10 Best Android Apps for the Home Screen

Best Android Apps for the Home Screen

The finest Android home screen apps are free to download and give complete functionality. However, some require subscriptions or have time-limited free trials.

You receive the same experience whether you choose one of the most excellent affordable phones or spend a lot of money on the newest flagship.

For Android, there are a ton of widgets available. We’ve seen many emerge over the years, and many are terrific.

We’ve highlighted some of the best and most beloved widgets below if you’re looking for some new ones for your Android device.

The 10 best Android apps for the home screen are featured, and they all include excellent widgets.

1. Google News

Google created a news aggregation service called Google News. It displays a never-ending stream of links to articles collected from thousands of publishers and periodicals. 

It is accessible online and as an app for Android. The ideal app for you is Google News if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to read or watch the news.

You may quickly scan the global information with the help of this widget. 

Only international news headlines are displayed in this widget. While two buttons allow you to navigate backward and forth through the headlines, there is also an option to read the entire article.

If you want to read the complete story behind a headline, tap the full coverage button. It is one of the best Android apps for the Home screen.

2. Google Keep

Google’s note-taking tool, Google Keep, is a straightforward and efficient app among the best Android apps for the Home screen. You can record voice notes, list notes, and text notes. 

You may also collaborate with others by sharing messages with them. Additionally, the program has a ton of extra tiny hidden functions.

Additionally, it has an essential collection of Android widgets that let you rapidly compose notes. Depending on your needs, they range in size from simple to more sophisticated. 

It is entirely free to use. Google Drive notes are also accessible with any online browser. You won’t have to search through your multiple accounts or devices to find the right note this way.

You can visit keep.google.com or use the mobile app to access Google Keep. You may download a Chrome browser extension for it as well. Also, Gmail includes it: Click the yellow Keep symbol on the toolbar’s far right to add a note.

3. Chronus

A good collection of widgets for your home screen is Chronus Information Widgets, and it is one of the best Android apps for the Home screen.

This widget features a selection of adaptable and fashionable Tasks, Stocks, Fitness, and Calendar widgets for your Home screen, as well as primarily clock and weather widgets with some news widgets. 

Most widgets may be somewhat modified and compatible with most home screens. If you require support for Wear OS, it is also available. The pro version includes minor additions like support for Google Fit and Reddit in the news widgets.

It’s a good choice that ought to work well for most folks. The highly optimized back-end services that all Chronus widgets share make it the ideal single alternative for many other stand-alone widgets on your smartphone.

4. TickTick

One of the top mobile to-do list apps is TickTick. Most of its functions are free, and it has a straightforward user interface and many choices for organization and customization. It uses a list format with basic controls. 

You can use it to keep track of your grocery list or to-do list for work. Even sharing lists with family or friends allows for collaboration.

In contrast to many to-do list apps, it also offers free reminders (up to two per item), making it one of the best Android apps for the home screen. 

TickTick is adaptable in that way. The software also offers many widget choices, including widgets designed exclusively for your to-do lists and a simple yet valuable calendar widget. 

Additionally, you have the option to sort jobs by the due date. Unless you want more than two reminders per occasion, the $27.99 annual edition subscription is not required.

5. Overdrop Weather 

One of the most outstanding members of the ever-expanding category of weather apps for Android is Overdrop.

It is most attractive and provides precise minute-by-minute forecasts from various weather sources. Overdrop is one of the best Android apps for the Home screen.

Widgets are also given a lot of attention. You can upgrade with an in-app purchase to get an additional 29 widgets on top of the 25 you already have, and they cover just about every style you can imagine.

6. Musicolet Player 

You can manage your music without opening the app, thanks to widgets made by streaming providers like Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

However, Musicolet Player is the widget you need if you like to listen to music that is kept on your phone and want a stylish way to handle it.

In addition to being an excellent music player with unique features like support for earphone controls and different queues, it also provides a helpful array of widgets as one of the best Android Apps for the Home screen.

These range from the simplest, like the typical music controls with album art, to a more involved feature that allows you to browse your preferred playlist.

7. Battery Widget

One of the top Android widgets for battery meters is Battery Widget Reborn. It offers a solitary, elliptical battery gauge widget, and you can alter the color and size to coordinate with your theme and home screen layout.

As one of the best Android apps for the Home screen, it also offers charts to display more in-depth battery activity along with battery information and shortcuts to settings for WiFi and Bluetooth.

It’s not particularly difficult. Apps like Battery Widget Reborn are nevertheless helpful in a time when smartphone manufacturers still don’t always allow you to enable the percentage in the status bar.

8. Gmail

While Gmail is well-known to all, it also includes a cool home screen widget for your Android phone. This feature makes it one of the best Android Apps for the Home Screen. 

The Gmail home screen widget has a unique function that allows you to select the folder you want to view before browsing through the list of your most recent emails.

To consider the principal emails, you must choose from several Gmail categories. Undoubtedly, most specialists find it one of the most demanding widgets. 

Managing and tracking personal and work emails in one location is simple and effective. It includes a feature-rich email widget that enables you to check not only Gmail accounts but also accounts with other email services. Its attributes involve being an Android Widget that is resizable and scrollable. 

Its push notifications allow you to get emails immediately. You may also check and create new emails from the Home screen only. It enables you to choose particular folders or labels to display on the widget.

Gmail is currently the superior email service available on all Android phones. If Gmail isn’t already installed on your phone, you can download it from the Google play store and add its helpful widget.

9. Tasker

One of the most potent applications ever created is Tasker, and it’s also one of the most intricate and challenging. Using this, you can control your phone to do whatever you want. 

The drawback is that getting there will take some time. Numerous plugins add many new functionalities, and it already has more than 200 functions.

To expand the range of things it can accomplish, Tasker is supported by many additional programs. It doesn’t take long to transform whatever you make into a widget once you’ve finished it.

Making it one of the best Android Apps for the Home screen and among the most powerful Android devices available. Google Play also offers a free version of this.

10. Contacts Widget

This is one of the best android apps for the home screen and the most acceptable option if you’re looking for the best Contacts Widget.

Thanks to this, you may call or chat with any of your contacts with just one touch. Given that it has more than 50 widget designs, you may quickly alter its design.

With the help of this Android widget, you may connect to more than 10 social networking and messaging services.

Devices with two SIM card slots are also supported. It’s free to download from the Google Play Store online.


The best Android Apps for the Home screen are entirely functional and free to download. There are a ton of widgets available for Android, and most of the apps you frequently use probably include their devices. With the help of these awesome widgets, your gadget will function just how you want it to. 

If you’re seeking some new widgets for your Android device, we’ve highlighted some of the top and most cherished ones.

Therefore, download any of these widgets based on your needs and enjoy your Android like never before.

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