17 Best Android Apps for Road Trips

Best Android Apps for Road Trips
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Are you going on a road trip? There’s an app for that! We’ve compiled a list of the best Android apps for road trips.  

These applications can help you with anything from booking a campsite to locating the cheapest gas to choosing the ideal mid-drive hike.

You may even use these apps to locate unique sites when traveling. Even as a holiday for this year, going on a road trip is not a bad idea.

That is especially true if there is a significant amount of nature involved. You undoubtedly want to escape the city to breathe fresh air. 

Whatever you have planned for your road trip, we’ve hand-picked some of the best Android apps for road trips that enhance your enjoyment of it. 

These apps are all designed to improve your driving experience in some way.

Some of them will aid in your navigation in various ways, while others are merely there to give some extra “fun” to the experience.

While staying true to the road trip idea, we tried to make this selection as varied as possible. 

Here are the best Android apps for road trips.

1. Waze 

For any road journey, Waze is a need. This GPS software is renowned for providing real-time traffic updates. It is one of the best Android apps for road trips. 

The fact that it reveals where police are hidden allows you to avoid receiving a speeding ticket and is one of its strongest benefits. A speeding ticket is the worst thing to happen on a road trip! 

Waze, which has Google Maps power, is considered superior to Apple Maps and its owner, Google. It displays your current speed and warns you of other potential road hazards. Play the journey like a game by reporting roadblocks like parked automobiles on the shoulder and wildlife you come across. 

2. Android Auto 

Google’s app for staying connected in your car is worth checking out if your car’s sound system doesn’t already support Android Auto. You don’t need to purchase a new car or upgrade your audio to take advantage of the convenience because it is now available on any Android phone. 

It can be set to activate immediately when connected to your car’s Bluetooth or a Bluetooth FM transmitter (opens in a new tab). 

The safest way to use your phone while driving is with Android Auto, which provides you with one-touch access to navigation, music controls, and recent calls. 

As might be expected, Google Assistant has excellent built-in support. One feature is the ability to have incoming text messages read aloud, but there are better options than this if you’re in a crowded car with friends or family. 

Android Auto eliminates the various ways your phone might distract you while driving by allowing you to use Google Maps to navigate, listen to podcasts or playlists from your favorite apps, send voice messages, and more. You should download this app to your phone if you plan to travel this summer. 

3. Google Maps 

Next on our list of best Android apps for road trips is Google Maps. The app Google Maps doesn’t require any other introduction. 

Many of you have already used this software, so you are familiar with it. You can use this navigation and mapping tool to get to the locations of your choice. It’s a fantastic navigation app and is perfect for road trips. 

Additionally, it can assist you in finding different retailers, gas stations, and other locations. There are no adverts, and this program is free to use. Even if you lose your Internet connection, you can still access a specific map section by downloading it. 

It depends on where your road journey takes you and whether you’ll need that feature. The fact that Google Maps is one of the greatest navigation apps available, if not the best, makes it a terrific tool for road journeys. 

4. Gasbuddy 

Gasbuddy is a great app for road trips. It helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area, saving you money on fuel costs. 

You will only fill up your tank to drive past a cheaper gas station a few miles later, thanks to GasBuddy’s comparison of gas prices. You can enter your location, and GasBuddy will display all the gas stations along the way, along with their pricing and driving times. 

The app also has an interactive map showing nearby gas stations’ locations and prices. You can filter by fuel types, such as diesel or regular gasoline. 

Gasbuddy also has a rewards program that allows you to earn points for every gallon of gas you purchase. You can use these points to get rebates on subsequent purchases. Gasbuddy is a must-have app if you’re planning a road trip and want to save money on fuel costs. 

5. Yelp 

Yelp is next on our list of best Android apps for road trips. The best option while exploring a new city and deciding what attractions are worthwhile is to ask the locals for their recommendations. 

With over 100 million reviews left by individuals like you, Yelp is one of the most used apps for rating restaurants and establishments. 

