17 Best Android Apps for Hiking

Best Android Apps for Hiking
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We will review some of the best Android apps for hiking to maximize your trekking experience.

Finding the best spots to go hiking may appear to be a lot of work, but there is technology that may help.

The availability of apps in today’s environment has simplified route choosing more than ever.

You can look at photos of must-see locations such as scenic overlooks and hidden jewels, well-known research treks in your area, and learn about parking and the best time of year to visit.

All you have to worry about is remembering to carry some food.

Best Android Apps for Hiking

1. PeakVisor

When you look off into the distance, do you ever wonder, “What mountain is that?”? If that’s the case, I have some fantastic news for you! PeakVisor is a smartphone application.

Open the app on your mobile device, point it in the direction of the summit, and it will tell you where it is using a combination of image recognition and GPS location.

You can also post photos of mountains you’ve trekked in the past or took while in an area without internet access. The software will identify the mountains for you.

There are almost a million entries on the list of mountain peaks. This program also includes a compass, which might be useful when hiking in new territory.

PeakVisor is available in both free and premium versions. Even with the free version, you can use the majority of the app’s features.

The Pro edition’s major advantage is offline peak detection and mapping, which eliminates the requirement for a cell phone connection.

2. Hiking Project

The Hiking Project app is one of the best Android apps for hiking that is similar to combining a detailed map and an in-depth guidebook into one compact bundle.

When looking for something specific, you may quickly find the full GPS route details, elevation profiles, interactive features, and images you are looking for.

The app offers treks in your present location and information about the trip’s highlights, tough components, and other useful insights for individuals looking for inspiration.

According to Banks, this software is superior to AllTrails since it allows users to download all trails in 50 states and other nations. As a result, all of the information is saved on the user’s phone.

Determoptionalke you wish to take is not required before venturing into the bush. “Once the map data is downloaded onto your phone, all you need is a GPS connection to bring up the map and navigate,” she explains.

She also says that the user interface is great for bringing up an area and searching for trails, which are color-coded by the level of difficulty they present, as well as zooming in and out to find what you’re looking for on a particular day.

There are presently 78,829 trails totaling 257,226 miles, with new trails added all the time, so you will likely find acceptable routes.

3. National Park Service App

Fans of the United States national parks should download the National Park Service app as soon as feasible.

Installing one of the best Android hiking apps, you may receive all the information you need for 63 United States national parks and 423 national park units.

There’s information on the most pleasurable activities, such as hiking in US national parks, where to stay, park amenities, excursions, and so on.

The hiking part of the National Park Service app gives information about the path, how long it takes to complete a journey, and the ability to download maps for use when you are not connected to the internet.

4. SkyView Lite

Are you planning a backpacking trip? Make sure you install this hiking app on your mobile device!

SkyView Lite is an excellent app for viewing the amazing beauty of the night sky when you’re away from the city’s glaring lights.

SkyView Lite is a lite option of SkyView that displays the constellations visible in the night sky using GPS. It works in the same way as Peak Finder does.

You can also set it up to notify you of upcoming astronomical events, like meteor showers and planet sightings, so you never miss a moment of the night sky.

5. Recreation.Gov App

You’ll need this app if visiting National Parks in the United States (see my guides! ). This software is fantastic for scheduling campsites up to six months in advance, tours, and US hiking permits.

This app is required if you live in the United States. This hiking program is capable of much more than that.

These best hiking apps for Android enable users to obtain trek permits and entry to wilderness regions, as well as book ranger-led tours, which are currently needed in several US National Parks.

For example, it is the official location where you can enter lotteries to walk Half Dome in Yosemite or The Wave in Arizona. Both of these hikes are popular and tend to fill up quickly.

6. WikiLoc

Wikiloc has over 10 million active hikers and outdoor enthusiasts as users, and it has a global database of 34 million trails and 59 million trail photographs.

This software goes beyond the conventional hiking guide by providing road trip itineraries, long cycle touring excursions, and other adventure types.

You can always find something new to do and see, no matter where your travels take you.

Furthermore, all hikers can join the 1% for the Planet initiative because Wikiloc is one of the greatest hiking apps for Android.

7. BC AdventureSmart Trip Plan App

This app may only be available in Canada – it’s worth checking — but it’s one of the best Android apps for hiking to keep you safe while trekking!

This software allows you to create a holiday itinerary and share it with your friends and family so they know what you’re up to and when you’ll be back.

They can contact emergency services and send someone out to find you if they have not heard from you by a certain time.

When hiking, it’s critical to leave a trip plan behind, especially if you’re traveling alone; hence, make use of this!

8. iNaturalist

iNaturalist is another of the best Android apps for hiking that can be used while trekking to learn more about nature.

iNaturalist is a social network that encourages the exchange of biodiversity information to facilitate members’ mutual education about the natural world.

During your hike, you take a picture of something fascinating you come across and subsequently post it to the app.

Following that, the app will match your snapshot with similar objects, and you will be able to learn more about your plants.

Scientists can learn more about the local biodiversity and look for natural patterns by uploading these photographs to the iNaturalist app. iNaturalist is also a citizen science app.

9. AllTrails

Before purchasing my Garmin Instinct watch, I depended extensively on AllTrails to help me plan my hikes, find new trails, and keep track of my previous trips.

