16 Best App Lockers for Android

Best App Lockers for Android

Looking for the best app lockers for Android? Smartphones have become a necessity, and as a result, they hold a large amount of sensitive data. As a result, it is now vital to keep data more secure.

You may have encountered instances where you needed to share your phone with people for various reasons.

It could be to show them photographs or to make a phone call. However, because of personal data, you are hesitant to hand over your phone to others.

To address such scenarios, we developed certain programs that would lock your vital apps so that no one may access them.

So this article is solely for the best app lockers for Android that you may utilize in 2023.

Best App Lockers for Android

1. AppLock – Fingerprint Password

Among the best app lockers for Android is AppLock-Fingerprint Password, which functions like a password but instead uses your fingerprint as the password. You can protect your phone’s apps using a password, a pattern, or both.

With AppLock, you can protect your privacy and your phone by locking Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram, among many others.

You can conceal images and videos with AppLock. Ads support this free Android lock software.

2. LOCX App Lock

You can lock apps, private images, secret films, text messages, and much more with LOCX, making it one of the finest app locks and photo vaults for Android users. The best app lockers for Android are just a download away.

Using the app’s excellent lock security feature, you can keep your Android safe and your personal information protected at all times.

You don’t have to hide your phone if you only want to conceal a sensitive app. With a personalized lock screen and background, you can select a pattern or a PIN as your preferred passcode.

The most secure picture safe lets you encrypt and conceal your most private photos and documents behind a password or pattern. Therefore, your personal photos and information are safe when using this software.

Charming lock screen wallpapers created by prominent designers are plentiful. Outstanding, they are.

In “LOCX App lock,” go to “Side nav” > “Themes” to access the most up-to-date selection of lock screen themes and wallpapers.

LOCX is the finest free app locker for Android users because of its many customization options.

3. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

Only a few people use the app locker, and it’s easy to see why. Despite its dated user interface, it boasts several useful and innovative capabilities.

In addition to the standard app locking features, App Locker lets you set up unique lock configurations for each individual app.

Fingerprint authentication can be set as the default lock system for one app. In contrast, a pattern lock can serve that purpose for another.

In addition, you can choose a crash cover, delay the app from automatically relocking, and more under the app’s settings. It’s ad-supported, but the interruptions can be removed if you upgrade to the paid version of the app locker.

Gallery, messaging, social media, and email apps are what you can secure with a fingerprint, pin, pattern, or crash screen, thanks to AppLock.

If you wish to protect your privacy on Android, you should use this app locker. Suppose someone tries to access your password-protected apps without the correct passcode.

In that case, AppLock can take a picture of them using your phone’s front-facing camera and display it the next time you launch the app.

AppLock employs two locking engines: the standard engine, which is fast, and the “Improved” engine, which is both powerful and light on your device’s power supply.

4. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe protects your private photographs and videos with a combination of passwords, biometric verification, and military-grade encryption.

When protecting private media on an Android device, Keepsafe is one of the best options.

Keepsafe is a picture vault that encrypts your photographs and videos and helps you conserve storage space on your phone, among other privacy-enhancing features.

In the following paragraphs, I will describe how this program functions and how to use fingerprint locking on Android. Some basic procedures you must follow.

To add media to your Keepsafe Photo Vault, access your phone’s gallery and tap the desired files. Suppose you want to avoid your imported photographs and videos being visible to the public.

In that case, you can remove them from your phone’s gallery without losing access to them in your Keepsafe Photo Vault.

You can protect your private information by using a password, a pattern, or even your fingerprint. To that end, it’s one of the best app lockers for Android that uses fingerprint recognition.

Photos and movies can be synchronized among many gadgets. Your encrypted private cloud may do this by synchronizing your media files across your gadgets.

You can back up your images and videos in case your phone is lost or broken, and you need to retrieve them.

5. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

Regarding cutting-edge face and voice biometrics technologies, no software compares to AppLock by Sensory.

This program simplifies protecting sensitive information by locking specific apps on your mobile device. As such, it can be considered an Android face unlock app.

With AppLock installed, only you can access your private data, social media, financial apps, accounts, and the phone’s settings.

All of your encrypted apps can be accessed by you (and only you) by using your face and voice as biometric keys.

