19 Best Android Apps for Writers to Use Right Now

Best Android Apps for Writers
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Increase your productivity with the list of best android apps for writers compiled for you.

When authors would scribble their ideas on a rough piece of paper with a pen and ink on the side, they were long gone.

Now that technology has advanced, the cell is replacing the stylus and paper.

The finest and fastest ways to jot down thoughts, notes, and blogs right now are through apps for PCs, cellphones, and tablets. 

There are many different types of writers. Others produce technical documents, while others write novels, and bloggers like myself write blog articles.

In addition, there are speechwriters, screenwriters, satirists, lyricists, playwrights, and poets. We all use similar tools, which is weird.

Although some people prefer typewriters over digital word processors, it’s still helpful to have such devices on hand if inspiration strikes and you want to jot something down.

By the way, a Bluetooth keyboard performs better than a software keyboard with most of these. 

Here are the best android apps for writers: 

1. Evernote 

One of the best android apps for writers is Evernote. Evernote is, without a doubt, one of the most downloaded apps for Android.

You may record nearly anything with this software, including notes, photos, movies, and even your voice.

You may use it to take notes, pin pictures, make lists of things to do, and set audio reminders, so you remember everything.

The best part is that it will sync all your notes to your PC or tablet in a flash, saving you a tiny amount of time.

Evernote offers free storage up to a certain quantity. Of course, paying more will get you more room. 

2. Google Drive/ Google Docs  

Google Drive is a capable online office program. It includes Google Docs as a word processor, Google Drive (or Google One) as cloud storage, and Google Keep as a note-taking tool. These apps are fantastic for writers.

A novel, screenplay, etc., can be stored in Google Docs because it is robust and spacious enough. For my use, I use it to write the script for YouTube videos.

Thanks to Google Drive, a platform for cloud storage, you access your writing on a computer, phone, or any other device with an Internet connection. 

Last but not least, Google Keep is a good, free note-taking program where you can store thoughts and tidbits. Everything is integrated with Google Drive.

You get 15GB of free Google Drive storage and free apps. If you require more space, the subscription fees cover it. 

3. SpringPad 

Springpad is one of the best android apps for writers. With its incredibly user-friendly layout, this award-winning app enables you to write notes, create to-do lists, record voice reminders, and search for items, movies, and locations.

Additionally, you can utilize the built-in web clipper to store items from the Internet and use the barcode scanner inside the program to look up product data. It’s creative and exquisite, something that would advance your work. What’s best is that it’s free. 

4. Grammarly Keyboard 

The best method to write something is to use something other than a virtual keyboard. However, it does happen occasionally.

A good keyboard app for writers is Grammarly Keyboard. Simple tasks like spelling auto-correction are performed by it.

Additionally, the program aids in grammar. When it detects a grammar error, it alerts you and corrects it.

Now, in many cases, words are chosen for specific purposes, while some characters use poor grammar when speaking.

Even so, having a keyboard with these features is convenient. A keyboard might not be required since most people use a Chromebook or Bluetooth keyboard. 

5. Notepad 

Next on our list of best android apps for writers is Notepad. Easy, becomes more accessible. SE You can quickly and easily make and edit notes with the help of a straightforward, lightweight program called Notepad. Try this clever app to discover the pure joy of writing on Android!

It has several pre-installed themes, and you can customize the font style and size, add a note to the home screen, back up and restore your files, sync your data, and even password-protect it. It also comes with a variety of pre-installed themes. Also accessible is Notepad. 

6. LivingWriter 

A more recent writing tool for Android devices and the Internet is called LivingWriter. It assists authors in organizing storylines and stories using boards and templates instead of a word processor.

Several outline templates for well-known story frameworks like the Hero’s Journey are also included in Living Writer. It works well for both novels and short stories. A 14-day free trial is available without a credit card. 

7. JotterPad 

For authors, there is an app called JotterPad. It is another one of the best android apps for writers. It provides a wide range of features for things like books, scripts, and other kinds of writing work that are similar. Additionally, the app has a no-distraction mode to help you focus.

Other features include support for cloud storage, a dark way, a word counter, Markdown support, and typewriter-style scrolling. 

Additionally, split-screen support is available, but only on Chromebooks and tablets. The free version comes with most of the features.

While the $14.99 option unlocks everything, a single $5.99 purchase adds a few extra things. A $0.99 per month option is also available for cloud storage support. 

8. Microsoft Word, One Drive 

Google Drive and Microsoft Office both function similarly. It is a complete office suite that is accessible from all of your devices.

Everyone is already familiar with Microsoft Word. Microsoft OneDrive enables cross-device work synchronization, while OneNote is an excellent note-taking app.

Because Microsoft Office has native desktop apps for Windows, we prefer it a little more. That’s a thoughtful addition if you need more power for something on your computer.

The desktop apps do require an Office 365 subscription to be obtained. You can use Word on the web for free using the free version.

We also admire Microsoft’s policy of letting customers purchase the entire Microsoft Office package for just $119.99.  

9. FreeNote  

Next on our list of best android apps for writers is FreeNote. FreeNote, one of the most popular note-taking applications on the Android Market, offers a novel solution by fusing manual handwriting and keyword typing.

