18 Best Android Apps for Youtubers

Best Android Apps for Youtubers
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If you’re in the YouTube community, you know how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends. And technologies to help your channel grow and succeed.

While there are a lot of great apps out there designed specifically with YouTubers in mind, finding them can be hard. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best android apps for YouTubers so that you have the best tools at your fingertips!

Read on to discover what we found to be the best to help you grow your YouTube channel.

1. HedgeCam2: Advance Camera App

HedgeCam2 is a fantastic app to use as a camera app on an android device. It’s one of the best android apps for YouTubers.

The interface is very easy to use, and you can always record while shooting video by tapping the icon on the bottom of the screen.

One great thing about this app is that you can edit in post-production. So if you want your shot moved up or down, it can be done.

If you want to change the zoom, just drag your finger on the screen, and the shot will get bigger or smaller accordingly.

And in terms of its performance, HedgeCam2 does well in low light with bright colors. Making excellent scenery shots even during nighttime hours.

This camera does not offer a lot of fancy effects like bokeh, but it’s easy enough to do in Photoshop anyway.

2. Legend – Animated Text: Intro Maker 

A Photoshop design could be amazing or a disaster, but with these awesome Adobe XD apps, it’s so much better. It’s like a PhotoShop video maker. You can do anything literally, and the quality is great!

It feels like an app that was made just for us YouTube creators. And they have some features you might not know about.

This app has 25 animated style templates and text effects which would be perfect for any intro we need. 

The coolest part is that you can change the colors of your designs. As well as add text in different fonts/textures without having to switch between applications.

I find this useful because sometimes I need to add a logo or watermark at the end of my videos, which takes up too much time when I’m trying to post quickly.

3. VidIQ App

One of the best android apps for YouTubers, it gives you real-time insights into your most popular videos and viewers. So you can get a feel for what the community likes, another great app that I recommend is VidIQ.

And the best part about this app is that it provides an easy-to-understand breakdown of your videos. Most popular keywords and search terms allow creators to understand their target audience better and optimize their content.

Also, VidIQ provides reports on the top searches that drive traffic and views to the channel. To see which content to double down on to get more eyes on.

With VidIQ’s wide range of features, creators can easily explore new ways of reaching audiences who may not be aware of them.

4. Pixel flow – Intro Maker And Text Animator 

Pixel flow is a free video intro and text animator app that helps you create a professional look for your videos.

This app has helped me make more professional-looking content as someone who makes videos. With Pixel flow, you have everything from animations and effects to customizable fonts.

However, one downside of the app is that there are limited templates. But it allows you to customize templates from other apps overall if you’re a content creator on YouTube looking for an app that will help with editing graphics.

And also, creating intros for your channel, Pixel flow should be one of the first things on your list! This is one of the best Android apps by Google for YouTubers.

5. Snapseed 

This app is one of the best Android apps for YouTubers. It enhances their thumbnail-like color and contrast, mainly for fonts.

With this free app, you can change the font size, color, and background of your YouTube thumbnails. It is a very simple app with few features, but it does what it needs to do well!

Fonts are perfect and allow you to tweak the design just how you want it! However, you might need another photo editing app to make small adjustments if you don’t want your whole thumbnail as black text on white or grayed-out space.

6. Smart Voice Recorder  

The competition is fierce in an age where everyone has a smartphone, and anyone can create an account on YouTube.

Anyone can be a YouTuber, but many fail to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of the site. One app to stand out from the crowd is Smart Voice Recorder.

As one of the best Android apps for YouTubers, it allows high-quality and longtime sound recording. This app takes over any other recorder apps. It records high-quality audio (important for video tutorials) and has a timer option. 

So you don’t need to stop and start recording constantly. A lock screen widget lets you easily activate your recording while using your phone daily.

7. DU Screen Recorder  

DU Screen Recorder is a perfect app to record your screen footage and convert it into video content. The best part about this app is that you can also edit videos. It allows you to remove unnecessary video parts, add transitions, and even use green screens.

It has been rated 4.6 stars by users on Google Play Store. You can manage your recordings with the floating button that lets you show or hide the controls.

When editing, you can crop the video size and select a background color, among many other options available in this app. 

Another important feature of DU Screen Recorder is its real-time broadcasting options. So you don’t have to manually upload your recorded footage to YouTube when recording gameplay or doing live streaming! It’s one of the best Android apps for YouTubers.


8. Canva App  

Canva is an excellent design app for YouTubers to create Thumbnails and other banners and posters. It’s very easy to use and perfect for all your needs.

There are many tools, such as text, shapes, layers, and fonts, that you can use with different artboard sizes to create your project.

The layout tool has over one hundred layouts. This will give you a quick idea of the end result with different backgrounds, photos, or textures. With over 2 million downloads, this app should be on the top of any YouTuber’s list!

And Canva has simplified the graphic design process, so making high-quality designs at home has never been easier.

With this app, you can share your work on social media and start turning those likes into followers that can help grow your channel.

Plus, plenty of tutorials are available so that you won’t feel lost in unfamiliar territory. Use the Canva App today and take advantage of some awesome free templates while they last!

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app is useful for video editing videos on a mobile phone and provides the best features, such as trimming, rotating, and combining clips.

Adobe Premiere Clip also has various tools, including graphics and music editors. Another great feature of this app is that it can be used with other Creative Cloud apps.

However, there are some drawbacks to Adobe Premiere Clip. For example, it only exports one file at a time, so it takes a long time to finish your work. In addition, there are no filters or special effects that you can use in this app.

But they are available in other apps such as FilmoraGo or Kinemaster Pro. Adobe premiere clip is one of the best Android apps for YouTubers. 

