15 Best Android Apps for Whatsapp Users

Best Android Apps for Whatsapp Users

We all have WhatsApp installed on our Android smartphones, but what if I told you that you could improve and upgrade WhatsApp to be even better than it already is with the help of these best Android apps for WhatsApp users?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps today and arguably the best messaging app out there.

The app has undergone various updates and offers many new features, including group video calls, sticker support, and more. 

Even while WhatsApp comes with a lot of useful features out of the box, there are a few Android apps that improve it even further.

The Google Play Store has many Android applications integrated with WhatsApp to add more capabilities. 

Even while these apps’ primary functions vary, they can certainly fill any gaps WhatsApp leaves.

Check out some of the best Android apps for WhatsApp users listed below.  

1. Transcriber for WhatsApp 

We occasionally need to convert multiple WhatsApp voice messages into text.

Imagine you are without earphones in a crowded area like the metro—the Transcriber for WhatsApp steps in now.

The Android software converts the audio messages into text and displays them for you. 

2. Status Saver 

We all know that you may only view the WhatsApp status of a friend for 24 hours, and you cannot download it.

Sometimes your friend’s video and image status updates are significant to you or are something you should keep. 

Use the third-party Android app Status Saver for WhatsApp to download WhatsApp status more quickly and easily to solve this issue. 

You may download any WhatsApp status with a single swipe on the app. You can also choose to have the app download content automatically. 

The WhatsApp status Saver will also automatically preserve your most recent three days’ worth of statuses if you still need to. 

3. AutoResponder for Whatsapp  

AutoResponder is one of the best Android apps for Whatsapp users.

You might have set up auto-response for email clients using a third-party application or software. You may have used one for WhatsApp, though. 

So, if you’re searching for one, try the AutoResponder for WA. With AutoResponder for WA, you can configure an auto-response for messages sent by a specific contact or everyone, as the name implies. 

You should invest in the PRO edition of the app, which costs about $5 because the free version has several restrictions.

Since the program has little to no learning curve, you should start using it immediately after installation. 

4. Click to Chat 

You might find it annoying that WhatsApp requires you to add a phone number to your contacts list before you can text that number. If so, the Click to Chat app is unquestionably right for you. 

You don’t even need to add the number to your phone’s contacts—enter the needed number and hit “send.”

Additionally, the Click to Chat app offers this fantastic free feature. 

5. Multi Parallel 

Next on our list of best Android apps for Whatsapp users. Have you ever wished to use a single smartphone to manage many WhatsApp accounts? If so, you should try out Multi Parallel

With Multi Parallel, you can easily run an unlimited number of accounts for social networking apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, and others on a single smartphone. 

This software can manage multiple accounts and sign in to many accounts from a single smartphone. 

6. WtsAppy 

The Android software WtsAppy is required for WhatsApp users who want to save time and start a chat without adding a number to their contacts. 

To immediately begin chatting with any number from call records, go to call logs, choose an unsaved number, and select “Share >> WtsAppy.” 

Copying and pasting the phone number into the WtsAppy software lets you start a WhatsApp discussion instantly.

Additionally, WtsAppy has a special feature that allows you to make a WhatsApp link and send it to anyone you wish to contact on WhatsApp. Having a WhatsApp link is essential, especially if you own a business. 

7. WAMR 

Does it ever happen that someone sends you a WhatsApp message but deletes it before you can read it? With WAMR, you can restore those erased texts quickly and without loss.

This app is one of the best Android apps for Whatsapp users. 

The program, a workaround, uses the notification permission to store a duplicate of the message’s content as soon as it arrives on your smartphone. 

Additionally, WAMR can restore deleted photos and movies, but remember that it can only do so when the media has fully downloaded to your smartphone. 

The app can also retrieve audio notes, GIFs, and stickers in addition to those features. Overall, WAMR is a great WhatsApp app that you may utilize to your benefit. 

8. Norton App Lock 

You can lock your apps and safeguard your privacy with the Norton App Lock app.

