15 Best Android Apps for Making Music

Best Android Apps for Making Music

Are you looking for the best Android apps for making music? Then this article is for you.

Android apps for making music are becoming more and more common since many music enthusiasts and beat producers are switching to online platforms.

They will need some excellent music-making apps to assist them in creating excellent and compelling music.

Many people have the innate ability to become emotionally attached to music. Only when some of them have advanced further do they enjoy listening?

They enjoy producing original songs. But a lack of appropriate tools means that many talents stay undiscovered.

They are unable to display their originality as a result. A music-making app could offer a ray of hope in such a situation.

And if you fall into this category, you’re in luck because the PlayStore is filled with numerous music-making apps for Android devices. 

Due to the growing popularity of music production, the number of Android applications devoted to music creation has greatly increased. 

Hundreds of Android programs are available for download to start creating and recording your music, but not all have been made equally. (Some of them could do better.)

We compiled this indispensable list of the best Android apps for making music. 

1. BeatSnap 

Beat Snap is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking an app that can create the music for an entire song. This music-making tool is free to download and simple to use.

Once more, there aren’t many features to deal with during the installation procedure, making it simple. There are a ton of other fascinating aspects as well. 


  • Includes a step sequencer so you can compose music most originally. 
  • Five hundred sounds and more than 200 instruments are stored. 
  • Six live adjustable FX are available to sculpt the sound. 
  • There is a metronome and loop sequence available. 
  • Available is a 16-responsive pad with 2 grids. 

2. FL Studio Mobile 

With FL Studio, a well-known DAW for musicians, you can record, sequence, edit, mix, and render entire songs while on the go, thanks to its user-friendly interface and design. 

In addition to having built-in synthesizers, drum loops, and samplers, FL Studio Mobile may connect to a midi device for added control when mixing and arranging. On Google Play, FL Studio Mobile is now selling for $16.69. 

Many music producers have used FL Studio, a well-liked desktop daw program. Due to its success, the company also offers an excellent smartphone version.

Even though it costs only $16, it is a fully complete mobile DAW with MIDI control. The mobile version is equivalent to the computer version in terms of functionality. 

You may record MIDI, utilize MIDI to control instruments and knobs, preview samples and presets, mix songs, play notes on an on-screen piano, sequence drums, record audio, add automation, and apply various effects using FL Studio Mobile. 

3. Caustic 3 

Caustic 3 is one of the best Android apps for making music I’ve seen, and it draws inspiration from rack-mounted synthesizers and samplers. Its graphics undoubtedly give off an old-school vibe. 

Among the 14 synthesizers and samplers offered are a subtractive analog synthesizer, a multi-sample synth, a bass synth, a drum machine sampler, a pad synth, an 8-bit synth, a modular synth, a Hammond-like organ, an 8-band vocoder, an FM synth, a string modeling synth, and a saw wave synth. 

Each one may be entirely customized, allowing you to alter your sound to achieve the desired result truly. Twenty effects from Single Cell Software are available to add reverb, delay, and other effects. Additionally, Caustic 3 can compose in a piano roll and record sounds. 

This program costs only $10 and is comparable to FL Studio on crack. Caustic 3 is great if you adore analog synths. However, given how difficult synthesizers can be to understand if you’ve never played around with one, this app is another targeted more toward musicians with more experience. 

4. Tunable 

Another one of the best Android apps for making music that will enable you to express your talent to the world is Tunable. Musicians who wish to take their enjoyment of their instruments to the next level primarily utilize this app.

This implies that this program’s chord generator, metronome, and recorder features will assist you in tuning your musical instruments so that you can perform the music with a perfect beat and tone.

It is designed for aspiring professional musicians and includes a toolkit to enhance creativity. You can tell when your instruments are tuned properly for playing by looking for a green signal. 

5. MixPads 

Next on the best Android apps for making music is MixPads. MixPads are the best option for people who want to create remixes and musical rhythms. For the DJ sound producers, it is simply breathtaking.

This program allows remixes and DJ sounds to be created quickly and easily. With more than 30 drum pads, there are original musical loops. A few incredible features are also available to you. This software is a great option for Android devices looking for a music-making app. 


  • You can record your voice to add to various audio recordings. 
  • In this program, remixing and creating hip-hop music is quite easy. 
  • There are many professional DJ sound trucks available. 
  • To help you out, here are 12 one-shot pads. 
  • You can repeatedly reverse your music using the reverse effect. 
  • You have the option of using finger drumming to create rhythm.  

6. Korg Kaossilator 

If you’ve ever held one, you already know how fun a Kaoss Pad is. The mobile application of Kaoss Pads also uses your finger location on a touchpad to produce sounds and effects. Cycle through beats, synths, and pads by swiping up, down, left, right, and horizontally. 

With more than 150 sounds included and a built-in key/scale feature that removes any incorrect notes, it takes only seconds from opening the program to producing an outstanding loop. For $22.25, you can get the Android version of Kaossilator from Google Play. 

7. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio 

Audio Evolution is next on our list of best Android apps for making music. This application resembles any computer-based DAW in many ways. It contains MIDI capabilities, a drum sequencer, the ability to mix tracks and set levels, and the capacity to record audio. 

Additionally, Audio Evolution offers an automation tool that allows for extremely detailed track editing. In addition to the standard volume and panning controls, each mixer track contains a 3-band EQ.

You can also purchase additional effects like compression, a de-esser, noise gate, autotune, and reverb via in-app purchases. 

