8 Best Apps like Khan Academy

Best Apps like Khan Academy

I’ve searched for the best apps like Khan Academy to enhance and satisfy my learning habits.

If you’re a learner or a student always looking for educational platforms, you can all agree that using apps to learn is a good idea. They are engaging, amusing, and intimate.

Besides Khan Academy apps, there are hundreds of platforms to learn from; however, we don’t want to overburden our phones with pointless downloads.

I spent months using each one after downloading it, and eventually, I came up with a list of the top best apps like Khan Academy, that all students should utilize.

How I Selected These Apps

To be clear, none of the applications I’ve selected are sponsored; they’re free, and some are paid.

Now, I chose these applications based on a few different factors. 

  1. Excellent quiz and testing apps, formulas, and resources like videos and courses on arithmetic, physics, chemistry, English language, and computer programming are available.
  2. Contain as few distracting advertisements as possible in addition to being free. 
  3. Applications with a minimum of 4.0 stars. 
  4. Incredible reviews. I made sure consumers adore these applications by reading the Play Store reviews. In addition, most of these applications on our list have had at least one million downloads. Up to 10 million downloads have been made for some of these programs. 
  5. No plagiarised courses. Each platform has its unique area of specialization.

List of Best Apps like Khan Academy

Let’s get started; I can assure you that you will adore these applications and that number six will surprise you.

1. Udacity

Cost: $299, paid and free

Users: 1.6 million

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.4 Stars

One of the best apps like Khan Academy, founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky, is Udacity. Its name stems from the company’s intention to be “audacious for you, the student.”

Udacity is a special platform to me because it specializes in topics about technology. The goal of these programs is to assist people to grow in their jobs by giving them useful skills. They provide over 200 free courses (but don’t grant certificates).

These courses were typically developed as a part of the Nanodegree, a paid micro-credential offered by Udacity. Even while degrees from Udacity Nanodegrees may not be as renowned as those from large colleges, their worth is nonetheless acknowledged by many businesses. 

Udacity’s partnerships with large corporations and emphasis on practical skills are beneficial. With five to ten hours a week, you can complete a course in about one month on average. The public may sometimes be offered scholarships by Udacity, Inc. and/or scholarship sponsors (the “Sponsors”), all or part of which may be used for Udacity programs and courses. The requirements for each program may differ, and they will be listed on the website for each scholarship.

Udacity has an active presence on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to interact with its community and provide updates on its courses and programs. With an average rating of 4.4, they have over 10 million downloads on the Play Store.

Having looked over Udacity’s offerings, I can vouch for the outstanding quality of their courses. The practical projects have been very helpful in putting what I’ve learned into practice. The platform’s extensive materials and user-friendly layout make learning entertaining and effective.

Download: Android / iOS

2. Coursera

Cost: $39 to $99 for certificate

Users: 76 million

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.4 out of 5

I can confidently claim that Coursera sets the gold standard for online education since I have used its services personally, even if some users have submitted bad reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. This is because Coursera’s courses—including text and videos—are well-done, well-formatted, and easy to follow. Both busy learners and full-time employees can access their well-designed and user-friendly courses.

Employers respect the recognized credentials that Coursera offers. This is because it collaborates with prestigious universities, government organizations, and educational establishments to make its online courses easier to access.

More than 1700 free courses from prestigious institutions and business titans are available on Coursera. Include Humanities, Science, Computer Science, Programming, Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Business, Art and Design, Data Science, Education and teaching, Information Security, and Personal Development. 

To locate courses that interest you, go through their catalog. Coursera offers free online courses with high ratings that may be finished in eight hours or less if that’s what you’re searching for. When registering, choose the “Audit” option to have free access to the course materials.

Another thing I like about Coursera is that you can access the course for free, but if you want the certificate, you must pay. The monthly cost of the Professional Certificate program ranges from $39 to $99. This is an opportunity for those who want the best teaching platform for free.

It’s a good idea to check Coursera’s website for the most recent information on their free course offerings since the availability of free courses may vary over time. On Class Central, they have a total of 41K reviews. You would see that nine courses have more than a million students enrolled. There are 14% Spanish courses and 58% English ones.

Download: Android / iOS

3. BrainPOP 

Cost: $14.95 (free and paid)

Users: 1.6 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.3 out of 5.

Want the best learning platform for your kid? Of course, it is a yes! Then consider BrainPOP. It is among the best apps like Khan Academy, with fun and interactive games. In addition to receiving a daily lesson, you can click on any of these one-stop educational films as you go, thanks to BrainPOP. Hundreds of animated educational films, interactive games, exercises, and quizzes are included.

Among the topics covered by the app are science, social studies, arithmetic, English, arts and music, health and socioemotional development, and engineering and technology. While Khan Academy is better suited for high school students, BrainPOP focuses on upper elementary and middle school children. The main difference between the two programs is this.

Since BrainPOP complies with state and Common Core criteria, many school systems use it as an extra learning resource. It is accessible in both Spanish and French. With an average rating of 4.4 and having been downloaded over 5 million times, you can tell how functional their platform is. The software is catchy and enjoyable to use.

Thankfully, some free mobile apps are available from BrainPOP, although the $14.95 monthly residential membership fee may put off some families. However, many kids can access it via their school or teacher’s license. It’s also an excellent option for kids who are homeschooled.

