12 Best Android Apps for Ultrasound

Best Android Apps for Ultrasound

Doctors rely on obstetric and gynecology ultrasound images to find problems in pregnant women’s reproductive organs, such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, or congenital disabilities.

The medical field relies heavily on ultrasound equipment to help detect and diagnose medical conditions that might otherwise be left undiagnosed. 

Ultrasounds are increasingly used in other medical fields, such as internal body scans.

More and more doctors are being trained to use this equipment to provide their patients with a non-invasive diagnostic tool that can identify abnormalities within the body.

While expecting your first child, it’s easy to be curious about what your baby looks like and how they grow.

You may think that the best way to get an ultrasound view of your baby is by visiting your doctor’s office, but there are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting the best android apps for ultrasound instead.

Ultrasound scanners can be expensive and time-consuming, so having your own at home allows you to check in on your baby whenever and as frequently as you want.

1. Baby Heartbeat Monitor, Pedometer, Water Reminder

The best android apps for ultrasound provide you with a great view of your baby. With technological advancements, 3D and 4D ultrasounds are now available to show off your baby in HD.

Options like the Baby Heartbeat Monitor can help you keep track of your baby’s health while ensuring all is well.

This app is a portable device that sends real-time data to your phone, allowing you to get peace of mind while traveling or if there’s an emergency.

Ultrasounds also make great ways to share your pregnancy with friends and family with options like Pedometer.

These best android apps for ultrasound take a selfie daily during pregnancy and creates a special video at birth that lets others see how much the mother has changed over time.

2. Advances in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology

While we are still in the early stages of prenatal and obstetric imaging, ultrasounds have significantly advanced over the past few decades.

These best android apps for ultrasound have opened up new opportunities to diagnose many conditions in babies before birth. 

There are several reasons why pregnant women should get regular ultrasounds, including checking for neural tube defects, monitoring growth and amniotic fluid levels, and evaluating fetal presentation.

Today’s ultrasound scans can be done transabdominal or transvaginally with newer machines, even producing 3D images!


3. BabyStemo for Stemoscope

One of the most common fetal heart monitoring tools is a Stemoscope, which emits a steady sound that can be monitored to detect changes in your baby’s heartbeat.

This usually sounds like lub-dub or lub-dup. Luckily, some great apps on the market that can assist you with detecting those changes in real time! 

Below are some excellent ultrasound apps for Android smartphones or tablets. Free Fetal BPM. These best android apps for ultrasound use your phone’s microphone to record an echo of your baby’s heart.

It provides a clear visual representation of these readings so you can track trends in patterns and monitor vital stats such as BPM, fetal activity, and placental type.

4. SONON Ultrasound App

There are a lot of applications in Google Play to make your ultrasound experience easier and more interactive.

SONON Ultrasound Application is just one of them, designed to give you an interface that resembles real-time scanning and lets you share with other mothers.

SONON Ultrasound App provides not only incredible 3D animated images but also two-dimensional pictures that take up less space on your phone’s memory. 

The goal is to make an ultrasound both informative and fun; these best android apps for ultrasound include details like measurements and counting ability, in addition to being user-friendly and great for mobility.

It is a no-brainer to download it on your phone for high-quality ultrasound features at home!

5. MediFile

These best android apps for ultrasound are excellent for a parent expecting a baby as it has a complete library of ultrasound images so you can view what your baby looks like at every stage in its development.

The library has more than 100,000 photographs and video clips, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Plus, if you have an ultrasound taken outside the hospital, this app will allow you to share that image with others easily! 

6. Deepscope Ultrasound Simulator

The Deepscope app turns your phone into an ultrasound scanner that uses augmented reality technology to give you and your partner a first-person view of your unborn baby.

The app is currently in its beta phase, so it’s unclear if all features will work on the phone or be optimized for new smartphones, but developers are releasing updates monthly with new features, such as tracking your baby’s growth week by week. Free!

