

Then, we suggest the program HedgeCam 2, which offers extensive photo and video quality settings and various customization options for the user interface and operation.

On your smartphone, you can set up several hotkeys using the same program, each of which can have its own set of functions.

For instance, raising the volume will result in photos, while lowering the book will result in a video.

HedgeCam 2 does many things, including displaying the camera’s angle, identifying faces, and automatically aligning images.

The software can be used for both professional and recreational shooting, as well as for work.

In addition to many other features, Hedgcam2 only constraints’ angle can identify faces and aligns images automatically.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, you can utilize this app. You can also set parameters, auto-start, and other features for the widgets that HedgeCam 2 provides.

The RAW format allows you to save your images and later use them for more sophisticated editing. Great Addition to the Best Android Apps for Filmmakers list.

9. Camera FV-5 Lite

For any professional photographers who want to start taking photos on their phones or for enthusiasts, the Camera FV-5 Lite app has been developed. Just like a conventional camera, you can control everything here.

Your imagination and capacity to capture stunning photos and films will now be your only constraint, smartphone camera settings or other circumstances.

The phone metering, aperture, time lapse interval, and shooting speed can all be adjusted while shooting video with the Camera FV-5 Lite.

With the slow motion mode, you may even follow the sun’s course at dusk or dawn; I promise that the resulting movie will be breathtaking.

A feature that will help you get the most from your camera is the manual shutter speed.

You won’t realize that everything looks even better because the Camera FV-5 Lite preserves all recorded videos and photographs in the same format as it often does with traditional devices.

10. ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro )

Next on my list of Best Android Apps for Filmmakers is The ProCam X app, according to its creators, will transform your smartphone into a real camera.

Settings, exposure, white balance, and other features and characteristics are under your control.

You have complete control over your camera and continuous recording with the free version’s basic ProCam X settings. Every function is fantastic for slow motion, burst pictures, and other uses.

You can control everything manually using ProCam X. Additionally, a grid is always visible on the screen, ensuring that you never stray or lose the center of the frame when recording video.

All you have to do to use the camera quickly is click on the desired settings.

ProCam X features adjustable volume keys for rapid actions like initiating a photo shoot, similar to other programs of this type.

The start timer can also be adjusted for convenience. You can stop carrying a camera by converting your smartphone into a high-resolution camera.

11. Protake

With the help of the Protake software, you may use a professional video camera’s features on your smartphone.

You can always locate the ideal shot, regardless of where you are shooting and for what purposes.

You can access daily vlogging, commercial filming, directing, and more. Particularly considering that Protake provides an automated mode in which the software independently handles color correction and composition.

Virtual helpers in Protake communicate through notifications about settings and the frame. When the center of the frame moves, the lighting changes, the proportions alter, and so on, you’ll receive notifications.

Additionally, the program automatically normalizes the frame rate to produce high-quality-looking videos.

ISO, shutter speed, location, and all other settings for your device are automatically recorded in the metadata of the resultant files and Premiere Clip.

A top addition to this robust list of Best Android Apps for Filmmakers.

12. Adobe Premiere Rush and Premiere Clip

On Android, Adobe offers a few suitable video editing applications. They consist of the more recent Adobe Premiere Rush and the more dated Adobe Premiere Clip.

Because Rush is newer and will likely receive more improvements shortly than its older sister, we recommend it. Videos can be quickly shot, edited, and exported within the app.

It includes cloud support, multi-track editing, and various customizations. You may purchase it as an independent service for $9.99 per month or as a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

13. Filmic Pro

On iOS, FiLMiC Pro is one of the Best Android Apps for Filmmakers On Android; it runs smoothly. A video camera app, that is. This program is extensive and packed with features.

There are numerous manual settings, up to 240 FPS capability, a histogram, a waveform monitor, and many other features.

On approved devices, optional capabilities are available for an additional cost. Even support for third-party hardware is provided.

It’s a somewhat melancholy app. It appears to have various bugs and stability problems, though. The software will undoubtedly get better the more frequently the makers update it.

It is unlike many other filmmaking apps. We strongly advise downloading the evaluation version to ensure the app works with your device.

Remember if it needs to be refined because each release gets better.

14. Artemis Pro

The first smartphone digital viewfinder was called Artemis. It has become a vital tool for professional filmmakers, award winners, and film students worldwide.

It assists people daily in setting up shots that turn into the most cherished scenes in movies and television.

There are numerous new features in this updated version of Artemis, such as: Creating unique title cards, trimming the ends of the video, and recording.

You can create frame lines for any form size or aspect ratio—a set of pre-installed “looks” that allow you to pre-visualize color grading concepts.

You can import Photoshop curves and styles. A connection to Helios Pro. In storyboards and the live camera feed, add virtual stand-ins. Mode of a virtual wide-angle to surpass your camera limitations.

15. ProShot

ProShot was originally a windows phone app, but it works with iPhones and Android devices. It has several fantastic features.

It also has a comprehensive manual control capability similar to DSLR or a professional digital video camera.

ProShot allows manual control of all shutter speeds, focus, and exposure. There is also a manual White Balance option.

For longer takes, it has the Time-lapse effect option. You have complete visual control and can change the bitrates for high-definition videos with 4K videos.

You can shoot various formats, including the anamorphic, 16: 9, 4:3, and 1:1 video aspect ratios.

ProShot has the zooming function and manual focus assistance found in other applications. It features unique histogram controls for exposure adjustments.

Unless other apps subsequently implement it, this capability is not available. The audio volume adjuster is helpful for a smartphone.

The battery meter and preset customization are included, similar to Filmic Pro.

However, Android and iPhone owners will be satisfied because ProShot works best on Windows phones.

It is better than the Filmic Pro or the Cinema FV-5 apps from my list of Best Android Apps for Filmmakers.


Choosing from my list of Best Android Apps for Filmmakers may be pretty intimidating, but choosing an android phone over another can be challenging.

I recommend using Open Camera if you have never used a manual or digital video camera. For a free program, it has some impressive features.

After getting acquainted with the manual controls, you can upgrade to a premium app.

Using basic constant settings, such as the frame and bit rates, will be a more straightforward strategy.

Locking the exposures and concentrating on your preferred settings can help you learn the fundamental operation of each parameter over time.

Try out each app to determine which one suits you. The ones you don’t like can always be refunded. Every camera has a unique style, like every user.

Decide which is your best friend based on ergonomics and comfort level.

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