This app also has some virtual instruments, and SoundFont files and FL Studio’s virtual instruments are compatible. This program also syncs with Google Drive, ensuring that you never lose any of your previously created songs. 

This app would benefit a novice and someone who is intermediate or advanced. Although it has a lot of functionality, it has a lower learning curve than the FL Studio program.

Everything is laid out quite simply, so a beginner won’t find it complicated the way a first-time user could find the apps above confusing. 

8. uFXloops Music Studio 

You can become a professional mixer with the help of the many intriguing and thrilling features of uFXloops Music Studio. It is true! No need to worry if you don’t have a studio; this Android app can help.

It will give you access to a wide range of tools and audio-mixing elements, including a Sampler, Beatmaker, Loop Sequencer, Song Maker, Mixer, Soundboard for DJs, and many more.

You can make music or improve on the music you already have by using ready-to-use projects and a variety of samples. One of the uFXloops’ best features is its music community, which enables you to connect with co-mixers and work together. 

9. Sun Vox 

Sun Vox is one of the best Android apps for making music. This is an app for creating music using modular synthesis and a pattern-based sequencer. 

The software supports USB in/out and has midi import and export capabilities (Android 6+ users only). If you want to use individual tracks in a DAW once you’ve made them, you can export them as WAV files. 

Sun Vox is undoubtedly a potent instrument for creating music on the go, albeit the modular interface might only be for some. On Google Play, Sun Vox is now available for $5.99. 

10. RD4 Groovebox 

RD4 Groovebox is one of the least feature-rich Android music-making apps, but it still has plenty of functionality. This app’s cool feature is that it combines a digital and analog aesthetic.

There is a drum sequencer with a 99-bar maximum, a sizable selection of synthesizers, and several effects, such as reverb, delay, filter, phaser, and distortion. 

You may adjust the oscillators and filters on each synthesizer to produce the desired tone.

Additionally, you can record your audio using the built-in microphone on your phone or tablet or an external microphone. 

You can add notes using the piano roll or record live with one of the four available track channels.

If the rack mixer isn’t enough, you can export your tracks to Mikrosonic’s SPC – Music Sketchpad audio mixer application. 

If you’re a newbie, this one will work because there aren’t many complicated options or features to utilize, and everything is pretty straightforward.

The app is not crowded like some other apps that attempt to fit an entire computer-based DAW onto a phone or tablet screen because it was designed with multi-touch in mind. RD4 Groovebox is available for $5. 

 11. n-Track Studio DAW 

 n-Track Studio DAW is the ideal Android software for anyone looking to turn their smartphone into a portable studio.

You can make an exceptional piece of music with its numerous beat-making and sound-recording tools. 

Additionally, you may mix them all and instantly add one of your preferred effects. You can record infinite audio, MIDI, and drum tracks. The Songtree community is another feature that we like. 

With this software, you can produce and share the results with your audience and join the community to acquire ideas and exchange screens. 

12. Soundtrap Studio 

Next on our list of best Android apps for making music is Soundtrap. Soundtrap is a nice middle-of-the-road mobile DAW.

It has several wonderful tools for more experienced and intermediate users, but it’s basic enough for beginners.

Although it is primarily loop-based, the program also contains a few virtual instruments (piano, organ, synth, and drums). 

Vocals, bass, and guitar can all be affected. Soundtrap supports MIDI and has a built-in piano roll for composition. Also, you can record your audio or use the included loop library. 

Soundtrap is unique in that it was designed with collaboration in mind. Since each project is kept in the cloud, all your devices will sync.

You can communicate while working together in real-time using the text and video chat features incorporated into Soundtrap.

You have the option to contact other musicians who are using the Soundtrap app through the community to find partners in this way. 

Your completed creation may be exported and immediately posted to social media platforms like Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter and online music stores like Deezer, Rhapsody, Google Play, and Spotify. 

13. Hip Hop Producer Pads 

Music fans who wish to compose hip-hop and party tracks should use Hip Hop producer pads.

This program is a terrific tool for creating music, and you can use it to create some great hip-hop audio recordings.

In addition to the numerous samples available for music creation, Loops and One-Shots can give your work a deeper level of involvement.

On the other hand, a metronome is the ideal fusion of tuned rhythm. Additionally, show your corrected work to your loved ones. 

14. Music Maker Jam 

Mobile software for Android called Music Maker Jam has produced over 4 million tracks and beats.

It enables you to “make, remix, and share beats” in various musical genres, including drum and bass, hip-hop, and trap. They work hard to make the process of making music simple. 

To rapidly get set up and start creating music, you can choose from using their built-in loops, beats, and samples.

This smartphone application is excellent for those who are more competitive because it also features global challenges that you can engage in. 

15. Song Maker 

Last on our list of best Android apps for making music is Song Maker. Android software called Song Maker is free and will establish you as a rock star in your own space.

Song Maker can mix your parts into the ideal soundtrack if you want to create music on your terms. 

With a few clicks and this software, you can generate beats, rhythms, and sound effects. The built-in editor allows you to adjust the loops and sound as well.

In addition, incorporate free beats into your compositions to produce strong and captivating work. Additionally, you can add your voice to your compositions to create the ideal music. 

Making music on your Android device has always been challenging. With the best Android apps for making music, you can create amazing tracks and beats in various genres.

Regardless of your level of musical experience, there is an app for you. From Soundtrap to Song Maker, these apps will help you make the most of your musical creativity. So get out there and start making music! 

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