21 Best Android Apps for IT Professionals

Best Android Apps for IT Professionals
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It can be hard to find the right apps when you’re working with Android devices if you’re an IT professional.

The best apps will help you get your job done faster and more efficiently than ever before. But there are tons of Android apps out there.

We made this list of the best Android apps for IT professionals so that you don’t have to go looking yourself.

Here are awesome Android apps that will help save time and make your IT work life easier.

1. Wifi Analyzer

One of the most helpful apps I’ve come across is the Wifi Analyzer. It’s one of the best Android apps for IT professionals.

With this app, you can monitor your current Wi-Fi signal and even determine how to extend your Wi-Fi range.

The app also includes a list of internet providers and their coverage, which can help you determine where to place your equipment.

If you’re just looking for simple troubleshooting help, this may be all you need in an app! Wifi Analyzer shows available channels graphically so that it’s easy to see if there are any interference issues.

You can use this knowledge and other factors, such as distance from the router, obstacles between your phone and the router, etc. Position yourself optimally about these variables.

2. Cloud Ready Printer  

Available from Google Play Store, the Cloud-ready Printer app allows you to print from your Android device to your printer via your cloud-enabled network.

To print a document. Simply open it in the application, click on the Print button and select the printer and layout you want.

Many overlook this cool feature but has several advantages, including saving paper. And not having to get out of bed if you’re sick or can’t make it to work that day.

Also, you have total control over when you want something printed. Add any documents needing printing to a queue with other pending jobs. This is definitely one of the best Android apps for IT professionals available.

3. JuiceSSH  

JuiceSSH provides a secure connection between your local PC and a remote system. Without requiring you to enter a password at the remote end.

A right-click will open a terminal with all the same abilities as if you were using a Terminal on the remote system.

However, connections can be configured in advance or started quickly by double-clicking an entry from the start screen. JuiceSSH is free and available on Google Play, making it one of the best Android apps for IT professionals.

4. I.T Help Desk 

Keeping up with your customers through their mobile devices is easy with the Pocket I.T. Mobile Help Desk app, which has been designed to be used on both tablets and phones.

A host of features are key to an effective customer service strategy. You’ll feel prepared no matter where your customers are coming from.

This tool from Arizona App Design provides answers to simple IT questions without having to call the help desk. Making it perfect for use by techs on the go.

It also works as a great means of providing helpful information when solving problems outside of normal business hours.

5. NeoRouter For Android 

A powerful remote desktop tool that lets you control other PCs, it’s one of the best Android apps for IT professionals.

You can use it to access the files, folders, and shared drives of the PC at home or in your office. You can also operate any program that works on your computer using a keyboard and mouse.

Just set up your remote connection in NeoRouter’s settings. And use this app to access it from anywhere with an internet connection!

NeoRouter for Android comes in a free version and a paid version, which includes more features like ad-free usage and unlimited connections.

For example, there are no limits on the number of simultaneous connections allowed if you have the paid version.

Additionally, all sessions are password protected and encrypted so no one else can see what you’re doing online, even if they’re accessing your network remotely.

6. PdaNet  

PdaNet is an app that allows you to access the internet from a cellular connection. This app features three powerful utilities: Wifi, Cell Data, and Cabled Ethernet. You can configure your phone to use all three modes at once or just one of them. 

The WiFi and Ethernet connections allow you to share files between your PC and the android device.

Whether you are stuck in a location with bad reception or are just trying to avoid data usage charges when on the go. PdaNet is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. 

The app supports both USB tethering and Bluetooth dial-up networking. It also has the ability to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is convenient if you need to get online. But there isn’t any available wifi nearby.

Regarding security, PdaNet offers SSL VPN encryption by default, which helps keep your browsing habits private.

On top of all this, it’s free – so what more could you ask for? Definitely one of the best Android apps for IT professionals. 

7. Dynatrace   

If you’re always on-call, these are the apps you’ll want on your phone. PagerDuty is an app that’s often used in our industry. The best part of it is that it simplifies the escalation process.

Users can notify their team via text or email and assign them to an issue with one tap. Once notified of a situation, a technician can resolve it within 30 minutes, by taking either step to remedy the situation or by escalating the matter to more-experienced engineers.


8. Termius  

Termius is an open-source terminal app for Android; it’s one of the best Android apps for IT professionals.

This app allows users to run programs remotely via SSH and even create remote connections with a password-protected terminal interface.

