15 Best Android Apps for Ford Sync 3

Best Android Apps for Ford Sync 3

Ford Sync 3 may be the best-connected car platform on the market. But it only works if you have the best Android apps to go with it.

Fortunately, many apps are designed specifically to work with Ford Sync 3. Giving you plenty of ways to customize your Android experience behind the wheel and make driving more enjoyable overall.

Here are some of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3. That will help enhance your in-car experience while using Ford Sync 3.

Many different apps can help you integrate your smartphone with your Ford Sync 3 system. Whether you want to listen to music, use it as an emergency kit, or even make hands-free calls.

These are the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3 systems:

1. Weather Channel App

For all of the travelers out there, being prepared is an essential part of any journey. Whether you’re going on a road trip or catching a flight, it’s important to know what weather to expect at your destination.

Weather Underground provides up-to-date weather forecasts across the globe so that you can plan accordingly!

Their app syncs with Ford SYNC 3 and updates automatically in real time to provide up-to-the-minute reports on where you’re headed.

So, all you have to do is enter your starting address. And get instant access to wind speed, visibility levels, precipitation forecasts, and more.

Plus, with their app’s sleek design and easy navigation, accessing this essential information is quicker than ever! This is one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3 system. 

2. YourParkingSpace 

Think about it. You’ll have to deal with driving a car for your whole life. And why not do that in the comfort of your home, using the steering wheel and pedals?

YourParkingSpace makes this possible by linking the parking sensor input to a virtual steering wheel and pedal system on your phone screen! 

And the app is compatible with any type of phone. And requires only one in-app purchase of $2.99 USD (or equivalent) to unlock all features.

See how simple it’s: turn on Bluetooth, download our app, and connect your phone to any Android or iOS device. And that is it! You’re ready to use one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3. 

3. AccuWeather  

This app is easy to use, has a very slick design, and offers all the latest weather information.

AccuWeather® is America’s favorite source of local weather forecasts, customized alerts, and minute-by-minute maps.

The AccuWeather® Android app offers lightning-fast access to current conditions, hour-by-hour and day-by-day forecasts with high/low temperatures and precipitation probabilities displayed in an easy-to-read format. 

And we offer live video streaming along with intuitive topography maps. Be prepared with life-saving severe weather alerts as part of our exclusive RealFeelTM Temperature technology.

Which provides the current temperature feel based on wind speed and humidity levels. Combined with interactive minute-by-minute audio updates from one of our expert meteorologists.

4. Glympse  

Glympse lets you share your location for a period of time and customize the privacy settings. One-time use of GPS coordinates can be sent as a text message to loved ones, or they appear in the app as an option. 

Also, posting them online through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is possible. For iPhone users, this is similar to the Find My Friends app. Glympse is one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3. 

5. HearMe

This is a really great app that allows you to hear, monitor remotely, and interact with vehicles by using GPS. The only downfall is that it does not work with all car models. So make sure to double-check if it’s compatible with your car.

However, the most popular vehicles, like Lexus and Audi, are included in this app. All you have to do is download the HearMeOut android app, and you’re ready to use one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3!

6. Google Maps  

With the updated version of Google Maps, Google has optimized the app for Ford Sync. Navigating with Google Maps on your Android device is easier than ever before when paired with your Ford Sync 3 in-car technology system.

This integration means you can use voice commands to tell the app where you’re going. And it will send directions right to your dashboard.

Also, you can plan routes and save them on your phone, so they are always there. If you need them or want to use them over again in a pinch.

7. Just Park  

Or just the park android app is designed to help you quickly and easily find the nearest parking lot quickly and easily.

Type in your destination address. And the just park android app will automatically show you all available lots near your location.

This means no more being surprised by an empty parking lot when you reach your destination. And no more walking a mile to get back to your car.

Pick a lot from the list and walk with ease! Plus, with our new just park android app, you can also quickly search for places with specific amenities.

Simply choose from a menu of desired features (such as handicap spots) and be matched with all of the available locations that meet your needs. Now with one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3, traveling couldn’t be easier!

8. The AA App  

Wanted to share an app we’ve created called The AA App, which is available on Google Play. Which connects drivers and their sponsors together. The AA App allows users to access AA literature and videos.