Let me now describe the operation of this mobile app. AppLock by sensory will open a window, scan your face, and listen for your voice to say your secret unlock code whenever you launch a secured app.

The locked app will immediately open when AppLock’s sophisticated facial and voice biometrics verify either your face or voice (or both).

AppLock uses cutting-edge, deep-learning algorithms to guarantee that no one else can access your data.

Over time, AppLock will learn your face and use that knowledge to unlock the app more quickly and securely. This software will become more trustworthy the more you rely on it.

AppLock doesn’t have any ads, and it’s free. Rather than risk losing access to your apps, install AppLock and lock them away safely.

Privacy and security for text messages, emails, social media accounts, banking apps, and more can be set up in seconds.

6. Finger Security

If you have an Android device, FingerSecurity is among the best app lockers for Android you can get. This is due to the extensive set of functions it offers.

This feature-rich program lets you lock apps with a fingerprint and utilizes enhanced protection mechanisms to hide app and data components from view on the current display.

An additional layer of protection is provided to forestall unwanted program removal.

Besides providing the ability to customize the appearance of the fingerprint indicator and the time delay before apps need to be relocked, the app also lets you set a time-out.

The free version of finger security has some serious limitations. The Premium edition, which may be purchased, adds customization options, including changing the lock page’s background color.

As an added bonus, the paid version includes tools to designate secure zones, monitor for intruders, simulate an accident, and more.

This app has many exciting new features, but I ran into some speed issues, so users should be aware of that.

7. MaxLock – Xposed App Locker

Maxlock is a free and open-source Android app locker. It doesn’t cost anything because it’s open source. The app’s interface is straightforward and straightforward to use.

It avoids using a polling service in favor of a quick and light alternative: event recognition. The most notable aspect of this software is that, in contrast to other app locks, it does not contain bloatware, meaning that it does not take up unnecessary space on your phone’s memory or cause other apps to malfunction.

Maxlock supports various locking methods, including password/pin/pattern/fingerprint/knock code.

Knock Code is a feature that lets you open any program by tapping on a specific region of the display. In terms of personalization, MaxLock is an excellent program.

Additionally, the MaxLock is the only app on our list that allows you to set a different locking type and password for each app.

In addition, Maxlock has a capability that can falsely crash any app if it detects an attempt to access the protected app or remove the protection.

You can also disable or remove the recent thumbnails of your locked applications, and you can conceal notifications. It would be best if you gave it a shot because it’s one of the greatest locker applications out there.

8. App Lock (TOH Talent Team):

TOH Talent Team’s App Lock is a compact that people consider an Android security solution that protects personal information with a passcode or a pattern.

Its high level of security measures is rendered in an easy-to-use package. People refer to it as a “super app lock” because of how well it safeguards your data and software from unauthorized use.

The app’s major goal is protecting your personal information and the security of your mobile device. Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram are just some apps it can secure.

Private media like images and videos can be safeguarded behind App Lock. Photos and videos protected by the App lock will disappear from the gallery and be accessible only from the private storage space.

This app lock is great for parents since it prevents their children from changing their phones’ settings. Your personal safety and privacy will be protected by this fantastic app.

9. Secret App Lock For Android

When it comes to Android locker apps, Secret AppLock is among the best app lockers for Android.

Use a password, pattern lock, or fingerprint to keep unwanted eyes out of your apps with this privacy barrier. It’s a simple passcode app lock that will keep your apps secure.

Protect your gallery, contacts, email, SMS, photo, and any other app on your Android device with the secret app lock.

The compact app won’t require much storage space on your mobile device. Different paths have been predetermined for you to take.

App lock fingerprint has the option to toggle the sound on and off. The Secret AppLocker also has a feature that will prevent incoming calls and a tool that will keep you from visiting any potentially dangerous websites.

There are fewer bugs in this version of the software, making it more desirable.

10. App Lock Pro (Eywin Apps)

The AppLock Pro app locker is one of the best app lockers for Android among those offered by Google Play.

This program helps you keep unwanted users from accessing your other apps. The app’s major goal is to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of our apps.

Apps like Messenger, photo galleries, WhatsApp, and so on that contain sensitive information can be password-, fingerprint-, pattern-, or knock-code-locked.

