16 Best Android Apps for Neuroscience

Best Android Apps for Neuroscience

Neuroscience is one of the leading aspects of human science that seeks to improve and understand aspects of mental health.

Neuroscience also aims to understand the nervous system as a whole. Many apps have been developed to help neuroscientists perform better and easier experiments while getting the most accurate results. 

However, over time, some of these apps have failed to meet the exact needs of these scientists. This issue is due to developers’ lack of understanding of the concept.

We have helped put together a comprehensive list of the best android apps to help.

Furthermore, knowing these apps for neuroscience will help simplify the experimental process and give accurate results.

Some apps are lab tools, and others are educational or reference tools.

Hopefully, this list will help you choose the best apps for each phase of learning or experimental procedures.  

Also, this article will help readers identify apps that provide a wide range of information with little or no added costs.

Let’s go through this great list of the best android apps for neuroscience available.

1. Brain Journal

This app is one of the best android apps for neuroscience that is a must-have for neuroscientists. Users have access to vast information on new developments in neuroscience.

If you need to conduct research or get suggestions on a project you’re working on, this is for you. Furthermore, the Brain Journal will give you access to various topics related to the nervous system.

In addition, the app is free and available for download on your mobile app store. To know more about the best Android apps for neuroscience, keep reading!

2. Cell World

This app has to be among the best android apps for neuroscience that has been developed!

The app gives you an authentic experience of cell study without even going to the lab. Also, you can even view normal and abnormal cell structures at a glance on the app. 

Also, you can check the search bar to view cell images, animations, and videos. The good part? The app is free to use and is available for download on the play store.

3. Neuroscience News

If you need recent updates on studies about the brain, Brain news is the right app for you.

The app gives recent highlights from various studies on advancements in brain studies, the nervous system, and other aspects of neuroscience. 

Furthermore, you can also save and share any article you love the most on your social media platform. The app is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience with social media integrations.


4. 3D Brain

This app is one of the best android apps for neuroscience that uses interactive brain models.

These models show various parts of the brain and what they do. You can zoom, rotate and view these 3D images when you touch your phone’s screen. 

Furthermore, the app helps identify symptoms that appear if any part of the brain is injured or not functioning correctly.

Users can access information on brain disorders and damage alongside case studies and recent research. This app does more than view images; it allows users to experience virtually physical procedures.

5. Neuronify

The app is free and available for download on the google play store. It is also one of the best Android apps for neuroscience that helps users understand neurons and how they function.

Users can identify neural networks and how each connection affects the human body and cause specific changes in behavior.

6. Neuroslice

If you want to learn more about neuroanatomy, this app is for you. Users can learn neuroanatomy and all it entails with mapped images.

For each slice displayed, there are mapped out regions to help with knowing sections of the brain and spinal cord. 

Furthermore, the app displays images from MRI scans showing brain sections labeled anatomical regions.

You can select the region you want to work with, and the app will display its name. Some regions might not have comprehensive descriptions of what you need.

However, the app is interactive and an excellent tool for students learning neuroscience.

The best part is that you can browse offline too! The app is an excellent resource for students preparing for classes in neuroanatomy.

Also, it is a learning aid to supplement textbooks and help get outstanding performances. Neuroslice is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience you need to have.

7. Lumosity

This app is one of the best android apps for neuroscience that helps with problem-solving and boosts attention spans and speed.

Neuroscientists designed the app to help users enhance productive and flexible thinking.

The app was majorly designed to improve the quality of life of people with schizophrenia by enhancing their memory of an event. 

Furthermore, the app has over 80 million users, with claims that users will think faster while playing games and puzzles. Each game gets complicated with each level, improving thinking skills and memory span.

8. Brain Tutor 3D

The app uses high-resolution images that users can rotate to help study the function and structure of the brain.

The app uses brain models from volunteers, and the MRI data allows users to study brain function and anatomy.

Users can divide the brain into sagittal, axial, and coronal axes and view MRI brain slices at millimeter resolution. 

Also, the app has features that help users learn from text information about functions of fiber tracts, sulci, and Brodmann areas.

Other parts include functional areas, gyri, subcortical structures, and lobes. The app is among the best android apps for neuroscience that will help you learn the location of brain structures.

Further, the app does this by allowing user interaction with MRI slices and 3D brain models. Any of these neuroscience apps might be just what you need to be a better physician.

