17 Best Android Apps for Motorcyclists

Best android Apps for Motorcyclists

The best Android apps for motorcyclists give riders the extra ability to take their experiences to new heights.

Nothing is more exciting than taking a motorcycle for an exhilarating trip.

With smartphones, you can use several apps to improve your riding experience, discover new routes, track fuel use, and keep an eye on your bike’s upkeep and repairs.

Best Android Apps for Motorcyclists

1. BikerSO

Looking for a straightforward app to help you stay safe when riding alone? The best Android app for motorcyclists is BikerSOS.

It is a straightforward, user-friendly GPS tracker that detects crashes and has all the necessary functions.

The primary feature, accident detection, uses the sensors on your phone to find hits and, if you don’t silence the alarm, immediately alerts emergency services and your emergency contacts.

Good news thus far, Other enjoyable and practical features of BikerSOS are also included, albeit there aren’t many of them to seem overpowering.

For example, you may instantly live and automatically communicate your location to friends and family if they are concerned about you while driving.

Additionally, it saves all of your vital emergency medical information, and you can keep images of your rides and use them in your route tracking.

2. Motolog

Motolog is designed to keep track of the mileage, repairs, and expenses associated with your car.

Although it may not be the most innovative feature set ever created for motorcycle software, it is unquestionably helpful.

So when the time comes to trade in, sell the bike, make an insurance claim, or when you can’t recall your last oil change, you’ll be happy to have this information on hand.

The process is relatively simple because of the app’s user interface. You may program it to begin and end your trip automatically, and it will notify you automatically when it’s time to give your preventive bike maintenance.

3. eBay Motors

Despite not being motorcycle-specific, eBay Motors is a very powerful platform in and of itself, one of the best Android apps for motorcyclists.

The eBay motors app makes it simple and enjoyable to browse a large variety of motorcycles at a variety of price points.

The eBay Motors platform and app also provide a remarkably easy and adaptable way to sell your bike.

Utilizing a high-tech platform like eBay has its benefits, including having access to some very powerful AI technologies.

For example, the program automatically arranges photographs of each bike up for sale in a way that makes it simple to assess its condition, and eBay Motors will create a personalized homepage, particularly for you, based on your likes.

Selling is also incredibly simple. With simply a license plate as a starting point, the app’s automobile database will automatically fill in make, model, year, and other information.

4. Trader Cycle

We all need this software since it makes it even simpler to start surfing CycleTrader whenever we’re bored mindlessly.

Putting jokes aside, this is a great app for anyone seeking to purchase or sell a motorcycle soon or just someone who likes to look at cool bikes. Although simple, the app is reliable.

Major of the features you would expect from the well-known online motorbike marketplace is there in the CycleTrader app.

You can search by making a model, year, price, and other criteria. The uncluttered layout makes browsing enjoyable and guarantees you’ll have plenty of time to look at bikes you won’t buy or money to spend on bikes you will.

5. Rever

Rever is one of the most widely used motorbike apps due to its all-in-one layout.

With interactive maps and a single platform in this app provides, users can create bespoke trip itineraries, measure their speed and distance for each ride, post their routes, and communicate with other riders.

Additionally, you’ll discover a fully functional GPS navigation feature with offline navigation capabilities for traveling even to the nation’s most remote regions.

The software has a pleasant user interface that makes using it pleasurable. Overall, Rever is one of the best Android apps for motorcyclists; it offers a wealth of functions that should be valuable to any rider who wants to take their experience to another level.

6. Tom Tom Go Mobile

One of the best Android apps for motorcyclists available for navigation is the Tom Tom Go Mobile. The main accomplishment of Tom Tom is that it helped develop sat-nav technology.

They have now reduced the functionality of their devices to an app on your phone.

Tom Additionally, Tom Go Mobile offers 3D maps that facilitate navigation by providing landmarks and other points of reference that let you contrast what you see in real life with what is displayed on the screen.

You may choose the quickest, shortest, and greenest routes using navigation options, which is ideal, or if you want to lessen your carbon footprint or save gas. Since maps are downloaded, finally.

You can download offline navigation software to your phone, which is useful if you frequently ride in remote places.

7. EatSleepRIDE

The most known rival of Rever is EatSleepRide (ESR). It has a GPS, social network, crash detection, and other practical motorbike software features.

It all comes together beautifully in ESR, which, like Rever, is free with added premium capabilities. However, it’s also rather simple to use.

The app’s unique crash detection algorithm, CRASHLIGHT, may be its most outstanding feature. In addition, the app’s crash detection feature will notify your predetermined emergency contacts if you pay an extra price.

After detecting a crash, it will send you a notification inquiring if you’re OK. CRASHLIGHT is useful for all riders, especially for those who frequently bike in rural areas.

8. Calimoto

Any navigation app can show you the quickest route, but can it also show you the interesting route? That is the purpose of Calimoto.