It’s also worth noting that if an unauthorized user tries to access your protected app, App Lock Pro will snap a photo using your selfie camera and store it in your gallery.

For added protection, you can enable a feature that displays a bogus error message if a protected program is launched. It’s a safe and reliable app that you should try out.

11. App Lock – Awesome App Locker

When it comes to safety, the Awesome App Locker has you covered. One of the safest apps available in the Google Play store.

Therefore, if you value privacy and don’t want strangers accessing your private apps, you should immediately get App Lock – Awesome App Locker.

This app locker has the simplest, most user-friendly, and easiest-to-use interface for protecting your privacy and personal apps.

It has also received a lot of positive reviews on the Play Store. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of personalization choices.

Passwords and patterns can be modified at any time. I recommend installing these apps if you own an Android device.

12. Norton App Lock

Norton is one of the best app lockers for Android when it comes to companies that create antivirus software.

An important piece of software for keeping your device clear of viruses is Norton AntiVirus.

On the other hand, if you want to protect the information stored on your phone without having to deal with advertisements, an Android app locker is available.

You will be able to use a personal identification number (PIN), a pattern, or a fingerprint scanner to access the app.

The app also protects the images and prevents the removal of other applications, which are two more features it offers.

It also gives you the ability to take images of any unwanted visitors. It is one of the most effective ad-free app locks for android devices.

The most useful aspect of the program is that it will provide you with a list of other applications’ names that it suggests you disable.

There are a lot of additional benefits as well. In general, the app is rather useful and performs its functions satisfactorily.

13. AppLock (by DoMobile Lab)

One of the best app lockers for Android available for mobile and tablet devices is AppLock.

Any individual app you have installed on your phone can be secured with a password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing it.

Additionally, you can conceal your photographs and videos from public view by storing them in a separate folder that is only accessible to you. One may argue that it is the most effective gallery lock app for Android.

You will need to set up a master pattern lock, just like you would for many other programs. After it has been established, you will be required to use it each time you use the application.

You can conceal the application’s icon within the app drawer, making it more difficult for others to access it.

There are a lot of additional cool features, such as the ability to set up separate profiles to lock different applications. You also have the choice of adding a faux cover to apps that are restricted.

14. AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard

It is among the best app lockers for Android. It provides a high level of protection for your data and the apps you use.

In addition to this, there are advertisements present, and users can make purchases within the app if they so choose. The app’s user interface is intuitive, and you have various options for locking your apps.

To unlock the device, you can use a personal identification number (PIN) or a pattern, a fingerprint scanner, face tracking, or a veil cover.

For example, you can shake the device, blow on it, or use a crash message.

You can also conceal photographs and videos with this app, prevent the program from uninstalling and hide notification previews from other apps, just like you can with other apps.

Numerous high-end mobile devices also come equipped with these features. You can use this phone to make an insecure phone more secure if you do not have a high-end phone.

15. AppLock (by IvyMobile)

IvyMobile’s AppLock is among the best app lockers for Android available.

You can lock down your contacts, gallery, settings, email, and anything else you want to keep private, just like you can with other apps.

You can protect your information with a personal identification number (PIN) or a pattern lock. There are advertisements you can find in this free Android app locker.

Anyone who is unsuccessful in unlocking the apps might have their image taken by the app, much like with other lock apps.

It will also allow you to change the Applock icon with a false icon, such as a calculator, an alarm clock, or anything similar.

16. Smart Applock

One of the better free app lockers available for Android is popular as Smart AppLock.

Your apps, photographs, settings, toggles, and call records are all you can protect by using a password, making your phone a more secure device.

It is a smart lock app, just as its name says it should be. It pretends to be a lock screen, giving the impression to anyone who sees it that they have been transported back to the previous location.

Additional features include automatic startup after a system reboot, delayed app lockdown, and intrusion alerts.

In addition, it is only compatible with Samsung smartphones when used as a fingerprint reader. The app does not lack in-app advertisements.


After doing extensive research and surveys, the above list of apps was compiled for your perusal.

We hope you have gained some useful knowledge from this article and that it will be of assistance to you in selecting the best app lockers for Android.

Please post any questions or concerns regarding our list below in the comment area.

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