Here are some of the features Termius has to offer: 

  • Creation of group connections that can be accessed by any user of the connection group with password protection. This means you can create different groups to access your projects and limit access. So that only certain individuals have complete control. 
  • Shared clipboard between your device and the server you’re connected to. You never have to worry about typing the same thing twice again!

9. Solid Explorer  

Solid Explorer is a very good file manager app and one of the best Android apps for IT professionals. You can create folders, share files with other apps, transfer files, and more. You can also use Solid Explorer to download attachments from email.

You can use many plugins to extend the app’s functionalities, like Cloud management tools, FTP, sync with your Dropbox or Google Drive account, and SSH.

The network Info plugin will let you know if there are any Wi-Fi networks near you. That has been connected to before so that you can easily connect to them if you need an internet connection for your device. 

But you don’t have one available on hand. If all of this sounds like it would be helpful, you might want to give Solid Explorer a try!

10. Evernote  

One of the best Android apps for IT professionals on the market is Evernote.  Helps you keep track of your ideas, documents, and notes in one location that can be accessed from any device or browser.

Plus, it will help you stay organized with features like automatic backups to ensure your data stays safe. And syncing features that will update new information across all your devices. If you’re looking for an app to keep track of everything life throws at you, try Evernote today!

And advanced features include recording audio and video, taking photos, and attaching them to a note. Organize individual notes into notebooks; email attachments from Evernote directly into a note; search through text within a note.

As well as handwritten input using optical character recognition technology, sharing content with other users and more. Get the latest version of this powerful app by downloading it today!

11. Tasker  

Tasker is one of the best Android apps for IT professionals that gives you the power to create your own customizable actions.

Or automation triggers in response to any event or system change on your device. You can also manipulate data like variables, text files, images, and so much more!

The app offers more than 200 built-in actions, with even more available as plug-ins (plug-ins are downloaded from a repository).

As well as offering complex programming, Tasker can be set up as simply as entering a phrase. Such as turning off Wi-Fi when the screen turns off, which then sets an action of turning off Wi-Fi whenever the screen turns off. 

With just a few clicks, you will save yourself so much time. Other actions include locking the device when no motion is detected after five minutes (the phone would not unlock until the motion was detected).

Sending SMS messages automatically based on context, running a program at certain intervals, setting profiles based on whether or not headphones are plugged in, and even sending notifications if sensors detect someone near your phone who shouldn’t be there!

12. PagerDuty 

Have you ever wished that your phone would automatically notify you when a critical or urgent alert popped up? But notifies everyone on the team at once? If so, your wish just came true.

PagerDuty has recently come out with an app that sends out alerts. Based on the alert’s urgency level, ensure you never miss anything important. This is a great tool to ensure your whole team is always in sync and working toward one goal.

You can now link your phone to PagerDuty and have push notifications sent as soon as something happens.

The app will save you from overlapping work by ensuring all team members are aware of every new task that comes in and how to handle it.

On top of this, PagerDuty will help ensure that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Assigning them to the best available member according to their skillset, location, schedule, etc. In short: a lifesaver and one of the best Android apps for IT professionals can use!

13. PingTools Pro

A tool to assist technicians in the course of their work. PingTools Pro is a compact yet powerful network diagnostic app with an easy-to-navigate interface.

PingTracer is a useful feature that will allow you to trace a route from your device’s Wi-Fi connection and determine the best path for troubleshooting connectivity issues.

The visual traceroute feature shows how many hops there are between your device and the target server. It also provides several features, including displaying information about neighboring networks, IP routing tables, and ARP tables.

The Routing Table tab displays routing table data by protocol (e.g., IPv4), sorting them by cost or by the gateway, depending on preference. This is definitely one of the best Android apps for IT professionals available.

14. Fing – Network Tools

Fing is an incredible network tool that will keep you updated on what’s happening on your home or office network and the internet at large.

It can scan and monitor networks to detect new devices or spot intruders. Also identifies free Wi-Fi connections within range and detects issues with any router. This makes it one of the best android apps for IT professionals.

You can even use it as a long-range detector of various frequencies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Smart Home, etc. Fing also has a handy app that can be used to track individual bandwidth usage by device.

15. Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure app from your Android device brings you all your Microsoft Azure services. You can access everything with just one app with a personal or work account.

It’s easy to use and has key features, including access to information like analytics, cost management, security controls, and network services.

In addition to the Microsoft Azure web app features, you can quickly perform configuration management tasks.