The app’s adaptable features are a big hit with users. Using this program, you can even create illustrations.

The other features are a to-do list, calendar, alarm, voice, photo, and video capabilities. Stylus pens and this software work together flawlessly. 

10. Novelist 

For, well, novelists, Novelist is a free writing application. It provides several functions for plotting, writing, setting up, and exporting novels or short stories.

That features a chronology for each of the numerous significant scenes in your book. The program also offers connectivity for Google Drive, multiple formatting options, a robust book preview tool, and a text editor that is above average.

Microsoft Word or Google Docs, for example, offer more features. However, the additional novel specific features and the fact that this app is entirely free to make it worthwhile for consideration. If it helps, we also like the Material Design UI. 

11. Writer 

The Writer is one of the best android apps for writers. The Writer is another noteworthy Android app.

James Mcminn created a word processor with a simple UI that is incredibly slick. The program also offers a statistics view and markdown support.

If we were given a chance to work on developing the Writer app, we wouldn’t dare add anything because it is so plain and uncluttered. And the part we like best? It’s yours, and it’s free! 

12. Pure Writer 

This software is perfect if you like to keep things simple. The features are simple to use, which reduces the learning curve. Pure Writer is one of the best android apps for writers.  

There is little to distract you from staying focused. There are choices for paragraph and line spacing, a dark mode, and saving your papers as you write. 

To ensure that your work is saved, it prompts you to keep your document before locking your phone. Even if you mistakenly delete your work, you can recover it using the history option. 

13. Mindjet 

The fundamental rule of becoming a top-notch writer has a clearly defined organizational structure for one’s thoughts. Thoughts are frequently elusive.

It is one of the best android apps for writers. Thus, sketching out your ideas before writing them down is essential.

A free app called Mindjet offers mapping capabilities like notes, links, colors, and numerous icons to make your task easier. Therefore, before actually writing down those initial ideas, prepare and organize them. 

14. Writer Plus 

One of the most well-liked writing apps for almost everything is Writer Plus. Headers, rich text formatting, undo and redo, keyboard macros, a night mode, support for right-to-left text, and tools like Word and character counts are just a few of the capabilities it has for that kind of thing.

We enjoy that there is little in the way of writing, thanks to the simple navigation and minimal user interface.

A simple guide on how to use everything is also included. It’s not cumbersome like you see with Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

However, starting to type right away is incredibly simple and quick. The app is also completely free and ad-free. If you wish to contribute to development, you can buy in-app items. 

15. iA Writer 

Next on our list of best android apps for writers is iA Writer. Android users will find iA Writer to be a simple, intuitive writing tool that is simple to use and pick up. 

It’s a simple app that eliminates any interruptions so you can concentrate on your creative work. You can dim the entire screen in Focus Mode, save for the line you are working on. 

Additionally, Markdown is supported, making it simple to write HTML. A bright and dark theme is available in iA writer, which also syncs to Dropbox. 

You can use the app to indicate weak verbs, words that repeat themselves, grammatical problems, and more. 

16. Winter Tools  

Another good writing app with some helpful features is called Writer Tools. Although this one contains a word processor, the other capabilities stand out.

You can lay out timelines and chapters, develop new settings for your characters, and house other ideas in addition to creating characters.

A space for quarterly goals is included so that you can attempt to adhere to a writing plan. Additionally, if you wish to check your writing consistency, there is a progress log.

You can do a single assignment for nothing (with ads). You need to subscribe to work on numerous projects, add photographs, and eliminate adverts. However, we don’t believe the subscription service is worth the cost, so we advise staying away. 

17. Google Keep 

Next on our list of best android apps for writers is Google Keep. A decent writing app in a pinch is Google Keep, a form of dedicated notebook for Android devices. It’s something akin to Evernote light. 

While on the road, you can use it to take notes, write down ideas, and complete outlines. The writing app you have with you when you need it is ultimately the best. I wouldn’t use it to write anything lengthy, but I would use it for research.  

18. Kindle 

Reading excellent content constantly requires writers to hone their craft and expand their imagination. And what better way to accomplish that than by using Kindle?

You can search for, download, and read your favorite books on your smartphone and tablet using Kindle for Android.

Additionally, you may use Amazon’s cloud storage to transfer all of your Kindle books to your desktop. You can bookmark pages and highlight them later in writing on Kindle for Android. Of course, the books are not free, but the software is. 

19. Spell Checker  

Last on our list of best android apps for writers is Spell Checker. Perfect grammar and vocabulary are unquestionably traits of the best writers. It is one of the best android apps for writers. However, they could be more flawless.

They do make a lot of mistakes. There is always a remote chance that one’s work will occasionally contain typos. Because of this, writers constantly need to edit and proofread their work.

With the Spell Checker app, you can now check your work on the move. You can run your material through a grammar and spelling check to ensure it is error-free. Additionally, you can enter text through voice recording.  

There are many different types of writing tools available today. Some are designed specifically for writers, while others are meant to be used by anyone who needs to create or edit documents.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to organize your thoughts or a tool to help you improve your writing skills, these top 19 writing apps should provide everything you need. 

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