11 Best Android Apps for Golfers

Best Android Apps for Golfers

Are you a seasoned golfer trying to improve your game? Look at your Android smartphone; you’ll find the best Android apps for golfers to help you enhance your golf skills.

Golf has always been a popular sport, and with technology, you may now carry a personal caddy in your pocket.

These apps help you improve your golf game by tracking your shots and providing tips and tricks.

However, finding the best app can be difficult, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran. That is why we have produced a list of the best Android golf apps.

These apps will take your game to the next level with features like GPS navigation, swing analysis, and scorekeeping.

Let’s look at each one!

1. Golfshot App

Golfshot App

The Golfshot app is the first on our list of the best Android apps for golfers.

It provides a powerful and comprehensive way for golfers to improve their game.

With features such as a 3D course flyover preview and daily golf news, you can know what is going on in golf and plan your next shot accordingly.

The app allows users to scorecards, get live stat tracking, and use their GPS rangefinder to get accurate yardage information.

Also, it monitors your performance over time so you can view your progress or detect areas that need improvement.

The convenient user interface allows you to mark points on the map that you should hit or avoid during your next round of golf.

As a bonus, you can connect with your friends and other golfers at once through leaderboards, groups, tournaments, and chat features, allowing you to share your experiences with others.

All these great features make the Golfshot app the must-have tool if you’re looking for a better way to conquer green courses worldwide.

2. Hole19


Hole19 is an excellent free golf GPS app for Apple and Android mobile devices and watches.

This app stands out from the rest of the free golf GPS apps, emphasizing aesthetics and usability.

The user interface is intuitive, stylish and enhances the experience.

With Hole19, you get a top-notch scorecard and bird’s eye satellite view of your course.

You can also view your distances to the front, center, and back of any green you might be playing.

Moreover, the social media connection is easy to use, booking times on courses or tying your games into social media networks.

With all these features available for free, it’s no wonder why Hole19 is becoming one of the top choices among golfers.

Its sleek design and intuitive functions even draw many players who may not need the extra help that this type of app provides.

3. Shot Tracer

Shot Tracer

Shot Tracer is among the best Android apps for golfers that won’t break the bank.

You can use the app to trace your shots, set location points, and review your swing for a small fee.

It also has more unique features, such as taking videos of your shots and giving you a trailing effect to see what you need to work on.

Shot Tracer also lets you view 3D maps on over 30,000 courses and record your score on their customizable scorecards.

Of course, the real hidden gem lies in its ability to help with putting. It creates a strobe motion effect of actual ball rolls, which makes it easier to determine where the ball will go before it gets there.

While it has few unique features, its capabilities are useful for someone working on their golf technique or enjoying a few rounds with friends.

You get what you pay for with Shot Tracer, a fully functional and helpful app at an affordable price!

4. GolfLogix


GolfLogix is one of the most popular GPS apps for golfers today. It offers an impressive array of features and a reliable interface.

It also helps ensure golfers get onto the green with its precise distance-tracking and club tracks.

However, the real draw of GolfLogix is its Putt Breaks feature. This feature gives users a 3D view of each course’s green complete with topographical mapping.

Taking what can be seen during a broadcasted Masters’ tournament or in video games, this feature allows you to plot precisely where your ball needs to go to make it onto the green.

Further, GolfLogix also includes an optimal aim point feature. It allows you to prepare for shots of various distances and angles.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, this app has become popular.

That’s because of its expansive return on investment from every outing that requires distance-tracking on a course.

With GolfLogix taking your game step by step, you will surely hit more greens on your next outing and learn how to handle certain courses quickly!

5. TheGrint


The Grint is one of the best Android apps for golfers. It’s perfect for handicapping your golf game and provides a free Golf Handicap Tracker approved by the USGA. So you can have confidence in your scores.

Through the handicap tracker, you can view both your own and your friends’ current handicaps.

With that information, you can set a concrete goal to improve your game or challenge others to a friendly competition.

Besides keeping track of your handicap score, The Grint also makes it easy to keep score on the course.

You can use the simple interface or even upload pictures of your paper scorecard into the app so that it’s automatically digitized.

Moreso, there is a live leaderboard feature within the app. This feature lets you keep up with real-time scores from other users worldwide.

You can even compare them with yours for more fun competition.