The routing algorithm of this trip planner app includes alternatives for scenic and winding roads to give motorcyclists the most possibilities possible.

It’s the ideal software for someone who wants to appreciate their journeys fully and fully discover the less-traveled paths.

Calimoto also includes offline navigation capabilities that will keep you on the right course even with low or no service because the road less traveled also brings you to places where there isn’t much 4G or Wi-Fi.

Additionally, it provides full turn-by-turn navigation that you can combine with a hands-free Bluetooth motorcycle headset.

The program even provides expert-curated premium “tour catalogs” with thousands of suggested picturesque journeys.

9. The Camp & RV

The Camp & RV app is also the place to be for riders that like the more scenic aspects of their hobby, including motorcycle camping.

There is more knowledge on the app about all types of camping, from national parks to Walmart parking lots (yes, really).

Thankfully, its powerful filters make it simple to navigate and enable you to rapidly sift through the thousands of alternatives to discover what you’re looking for.

Camp & RV operates offline, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of service, like any decent software for outdoor enthusiasts.

There are no advertisements for a lifetime of free upgrades and a one-time purchase fee. Just remember to take the appropriate motorbike camping equipment if you intend to spend some time outside.

10. Dark Sky

We have to pay attention to the weather as motorcyclists than other individuals. Because rainfall can completely alter our plans, Dark Sky is among the best Android apps for motorcyclists.

It is a weather app that provides hyperlocal and practically instantaneous weather forecasts. In terms of the level of detail it provides, it is virtually unmatched.

Setting up audio notifications for weather changes and extreme weather alerts in your motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a very practical feature of Dark Sky.

When it senses bad weather approaching you, the app notifies you, which can assist you in avoiding driving during the bad weather or at least getting ready for bumpy riding.

11. Harley-Davidson and H-D Connect

Why not download the official applications if you enjoy anything, Harley-Davidson?

The Harley-Davidson app is one of the best Android apps for motorcyclists that offers some useful features that can come in on your subsequent journey.

Among them are a journey planner, GPS, riding challenges, and other items.

Additionally, the app provides automatic notifications about nearby Harley activities, ensuring that the app will notify the motorcyclist in hog heaven.

The sibling software, H-D Link, is even cooler since, in some circumstances, it enables you to connect your phone to your bike.

Some Harley-Davidson motorcycles are designed to work with the app’s remote functions, which let you check in on your ride from a smartphone.

Additionally, the app can instantly sync your trip planner trips with the navigation system on Harleys with built-in GPS.

12. GasBuddy

Motorcycles may not frequently run out of gas, as do passenger cars, but that won’t help you much if you’re one notch from E in the Utah desert.

GasBuddy is one of the best Android apps for motorcyclists to have on their phones because of this.

This app that locates nearby gas stations and lets you compare costs among the 150,000+ gas stations it covers is pretty much exactly what it says it is.

GasBuddy offers several clever tips to help you save money on gas, in addition to the apparent benefit of finding the cheapest gas nearby.

GasBuddy has a free discount card, which can help you save a few cents per gallon at numerous gas stations.

Additionally, it comes with various free analytics features, like a fuel logbook and a trip cost estimate, that can help you better plan your motorcycle’s fuel usage.

13. Motorcycle Permit Test US

Preparing for the test to obtain a motorbike endorsement, license, or permit? To prepare, download the Motorcycle Permit Test app.

The app permit test resembles the questions that motorcyclist responds to on a real motorbike permit test.

The best Android apps for motorcyclists give riders the extra ability to take their experiences to new heights. Nothing is more exciting than taking a motorcycle for an exhilarating trip.

With smartphones, you can use several apps to improve your riding experience, discover new routes, track fuel use, and keep an eye on your bike’s upkeep and repairs.

14. Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

This app is for riders who live for track days. You can track things with Pirelli Diablo Super Biker, including speed, ride distance, lap times, and even the lean angle you experience when cornering.

If you know how to evaluate it, it can be a potent tool for forming your method. It’s the kind of granular data that locate geeks adore.

Riders may also enjoy the social features of this app. Once you’ve created a profile, you may examine your friends’ stats if they’ve shared them in addition to uploading your times and runs.

In Challenge mode, you may even enter a digital leaderboard to see how your track times compare to those of other riders around the globe.

15. Scenic.app

One of the top motorcycle-specific navigation and route-finding apps is Scenic, one of the best android apps for motorcyclists.

Because it is simple to use while riding and has a wide, straightforward layout that makes it simple to read the information you need, riders can use Scenic to look up the best motorcycle routes chosen by other riders.

16. Waze

The largest user-generated GPS navigation app, Waze, offers crucial traffic and road conditions data.

For example, motorcycle riders can use the app to locate the fastest route to their destination because it refreshes the route in real-time.

17. Maps.me

It is an offline navigation tool that lets users download detailed maps in advance so they can navigate even when there is no Wi-Fi.

Maps.me is one of the best Android apps for motorcyclists in terms of its detailed map features.

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