15 Best Android Apps for Truck Drivers

best Android apps for truck drivers
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Do you drive a truck? Get the best Android apps for truck drivers for your practical aid.

These apps are designed to make the most out of your Android smartphone’s capabilities for navigation, shift logs, parking lot searches, and other features.

Truck drivers need the assistance of these trucker apps because living on the road may be stressful.

Certain applications are made for navigation, allowing you to use GPS to locate shortcuts and follow routes to save time and money.

Others are intended to reduce tension. They will assist you in locating rest spots, food outlets, gasoline sources, and other destinations, in addition to showing you where to stop your truck.

They will also help to make real-time weather, gasoline pricing, and traffic data accessible. Here are some of the best Android apps for truck drivers that you can utilize.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular navigation app for all users, including truckers. With this app loaded on your device, you will never get lost—it features more than 220 nations.

You can easily find your destination thanks to the addition of millions of companies and locations. You may obtain traffic information and real-time navigation with this app.

Explore new locations and leave feedback to help other users navigate the area. Please list your favorite locations and forward it to your friends.

Google Maps offers many additional features, like offline mode for internet-free navigation and Street View, which offers road imagery.

Additionally, it can be linked with Google Earth to improve user experience.

2. Trucker Path

Trucker Path is the go-to app for trucking and route planning for over a million truckers.

This comprehensive routing tool includes peer-to-peer commentary on truck stops, road conditions, and weigh station open/close status.

Important details and reviews for truck stops and rest facilities are also included in this app, along with up-to-date parking availability data.

3. TruckMap

Next on our list of the best Android apps for truck drivers is TruckMap.

Truck drivers can track directions and experiment with routes using this trucker app developed with effective GPS routes.

GPS routes cover turn-by-turn navigation, weigh stations, commercial vehicles, overnight parking, and other uses.

As the name suggests, the truck driver receives helpful guidance from the app.

You will find information on the road you are traveling on here. You will be provided information about where to stop for showers, personal laundry, or truck washes.

Information about truck dealers, rest areas, weigh stations, oil changes, etc., is among the others.

You can also customize your truck’s height, weight, and other details on the app, which will help you stay off toll highways.

4. uShip

The most reliable transportation platform in the world, uShip, connects shippers and drivers to complete transport jobs.

The most recent uShip truck apps for Android and iPhone allow users to publish transport jobs on the app’s feed, disseminating the job data to all local drivers.

After that, truckers submit their bids for the job. The agreement is finalized once the shipper selects an offer from the list.

With helpful features like viewing and managing shipments, in-app uShip payment, storing searches, practical route suggestions, etc., the uShip app is among the best Android apps for truck drivers.

5. TransParking

TransParking makes it simpler to locate the closest truck parking facilities.

Parking lots can record occupancy and display available spots with this free software, enabling drivers to plan their journey.

A thorough overview of the amenities, including the restaurant, Wi-Fi, restrooms, and showers, is also available.

One of the intriguing things about TransParking is that it includes a community where people can rate, comment on, and exchange information about new and current parking lots.

Points are awarded to users who complete these tasks. It is easier to find the closest truck parking facilities with TransParking.

This free app lets parking lots track occupancy and show open places so drivers can arrange their routes.

There’s also a detailed rundown of all the facilities, which includes the restaurant, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, and showers.

TransParking has a community where users can rate, discuss, and share information on new and existing parking lots, which is one of its interesting features. Users who successfully do these tasks receive points.

6. PTV Navigator

Truckers are the target market for PTV Navigator, and this is evident in the design.

Making routes is the first task. It generates the quickest paths to assist the driver at every turn.

The app will consider all relevant criteria, including size, weight of the vehicle, and limits, along with other considerations like traffic, while generating routes.

The route optimization feature will generate the best and fastest possible route using these parameters.

7. GasBuddy

Truck drivers have been using the GasBuddy app for years.

GasBuddy is one of the best Android apps for truck drivers to locate cheap petrol, including diesel pricing.

I recommend using the GasBuddy app to fuel your semi-truck for less money when traveling long distances.

Find the gas stations with the cheapest gas Based on your location.

Additionally, you can filter based on the station’s facilities, brand, location, and pricing.

Furthermore, you can compute how much gas will cost to finish a trip and receive an alert when prices are predicted to rise so that you can fill up at a cheaper rate.

8. Drivewyze

Every truck driver in a weigh-in queue has considered how to avoid stopping at weigh-ins along the route. The Drivewyze trucker app enables you to do it lawfully.

You can quickly and safely avoid most weighing stations and save time and money by using the Drivewyze PreClear software on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This software has a database of more than 700 cities in 44 states in the United States (and counting).

One tool that makes it easier for truck drivers to stay within the law is the Drivewyze trucking app.