10. Voice Memo App 

With so many useful apps out there, it can be tough to decide which ones to download and use. But fear not, we’ve researched for you, and this is what we found. Phone Memo, it’s one of the best Android apps for YouTubers.

Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of recording a video and get an idea that will make your next video great. It’s really tempting to forget about your phone to write down all those good thoughts that have popped into your head. 

But with this app, instead of having to keep track of your pen while shooting a vlog or solo filming a long-form video on YouTube. You can take screenshots and record voice memos right from your device.

11. Open Camera  

Open Camera is one of the best and most popular camera apps available, and it’s one of the best Android apps for YouTubers.

It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Allowing you to focus on taking great pictures rather than playing with buttons.

In addition, it can also take videos, making it even more useful as a camera app. It allows you to save photos or videos in various different formats. Giving you lots of options depending on what you want your end result to be.

Plus, it’s free! If you’re looking for the perfect camera app to use on your phone for YouTubing. Open Camera should be near the top of your list.

12. OTP Auth 

OTP Auth is a web-based app that lets you exchange contacts or business cards with others in a second.

Once the contract has been exchanged, each person has the other’s number stored as an OTP Auth to make it easier to reach out next time. It’s not just for exchanging phone numbers, either.

You can use it to share Twitter handles, Skype IDs, and even Facebook profiles. You can create your own business card for free here.

You can add a link to your YouTube channel at the bottom of your profile if you’re looking for extra views.

That way, when people follow someone on OTP Auth, they’ll be notified of any new videos uploaded by the user they followed.

The app’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. So it should be an instant favorite among YouTubers looking for ways to connect with potential viewers.

13. YouTube Creator Studio 

One of the best Android apps for YouTubers is the YouTube Creator Studio App, which is a way to create your own videos.

It has various features and options, such as adding captions, changing camera angles, and so much more.

This app shows your audience something you are talking about in the description box and then turns on captions.

This will help show the visual representation of what you are trying to say. This might be helpful if you have a specific point you want your viewers to see or hear. 

Also, this app helps connect with other YouTube creators with live streams and making video messages while on the go or away from home. This is just one of the best android apps for YouTubers.

14. Tubebuddy App

Sign up for Tubebuddy to get a clean and simple, customizable layout. You can watch your new video on the app in full replay mode when your new video goes live. It also lets you add hashtags to your video, so make sure to use them wisely.

This way, when people search on those hashtags and find your video, they can check out the rest of your content! After all, if you want followers who are really interested in what you’re doing. They need to feel like they’ve hit the jackpot.

It is great because it helps you promote your videos while letting viewers share their opinion on whether or not they like them and why.

Some features include downloading videos to watch offline later and being able to upload subtitles right onto the screen.

A favorite feature among many is seeing the statistics of each video so that you know how many views, likes, dislikes, shares, etc., each video has had at any given time period.

The app has its own chrome extension, which helps you find low-volume keywords to make a video on that topic. A browser extension will also show stats about a keyword before you put in any effort at all.

15. Keyword Planner

This app will help you develop ideas for what to blog about using the Google Keyword Tool. You just enter a few keywords, and the app will provide you with helpful information about these keywords.

Including related words, how often the keyword is searched, and how competitive it is in terms of the number of competing websites.

What’s even more awesome is that this data comes from Google. It’s amazing because people might want to find more information on a particular topic. But they may not know what keywords to use.

Also, this app could be used as a research tool while creating YouTube videos or trying to come up with new content. Makes it one of the best Android apps for YouTubers available.

16. Instagram

Instagram is a lot more than just a photo-sharing app. It’s actually one of the best video-editing tools on any mobile platform. And a central point for planning your feed and ensuring your content is always looking fresh. 

Also, Instagram offers a powerful keyword planner for videos that lets you research what people are searching for on YouTube. And explore related keywords you might want to use in your next upload.

The app lets you type any term into the search bar. So if you’re looking for new inspiration or want to start building an audience with your personal brand, this is a great tool to take advantage of. Definitely one of the best Android apps for YouTubers.

17. TechSmith fuse

Techsmith fuse is a screen recording app for YouTubers. It’s one of the best Android apps for YouTubers.

This software allows you to record, capture, and edit screen activity from Mac OS X or Windows computers.

It provides a whole suite of editing tools and time-saving features that will help you create professional videos on the fly. 

With it, you can easily record gameplay videos while simultaneously recording live commentary audio. If you make a mistake while recording your video, it’s not too late to redo it!

And if one hour of recording isn’t enough, no problem! TechSmith capture has the ability to hot-swap or seamlessly continue an unfinished recording session without interrupting your flow or quality.

18. Filmora

Filmora is one of the best tools for editing, sharing, and recording videos on the go. You can do everything from color correction to audio track cutting on your phone. Making it easy to export your project to YouTube without much work.

Also, you can switch back and forth between editing and playing or recording a video with a voiceover. Making it easy to update social media for your business.

The only downside to this app is that you have to pay to save edited videos. But this is a great option if you’re looking for an efficient way to edit and share content while traveling.

It has royal free stock media soundtracks available for use and background soundtracks perfect for when you want to start streaming without any music.

Other features include pre-made templates, smooth transitions and filters, motion graphics like time-lapse mode, and zooming and tilting effects. 

In addition, an easy-to-use interface is what really sets filmora apart from other similar apps. After saving a video with filmora, it saves all of the original clips. So there’s no need to worry about creating duplicates of your media when uploading.


If you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel but don’t know where to start, check out this list of the best Android apps for YouTubers and see if they will help you take your channel to the next level.  

There are many great Android apps out there to help you make better content and get more views on YouTube.

Here are the best Android apps for YouTubers, along with what each one does and why you should use it as part of your strategy to grow your channel.

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