18 of the Best Apps Like Doordash

Best Apps Like Doordash

There are many best apps like Doordash that you may not know. Wait, before that, let’s talk about the Doordash app itself.

Doordash is an app-based food delivery service where customers can have food delivered to their door.

The app takes a percentage of each order and additional charges for deliveries within an hour, delivery on Sunday, and holiday surcharges. 

Furthermore, this idea was so popular that it quickly became the most downloaded app in the restaurant business.

The service offers competitive pricing and gives customers the freedom to customize their orders and make changes once they are inside the app.

Doordash has made ordering food as easy as simply making a phone call, and it’s changed how many people get take-out and other food delivery. 

But there are plenty of other apps like doordash if you aren’t happy with it or are simply looking for some variety in your food ordering life.

This list will cover popular alternatives to door dash, explaining what features they have that their competitor doesn’t.

And why you might consider trying one instead of, or in addition to, doordash! Follow us through this list of the best apps like doordash!

1. Bite Squad

The starter of the best apps like Doordash list is Bite Squad, a food delivery service that takes the hassle out of ordering takeout.

The idea behind the app is simple: you order food, and they deliver it. If your favorite restaurant isn’t on Bite Squad’s list, you can add it yourself.

Also, Bite Squad offers free same-day delivery in certain areas. So you never have to worry about having to lug your meal home or wait an hour for your delivery person. You can even schedule up to three days in advance! 

The website is also available in English, Dutch, French, and Spanish and have a vast selection of restaurants worldwide.

The ordering process is easy as well; all you need to do is pick from one of four options (delivery, pickup, catering, or catering with pickup). Then, choose from a variety of cuisines such as Mexican food, Greek food, and Thai cuisine.

2. Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant guide and discovery service available online and as an app. Zomato, one of the best apps like Doordash, offers information on restaurants in over 190 countries.

It also provides users with an interactive map showing each restaurant’s exact location. As well as ratings and reviews from other users. 

Further, the app displays all nearby restaurants by cuisine type, so you can easily find what you’re looking for in your area. You can even filter out certain cuisines to see only those types that interest you. 

Also, Zomato provides menus for many restaurants that it features, so you know exactly what to expect before arriving at the restaurant. Zomato’s mobile app is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

3. Menulog 

Menulog is a popular online food delivery service that operates in over 100 cities across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

It was founded in 2006 with a primary focus on serving quality food to people’s homes. Menulog offers an extensive range of cuisine types and cuisines.

These include international and local favorites, with two-hour delivery service to most areas within the geographic coverage area. 

Menulog has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing Australian businesses by BRW every year since 2011. Menulog is an alternative to DoorDash if you live in Australia or New Zealand. However, it does not have services for all US states yet.

4. Seamless

Talking about the best apps like Doordash, Seamless is not left out. Seamless is one of the most popular food delivery services, but it’s not without its flaws. One user recently complained that Seamless only offers breakfast and lunch. 

While others have found certain items to be more expensive than they would be at the restaurant, and it’s been reported that Seamless doesn’t offer delivery in all areas, unlike some other services. Nevertheless, the app is available on iOS and Android

5. OrderUp

OrderUp is also on the list of the best apps like Doordash. OrderUp has the same food delivery service as doordash, but with a few key differences.

One of the key differences is that OrderUp does not have a delivery fee for all orders. Delivery fees are usually $3-8 on other services and can vary in price depending on what you’re ordering. 

Another difference between OrderUp and other food delivery services is their cancellation policy. Unlike other services, OrderUp offers an A la Carte menu where customers can choose items they want or need without paying for items they don’t want or need.

This option is perfect if you’re just getting lunch or if you know what you want to order ahead of time.

6. Deliv

Deliv is an app that offers free delivery for groceries and other food items. It allows you to order on the go and have your purchases delivered to your door in less than an hour.

Deliv has partnered with popular grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Ralphs, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and more to offer its service. 

In addition, you can use Deliv’s website or app to track your order’s progress once you’ve submitted it. This app is perfect for those who are too busy or lazy to go grocery shopping themselves.

And yes! Don’t be confused. Deliv is one of the best apps like Doordash!

7. Dolly

Is Dolly one of the best apps like Doordash? Absolutely! Dolly is a delivery service that uses an extensive network of drivers to deliver goods on the same day.

Drivers are allowed to earn additional income, work part-time or full-time, and set their own schedules. Dolly’s flexible platform allows for deliveries from stores, restaurants, and other businesses in your area. 

In fact, you can order products from major brands such as Nike and Apple. Besides, they are different in one way; you can hire them for any time frame – whether it be for hours, days, weeks, or months.

The company also ensures quality by having a thorough screening process with two interviews with potential employees before accepting them into their system.

8. Eaze

Now let’s talk about another one of the best apps like Doordash; Eaze. Eaze is an on-demand dispensary that enables consumers to place orders for marijuana in a few minutes.

The service is available in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Consumers can order weed through the Eaze website or app and have their order delivered in minutes. 

Eaze offers various products, including flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and vapes. They also offer a loyalty program to help members save money on future orders. The Eaze app is very easy to use and available on iOS and Android

Furthermore, you can filter your search by product type (flowers, edibles, etc.), price range ($10-$100), what is available in your area (nearby dispensaries), and medical condition (headache relief).

In addition to this, information about each product is reviews by other users, so you know what you’re getting before you buy it.

9. Point Pickup

Looking forward to ordering your next meal with one of the best apps like Doordash? Point Pickup will not disappoint. This is an app that connects restaurants with drivers to pick up food.

This service is cheaper and faster than others because you’ll never be stuck in traffic or waiting in line.

The Point Pickup’s drivers are vetted and insured and have background checks done before they are allowed to drive.

