13 Best Android Apps for Learning Spanish

Best Android Apps for Learning Spanish

It’s great to learn a new language, so we have the best android apps for learning Spanish listed for you.

Even if English is the most often used language, it makes sense to become fluent in other languages.

Spanish is one such language, with a sizeable speaking population in Central America.

The most excellent Android app to learn Spanish makes navigating Central America and Spain or Mexico easier.

You can get around everywhere in either country if you know Spanish. 

But what if you don’t speak any Spanish and don’t study it in school? You may learn Spanish in weeks owing to contemporary cell phones and applications.

A few apps out there will give you a head start in Spanish. Several apps can help you learn a language faster, though.

Below are the best android apps for learning Spanish! 

1. Duolingo 

If you want to learn a language, Duolingo is a well-known service that will probably appear in your search results thanks to one of the most iconic app icons among language learning apps.

Speaking of being well-liked, the app has received multiple honors over its time on Google Play. To pack as much information as possible into a tiny space has numerous short lectures. 

Throughout your learning process, you can acquire some valuable tiny accomplishments. It’s one of the best apps to quickly pick up a new language.

Even better, the application’s developers pledge to provide a free learning experience to anyone who downloads it. 

2. Busuu 

Approximately a dozen languages, including Spanish, are the focus of the language-learning software Busuu.

One of them, as you might have guessed, is Spanish. It employs various methods, including informal learning, exercises in grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation, and diverse practices.

Additionally, it has an offline mode to practice even without an Internet connection. At least it adheres to the most recent design guidelines, making it a little more straightforward.

The free version is merely adequate. All of the features are accessible through subscription plans. They are not unduly pricey, but they are a little complicated. 

3. Rosetta Stone 

Next on our list of best android apps for learning Spanish is Rosetta Stone. One of the world’s most well-known language study services, Rosetta Stone, also has an Android app. If you want to fast and learn Spanish quickly, this is the method to use only a mobile device.

You will need to pay an in-app purchase to access advanced capabilities, but if you want to review the fundamentals, this software works reasonably well. 

This isn’t one of those common apps; the app won the 2015 Tabby Awards for Best Android App. It’s noteworthy that this program has been referred to as the “gold standard” among language learning applications by several media outlets, including CNN.

You are knowledgeable about the regional dialects by being able to distinguish Latin American Spanish and Spanish in Spain. 

4. Language Drops 

One of the most recent apps for language learning is called Language Drops. It teaches you a new language over a long period using brief lessons.

Each session lasts around five minutes. People learn vocabulary; they receive no additional grammar instruction. It is one of the best android apps for learning Spanish.  

As you continue learning new things, the goal is to learn how to tie all those vocabulary words together eventually.

This is a great companion program to Memrise or Rosetta Stone, which place a little more emphasis on fluent speaking than vocabulary recognition.

The free version ought to function correctly for some time. Although the monthly fee is excessive, you can pay for everything at once if you want to.  

5. Tandem 

Tandem is a socially interactive language-learning app. The program not only teaches you Spanish, but it also allows you to converse in Spanish with actual people from all over the world.

You may learn from the app’s more than a million users in real-time. This is the finest method for learning a language since you can see where you are making mistakes. 

Tandem’s usage of a scientifically validated learning platform ensures that you are receiving the best education possible. The fact that the software is free makes it better.

Through in-app purchases, you can choose to gain more advanced features. To learn the basics of Spanish, there is no need to pay. 

If you are okay with spending a little more money, consider Tandem Tutors, who provide individualized instruction directly from your smartphones.

If you wish to comprehend the language properly, it is advised that you do this. Given its functionality, this software is appealing to own in either case. 

6. Memrise 

Next on our list of best android apps for learning Spanish is Memrise. Another well-liked and well-rated alternative for learning Spanish is Memrise.

Although it employs various instructional techniques, it focuses primarily on playing games. You play the role of a spy and have to charm citizens of a different nation. You’ll take tests on vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and other topics.

Although you will eventually have to pay to access all the stuff, it’s a neat way to get where you’re going. Fortunately, Memrise offers both a subscription plan and a one-time purchase price, albeit the latter is somewhat pricey. 

