15 Best Android Apps for Lawyers

Best Android Apps for Lawyers

The most effective time management and the best android apps for lawyers will save time, money, and sanity.

Lawyers must prioritize the technologies that provide the most effective support for their privacy demands, protect their sensitive information, and track the amount of time spent on each client.

The good news is there is the absence of shortage of solutions for desktop computers and mobile devices that can make a lawyer’s day easier to manage.

For example, most individuals have cell phones at all times, whether at home, while traveling, or even at work.

But in terms of your legal profession, how beneficial do you find using your cell phone to be? Cloud-based legal technology allows you to improve the efficiency of your billable hours and customer service by making you more available to clients and logging in to your company remotely.

The most exciting part? Many of these best android apps for lawyers exist to assist law firms in meeting their mobile objectives.

Best Android Apps for Lawyers

1. Google Drive

Who hasn’t been familiar with Google Drive by this point? This pervasive cloud storage and documentation platform links with programs such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, which make it easier to collaborate and communicate with others.

You can take your work with you everywhere you go with companion apps that give you access to your files and allow you to share and edit them.

In addition, the use of intelligent search makes it simple to navigate large amounts of content. And when combined with other applications like Text Blaze, you may significantly reduce your time using Google Docs to generate form letters and memos.

Main benefits:

  • Google Docs has compatibility features.
  • Furthermore, users using both iOS and Android can access it.
  • Can conceal private or confidential information
  • Google Drive is available at no cost to users.

2. Dropbox

Upload your files to the cloud, and they will be updated automatically. In addition, the desktop and mobile apps for Dropbox allow users to upload files with a maximum capacity of 2 terabytes, which is more than enough space for a lawyer who normally deals with documents of a more manageable size.

Because of the 256-bit AES encryption, the platform has also earned a reputation for its high level of safety. You have complete control over who sees which files, ensuring unauthorized parties will not view critical material.

Main benefits:

  • Put huge files online and share them with others.
  • Precise permissions
  • Any location is capable of accessing data stored in the cloud.
  • Price: Dropbox’s most basic service is at no cost.

3. Fastcase

The largest completely free mobile law library is the Fastcase application. This collection of applications comprises the primary Fastcase legal research tool, partnering with the best android apps for lawyers, providing legal news, dockets, analytics, and more.

The software package comprises mobile and desktop applications and is also available in the Google play store.

Main benefits:

  • You can use a mobile device to access a comprehensive legal library.
  • Facilitates legal research and makes it easier
  • Save files for future usage
  • Pricing for Fastcase begins at $65 a month for a premium subscription, after which a free trial period of seven days is provided to users.

4. Slack

Slack allows employees of different departments working in the same or other offices to communicate with one another.

Because People can use the application on a desktop computer and a mobile phone and vice versa, everyone can remain current in real-time without missing a single communication.

In addition, slack’s significant connectors with big platforms like Google Drive and Zoom make it one of the best android apps for lawyers to communicate, simplify and organize in a way that very few other tools can.

Main benefits:

  • Collaborate with other groups to share files, messages,.gifs, and more.
  • The data that is shared has been encrypted.
  • integration as smooth as possible with other essential office productivity tools
  • Slack’s pricing structure includes a free option and business subscriptions, beginning at $6.67 per user per month.

5. GoodReader

Document management is essential in law practice, and GoodReader can assist in streamlining review processes and permits enhanced efficiency, productivity, and organization in the legal profession.

Because it is possible to make notes, highlight, and underline text within this PDF reader, it is one the best android apps for lawyers when marking documents.

Because this application syncs directly with Dropbox, all of your notes are automatically saved to the cloud as you work through them.

Main benefits:

  • PDF documents can be edited and annotated.
  • Dropbox provides a safe place to store your stuff.
  • However, storing your notes in the cloud would be best.
  • Getting GoodReader from the App Store is now set at $5.99.

6. Zoom

Who hasn’t heard of the company Zoom by now? This video communication tool quickly rose to prominence with the beginning of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, when many people began working from home.

Consequently, if you were required to appear in court or take care of other legal concerns during the epidemic, you might have been able to do so with the assistance of this technology.

And even though its utilization resulted in many comedic occurrences in the field of law, the general use of it was how important business was conducted during the widespread lockdowns.

Zoom poses as one of the best android apps for lawyers, with substantial advantages for attorneys in the form of functionality and security, including the ability to hold huge meeting sizes, presentations, and formats similar to webinars, among other things.

This platform is well-known for having excellent technical support, so even attorneys who may not be as tech-savvy as others may get the hang of using it.

Attorneys can verify that they communicate with the appropriate party using several technological security measures.

One of these characteristics is the inability to modify participant names. Zoom also has programs for desktop computers, online, and mobile devices, so users may access the service from any location in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

Main benefits:

  • Utilized extensively by many individuals working in the legal sector
  • When it comes to delicate legal matters, enhanced security features can be of assistance.
  • Accessible either through mobile devices or a traditional computer
  • Pricing: Zoom provides free versions, but these versions have limited functionality. The starting price for a paid account is $14.95 per month.

7. iAnnotate

Using this application, you can examine and make notes on various documents and files, such as images,.pdf files, and Microsoft Office documents.

You can highlight relevant parts, make notes, and sign agreements through the platform. Additionally, the platform allows you to take notes and sign agreements.

The ability of the iAnnotate app to sync with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive significantly enhances the document management process.

In addition, digital annotating reduces the amount of paper wasted while ensuring that your documents are kept secure.