Download: Android / iOS

4. Udemy

Cost: Ranges ($5 – $150)

Users: 62 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.3 out of 5

If you want to pick up a new pastime, Udemy is among the best apps like Khan Academy. It’s a great deal when considering value for money. It’s also great for professional and personal growth (e.g., acquiring strong Excel skills).

Udemy is an online marketplace for education and learning that boasts 62 million users and over 213000 courses.

The beneficial part of Udemy that I would like to bring to your notice is its course versatility. They are limitless. Yeah! You Can Learn Programming, marketing, data science, and more by giving certificates.

There is a but! They are not certified and cannot have the same value as conventional degrees or certifications. Their worth is determined by your objectives as well as the industry or employer’s reputation.

Despite that, this platform has been used by 62 million students. This is because it has the most popular courses ranging from 187,000 to 1.8 million students each, and it allows teachers to design and post their courses on various topics using the platform.

You can go to the official Udemy website to access this resource center. Individual courses are fee-based, which may add up if you want to enroll in many. Course quality varies; therefore, I advise you to consider your options and read reviews thoroughly.

If you’re a tutor looking for a platform to showcase your skills, Udemy is also for you. With various content creation tools available, creating courses is now at your fingertip.

Download: Android / iOS

5. Memo

Cost: Free

Users: 5 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.7 out of 5.

Memo is an ideal companion for studying basic and intermediate levels of English and Spanish languages. It’s also not an issue if you’ve never learned the basis. More for me; you’ll have a choice when you click on this.

This is a learning platform full of fun. Here is why! TikTok is a famous social media platform and the memo uses it positively to teach us language. You’ll learn English and Spanish by watching TikTok-like videos and memes, from learning the basics of the desired language to the most relevant words and phrases used by native speakers. Memo is fun!

With over 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.7, the app is free, making me count it among the best apps like Khan Academy. The nicest part of the Memo app is that you will get a personalized certificate at the conclusion. So, continue developing and coding.

Download: Android / iOS

6. edX

Cost: $14.95 (free and paid)

Users: 1.6 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.6 out of 5.

MIT and Harvard established edX, one of the top Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) platforms. It enables anybody to access university courses taught by the top academics at the best universities in the country.

Even though the courses are free, registrants must pay the following costs to get official course credit, which may vary significantly. However, the app offers hundreds of courses in various subject areas from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT, Michigan, and other international campuses. Lessons range from practical ones like Japanese Business Management to fascinating ones like Intro to Italian Opera.

Here, this app is one of the best apps like Khan Academy. You have a variety of languages to choose from. As you go, for example, if you choose geography, you may select all of the video materials or just the papers. The courses range from six to eleven weeks, but most call for three to six hours of attendance each week. Video lectures accompany brief quizzes, and more practical areas like computer programming include interactive labs and features.

edX offers professional certificate programs like the MicroMasters Programme and one-off courses to help working people improve their resumes and professional advancement. The app has over 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4, so a 24/7 library awaits your smartphone.

Download: Android / Appstore

7. Quizlet

Cost: $35.99 annually (free and paid)

Users: 1.6 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.7 out of 5.

Quizlet is one of the best apps like Khan Academy, for material on examinations, and independent study is essential for high school students. As its name suggests, it’s a very useful, straightforward quiz software. With over a million downloads and an average rating of 4.7, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most sophisticated learning methods available. You get a series of quizzes when you first launch the app.

You will get a collection of study sets and flashcards created by teachers and students on various topics, such as the periodic table, US presidents, and vocabulary phrases. The Quizlet Learn function provides a variety of testing alternatives, including multiple-choice and true/false questions. In addition, the difficulty increases with time based on the user’s performance. Quizlet is a great resource for language learning.

Quizlet lets new users search to see whether resources that match their needs have already been developed, thanks to the 500 million study sets that existing users have already made and stored.

But, like with Wikipedia, the study sets haven’t been fact-checked, so users should be aware that they may include errors. However, consumers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this low-cost and free resource (a $35.99 annual membership to Quizlet Plus gives users access to all features). What, then, are we holding out for? Here’s a test.

Download: Android / iOS

8. Duolingo

Cost: $14.95 (free and paid)

Users: 10 million 

Accessible: iOS and Android

Score: 4.6 out of 5.

My language software of choice is called Duolingo. Duolingo has been downloaded over 10 million times and has an aggregate rating of 4.6. In reality, props to the Duolingo team for developing this entertaining and practical program for students. You will be able to speak with your pals from any country.

Part of the reason Duolingo is among the best apps like Khan Academy, as the most popular language-learning app, is that it’s free to use. This game-based language learning system is appropriate for users of all ages, including adults and middle schoolers. The four speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills are addressed via user-directed educational assignments. Regarding errors, they get a timely explanation and reaction.

Duolingo offers forty languages of teaching to fluent English speakers. The instruction is much more extensive and varied for commonly spoken languages like Spanish than for less prevalent dialects.

Duolingo particularly appeals to teenagers because it provides a reward system for achieving daily objectives. Through an in-app social network function, younger users are encouraged to invite friends and compete to see who can advance quickly. The greatest language-learning app currently on the market is Duolingo. 

Download for Android / iOS

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