17 Best Apple Watch Face Apps

Best Apple Watch Face Apps

Are you looking for the best Apple Watch face apps for your Apple device? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the best Apple Watch face apps to help you customize your device and make it truly yours. 

From classic analog faces to modern digital designs, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant design or something more complex and interactive, these apps have covered you.  

Whether you first purchased an Apple Watch to improve your fitness or make a statement, customizing your watch face is still one of the best features.

Your Apple Watch is now integral to who you are, making it both a practical and necessary item. 

Although the Apple Watch has many watch faces, these applications provide a little more. It’s important to note how crucial the Apple Watch has grown for people worldwide.

The wrist attachment is now required for anything from achieving specific fitness objectives to keeping track of crucial emails, texts, or even the moon’s phases. 

The Watch’s ability to customize and switch watch faces with unique complexities and gorgeous graphics is one of its most practical (and enjoyable) features.

These apps offer users something special and remarkable beyond the built-in Watch faces on the Apple Watch. 

Here are the 17 best Apple Watch face apps:

1. Watch Faces Gallery and Widgets  

The Watch Faces Gallery & Widgets app is a terrific place to find watch faces and widgets for the holiday season. Additionally, there are designer Complication collections.

Additionally, the app works with Apple Watch Series 7, Series 6, Series SE, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, and Series 2. 

When “Always On” is disabled, the Live watch faces are shown for 2 seconds. Depending on whether you are a premium or non-premium member, you will see various sets of faces.

You may also add complexities to your Apple Watch to check the date, the time, the weather, and the quotes.

The fact that it leverages your health information to calculate statistics like steps, distance, and other metrics is its strongest feature. 

2. Watchsmith 

The possibilities Watchsmith provides will delight fans of useful watch faces. The app offers numerous complications for both new and existing watch faces that may be perfectly customized. The fact that these issues are dynamic is the finest part. 

As a result, the watch face’s applications and circles will adjust to the time of day, showing the weather in the morning and time zones at night, for example.

This is one of the best Apple Watch face apps since they can be configured to change gradually throughout the day based on user demands. 

3. Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker 

Next on our list of best Apple Watch face apps is Watch Faces 100,000 WatchMaker. Watch 100,000 Faces What the name implies is exactly what WatchMaker offers. There are more than 100,000 watch faces available. 

The software has templates that you may use to design, create, personalize, and distribute watch faces. Even programmed stopwatches and countdown clocks are possible to construct. 

This software costs $3.99 per week, $11.99 per month, and $49.99 per year, which is a little more than other applications, but it is worth it.

Before choosing one of the subscriptions, sign up for the free three-day trial to explore all it offers. 

4. Watch Faces by Facer 

Among the best Apple Watch face apps, Facer is the most used. It has a variety of theme colors and design possibilities.

You may design your watch face and complexities using the built-in web-based editing tools and share them with others everywhere.

The software provides instructions and a template for designing your watch face. You can also download and utilize the faces that other people have made and uploaded.

The Apple Watch app and HealthKit are fully integrated into the app, making it simple to create a face and display metrics on the Watch with only two touches.

There are few free Watch faces offered by the app, though. To have full access to the app, you must subscribe to the premium version of it. 

5. StepDog 

Animal enthusiasts may now display a pet on their Apple Watch face, and they can serve as a personal accountability partner. Although the app is free, membership is necessary to customize the StepDog (or cat). 

Stepdog adds a fun new watch face to the Apple Watch and a charming puppy that users can occupy with toys, food, and water while keeping them on their toes about step counts. Numerous fantastic animations are offered, and live weather updates are also included. 

6. Buddywatch 

Your own Apple Watch stylist is Buddywatch. This app suggests the Watch faces of your choice, and each watch or band style’s ideal watch face will be selected. 

Buddywatch can guarantee that you look your best in any situation. This tool is fantastic, especially if you need help selecting choices. 

The software may be downloaded for free, but you’ll need to purchase one of the memberships to gain access to premium faces, unlimited downloads, and ad elimination. You can pay $2.99 a week, $6.99 a month, or $49.99 a year. 

7. Watch Face Album 

Users can download a variety of vibrant watch faces and beautiful wallpapers for Apple Watch with the Watch Face Album’s best Apple Watch face apps.

The program has thousands of variously categorized albums, including lovely wallpapers specific to that topic. 

There is a section called “Today Free” where you may get free watch faces and wallpaper.

You may customize your Apple Watch by adding Watch Complications like Watch Stickers, Countdowns, Anniversaries, Watch Text, Week Progress, and more.

The software does not, however, immediately connect to the Apple Watch. This implies that you must first add the image to your Photos app before selecting to make a watch face from Photos.

In addition, a premium subscription is available on the app to access additional gorgeous content. 

8. WatchMaker 

The watchMaker is the go-to app for users that require extremely specialized watch faces with custom complications.

WatchMaker enables creative users to create their unique watch face using the 11 Apple templates, but with permanent modifications if tracking cardio has to be on the Apple Watch face, coupled with new messages and Wi-Fi bars. 

All animations and creating tools are accessible with the paid subscription. However, only a few are available with the free edition. 

9. Watch Facely 

Next on our list of best Apple Watch face apps is Watch Facely. There are countless different watch faces available on Watch Facely. They are separated into various, straightforward groups. 