Main benefits:

  • System for making notations without using paper
  • Integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive to provide an additional layer of safety and organization.
  • Provides the ability to annotate a variety of file types
  • Price: iAnnotate may be purchased from the App Store for $9.99.

8. Text Blaze

An application that eliminates repetitive typing and typos is excellent for a busy lawyer who is constantly on the move and whose primary concern is accuracy while keeping track of the clock.

In addition, text Blaze’s straightforward templates provide users with many advanced automation and personalization possibilities.

As a result, text Blaze is one of the best android apps for lawyers regarding language accuracy and neat text.

You’ll save time with the dynamic templates by not having to perform strenuous activities that suck up your valuable time when sending regular emails.

You also can save bits of text that are frequently utilized for usage as boilerplate content across a variety of different conversations.

Main benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of time spent composing mundane forms of communication
  • Saves key text for future usage as templates
  • Reduces duplication of effort and errors in typing.
  • Text Blaze is offered at no cost. Click this link to get started.

9. OneDrive

OneDrive, another solution developed by Microsoft, provides personal and shared cloud storage. You should save all your pictures and data to access them from any device at any time.

Collaborate in real-time on live documents with other people. And even if you misplace your device, you won’t be at risk of losing any of your data because it is all stored on the cloud.

Despite its benefits, OneDrive is one of the best android apps for lawyers already using other Microsoft products.

Main benefits:

  • Compatible with the Office suite from Microsoft.
  • Keep your files safe in the cloud while allowing others to access and edit live documents.
  • Price: Use is free. However, a subscription to Microsoft 365 is required to use it.

10. Penultimate

Penultimate is an app that permits you to take notes by hand electronically and is connected to Evernote. It is a digital version of handwriting.

It is helpful for lawyers who would rather write than type to have the option of saving their handwritten notes digitally.

You’ll also be able to process the notes so that you may search for them within the app, thanks to its link to Evernote, which will allow you to do so. It’s important to note that Penultimate can only be for iPads.

Main benefits:

  • Enables the creation of well-organized handwritten notes
  • Allows you to search for the text you wish to find.
  • It is compatible with Evernote.
  • Downloading the game is free. However, there may be optional in-app purchases available.

11. Feedly

Feedly enables you to organize the content you consume on the internet and social media platforms, freeing you from the obligation of reading every item that appears in your news feed.

This content categorization helps make legal research more manageable and provides features that make it easy to share what you’ve uncovered with other parties who might be of interest to it. This app can also be recommended as one of the best android apps for lawyers.

Main benefits:

  • Makes a news stream that is personalized just for your practice.
  • It makes it simpler to exchange information with the team, which helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent processing useless information by filtering it out.
  • Price: Plans begin at $6 a month, and users have the opportunity to start with a free trial period of 30 days.

12. Clio

Clio is software for managing legal practices hosted in the cloud and allows users to do business remotely via mobile devices.

The application integrates with several other third-party applications. In addition, it contains capabilities useful in day-to-day work, such as monitoring work hours, managing documents and billing, accessing client information, and more.

These characteristics can help attorneys save time on assignments and ensure that critical information is always available.

In addition, the app takes precautions to safeguard its users’ data, ensuring that the user experience is above everything else.

Main benefits:

  • Developed exclusively for attorneys, with a focus on the management of legal practices, and including specialized features
  • Puts all of the important information in one convenient location, which could save you time. Integration with several other applications
  • Price: There is a free version of each plan available for download on iOS and Android. The starting price for a plan is $49 per user per month.

13. Onenote

The digital notebook offered by Microsoft is an excellent note organization tool for legal professionals that work with Microsoft Office.

The software that helps you take notes allows you to divide the text into sections and pages, simplifying the review process and making it simpler to find what you’re looking for.

In addition, the software allows you to highlight and annotate text, store and share notes, and combine several other types of media, such as video and audio.

Main benefits:

  • Facilitates a better method of note-taking
  • That should organize notes for the various cases.
  • Enables the inclusion of different types of media
  • Price: There is no cost to download or use the app, but a subscription to Microsoft 365 accesses premium features.

14. Evernote

Evernote can save your notes and recordings in several different file formats. As a result, you may save all pertinent information in one location with Evernote, including media files and people’s contact information.

In addition, you can utilize the program’s app and the desktop version, and you shouldn’t have any disruptions when switching between the two.

Main benefits:

  • All of the essential details and remarks are compiled in one location.
  • You can access the camera to record and save information on the move.
  • You can do your work on your phone.
  • Price: If you want to start, it won’t cost you anything, but if you want to upgrade to get more features, it will cost you $9.95 per month.

15. Zapier

Even though it is not a traditional app in the traditional sense, Zapier can be one of the best android apps for lawyers in saving a significant amount of time.

It enables you to automate operations across your favorite apps by setting up Zaps between them, which is easy and seamless.

For instance, you might select a notebook in Evernote as the destination for all newly created notes, and Clio would save these notes in the appropriate location automatically.

With Zapier, you have access to a wide variety of choices. It is worth looking into whether or not you can automate tasks that you perform between apps using a Zap if you spend significant time performing such tasks.


Now you know everything you need to know. We went over the 15 best Android apps for lawyers. We are only skimming the surface here, so it should be no surprise that we cannot cover everything.

On the other hand, this list should provide a solid foundation to build your search for the ideal app for lawyers.

We have high hopes that this post has been of assistance in pointing out some fantastic choices that can be investigated.

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