25 Best Android Apps for Toddlers

Best Android Apps for Toddlers
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Although early childhood is a crucial development period, playing is permitted occasionally. Here are the best Android apps for toddlers.

Parents frequently lend their smartphones or tablets to young children so they can play with them.

Toddler learning using apps is one of the best ways to help your child learn things from all the cool things that Android devices can do. 

Some top toddler applications will keep your child occupied and let them enjoy using new technology without constant adult supervision. 

The early years of a person’s existence are crucial. They are picking up a variety of knowledge. Some parents permit their children to engage in leisure activities on their cell phones or tablets. 

Others enjoy using it for more informative purposes. That is acceptable in either case. In truth, most toddler applications are both amusing and informative. 

Let’s face it; your youngster should be entertained regardless as long as it’s loud and bright. The best Android apps for toddlers are listed below. 

1. ABC Kids 

An app called ABC Youngsters makes it simple and uncomplicated for kids to learn their ABCs. Kids trace the letter, and the software tells them what it is according to how it works. 

Together with capital letters and lowercase letters, it also has a matching game. Additionally, many vibrant creatures and surroundings should keep your children entertained. 

The software will even function to prevent the child from leaving it. Since it is a free app, it shouldn’t contain ads or in-app purchases. One of the best Android apps for toddlers.  

2. Endless Alphabet 

The interactive children’s game The Endless Alphabet by Originator Inc. teaches your child the alphabet and reading and writing. This software does not offer high scores or game over because it is only educational and not competitive. 

The app will slowly teach your child the alphabet through various word puzzles that are available for free and many more in the paid edition

The game has no time restrictions, so kids will have the time and motivation they need to complete every level on their own successfully. 

However, this app might not be the best choice for younger toddlers who are still learning the alphabet and might only be useful for preschool nerds who are ready to start. 

3. Google Play Books 

Next on our list of best Android apps for toddlers is Google Play Books. Among kids’ book apps, Google Play Books is the best. 

Both adult and kid-friendly content may be found in abundance there. It also includes additional items like comic books. The app’s features for reading each type are its best feature. The user interface is tidy. 

Unlike most, this one has no unique features or child locks. It’s just an excellent e-reader with material suitable for virtually any age. Although books typically cost money, the app is free. 

It’s important to remember that the service offers some free options. Both the Nook app from Barnes & Noble and the Amazon Kindle are top-notch. 

4. App Family 

On Google Play, App Family is a publisher. Baby games, toddler apps, and kid’s products, in general, are their areas of expertise. Most of their games are straightforward, enjoyable, and even mildly instructive. 

Almost all have straightforward concepts, and we enjoy their extremely straightforward games, like the balloon pop game. 

Nothing is complicated and can be perfected with just a few clicks or swipes. Some resemble jigsaw puzzles, while others are more traditional puzzle games. All of them provide free versions with potential in-app purchases for pro versions. 

5. Moo Baa La La La! 

Moo Baa La La La! is one of the best Android apps for toddlers. The interactive digital version of Sandra Boynton’s beloved board book, Moo Baa La La La! 

This software is intended for toddlers older than two years old. They should be able to comprehend the narrative while listening, and even better, they should be able to read independently. 

Your child may explore the eBook and find a ton of interactive hotspots throughout the book. With the device’s accelerometer creating minor page shifts as it is tilted, this book has never seemed more alive. 

The Moo Baa La La La! app is a great way to help your youngster improve their reading abilities as well as their creativity and imagination. 

6. Intellijoy App 

You can get apps for reading, counting, shapes, music, animals, puzzles, preschool, and many other things on Intellijoy. The majority of apps are free and have positive reviews. 

The expensive ones are not more than $2.99, which is reasonable. They even have an all-in-one app that makes browsing the different games and apps easy. This is a terrific one-stop shop for educational content for kids. 

7. Drawing for Kids 

A cute little sketching and coloring software called Drawing for Kids. There is a mode where children can trace different creatures. There are 30 items for your children to trace and color. 

Additionally, there are a ton of entertaining animations and sound effects that keep your youngsters interested. It’s a fantastic approach to encourage your child’s creativity. Additionally, it is a cost-free app without in-app purchases or advertising and one of the best Android apps for toddlers. 

Also, the creators (Bini Bambini) have several other outstanding toddler apps worth checking out. If you utilize Google Play Pass, this one is additionally free. 

8. Kids Doodle 

For most preschoolers, the kid’s doodle app is a drawing and coloring software they will most likely fall in love with. It is reminiscent of the good ole’ Light Brights toys that kids used to play with in the old days, featuring neon-style colors on a black background. 