Yelp can help you find the ideal restaurant to refuel, get back on the road when you need a quick roadside snack, and know what’s good. 

6. Roadtrippers 

An amazing tool for arranging road trips is called Roadtrippers. With this app, you can find many places to visit and schedule everything in advance. 

You’ll see a variety of neighborhood restaurants, unique roadside attractions that you wouldn’t otherwise discover, picturesque locations, national parks, and even motels. Even the app provides pre-made travel guidelines if you don’t want to do all the planning yourself. 

Although there are certain restrictions, this software is free to use. You may only use up to 7 waypoints in the app’s route planner; to use more, you must pay Roadtrippers Plus. Though it depends entirely on your road trip itinerary, most of you will likely require more than 7 waypoints. 

7. Venmo 

Venmo is one of the best Android apps for road trips. It makes it simple and quick for you to send and receive money from friends and family. 

 Venmo is the perfect way to split the cost of gas, food, lodging, or any other expenses that come up during a road trip. You can also use Venmo to pay for items in stores if they accept it as payment. 

Speaking of gas prices, Venmo is the perfect app for splitting the price of gas and other expenses on your road trip. The free app allows you to transfer money to and from your fellow road trippers. 

8. Spotify 

Without some rad driving music, what good is a road trip? Or could a podcast be more of your style? Whatever you want to listen to while you’re driving long distances, Spotify is the streaming service you need to be utilizing in 2018. 

With the addition of “made for you” playlists curated depending on the music you listen to, Spotify has upgraded its free, ad-supported mobile app.

The music won’t ever stop, even on the longest drives, thanks to a premium subscription, which grants you complete, unfiltered access to streaming over 40 million songs. 

With Spotify Premium, you may download music and podcasts to your smartphone for offline listening during the parts of your trip when your cell connection may be spotty. Spotify also offers songs.

Additionally, it works very well with Android Auto, enabling hands-free operation of all your music while driving. 

9. AAA Mobile 

The American Automobile Association’s official app is called AAA Mobile. This is US-specific software, but you can find something equivalent in your country. This app is one of the best Android apps for road trips.

It functions as a roadside assistance app. It’s a good idea to have a roadside help membership, especially if you travel by car. Your car, RV, or other vehicles used for road vacations could break down anytime. 

This attractive app, AAA Mobile, will give you all the support you require. More than 59,000 hotels and restaurants have received the AAA Approved and Diamond Rating. This app allows you to reserve your next hotel or rental vehicle and save money at more than 164,000 participating locations. 

Additionally, you can find nearby AAA Approved Auto Repair shops, AAA office locations, and the lowest gas costs. 

10. AllTrails 

AllTrails is an app for finding trails and hikes near you. It has over 75,000 hand-curated trail maps, including GPS tracks, photos, and reviews from other hikers.  

AllTrails is perfect for planning your next outdoor adventure. You can search by location or activity type to find the perfect hike or trail run. 

The app also includes detailed information about each trail, such as difficulty level, length, elevation gain, and estimated completion time. This is one of the best Android apps for road trips. 

The app also includes a built-in GPS tracker to track your progress while on the trail. You can even share your adventures with friends and family by posting photos and stories directly from the app. 

AllTrails may meet all of your requirements for leg stretches. It displays all nearby hiking routes with comprehensive reviews, summaries, and driving instructions. 

11. Netflix

Since its most recent update enabled offline streaming on mobile devices, Netflix has suddenly become the go-to app for parents looking to divert their kids’ attention to the back without worrying about all that data. 

There is a ton of kid-friendly stuff that can be downloaded for offline viewing, which should help reduce the number of times people ask, “Are we there yet?” Prepare a phone or iPad with your children’s favorite content, and prepare for the most peaceful road ride ever. 

It’s a terrific way to keep adults quiet as well. Of course, you need a subscription, but chances are you know someone who does if you still need to get one. 

12. HERE WeGo 

Next on our list of best Android apps for road trips is HERE WeGo. Another great mapping tool is HERE WeGo, which lets you use it entirely offline, unlike Google Maps. 