7. Babbel 

Another well-liked option for learning Spanish is Babbel. With a few months of practice and the help of European language specialists who created Babbel, you can grow from a beginner to an advanced Spanish speaker.

To begin understanding how words and grammar are used in everyday situations, you will first learn how to have a practical conversation. 

This one includes fascinating, 10-15 minute lessons that Your lifetime memories will be of this. It’s one of the simplest ways to learn and will help you permanently store the Spanish dialect in your mind. 

8. Mondly 

On Google Play, Mondly is a well-liked language-learning app. Spanish is one among the little fewer than thirty different languages that are spoken there.

It focuses on teaching you the language by using simple words and dialog. It’s a trial-by-fire learning process.  

However, the UI is highly significant. It also includes audio recordings so you can listen to the dialogue while reading.

Of course, it provides broad information like practical phrasing, verb conjugations, and other fundamental tools.

It is one of the best android apps for learning Spanish. Some of it can be downloaded and used for free. All of the features require a monthly subscription. 

9. Learn Spanish 

Another great approach to begin learning a foreign language is using the aptly called Learn Spanish app. You have two possibilities when it comes to learning Spanish: either from Mexico (Espanol) or from Spain (Castellano).

With the help of this program, you may quickly advance from speaking no Spanish at all to an advanced level. 

You study at your own pace and learn all the necessary knowledge, including verb conjugations, Spanish grammar, and more.

Also, you gradually retain all there is to know about Spanish at a fundamental, hand-holding level until you achieve more proficiency.

You won’t have any trouble understanding with an extensive vocabulary at your fingertips, grammar explanations, reading material, exercises, and a comprehensive Spanish dictionary. 

10. MosaLingua 

A language learning service with many support languages is called MosaLingua. Naturally, one of them speaks Spanish. For learning, MosaLingua employs a flashcard approach.

Over 3,000 flashcards are available in the program, spread across 100 subcategories and 14 different topics.

That is a substantial number of words. The proficiency scale has levels, with ten being the highest score. A dictionary, making your flashcards, and more are included. Because MosaLingua doesn’t require a subscription, we particularly like it.

You can purchase the entire contents of the software for $4.99. This is a great low-cost alternative to some of the more expensive Spanish learning programs, especially when combined with something like Duolingo. 

11. Beelinguapp 

Next on our list of best android apps for learning Spanish is Beelinguapp. The app’s primary function is essentially the same: it makes learning Spanish enjoyable and straightforward.

Due to the app’s split-screen capability, users may learn Spanish alongside English. Even if it’s not a very noteworthy aspect, learning a new language in this manner is undoubtedly successful. 

Several children’s books, novels, and other literary works can help you learn Spanish well. By doing this, the creators are enabling you to construct sentences and advance in Spanish vocabulary.

As with studying any language, the first step in learning a new one is to get familiar with its fundamentals. That is also what Beelinguapp advises its students to do. 

12. Quizlet 

Quizlet is a general education tool that can benefit Spanish language learners. You can use the software to create your own personalized set of flashcards.

Then, the app will flip them over so you can study without having to go out and buy and write them down. It will also suggest a few entertaining games you may play with your flashcards, such as a matching game.

Many people find that using flashcards helps them learn fundamental vocabulary, verb conjugations, and other minor lessons. When combined with other, more serious Spanish classes, it’s a valuable tool. 

13. SpeakTribe 

Last on our list of best android apps for learning Spanish is Speaktribe. A Spanish-specific learning tool called SpeakTribe is effective.

It employs various educational strategies, including informal learning, grammar, and vocabulary.

It puts a lot of emphasis on thorough explanations of things like grammatical rules and tries to make otherwise complex concepts understandable.

Although it involves more reading than other language applications, it is unquestionably a more thorough approach. Free is the first four classes. Lesson packs are then available for purchase as in-app purchases. 

Learning a foreign language is a challenging task. However, there are plenty of ways to improve your skills. If you’re looking for an application or website to help you learn Spanish, these 13 best android apps for learning Spanish should give you a good start. 

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