All these great features make The Grint an excellent choice for improving your game and tracking your progress over time.

6. Mobitee


Mobitee is also among the best Android apps for golfers. It makes tracking their game progress easier and more efficient for golfers everywhere.

It provides detailed mapping for more than 37,000 courses worldwide.

Hence, you can quickly reference specific points on the course anytime you need.

Mobitee also uses AI to recommend clubs based on individual yardage and provide information about the back, center of the green, and front.

This smart technology helps players make crucial decisions on larger courses with ease.

Mobitee also offers an optional PIQ sensor accessory for an extra edge in gameplay. This sensor tracks the shot distance in real-time.

Thus, it provides even more accurate readings than traditional methods can offer.

Further, it can analyze your swing, allowing you to discover flaws in your form that would otherwise remain hidden until now.

Combining AI recommendations and data from this device will give anyone that competitive edge they need to take their game to the next level!

7. Arccos Golf App

Arccos Golf App

The Arccos Golf App is a fantastic tool to help avid golfers get the most out of their game.

It lets you see a detailed analysis of your swing, shot dispersion, and distance data. Thanks to the censors that attach to the end of your clubs!

All this information is stored in the cloud, so you can view it anytime while giving access to what other portal users do on the course.

The free version even outshines some competitors with features like a distance tracker and digital scorecard.

By taking advantage of all these features Arccos offers, you can hone your skills and play smarter than ever before.

No more guessing when it comes to shots; golfers can play confidently. Thanks to precise yardages and valuable data saved from past rounds!

8. 18Birdies


The 18 Birdies App is everything a golfer could need in one convenient package.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, the app is also optimized to work with Apple Watch for even easier access. No wonder it’s among the best Android apps for golfers.

18 Birdies is a comprehensive suite of golf tools that simplifies and enhances every game aspect.

From aiding in decision-making while putting greens to logging scores and analyzing performance like a caddy would, this app makes tracking your progress easier than ever and fine-tuning your skills.

Each game part can be improved since features work for each facet. These include scorecards automatically calculating Strokes Gained Statistics, exact GPS distances for more accurate club selection, and more.

With all these features combined, 18 Birdies provides an immersive and seamless experience.

This experience helps turn you into a better golfer–all with just a simple download!

9. FunGolf

The FunGolf GPS app is necessary for any golfer who wants to improve and master their game.

It has tons of great features, like the ability to measure your drive – all you need to do is hit record before any shot, and that’s it!

Plus, with built-in stat tracking, you can measure such stats as fairway hits and average scores.

This makes tracking progress and focusing on areas of improvement super easy.

With its plethora of useful features like drive measurement and stat tracking, it’s no wonder over one million golfers use the app daily!

Plus, it’s available on Android and iOS devices. With this app by your side, there’s no limit to how good of a golfer you can become.

So don’t hesitate – try out FunGolf today and watch your game take off!

10. V1 App

V1 App

The V1 Sports App is a must-have tool for golfers looking to improve their game.

With its helpful tools and features, you can capture and review your swings as if working with a PGA Tour Swing Coach.

The app has an easy-to-use interface that makes quickly capturing and reviewing your swing a breeze.

You can even record videos in the app to look back and analyze your stroke movements in more detail.

In the past, this technology was only available through paid golf coaches or clinics.

Thus, obtaining it would have cost a significant amount of money. But with V1’s app, it’s free and accessible to everyone!

And if you want even more upgraded features, they also offer a paid version, so you get exactly what you want.

11. Golf Buddy

Golf Buddy

The last on our list of the best Android apps for golfers is GolfBuddy. GolfBuddy is the perfect GPS tracking app for those who use a Samsung Galaxy phone or smartwatch.

Developed for the Galaxy and the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and 5 Pro, this intuitive interface makes it comfortable to track your progress round after round precisely.

With this app, you can measure your distance to the pin, the length of each shot, and score at a glance.

You can do all these without requiring extra expensive equipment. Best of all, no subscription fee is required to download GolfBuddy.

Load it onto your Samsung Galaxy or compatible device, and you’re ready for every course you visit!

Its GPS tracking capabilities make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep consistent records of their rounds without investing in any extra tech gear.

So whether you’re out on the green for a casual game or gunning for a tourney win, use GolfBuddy today and experience a more efficient way to track your golf performance!

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