Popular watch faces, highlighted collections, space-saving timepieces, and a range of other themes are all available for selection. 

Both free and paid watch faces are available on Watch Facely. You may purchase ad-free complete access to the whole collection of watch faces for a one-time payment of $13.99 by unlocking the lifetime version. 

10. Watch Faces+ 

Awesome Watch Faces are included in the free Watch Faces+ app. When customizing your Apple Watch, there are various style statements available.

Select the lovely one, and then use the Preview mode to see how it might appear on your Watch. 

The software is connected to the Apple Watch app, so downloading and installing it only takes two clicks.

The nicest aspect is that you can view anything without enduring obnoxious advertisements or paying a monthly fee. The only drawback is that certain wallpapers require optimization.

11. Watch Faces Gallery 

Watch Faces Gallery is next on our list of best Apple Watch face apps. The Watch Faces Gallery, full of exquisite and vintage-style wallpapers to give the Apple Watch some flair, specializes in minimal and mechanical watch faces. 

Additionally, it includes watch faces that play brief animations when the Apple Watch wakes up, which is a nice addition to the faces.

The changeable watch faces in this software are dominated by abstract, natural, and space-related themes. 

If you’re also eager to explore the metaverse, click the download button below. The software features a special playground function.

By selecting the background, the essential elements, and the data style, you can easily create your Portrait Watch Face.

Make sure to choose your Apple Watch Series carefully while applying your face for maximum effectiveness. 

The app’s interaction with HealthKit allows for displaying information such as steps, distance, energy, and other parameters.

There are numerous categories, such as digital, spring, fantasy, technological, neon, and cartoon.

Additionally, it updates the collection of Watch faces every week. Additionally, you have the option to request a specific watch face. 

12. MobyFace 

Because it includes 3000+ watch faces from Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, DC Comics, Netflix, and other brands, I adore the MobyFace app.

Additionally, each design has legal permission and is exclusive. As a result, it’s possible that you won’t ever see these Watch faces anywhere.

Additionally, you can select wallpapers featuring groups, logos, businesses, and people. 

A unique feature is easy-to-install animated Watch Faces. Every category has a fresh weekly collection, so your Apple Watch will always be fresh.

Additionally, you may install your Watch’s complications and time settings. Each MobyFace strap purchase made through the app makes different collections available. 

13. Clockology 

Clockology is one of the best Apple Watch face apps. The PC, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch may all be used with this program to create personalized digital clocks.

In addition to downloading watch faces created by other app users, users can build their watch faces. 

Here, you will get watch faces that imitate popular vintage watch brands and retro Watch faces like the Casio digital watch. 

The app also features a wide range of customization options, including adding complications, changing colors, and adjusting the Watch’s face’s size and shape. Additionally, you can add text or images to your watch face. 

Clockology also offers an extensive library of wallpapers that you can use to customize your Apple Watch. You can choose from various themes, such as nature, abstract art, and space. 

 14. Watch Faces Gallery & Creator 

Over 16,000 watch faces and a watch face editor are free on Watch Faces Gallery & Creator. You can design your watch faces or select from the special and limited assortment.

There are always new, trendy designs and trends. The fact that it has dials is its strongest feature, especially for Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3. 

The editor’s features include: 

  • Uploading your photographs. 
  • Selecting different templates. 
  • Changing the time style. 
  • Applying stickers and filters. 
  • Modifying the text’s font, among others. 

Utilizing HealthKit, you may also have personalized complications and several widget styles for your phone, calendar, current time, calories, heart rate, and other widgets. 

15. BetterWatch 

You may select the perfect background color, and daily trending watch faces for your Apple Watch with the finest watch face software, BetterWatch App.

Many different watch faces are available, such as portraits, backgrounds, live, and complications. The Watch Studio editor also allows you to create and share watch faces rapidly. 

The app has an Inspirational Stories section, where you can share your favorite Watch Faces and learn about other people’s choices.

You can also store your favorite wallpapers in Favorites. For a better experience, select your Apple Watch model after installation to hide Watch Faces incompatible with your Watch Series. 

16. Watch Faces 

Because it allows you to sketch your watch face, the Watch Faces app is the best Apple Watch face app. You may customize your Apple Watch. 

Some awesome wallpaper and themes are available, including Inspiration, Flowers, Cats, Love, Water, Colors, Food, and more.

Each Apple Watch Series-compatible library has weekly updates. But because the app offers to watch faces, you cannot have any personalized complications. 

17. Watch Faces Gallery+ 

 This is the last on our list of best Apple Watch face apps. You can put Live animated wallpapers, images, and portraits as watch faces with Watch Faces Gallery+.

It has a text editor, sticker sheet, and image editor included in its watch face designer.

Additionally, it contains the broadest range of categories I’ve ever seen. Every week, new material is also uploaded to all libraries.

The following genres are available to you: Abstract, Animals, Animated, Art, Festivals, Brands, Cartoons, Love, Motivation, Music, Nature, Space, Sport, Technology, Travel, etc.

The animated watch faces and images require a Watch Series 3 or later. Additionally, you need to turn off the animated face’s always-on feature. 

Each of these best apple Watch face apps has unique features and advantages. You can select from various watch faces, customize them, and even share them with others. So go ahead and choose the one that best suits your needs!

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