7. Clarius Ultrasound App

Clarius is a lifesaver, and I am glad it was available to android users. Other apps can be downloaded and used with your phone, but these best android apps for ultrasound save time and money by allowing you to use the ultrasound device straight from the camera. 

Clarius is free, and they’re the best android apps for ultrasound applications that connect to a 3D/4D ultrasound machine and capture video.

Unlike other video applications, Clarius works offline, so there are no annoying loading screens. 

Plus, it’s simple to use and feels like you’re viewing a live video feed on your phone – as if you were sitting in front of the machine.

The app also lets you zoom into sections of the image, which is excellent for checking out specific body parts or close-ups.

If no ultrasound technician is available, Clarius allows you to get great views of your baby.

The best thing about Clarius is that there are so many ways you can see your baby–it will enable three-dimensional or four-dimensional images which show how a baby moves in their amniotic sac–it’s fantastic!

8. Welcome Baby 3D

Now there’s no excuse not to be prepared when your little one arrives. Start using Welcome Baby 3D today; they’ll feel right in front of you. It’s as easy as taking a selfie with your phone, but this time it’s for a baby soon to enter the world. 

These best android apps for ultrasound let parents take pictures from three angles and share them with friends and family.

The process is painless, quick, and produces fantastic results—that is how we want our children to come into this world!

9. Philips Lumify Ultrasound App

One of our favorite apps is Lumify from Philips, which has a 4.5-star rating and is the #1 medical app in the Google Play Store with over 1,000,000 downloads.

The Philips Lumify App is a free app designed to make it easier to find out what is happening inside your baby’s growing body.

You can use this ultrasound pregnancy app to track their development and movements in 3D, with 3D animations and videos. 

These best android apps for ultrasound lets you take 3D pictures and videos using your phone’s camera, which you can view at 360° with one hand.

In addition to ultrasound imagery, Lumify can help diagnose injuries like sprains and bruises thanks to its real-time swipe test feature, which detects abnormalities under your skin surface.

You’re even able to record a voiceover while doing a video or create baby books with one-touch access to social media sites where you can share these priceless memories. It’s clear why this app is so popular!

10. I’m pregnant – Pregnancy prank app

 The app is pretty simple, but it does its job well. It simulates what an ultrasound would feel like by using your phone’s microphone to create vibrations on the device. It’s an affordable way to see your baby’s appearance without going through an ultrasound. 

It’s not meant to be used as a replacement for an actual ultrasound, but it will give you a general idea of what your little one might look like.

One issue with these best android apps for ultrasound is that if you don’t know when your due date is set, then there isn’t much point in using it since the simulated images are dated from 40 weeks onwards.

11. UltraSound Detector

Your doctor or hospital likely has some machine called an ultrasound device. These best android apps for ultrasound are used to take pictures of your baby and can show you the shape, size, and other details about your baby.

The term ultrasound comes from combining two words-ultrasonic waves and sound. The sound waves are turned into images by bouncing them off whatever they’re aimed at (your baby).

Most people use a sonographer to produce these waves, but it is possible to do it manually if desired. The sonographer will usually have one hand on the probe as they move it around over your body while pressing buttons with their other hand. 

To make things easier, many manufacturers now offer portable machines which are smaller and lighter than ever before. If you want to see what kind of quality is available in such devices, then we recommend UltraSound Detector.

12. Baby-Scan App

My favorite is Baby-Scan, an ultrasound app that allows you to see your baby in different positions throughout its growth.

These best android apps for ultrasound make you feel like you are touching and interacting with your baby inside your phone or tablet. 

You can select what your gender is to get a better idea of how it would be during pregnancy, but you’ll still be able to tell a lot about how big they are and even see whether or not they are drinking breast milk and how much! There are so many neat features in this one that I recommend checking it out.


Beyond childbirth, ultrasounds are great for checking on your older children or yourself. The US uses ultrasound in various ways, from getting closer to an injury to checking on a baby’s brain growth.

That said, it’s essential to have access to quality imaging technology to pick up those details. So these are the 12 best android apps for ultrasound to help you get fantastic views of your little one!

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