9 Best Apps Like Canva for Easy Graphic Design

Best Apps Like Canva

Canva is a designing app that provides simple graphic design instruments for all experienced people to make beautiful designs.

Though Canva is the best and most popular graphic design tool, many Canva alternative apps exist, and they can give you the same feeling that the Canva app gives.

However, if you’re keen on trying something new for your graphic design, here are the 9 best apps like Canva.

1. Picsart

Picsart is an excellent alternative app/platform like canva. It’s majorly based on all-in-one tools: used for creating graphic design for social media, editing your selfie/pictures, and video editing.

If you need an all-in-one app, I suggest using PicsArt rather than canva because canva does not support all-in-one tools; it is only used to create sharp graphics.

Picsart is one editing tool that helps you beautify your pictures and videos in various ways: making collages, zooming, creating frames and edges, applying masks, text, and others. 

Also, you can create sharp graphics by adding text, images, and more. Although it isn’t made for graphics design, it’s still one of the great apps for creating graphics for social media. 

More so, it’s free to have full access to over 1000 filters, 1000 templates, 1000 stickers, premium editing tools, and many more.

2. Stencil

Stencil is one of the best apps like Canva for creating simple graphics design tools for limited features. With Stencil, creating design tools for business owners, social media marketers, and bloggers are easy.

One thing I like most about stencils is their large number of quotes that you can easily use to import into your images/designs and produce new content. 

It has a different browser extension that offers almost 4 million stock pictures, over 1,200 great templates, hundreds of Google web fonts, and thousands of quotes that you can choose from to add to social media graphics.

Stencil has a free plan that allows you to create 10 free images per month. It also has a premium plan which starts from $9 per month for pro users and $12 per month for unlimited plans with unlimited images and items.

3. Abode Spark

Abode spark is one of the best apps/platforms changing the world through a digital experience. It lets you create beautiful web stories combining text and graphic design. 

Abode Spark is used efficiently to create stunning social graphics, short videos, and web pages that will make you unique on social media.

It offers radically easier ways to create animated videos and a vast set of features, making it a perfect Canva alternative.

Abode Spark is among abode suites, so you don’t have to own a photoshop before you can use it. Moreover, it is free to use and has additional premium plans that are cheaper than canva.

Though the premium plan is limited, you can use it to choose from thousands of free images, icons, and templates.

Lastly, there’s also no limit to making social media designs, but that’s if you are okay with the Abode Spark watermark.

4. Visme

Visme is also among the best apps like Canva. It creates documents, videos, graphics, infographics, and beautiful presentations. You can also use Visme to create reports and social images within minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer or not; Visme is for everyone. This app helps you create better content faster and manage all your designs.

Visme has all the advanced features you’ll need to make your media content more catchy and engaging to the audience. Also, it has free-to-use stock images.

Several templates are available, so you don’t need to start from scratch while creating something. These templates are customizable; you can change everything from the background colors and images to the animation settings.

Of course, it has a free plan, but it has limitations. So, if you want more from Visme, pay for the premium plan.

5. Snapper

Another notable app like Canva is Snapper. Snapper works excellently in making graphics for social media marketing and profile pages.

It is reflexive graphic design equipment that gives many design templates, royalty-free images, and the skills to upload your branded images to include your design.

Judging from reviews online, Snapper users always gave positive feedback. That’s why I include it as one of the best canva alternatives to know and use.

It has a free plan that allows you to access all photos and graphics, but you can only download 5 designs per month and just 2 limited templates for social media accounts.

6. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is another decent and easy-to-use app that works like Canva. With Design Wizard, you can create statistical graphics, short videos, and stunning content. The tools offer templates for social media assets with some documents and presentation-style products.

This app offers more than 1 million images, templates, and great integration with Marketo and hub spot; it will help you through your design workload.

So, with the help of design wizard software, you can easily add unique hints to your videos and images.

With the help of its free usage, you’ll have free access to cool features, including a library with cool fonts, custom color pallets, free image storage, and resize button. You’ll also enjoy the share templates for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

7. Crello

Crello is one of the best apps like Canva too. This app has a large number of templates in many ways and formats. It has a quick search bar to help to locate thousands of templates and images and edit dimensions for particular designs such as a Facebook post.

Crello is highly different from Canva because you can go further with Crello to create an animated visual with its animation maker tools.

It’s not that you can’t make a visual animation with Canva, but they are very restrictive; Crello allows so many creative freedoms with animations.

Also, Crello offers a free plan like Canva, but it has a limit of 5 downloads per month. Crello is for anyone using Canva who wants a bit of change. All images and templates are different because they are from various providers.

8. Desygner

Desygner is a fantastic app for creating flyers, social media posts, professional posters, and other graphic designs for personal or commercial use. It supports PSD and PPT file formats that other apps don’t have.

This app is available for Android and iPhone, allowing you to create all types of designs on your phones. It’s mighty and works for more than just creating images with text like many other graphic design apps.

Lastly, it has a free plan and a Pro version. Its Pro+ version is much cheaper than Canva, starting at $4.99 per month with full access to many features you would get on Canva pro.

9. Easil

Easil is the last among the 9 best apps like Canva. It is a drag-and-drop graphic design tool and the easiest way to create graphics for digital & print, and visual content.

With Easil, expect to create beautiful pictures quickly and easily with professional design and fully customizable templates.

Both Canva and Easil have a fantastic collection of free and paid templates, but Easil offers more free features.

Easil is one of a kind because of its unique design, apart from making flyers, business cards, menus, and other visual content.

Its Pro plan is used to download a transparent image, create animated GIFs, save templates for other people, and many other things.


These are the best apps, like Canva. Each has features such as the ability to have postal printed and delivered to you, pdf editing, and social media post planning. It would be best to try them all to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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