8 Best Android Apps for Head Units

Best Android Apps for Head Units

There are plenty of different music apps that you can download and use in your car. And they each have their own unique features and benefits. 

However, you’ll want to ensure you find the right ones before investing in any head unit upgrades. Because not all music players can accommodate every single app you want to use with it. 

And in this guide, we’ll go over the top best android apps for head units so you can figure out which ones are right for you.

And how to get the most out of them once they’re on your system. Moreso, your head unit may have been okay when you bought your car.

But it’s not ideal for everyday use today. Music apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Tidal have made it easier than ever to find new music to listen to. 

As well as help you rediscover old favorites. This list of the best android apps for head units will help you get more out of your in-car entertainment system.

While also helping you discover new music that you might not have heard otherwise.

What is Head Unit?

A head unit is the main control center in a car, connecting all audio, telephones, & navigation systems, and other devices.

Your smartphone can also act as a great source of entertainment by letting you stream via Bluetooth or connect via an auxiliary cord.

However, having these things set up before you start driving is important because driving with distractions can lead to crashes that may not happen otherwise.

Best Android Apps for Head Units

These are some of the best android apps for head units!

1. RK3066 HeadUnit  

The folks at RK3066 HeadUnit know that to enjoy an artist’s work fully, one needs more than a favorite album.

The experience becomes richer and more satisfying with a deep knowledge of that artist’s body of work, which is why we developed an app for our customers. 

Therefore, the app features: A database of over 35,000 songs from 1,800 artists, Bookmarking to keep favorites close at hand on any device.

An Instant Play feature enables users to play their favorite songs without stopping in the middle. Because they forgot what it was called or found it too long

2. HeadUnit Reloaded  

With the help of this application, you can control wifi,  BlueTooth, navigation, phone, and audio sources. The user interface is very well-designed and straightforward to use.

The app lets you adjust various settings on your android devices, like screen brightness or screen timeout. 

Also, you have quick access to shortcuts for all system functions that are available on the device. Such as a camera or Bluetooth connection.

If you want an app to control your phone from within the car, then HeadUnit Reloaded is a great choice!

3. AutoMate  

The application enables some common services in your car or vehicle while driving. The app is easy to install and has a ton of features.

This is the perfect one if you want an app that will give you control over your vehicle and improve safety. 

Also, it’s useful if you have a built-in navigation system. And want to use it without looking at it on the dashboard. 

4. Blackberry Traffic Device Search

Blackberry traffic pro is one of the best android apps for head units. If you have a BlackBerry, this is a must-have app. You can monitor traffic, accidents, construction, and more. 

Moreso, you can set up alerts when there are any issues with traffic in your area so that you know when to leave work or make any necessary adjustments before getting into your car. The pro version even allows live updates about delays and incidents as they happen.


5. Carbit link EasyConnection

We all know what it’s like to hit the road for a long drive, and this app will make it easier. You won’t have to worry about losing signal and not being able to pick up a local radio station, either. The user interface is clean and easy to use, which helps keep you alert on the road as well.


With so many different head units on the market today, you might be confused when choosing the right one. But with so many options out there, what should you consider when making your decision?

However, having an array of apps available to you can really enhance your experience. And help ensure you get the most out of your music player. We’ve rounded up some of the best android apps for head units with some helpful guides for usage!

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