Introduce this software to your child to help them develop their artistic talent since they may now draw and color anything they like without worrying about their faces, clothes, walls, doors, or floors getting stained with sketching supplies. 

Also, kids can store their various projects to continue coloring and painting later when it is not time for dinner. This way, they always retain a piece of art they have made. 

The free program does not require any in-app purchases, although the creator included some adverts that might be a little bothersome. 

9. Khan Academy Kids 

A learning app designed exclusively for children is Khan Academy Kids. It was created by Khan Academy, whose adult learning app is outstanding. 

The children’s version is also excellent. The software includes lessons in reading, writing, math, and additional topics, including social development and problem-solving techniques. 

Each lesson is delivered to children by various adorable, vibrant animals, and numerous mini-games assist in making learning more enjoyable. 

Younger kids should use this. We’re talking about kindergarten, first and second grades, and perhaps third or fourth. With no in-app purchases or advertisements, the app is completely free. 

10. First Words for Baby 

Children can improve their communication skills using the language software First Words for Baby. It has straightforward navigation that both adults and children should be able to use. 

It also includes the pronunciations of more than 120 terms spread across 11 categories. There is an image next to each word. It ought to amuse your child for a time. There are adverts in the app’s free edition. If you wish to get rid of them, it will cost $1.99. 

Although the advertising could be better, you may still use the app without paying. Overall, it’s pretty decent. If you utilize Google Play Pass, this one is yours for nothing. 

11. Kids Brain Trainer 

Next on our list of best Android apps for toddlers is Kids Brain Trainer. Your children’s memory skills can be developed with a Kid’s Brain Trainer

They will acquire object recognition skills and a strong short-term memory, which are advantageous during the formative years of development. One of the best brain-training games for preschool-aged kids is this one. 

12. Nick Jr. 

The TV station’s official app is Nick Jr. As a result, a ton of Nick Jr. stuff is available. That comprises exclusive video content, episodes of many shows, and more. 

The app contains a ton of free content. But if you already have a cable subscription, you can get more. You only need to log onto the app using your cable account to use all its features. Additionally, it features various built-in instructional games. It’s free to download and try, at the very least. 

13. Funny Food Kindergarten 

A collection of games called Funny Food Games for Toddlers. The games’ educational themes will aid in your toddler’s learning. It is one of the best Android apps for toddlers.  

There are memory-boosting matching games, ones that teach the names of various foods, ones that teach shapes, riddles, and even some light logic games. 

It features ten instructional themes and 17 games; you can play it offline. There are adverts, but you can remove them by purchasing the full version. 

According to some reviewers, it may be too simple for older toddlers, but because every child is different, it’s still worth a try. If you utilize Google Play Pass, this one is also free. 

14. Toddler Puzzles 

Children ages 2 and up are the target audience for this fun and instructive game. Kids can rearrange shapes to represent different objects. 

The game offers a variety of stages to complete and scenes in various colors. According to scientific studies, this puzzle game is beneficial for enhancing children’s cognitive and motor skills. 

15. Oceanhouse Media Apps 

On Google Play, Oceanhouse Media is a publisher that has a ton of timeless children’s material. The creator specializes in creating children’s ebooks with minimal interactivity. The Cat in the Hat is one such illustration. 

The youngster can read the book independently or have the app read to them after downloading it. Little Critter, the Berenstain Bears, and Dr. Seuss are just a few of the well-known children’s characters present. 

Most apps have a fixed price of roughly $1.99, give or take. If you utilize Google Play Pass, you can use the majority of them for free. The apps performed admirably during our testing and should be adequate for most. 

16. GunjanApp Studios 

On Google Play, GunjanApp Studios is a developer. There are several toddler-friendly applications available for download and exploration. It is one of the best Android apps for toddlers. 

Although none stand out as the finest, they are all generally all right. The apps include an alphabet app to help with the alphabet, a vocabulary app to teach words, and others for shapes, colors, animal noises, and more. 

Additionally, this developer has a fantastic balloon-popping game that young children appear to enjoy. Each program has a free trial version that you may use, and some also have premium versions that remove things like advertisements. They’re at least worth a try. 

17. Piano, Baby Phone 

Youngsters may use the Piano Baby Phone app to play music whenever they touch the screen. It will inspire your child to interact with the screen and amuse them for a while. Your infant will focus on the phone even more because vibrant starbursts accompany the melodic reward.

