13 Best Android Apps for Vlogging

Best Android Apps for Vlogging

The best android apps for vlogging share some characteristics, and they are all user-friendly for inexperienced users and loaded with many wonderful features.

You may combine the video clips stored on your phone and transform them into high-quality vlogs to upload to your YouTube channel with the assistance of a good vlog editing program.

In this article, we will look at the best android apps for vlogging you can download on your android phone. Let us dive in.

Best Android Apps for Vlogging

1. InShot

The InShot software provides users with a respectable number of photo editing tools and an extensive range of video editing choices.

You can quickly construct collages out of your images, and the program also has capabilities that allow you to edit audio so that you can add voiceovers and audio effects to your video blogs.

The best feature is that you can adjust a video’s aspect ratio in order to make it work flawlessly on Instagram.

However, to use all of the program’s features, you will need to acquire a subscription to the InShot Pro Unlimited version.

2. iMovie

Using iMovie to create a video blog is simple because all that is required is to Choose the video segments you want to include and then select a template that includes predefined title animations, background music, and transitions.

In addition, you have immediate editing capabilities for your videos within the Photos app by using the iMovie extension, and you can easily move projects between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or android phone.

iMovie allows you to share 4K files to your YouTube channel instantly. One of the best android apps for vlogging if you ever want to start a vlogging channel.

3. Anchor Videos

The movie-making tools built into the Anchor app allow you to turn any audio recording into a shareable video for social media. Despite its origins as a podcasting program, Users can use Anchor to make video blogs (vlogs).

In addition, you may use this app to record high-quality audio files using the microphone already integrated into your phone, or you can import audio files from any other app on your device and utilize them in your podcast using this app.

If you want to create vlogs that require a lot of narration, Anchor does not give a lot of video editing choices, but it can still be extremely useful for you to use.

4. Vizmato

If you decide to put the Vizmato app on your smartphone, you will be given access to your very own personal PRO HD video recorder. This recorder can customize the recorded footage with various filters, themes, and video effects.

Text and stickers may be added to videos with only a few taps using the app’s text editor, and the Wiztune collection provides access to more than 140 songs that do not require any licensing fee to be used, making it possible for you to select the music that will best accompany your vlogs.

In addition, you may easily share all of your vlogs on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or any other social network of your choosing with just the push of a button.

This app is one of the best android apps for vlogging that you can use to create amazing and memorable videos.

5. VidLab

The VidLab program allows you to import video files and upload still photographs, and you can then utilize those images to create stunning slideshows.

Because this application includes a comprehensive font library, you will have no trouble incorporating dynamic text overlays into your video blogs or presentation slideshows.

In addition, you can access a vast library of special effects and filters using VidLab. These effects include light leaks, snow and rain simulation, and many other effects.

However, if you use the free version of this software to create videos, those films will all have a watermark on them, and you will need to make a payment within the app in order to delete the watermark from videos that you export from VidLab.


6. FlimoraGO

When one quickly looks at the variety of video editing tools that Filmora GO makes available to its users, it becomes very obvious why this program is considered one of the best android apps for vlogging or vloggers wishing to edit their films using only their mobile devices.

Filmora GO is an app that vloggers cannot afford to ignore in 2019, as the picture-in-picture effect, the advanced color correction tools, and the program’s text animation features are just a few of the reasons why. But, However, my favorite aspect is that you can create a new video in as few as three simple steps.

You only need to select images or videos from the gallery on your mobile device, Facebook, or Instagram; select a theme; add background music and transitions to the video; and save the videos to your phone or share it on the social network of your choice.

7. Quik

Installing the Quik app on your phone is probably a good idea if you want to film your vlogs with a GoPro camera because action cam footage can be quite exciting and is very popular on social media.

You may quickly customize any movie you import into the program with one of the 23 available themes, each of which comes pre-loaded with its own set of transitions and visuals.

Using the exporting options provided by Quik, you may quickly and easily upload high-definition videos in 1080p or 720p resolution to your Facebook or Instagram account.

8. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto is particularly helpful in scenarios where you do not have much time to polish your vlog before posting it on social media because the software is driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which converts the video editing process into a semi-automatic process.

The only things left for you to do is to choose a Smart Editing style, select the still photographs or motion pictures that you want to include in your vlog, select some music to accompany it, and choose some music to accompany it.

One of the factors why Magisto is considered one of the best android apps for vlogging is because it allows users to share files with one another.

9. Adobe Premiere Rush

When it first came into existence in 2018, the Adobe Premiere Rush app was only compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad; however, an Android version of the program is now available.