The app is easy to use; choose the apps you want to lock and create a personalized PIN, Password, or Pattern lock for security. 

Almost every program, including Android’s WhatsApp, may be locked. In addition to locking WhatsApp, it may lock Google Photos, YouTube, Google Drive, and other apps. 

Therefore, you must utilize the Norton App Lock app to ensure everyone can see your WhatsApp conversations. 

9. Sticker Maker

Number nine on our list of best Android apps for Whatsapp users is Sticker Maker.

It is a necessary Android app for WhatsApp users who enjoy creating and sending customized stickers on WhatsApp. 

With the help of Sticker Maker, you can develop your WhatsApp sticker packs that you can use to convert any memes, images, or any other photos from your phone into stickers. 

10. SKEDit 

A WhatsApp message scheduler is called SKEDit. With SKEDit, scheduling a WhatsApp message only requires a few easy actions. It’s a rather simple software with no secret restrictions. 

You will be presented with several apps that you can use the service with as soon as you install and start the app. Select WhatsApp, then sign in with your WhatsApp account. 

When you do that, you’ll be directed to a page where you may quickly schedule a message. You may download SKEDit for nothing, so make sure to have a look. 

Additionally, the program runs entirely on autopilot (unless you specify that you want it to prompt you before delivering a scheduled message). 

11. MediaCrop 

Next on our list of the best Android apps for Whatsapp users is MediaCrop.

If you’ve used WhatsApp for some time, you may know that the app shortens and crops the image before posting. 

As a result, the MediaCrop application automatically increases the image’s size to the maximum permitted without distorting it. 

Using this photo-editing program, you can crop pictures to make them fit your social network profiles.

Additionally, manual rotation and size adjustments are supported. 

12. Notifly 

Unlike WhatsApp, the Notifly app provides a more convenient way to receive and respond to notifications. 

You can start conversations in chat heads or bubbles similar to those in Facebook Messenger and reply to messages without switching between apps

It has a fairly straightforward design and enables discussion without interfering with other activities. 

Other messaging apps supported by the app include Telegram, Line, Hangouts, Skype, VK, Tango, Twitter, GroupMe, textPlus, Textra, ChompSMS, and QKSMS, as well as Facebook, Google Messenger, Plus Messenger, Gmail, and Inbox. 

13. VidStatus 

VidStatus may be the best app if you’re looking to download WhatsApp video statuses.

Using this app, you may edit, view, and download popular WhatsApp Statuses. 

The app is needed for WhatsApp users and is well-liked on the Google Play Store. 

14. Files by Google 

On the surface, media files seem fine, but you might quickly run out of room if your smartphone doesn’t have more capacity. 

It is also exhausting to carefully pick and delete photographs and videos from numerous contacts to free up space.

You can utilize the Files by Google app, which employs cutting-edge algorithms to find unwanted media files from WhatsApp. 

The detection was very good during my testing, and I caught all of the low-resolution photos and videos.

Additionally, you can quickly remove the files to free up space on your smartphone. 

To be clear, utilize the Files by Google app if you want to remove unwanted media from WhatsApp without a doubt. 

15. CropShop 

Last on our list of best Android apps for Whatsapp users is CropShop.

For everyone still holding out for the day when WhatsApp would permit non-square images to be used as profile pictures, CropShop is an absolute must. 

With the help of CropShop, you may modify your favorite photos and add a blurred background to give them a square shape rather than cropping them to fit as WhatsApp profile pictures.

CropShop is our go-to app to save the day until WhatsApp releases a fix. Before sharing your images, you can make simple changes and add beautiful filters. 

With the help of these apps, you can now do things like add more security, schedule messages, set up an auto-reply, use bubble replies, add additional stickers, and send uncropped profile images that WhatsApp may have previously not offered. 

These are the best Android apps every WhatsApp user needs. These applications will undoubtedly enhance and improve your WhatsApp messaging experience. 

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