Point Pickup has a guaranteed delivery time, so your food will always arrive within the allotted time frame.

Point Pickups rates start at $4 for orders less than $50, $5 for orders between $50-$100, and $6 for orders over $100 (free delivery if you live within 3 miles). Customers can tip their driver through the app if they feel it was done well.

10. Favor Delivery

Favor Delivery is a new on-demand delivery service on our list of the best apps like Doordash. It lets you order any type of food, alcohol, or other items from your favorite restaurants and stores in your area. Favor will deliver the product to you with just a few taps on your phone. 

Additionally, there are no time commitments, and you don’t need to tip! Favor Delivery has a relatively small delivery fee divided by the total cost – $4.99 for orders under $25 and free for orders over $25.

The average door dash delivery fee is around $5 per order plus an additional 15% gratuity charge.

However, this can be avoided when using Favor Delivery because no gratuity is required (although we recommend tipping).

Their customer service department handles all customer issues quickly. Plus, they have a 1-hour window after ordering to cancel your order without being charged anything.

11. Saucey

Saucey is a food delivery service that brings your favorite restaurant’s menu directly to your door. With Saucey, you can order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered. Also, you can request food delivery without a subscription.

However, with a subscription, you get access to exclusive deals and discounts at participating restaurants in the area.

The company has partnered with major brands such as Chipotle, Panda Express, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and many more. This is one of the best apps like Doordash that you’ll be pleased with!

12. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an on-demand service that provides the same services as Doordash and Instacart. They are self-employed people who deliver packages, groceries, and more for Amazon.

Unlike DoorDash and Instacart, Amazon Flex drivers have no routes to follow and can deliver when they want. However, they are encouraged to work at least ten hours per week. 

Amazon Flex is unavailable in every city, so you must see if it is offered in your area before signing up. You can make $18-$25/hour for deliveries with Amazon Flex.

This is about double what DoorDash pays their drivers, but there are some drawbacks too. All in all, this is also one of the best apps like Doordash that will satisfy you.

13. Postmates

Postmates is a delivery service that offers a variety of food and other items. The company has raised $218 million in funding and is valued at $1 billion. It currently operates in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. 

Further, Postmates is similar to door dash because it relies on couriers to fulfill orders. However, Postmates uses a smartphone GPS instead of an app for delivery to track the courier.

On the other hand, doordash does not rely on couriers but instead uses its delivery drivers. In conclusion, if you are looking for the best apps like doordash, check out Postmates.

14. Grubhub

For those who want to order takeout, Grubhub is a service that provides online ordering for your favorite restaurants in your area.

You can search for any restaurant you’re craving and see reviews from other users. There are also food options for every diet imaginable, including gluten-free, low-carb, and vegetarian. 

Plus, the app will tell you the cost (and even how much tip to leave) before you place the order. This is so that you don’t have to worry about getting charged more than you wanted to.

After placing an order, it’ll show on your screen with a map so you know when it should arrive.

15. Caviar

If you live in a city without Caviar availability, there are still some best apps like Doordash to try out. DoorDash and GrubHub offer deliveries from restaurants in many major US cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

Uniquely, the app allows you to choose your dish from the restaurant menu, make special requests (extra dressing), and check off dietary restrictions (gluten-free). You can also track the driver on the map as they head towards your address. 

16. Shipt

It takes three minutes to sign up and start shopping on the website or app. With either membership option, you get unlimited free deliveries with no membership fee. The app also allows you to see reviews about the products before purchase. 

Moving on, you can rate your experience after every order and access customer service 24/7. Shipt headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

It offers a variety of grocery items, from eggs to olive oil, as well as frozen foods, pantry staples, meats, seafood, baked goods, and more.

What’s more about these best apps like Doordash? They partner with many different grocery stores across the U.S., Such as Whole Foods Market (which has an Amazon Prime partnership), Walmart Stores Inc., Target Corporation, Publix Supermarkets Inc., and Albertsons Companies LLC (owner of Safeway).

17. Uber Eats

Users who want a service similar to DoorDash should download the best apps like Doordash itself. One such app is UberEats.

UberEats is the food-delivery app from the ride-sharing company. It offers a broader range of restaurants than its competitors and is available in more cities. 

Also, the service provides an estimated delivery time, which is helpful for those moments when you’re starving and waiting on hold with a takeout place.

The only downside to UberEats is that it typically takes longer for your food to arrive than other services. Uber Eats doesn’t disclose its fee structure.

But it does say that it offers discounts and exclusive promos for customers who use cash or debit cards. 

One thing about this service is that it has strict cancellation policies. If you cancel your order within 10 minutes of ordering, there’s a $5 fee; after 30 minutes, the cancellation will cost $10. Any cancellation after 60 minutes will result in a $15 charge.

18. Instacart

Instacart wraps up our list of the best apps like Doordash. To order items, there aren’t stressful to just follow these steps:

  • Find your nearest store by entering the zip code or address on the site or in the app
  • Pick out your favorite items, including healthy options that meet dietary restrictions (like vegan) and specific brands (such as Trader Joe’s). 
  • Choose a delivery window that works for you – either an hour-long or two-hour window during certain times of the day. 

Instacart’s approach of quickly getting food from the local store to customers’ homes has been a major factor in its success.

The company is also working on expanding its service to include grocery delivery via Instacart Express. It plans to offer home grocery delivery, too, eventually.


Deliveries are a part of our daily lives. We order food from delivery restaurants, clothes from online retailers, and even mail from Postmates. As e-commerce continues to grow, the number of delivery companies has also skyrocketed. 

For customers to be aware of which services are available and their respective prices, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite delivery services and best apps like Doordash so you can get an idea of what’s out there.

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