AllTrails is one of the most popular hiking apps, with over 20 million users and over 100,000 routes in its database.

You can filter your options by distance from your present position, user rating, route type, and difficulty level. Look for dog-friendly trails if you want to take your dog on a hike.

In most circumstances, reading comments written by other users saves a significant amount of time.

You may learn whether the trail is still snow-covered, how crowded it is, and whether the road to the trailhead has recently been fixed.

You can use the GPS app to track your progress and share it with a specified contact.

AllTrails has a free edition, but if you plan on doing a lot of hiking, I recommend upgrading to AllTrails Pro.

You may save maps for later use, and the program will notify you if you deviate from your intended path.

When I go hiking, I always use the AllTrails app to help me find trails, plan itineraries, and find my way about.

AllTrails+ includes offline maps to keep you on track even if you lose cell coverage.

10. Strava

Strava helps me keep track of my exercise frequency and intensity. You may use Strava’s in-app hiking log to track your progress or connect it to a compatible Apple or Garmin GPS watch.

When you return to civilization, AllTrails and other hiking apps allow you to record your route, which you can then export and publish to Strava.

At the end of the year, it’s satisfying to look back on your hiking progress and speed gains. It functions admirably as one of the best Android applications for hiking or tracking any other type of activity.

11. FatMap

Although I primarily use this trail hiking software for ski touring (due to its slope angle display! ), it was also quite beneficial for my treks.

This app, one of the best Android apps for hiking, like others, allows you to record your trek, use GPS to get you where you need to go, and even find new paths by browsing other hikers’ supplied data.

After finishing a trek and recording the route, my favorite feature on Fat Map is the visual representation of that hike.

FlyOver is a program that depicts your journey in three dimensions and allows you to soar through the air above the path you just traveled.

That’s quite great if you ask me. If you still need to record your hike directly in-app, you may connect it to Strava to get these FlyOver routes.

12. Trailforks

If you’re a mountain biker, you’ve probably heard about Trailforks. Trailforks are well-known in the mountain biking scene, but the makers have expanded the app’s coverage to include hiking trails.

Maps can be downloaded to be used offline for navigation and strategic planning.

It’s useful to know whether the path is shared by cyclists, runners, or equestrian riders. The routes are usually color-coded to indicate the level of difficulty.

If you’re a hiker or bicycle who can only afford one hiking app, this is it! Outside+ membership includes access to the magazine in addition to the subscription.

13. App GaiaGPS

Gaia GPS is another one of the best Android apps for hiking that gives navigational assistance while on the trail.

It has all the features you’d expect from a hiking app, such as exploring new trails, tracking your progress and achievements, and documenting your experience.

You may check the weather, find nearby camping alternatives, and more by using an app to prepare for a trek.

As with other hiking applications, there is a premium edition. The free edition is adequate if you’re planning a day hike in an area with mobile coverage.

However, I suggest you plan on going on a longer or more secluded trip. In that case, the subscription version’s offline maps are well worth the investment.

You can also utilize overlays to show Public Lands, National Park maps, and other information on top of your standard maps.

14. Peak Finder

Do you like being aware of surrounding peaks when hiking? Download Peak Finder, one of the best Android apps for hiking, to your phone.

Peak Finder does not have a free version, but it is worth the C$6.99 to learn the names of the mountains you appreciate from a distance.

After checking in and calibrating your phone, the app will recognize the mountains you’re looking at and display their names and elevations. So efficient!

14. App Merlin

Hikers can also benefit from the Cornell University app Merlin. Except for bird noises, it’s Shazam.

I’ve frequently heard a bird call and wished I knew more about them so I could identify them. This software gives answers to all of my questions.

Visual cues can also be used to determine the species of a bird. Merlin will generate a list of possible matches after you answer only three questions about the bird you’re attempting to identify.

15. Guthook Guides, formerly FarOut

Guthook Guides, one of the best Android apps for hiking software, may be recognizable if you’ve contemplated or seen videos on Thru-hiking in the United States.

The FarOut/Guthook app thrives in this situation, and you don’t have to be on a long-distance ride to take advantage of it.

After the initial setup, you can use their maps without an internet connection or data plan.

They include important features such as detailed waypoints, recommendations for refilling local towns, and the ability to check in with loved ones to let them know you’re safe.

16. BRMB Maps App

Backroad Maps are useful for trip planning, and we offer a few print versions for different regions in British Columbia.

Camping grounds, hiking routes, dirt bike trails, fishing spots, and other amenities can all be viewed, as can the various road types (dirt, 4×4 only, main road, etc.).

The BBRMB Maps: the app is a fantastic alternative when a full paper map won’t do on the trail.

These are some of the nicest maps I’ve found in Canada; they’re ideal for scouting hidden treasures and planning your next backcountry adventure.

17. Komoot

Komoot, another hiking software, works similarly to All Trails, putting it among the best Android apps for hiking. It is possible to discover new places on two wheels or two feet.

Komoot’s capacity to create guides is one of its unique features. With the help of these guides, you will be able to construct a list of some of the best hiking trails and biking routes in the area to suggest to others.

As a result, it is a wonderful alternative if you are new to the area and looking for hiking inspiration apps.

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