As well as enjoy podcasts, meetings streaming live or on-demand, prayer requests in real-time. Users can also find nearby meetings through the mapping feature. And save meeting information offline so they can access this content anytime.

This app has been developed with much care and consideration by people in recovery themselves. People who understand what it is like to have a sponsor need a sponsor to heal. This is one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3 available right now. 

9. Waze  

If you’re a fan of getting directions while driving, this is one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3. Well, there are several apps, but we highly recommend the Waze app. It’s an interactive and collaborative application that allows drivers to input their location. 

With the hopes of gaining accurate, up-to-date information about traffic conditions and providing instantaneous alerts on accidents, hazards, or police ahead. The navigation offers you both voice and onscreen directions to see where you need to go.

As well as how long it will take to get there in your own language (e.g., Spanish). And it can do more than help give you directions.

10. WeatherPro  

WeatherPro is an outstanding app that not only does a lot of things well. But it also takes up very little space on your phone.

Even though the weather application’s functionality is great, the interface can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first glance.

However, there are some flaws to be found in the free version of WeatherPro. Ads pop up occasionally, which can be distracting while you’re trying to see the forecast.

The display size is also smaller than what you’ll find on many other competitors’ weather apps.

The good news is that numerous additional features are available with a paid subscription. And those are worth paying for, in my opinion!

11. CamerAlert  

CamerAlert is a security app that will notify you via text if it detects any intruders on your property. This camera app allows you to customize your camera settings with adjustable fields of view, frames per second, and more.

The CamerAlert app can be accessed remotely by computer or phone if you forget to arm the system before leaving the house.

And I have found that this app provides some excellent video quality. That rivals some of the more expensive apps available on the market. Other features include notifications via email, instant alerts, and more than one admin account.

No other camera application does as much as CamerAlert does for as cheap! It’s definitely one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3.

12. TomTom GO 

TomTom GO is a free navigation app that provides you with maps and step-by-step directions to get you to your destination. It gives you live traffic data and suggests alternate routes in the event of a traffic issue.

The app also offers offline routing, satellite view, and integration with third-party apps like Google Maps, Waze, iGO Primo & CoPilot Live Premium.

Also, you can use the TomTom GO Mobile to add location information from your phone to your car’s navigation system.

In addition, people who do not have a smart device or are connected via Bluetooth in their car will be able to use the TomTom GO android app on the infotainment system using voice commands or with buttons on their steering wheel.

13. Easy Park  

Easy Park is the perfect app for your car. With this parking app, you can find parking and get notifications when it’s time to renew your parking. Save a digital parking space, or you could even pay and see the location of a reserved spot. 

And If you’re like me and don’t know where anything is in town. And struggle to remember which direction I’m facing when I park my car.

This app has that covered too. It’ll show you which way your car is facing, so all you have to do is go straight back to it when it’s time to leave.

Easy Park helps drivers find secure locations to park their cars off the street while they do errands or visit their families nearby.

14. Pandora Radio  

Pandora Radio is one of the best mobile music apps. And when you link it to your Ford vehicle, it becomes that much better.

In fact, Pandora Radio has over a million different stations with more than 100,000 artists. It also features over two million hours of saved songs!

You can even skip an entire song if you don’t like it without ever having to change the station. It’s one of the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3. 

15. iHeartRadio 

IHeartRadio is one of the most popular and comprehensive free music streaming services. The IHeartRadio app is compatible with Ford SYNC3 and has excellent functionality, including radio, podcasts, and an interactive blog.

Furthermore, this app integrates seamlessly with SiriusXM Satellite Radio to provide a user with many music options and various song genres.

This combination gives you access to dozens of stations featuring various types of music, from rock to hip-hop.

If you are looking for the best Android apps for Ford Sync 3, then look no further than the IHeartRadio android app!


Sync 3, Ford’s built-in connectivity and entertainment system, allows you to connect with your vehicle anywhere. From the palm of your hand, you can do everything.

Check your vehicle’s fuel level, lock or unlock the doors and send directions to your infotainment screen. And even asking Alexa how much gas you have left in the tank before getting into the car!

Sync 3 can help make your life easier in many ways, and here are some of our favorite Android apps that can help you make the most of your Sync 3 experience! 

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