6 Best Apps for Instagram Stories You Should Use


There are various tools that Instagram users depend on to upload their Instagram stories. Instagram stories are media files that should leave an impact on your followers even though it’s only up for 24 hours.

You can even add some creativity to it using some apps to give them a boost. This article will discuss the best apps for Instagram stories.

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1. Hashtag Expert


Finding the right hashtag to influence your followers. This can help your profile to be discovered. You can give only 10 hashtags to each story, so its advice to use hashtags that are trending on some that are related to your stories. Hashtag Expert is an app for all iOS users.

Once a related term is added to the app, it brings out all the trending hashtags related to the term, then you can copy and paste a selected few. Another useful app is Hashme Hashtag Generator App, it is mainly for Android users.

2. Typography Master


It’s great to use custom fonts when posting a story on Instagram. Most people use built-in fonts on the app to post their stories. Typography Master or Canvas are some of the most widely used apps for uploading a photo and then use the font that is the best fit for it.

These are easy to use, although newbies can find it difficult. You can choose from the templates that are presented before you and then you are done.

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3. Enlight Pixaloop

enlight pixaloop

To make good cinematography, there are certain short loops that are cool compared to the GIFs. They are not small and are of better quality. It has all the colours that are found in the original version of the photo.

Pixaloop is a popular app among these genres. It helps to simplify the process to a great extent. It does not add a watermark to your pictures.

4. Insta Story

Insta story

Adding cool templates to your stories makes it very interesting and attractive. Though Instagram templates are cool when you are posting stories.

But third-party apps like Story Art and Insta Story are the most popular apps for this and the amazing part is that they are easy to use. Select the picture you want, change the quote, and pick a template and then post. After that, you are done.

5. The Craft Cool GIFs (Scribbl)


Instagram gives you access to a lot of GIFs but the best are found in third-party apps like Scribbl. It’s a perfect tool for drawing amazing animations.

They can be added and posted as a story. You can choose different animation styles from the menu. It’s very easy to use. Note that this app does not apply to iOS users.

6. Storyhighlight Cover app

insta story highlight cover

Creating covers for highlights: This involves using a Storyhighlight cover app that helps you to choose among the various adorable backgrounds. There are various free covers and also paid and free icons.

Once an icon has been selected, it can make the changes according to the way you want it. It has a colourful background and colour tones that are funky and attractive.

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