9. Optogenetics Pro

The app is free and an essential tool for neuro researchers. Also, it helps determine the exact optical power needed for an experiment in optogenetics.

The app makes it possible to map the activities of the neurons even in large neural networks.

In addition, the app helps to estimate the amount of lighting an experimental design would require. Knowing the amount of light needed in deep brain areas via optical fiber requires certain parameters.

Parameters like specific brain regions, type of opsin used, and properties of optical fiber are needed. Furthermore, the app plots the penetration depth against optical power, making the process easy.

This helps users see how light scatters in the brain tissue during experimental procedures. Optogenetics pro is an essential research tool for neuroscientists and researchers. 

Finally, it is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience that makes research much more effortless. The app makes calculations and procedures in optics less hassle and more fun.

10. Evernote

Evernote is for you if you need to organize your research or lab schedule without taking notes manually.

Evernote is for you! The app helps organize plans, makes notes, and has a to-do- list peculiar to your work needs.

Users can access it anywhere because of its automatic sync to their PC, tablet, or phone. However, the best part is the app allows you to share resources and research information with co-workers.

It is among the best Android apps for neuroscience, and I would recommend it if you love your day figured out!

11. Biotechnique

Biotechnique is next on our list of best Android apps for neuroscience. The app is free and available for download on your mobile app store.

It is an international journal of scientific methods and reviewed papers on lab techniques. 

In addition, these protocols, methods, and peer-reviewed papers are obtained from around the world. You can install the app from your app store if you need reviews, reports, and research materials.

12. Neuromind

This app is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience for neurologists that need to sharpen their neurology skills. The app presents relevant and valuable information in a simple layout.

Also, It allows users access to efficient scoring and classification systems; Let’s look at how the app works.

  • Select the classification system of your choice. The app has over 120 classification systems and 30 plus interactive tools for decision-making.
  • Follow the interactive decision tree leading to a clinical decision based on pre-selected choices.
  • Now you can make rapid and efficient clinical decisions.

The app helps make fast and accurate medical decisions while improving your skills as a neurologist.

The app has positive reviews from other neuroscientists and physicians. Also, the app is a good start if you want to improve your work.

13. Resolution

This app is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience that is an essential tool for Lab experiments. The app ensures the objective lens is well matched to the image-acquired system.

It also uses properties of objectives to calculate fluorescence brightness, lateral resolution, and axial resolution.

14. Loveneuro

Loveneuro is an educational app for neuroscience developed by a student to help students in neuroscience programs.

The app’s unique features help quickly learn the complex nervous system and neural networks. One of its remarkable features is the use of specific diagrams to explain the anatomy of the nervous system. 

In addition, it explains the anatomy of the nervous system from a cellular level to gross anatomical levels. It has easy-to-understand notes, and users can take quiz questions to test their knowledge of what they’ve learned.

Users also have free video tutorials on various neurological diseases and how they can be treated. However, the best part is the app has its neuroscience dictionary with a vast library of neurological terms.

Users can learn through clinical research and revision notes which serve as aids to help them with studying neurosurgery.

Even better, they can use the app’s email question feature to ask any questions they’d like. 

Also, the app is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience, making learning neuroscience much more accessible and fun.

You can recommend Loveneuro to friends and colleagues looking for an edge for their following exams.

15. Neuroscience Nurse

The world federation of neurosciences nurses endorses the app to help nurses treat patients with neurological conditions.

The app provides a wide range of features for neuro-assessment and common neurological diseases. The fantastic features of the app include its ability to work offline.

In addition, it suggests webinars that show how to deal with patients with brain and nervous system disorders.

The app can work offline and has various study modes like tests, learning, slideshow, random, etc. Neuroscience nurse is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience that has all you need as a neurologist.


16. Neuro toolkit

The app has neurosurgical grading scales, and most come with a prognosis. The app has features such as an NIH stroke scale, a dermatome map, treatment recommendations, and a Snellen eye chart.

The app is one of the best Android apps for neuroscience that helps improve your job as a physician.


Many apps for neuroscience are being developed to help with the task of understanding the nervous system and its features. Most of them do not require tech skills, so they are easily accessible.

We hope these suggestions have helped broaden your knowledge about these amazing apps that offer more than you think. 

So if you’re starting a neuroscience program, you can check out any of these suggestions and get started!

If you’re already a neuroscientist or a neurologist, get helpful ideas from these amazing apps, and you’re good to go! These best Android apps for neuroscience might be just what you need.

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