The program claims to help you avoid scales up to 98% of the time for short- and long-distance interstate travel.

They provide a free 30-day trial, after which you can continue with a paid subscription if you find it useful—which you most certainly will.

9. CoPilot GPS Navigation 

Next on our list of the best Android apps for truck drivers is CoPilot GPS Navigation. CoPilot is a navigation app designed for drivers that promotes safe highway driving.

This technology has been trusted by millions of drivers worldwide to increase their productivity and enjoyment while driving. It could be the greatest trucker app for you, fitting all kinds of vehicles.

Using the traffic and navigation app, you may steer clear of low bridges and roads limited to trucks.

Moreover, it offers guidance conducive to driving, freeing your attention to the road.

Additionally, you can select route plans that are optimized for your car. With CoPilot, you can select the optimal path from three options.

Thanks to automotive-grade offline maps, you may still use the app even if you are out of range.

Through automated rerouting, the tool also assists you in avoiding delays.

Using a smartphone while operating a vehicle is not advised. CoPilot is an easy-to-use UI meant to help you focus while driving.

10. Motive

Motive is vital for keeping trucking fleets connected to their dispatchers and home offices.

Truck drivers may easily contact their dispatchers and send a live location update to let them know where they are at all times with this app.

Customers can see through this that their firm is transparent and safe for drivers.

The days of filling out manual logbooks, or “comic books,” as truckers like to refer to them, are long gone.

Trucking sector technology has advanced significantly with electronic logs.

When an accident occurs, KeepTrackin assists in determining the true cause of the collision.

11. Waze

Another useful app that could be more truck-specific is Waze.

It will detect fuel prices, dead animals, roadblocks, and traffic congestion. The social features of the app make this feasible.

According to Wired, Waze’s real-time mapping and social network integration are distinctive features. It works with tablets as well as mobile devices.

Waze’s primary application is for anticipating potential dangers on the road.

It has an excellent user interface and provides drivers with a realistic road perspective and a unique method for using user-generated content.

12. Tachograph

Here’s Tachograph, a truck driver helper who can assist you in keeping an eye on foreign drivers’ work and rest schedules.

It gives you thorough instructions for all timers and operation modes.

This is a fantastic trucker app with an easy-to-use layout for all drivers.

This is one of the best Android apps for truck drivers, which, when utilized properly, prohibits going against the work and rest plan.

It also has a lot to offer, such as a handy logbook to keep track of all your shifts—you no longer need to use an old-fashioned notebook for this.

The Tachograph makes switching between work and rest modes simple.

Several buttons, like Driving, Work, Rest, and POA, correspond to their respective names.

If you require guidance, feel free to click on the question mark (?) icon. This trucker app supports most Android versions.

Thanks to its multilingual support, Tachograph is incredibly simple to use regardless of background.

The interface of this program is available in multiple languages, including Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

13. Trucker Tools

Overdrive is arguably the most reliable authority on trucking.

Thus, we can be certain that whatever program they design will be the greatest available.

Every function listed is present in the Trucker Tools app, along with many more that still need to be covered.

Trucker Tools contains everything a truck driver might need for a journey, including weight scales, truckstop guides, discussion forums for networking with other drivers, and even the popular Overdrive magazine subscription.

14. InTruck

One of the best Android apps for truck drivers is Intruck. With its robust site finder, you may effortlessly look out for new locations for your truck, such as truck parks and washes.

You can save time by filtering the website based on your location.

Saying which site is the least popular can be difficult because this app has so many options.

However, you can now filter websites by nation, giving thousands of young people worldwide a new avenue to pursue. It is becoming simpler to filter the available sites.

One intriguing thing about Intruck is its abundance of capabilities that might help you do more in less time when trucking.

Despite being accessible to users who have made reservations, it provides easy cashless payment and real-time updates on available space.

This application is really easy to use. Finding information and securing a reservation at the special parking system by SNAP is all that is required. Not to mention, with the app, you may make direct payments.

15. TNTruck

Last on our list of the best Android apps for truck drivers is TNTruck. The TNTruck app is credited with being a trucking insurance pioneer.

The owners and operators of trucks can use this app to quickly and easily obtain an estimate for trucking insurance.

Additionally, it will make managing drivers easier and provide you with constant access to account information and certifications.

That truck insurance likely gets simple, and you can download the insurance certificate whenever you like.

It also activates the features that allow managed units, easier renewals, and electronic signature access.

Everything that trucking firms like doing for individuals is brought to them. For the truck drivers, their trucks serve as both a second home and a means of transportation.

As the country moves toward a brighter future, the culture changes and calls for more drivers.

Let’s ensure everyone goes home safely and give them all the assistance they need with these best Android apps for truck drivers. 

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