This program is one of the best android apps for vlogging and only allows you to edit videos, but it also allows you to multiple scenes in high-definition quality.

In addition, you can overlay graphic elements over photos, add personalized titles, and enhance the colors in a video clip by using Adobe Premiere Rush’s timeline, which may include up to four video and three audio tracks simultaneously.

On the other hand, the free version of the app only includes a subset of the available functions, and in order to export an infinite number of movies each month, you will need to pay $9.99 per month for a subscription to the paid version of the app.

10. Splice

This tool, which has won multiple awards and is considered one of the best android apps for vlogging, has a wide variety of useful functions for editing video that can be applied in various settings, making it an ideal choice for creating video blogs.

You can quickly create films that play in slow motion, add transitions between two clips, and manage the speed during which one clip flows into another.

You can also add transitions between the two clips. This feature, which allows videos to be synced to the rhythm, can be utilized by users to generate an engaging and rhythmic vlog.

You can either save the video clip to your camera roll in resolutions up to 1080p HD or share your high-definition films on all of the most prominent websites on the internet.

11. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a free video-editing program that you can use to create entertaining videos that users can share on social media networks.

The user may combine, trim, cut film, and add various entertaining effects. Users are also able to add music and voiceovers to their projects with the use of this program.

There are many different kinds of special effects available in ViveVideo, such as glitches and transitions. In addition, TikTok users can produce videos with backgrounds that have blurry features using tools that are exclusive to this platform.

Users can effortlessly export their projects to all social networking networks when they have finished developing their projects.

In addition, VivaVideo includes a slideshow builder and a slow-motion movie maker in its arsenal of tools, making it one of the best android apps for vlogging if you want something extraordinary.

VivaVideo is the ideal video editing program for novices eager to experiment with various filters, stickers, and animation effects.

12. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a highly effective video editor that is compatible with all iOS-based products. The fact that this program comes packaged with video tutorials that cover both fundamental and advanced tools is, without a doubt, the product’s standout feature.

PowerDirector has not only the fundamental features but also a plethora of effects, animating titles, and transitions in addition to those fundamental features.

In addition, PowerDirector gives users the ability to make videos with a green screen background. Users have access to a free download of PowerDirector.

On the other hand, the commercial version enables users to export films in formats of up to 1080p and 4K, respectively, and remove watermarks and advertisements.

In addition, users can eliminate instability with a video stabilizer, which smoothes footage captured in outdoor conditions and allows users to transfer films to social media websites rapidly.

13. VideoShow

VideoShow is a video editor with multiple capabilities and widespread popularity among users.

The fact that even inexperienced users may make stunning films with this app is the feature of this software that people consider to be one of the best android apps for vlogging in terms of strength.

It can carry out all of the fundamental editing procedures and possesses a wide variety of tools used in professional editing.

In addition, various effects, including live dubbing, transitions, and trendy filters, are available to customize content videos.

In addition to that, they have the ability to make GIFs and stickers. Furthermore, users can enhance the appearance of their films by adding graphics and transitions with the help of VideoShow’s huge library, which has more than 50 different themes.

In addition, VideoShow provides customers with music that does not require payment for use, allowing them to enhance the audio component of their videos.


According to our research, the applications listed above are some of the best android apps for vlogging Some are particularly well-suited for editing YouTube videos.

Video material consumption has seen significant popularity growth over the past several years, and there is no basis for assuming that this pattern will change.

Apps designed specifically for editing vlogs will assist you in producing wonderful videos that your social media followers will adore seeing.

What is the Most Useful App for Creating Video Blogs?

Users can install a wide variety of software on either a mobile device or a desktop computer that users can use to edit videos. If you are working with an Android device, you can test out FilmoraGo for your video blogging needs.

Can I Create a Video Blog on My Phone?

You may create a video blog with your Android phone without a doubt. Moreover, you should be able to record, edit, and submit video blogs on your phone as of late because most smartphones come outfitted with high-quality cameras, and you can do so with the assistance of a few camera shot apps as well as video editing apps.

What Video Editing Software Do You Recommend for Vloggers?

No one answer is ideal in every circumstance for all people. I propose many pieces of editing software to vloggers at various phases of their careers. Pre-programmed video editing software, such as Windows 10 Photos or iMovie, is what I would suggest to people who are just starting in the video editing world and have no previous knowledge. Filmora is an excellent choice for individuals searching for a more robust editor because it provides users with a wide variety of editing tools and a wealth of resources and effects.

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