Such as deploying virtual machines or creating environments with one touch. Check out the Microsoft Azure App today!

16. Microsoft Remote Desktop App

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app lets you remotely connect to other PCs, Macs, and Windows 10 devices from your phone or tablet.

The app, which is among the best android apps for IT professionals, has several features that make it ideal for use.

Such as easy remote connection and support, powerful productivity tools, remote assistance with text chat, and file transfer capabilities.

Also, built-in video conferencing, desktop streaming, and more. With Remote Desktop on the go, you can securely access desktops in the field or across the globe when attending meetings and work conferences.

17. Indeed Job Search 

Indeed Job Search is a popular and well-established job search platform. LinkedIn’s Talent Trends report has ranked it as the top app. This looked at the most popular recruitment apps on iOS and Android devices. 

In addition to searching for jobs, you can also get advice from Indeed. With articles about resume building, job search strategies, interview tips, and answers to common questions in their career resource center.

The app is integrated with the Indeed Resume Builder, so you can automatically transfer your job applications. Over to a new resume if you apply through the app.

The interface is sleek, easy to use, and includes voice search support, so you don’t have to type out what you’re looking for.

18. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is an app that allows you to connect to and control your android device remotely. It supports mouse, keyboard, audio, and video streaming between the devices. It has a five-star rating with 66k reviews, costing $10 per year in the Play Store.

Some of its features include typing in commands on the remote computer via keyboard instead of having to use your voice or typing in messages through a phone screen.

With support for Windows PC, macOS X, and Linux, it’s possible to take this app with you wherever you go.

19. Astro File Manager  

Astro File Manager is one of the best all-around apps out there and one of the best Android apps for IT professionals.

It’s free and provides a central hub where you can store, organize, and find any file on your device. The app also lets you save your data on the cloud (e.g., Dropbox) or an SD card so that it’s available even if your phone gets lost or stolen. 

This way, you won’t lose any critical information if something bad happens to your phone. With Astro File Manager, you get some of the best features other apps offer and a free download.

The device administrator permission allows remote wiping capabilities of files stored with Astro File Manager. 

Another great feature of this app is that you can back up important files, photos, and music. Or anything else just by dragging them into the backup folder within Astro File Manager.

You’ll never have to worry about losing anything from your device again, thanks to this powerful backup system!  

These are just a few reasons why we believe Astro File Manager should be at the top of every IT professional’s list when they’re looking for the best android apps for their needs!


20. Os Monitor Server   

Os Monitor is a server monitor which has now been developed as an android app. This product will detect fluctuations in the runtime and alert you of potential problems.

Monitor servers using this product remotely and notify technicians if a critical shutdown, power outage, or another failure occurs.

Os Monitor can help ease the stress of being on call with its many advanced features. For example, it offers push notifications to your mobile device when triggered by any alerts that are generated by a service check or changelog entry.

Also, it enables you to set email notifications to be sent out when alerts are triggered. The latter helps ensure that you’re notified about system failures even if your phone isn’t nearby when it occurs.

21. ConnectBot 

In a world with iPads and Ultrabooks, why would you need a good set of connections for your smartphone? ConnectBot has a ton of features, and it’s free. Need to save files? ConnectBot can do that. Just need an SSH client on the go? Have at it. 

When you’re done with your work, ConnectBot is a great way to ensure that you’ve got all your information saved somewhere safe if anything happens to your device while you are out. You won’t regret adding this app to your phone.

The app allows IT workers to shell into multiple servers and connect via secure protocols without connecting cables or configuring wireless networks.

Along with the added convenience of seeing everything on one screen. Its ability to handle large file transfers makes working from anywhere much easier than ever before.

One tap will allow users access to their company’s internal network, while another will take them back outside again.

Also, it protects against man-in-the-middle attacks by negotiating public key authentication between systems where possible and encrypting data links where not.

All in all, the app provides numerous useful features not found in any other single piece of software currently available for mobile devices. 

You no longer need to worry about being disconnected from your system when away from home or the office. Maybe due to lack of internet connectivity or needing a computer.


As an IT professional, it’s your job to keep the company’s computer systems running smoothly and to fix problems when they occur.

To do this, you need access to certain information at all times and the ability to communicate quickly with other people via e-mail or text message.

Luckily, plenty of Android apps can help you stay organized, in touch with co-workers, and on top of your game. Check out our list of the best Android apps for IT professionals above!

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