As they become more familiar with the program, they will begin to tap on particular squares to make certain sounds on the screen. As it is designed for young children, this app might not be the best choice for your older children. 

18. PBS Kids 

PBS has long been renowned for its excellent children’s programming. There is now an app containing a ton of that information. Several children’s programs are available, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Dinosaur Train, and many more. 

We experienced no issues streaming video to our devices. Thus, the service operated extremely effectively. The user interface is efficient. Parents might have to play the videos for the kids, though. 

Additionally, this one supports Chromecast, so you can view it on your TV and purchase additional episodes if you like it. One of the finest apps for kids. 

19. KidloLand 

One of the best Android apps for toddlers is KidloLand. There is a ton of digital information available for your children. For toddlers, songs, stories, games, and other content are tailored to their needs. 

Along with everything else, the app is fully interactive, allowing your kids to tap on objects on the screen to do amusing small actions. 

With all of the in-app purchases, it may get quite pricey. There is, however, a ton of information here if you can get over that. 

20. Fairy Tales 

One of the best Android apps for toddlers is The Fairy Tales Children’s Books, Stories, and Games. Additionally, it is a good audiobook app for kids with a lovely professional voice. 

The illustrations in the books will capture your children’s imaginations, and the character development is superb. Here, the craft of children’s literature combines harmoniously with the brilliant programming of top-notch Android apps

Additionally, the Read to Me and Read It Myself modes are excellent and function as intended. While interacting with fully animated characters, kids will adore the narration. 

21. YouTube Kids 

Google created YouTube Kids to isolate the appropriate content for children and then place that content in a separate application. 

Parents may find a lot of useful information on YouTube Kids, which has many videos that kids can view. The app also supports Chromecast, allowing you to see it on television. 

The service has previously experienced challenges with poor ads and unfriendly kid-friendly films. But the majority of those problems have been resolved. 

You can also purchase a YouTube Red subscription to enjoy an ad-free experience on YouTube Kids and the standard YouTube app. 

22. Sounds for Toddlers 

An app called Sounds for Toddlers plays sounds for your children. There are 65 items in all, divided into five categories. That includes sounds from animals, vehicles, tools, and musical instruments. 

There are 250 distinct noises in all. For a free app without in-app purchases or advertising, that’s okay. It also has simple controls so your youngsters can pick them up quickly. It doesn’t do much other than make noises. However, because it’s free, it’s worthwhile to check out. 

23. Toca Nature  

Next on our list of best Android apps for toddlers is Toca Nature. Every child has a small amount of God’s likeness, which is visible in their joy of making things. 

By building their virtual landscape with trees, pools, and mountains, your child can use this program to explore this area of their brains. 

Its game will foster the creativity and desire for making things, laying the groundwork for future careers in engineering and design because this virtual environment resembles our real world in many ways. 

It’s easy to raise a smart child: encourage them to use and train the area of their brain that connects building blocks to form new shapes. 

As they construct to ensure their animals are fed, this game will help your child’s imagination, inventiveness, and capacity for taking responsibility grow. With the help of this fantastic Toca Boca app, you can teach your child how to take charge. 

24. Animals for Kids and Sounds 

Thanks to this flashcard software, your child will learn about various animals, which will help them develop a love of nature and become compassionate adults. 

For your child’s convenience, this software simplifies the entire Animalia kingdom into just three categories of animals. Your child may become the next great discoverer after Charles Darwin; it all begins with knowing the names of animals while they are young. 

Every high achiever had humble beginnings. Your child should use this app if they are between the ages of 1 and 4. 

Your youngster will learn about various creatures by name, appearance, and the noises they produce. It’s a fantastic interactive app for toddlers overall. 

25. Coloring Book 

Last on our list of best Android apps for toddlers is Coloring Book. Kids can play with coloring book apps to learn about colors, shapes, and other things while exercising their creativity and imagination. 

It provides a variety of drawings that the kids can bring to life by adding color to the various components. For children of all ages, this app is a great choice. 

The app also has a variety of tools for coloring, such as crayons, markers, and pencils. It also has an eraser tool to help your child make corrections if they make a mistake. 

The app is easy to use, making it ideal for young children. It’s also free to download and use without any in-app purchases or ads. Coloring Book is a great way to help your child learn about colors and shapes while having fun. 

Many great Android apps for toddlers can help them learn, explore, and have fun. From Toca Nature to Animals for Kids and Sounds to Coloring Book, these apps will help your child develop their creativity, imagination, and knowledge of the world around them.

With these apps, you can ensure that your child gets the best life start. 

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