You don’t need an Internet connection to travel because you can download the entire nation or state on your smartphone. On the other hand, Google Maps only lets you download specific portions of the map, which might need to be more for your road trip. 

HERE WeGo does a fantastic job at offering offline walking navigation as well. The basic, fantastic design of the app places the emphasis squarely on the map. Much information is available even if you use the map offline. 

Without a doubt, there are many advantages to utilizing this app while online. Thus, we advise you to do so. 

13. National Park Service 

The National Park Service app is a must-have for anyone planning a road trip. It provides detailed information about all of the national parks in the United States, including maps, directions, and points of interest. 

A visit to a national park is a must on any road trip. Any National Park may be searched using the National Park Service App, which also provides basic park information such as what to see, what to do, where to stay, and where visitor centers are located. On the app, there are also self-guided tours. 

The app also includes information about campgrounds, trails, and other activities available at each park. You can even use the app to purchase tickets for certain attractions. This app is for you if you’re looking for a fantastic way to explore the outdoors. 

14. Airbnb 

One of those applications that don’t need a detailed introduction is Airbnb. One of the better apps available for swiftly finding lodging is this one. Anywhere you go, you may search for rental properties. 

You have access to a huge number of listings, and you can read a ton of reviews for each one. Additionally, the app provides a wealth of information on each rental property, allowing you to make an informed choice. 

This app makes renting a car simple, and you can do it anywhere. The app also offers a ton of extra details on the location where you choose to spend your time. 

This app’s design is also excellent; one of the best Android apps for road trips. The software has a beautiful, useful, and incredibly simple design that is a delight to use. It is free to use, but you will need to pay for a place to stay. 

15. The Dyrt 

A little camping throughout your road trip? The Dyrt speeds the reservation procedure and lists all campgrounds and RV parks nearby. It’s ideal for organizing your travel lodgings. The pro edition has a monthly fee of $2.99. 

The Dyrt is an excellent app for finding camping spots. It’s a great way to find the best campsites in the area you’re visiting, and it also provides reviews from other campers. 

The app has a huge database of campgrounds, and you can search by location or type of camping. Additionally, you may filter your search results based on features like restrooms, showers, pet-friendly locations, and more. 

The app provides detailed information about each campground, including photos, reviews, and ratings. You can even book a campsite directly from the app, one of the best Android apps for road trips.

Overall, The Dyrt is an excellent app for anyone looking to go camping on their road trip. It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of information about each campground. 

16. Splitwise 

Splitwise is a fantastic tool if you’re traveling with someone else and need to split the costs. This program will guarantee that the “who owes who” issue is resolved. 

Splitwise can be used to manage collective expenses for households, travel, and other situations. Most users will use this app for travel, but if you require it, you can also use it for domestic spending. 

It works well for group grips, renting a holiday home for skiing or the seaside, and splitting rent and apartment payments. Suppose you wish to split the cost of a bachelor party with your significant other or are in a relationship. Splitwise doesn’t have a problem with any of it. 

This tool will also store a backup of your costs online and display everything with a pretty attractive user interface. 

17. OpenTable 

Last on our list of best Android apps for road trips is OpenTable. You’ve probably heard of the app OpenTable by now. This app will help you find the best restaurant by displaying nearby eateries. 

The OpenTable database has information on more than 52,000 establishments. You may use the app to view restaurant menus, pictures, and special offers. You can also read reviews from other OpenTable users who have been to the restaurant. 

Additionally, making a reservation using this app is simple. Through this app, you may also accumulate points that can be redeemed for dining benefits such as future meal credits, hotel discounts, and more. 

The software makes it simple to re-book your favorite restaurants, and OpenTable’s suggestion system also functions as intended. This great tool for finding restaurants and has an attractive user interface. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best Android apps for road trips. Whether you’re looking for a camping spot, need to split costs with your travel companions, or want to find the best restaurant, these apps will make your trip much easier. 

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