10 Best Apps Like Microsoft Word

Best Apps Like Microsoft Word

When we talk about best apps like Microsoft Word, they are alternatives to Microsoft Word that we can use when Microsoft is expensive or unavailable to access.

The Microsoft Word app is an excellent app that does a great job.

So if you don’t want to use Microsoft Word for one reason, here are the Best Apps like Microsoft Word.

1. Google Docs 

Google Docs is a famous and reliable online word processor which is free and web-based on the Google doc editor and suite offered by Google.

It was launched in 2012 and quickly became more popular worldwide. With Google Docs, you can view and edit your document on the fly. 

Also, you can have multiple documents open, create documents, format paragraphs or fonts, and add titles, heading, and even tables of content.

It doesn’t end there; you can use Google Docs to share files and folders with friends and choose them to view, edit or comment on.

Though some quirks with Google Docs make it less user-friendly, it does a great job as free software.

2. Jarte

Jarte is also among the best apps like Microsoft Word that offers you a neat and clean document. This app is simple, with multiple documents open in one window.

You can also have the option to customize the application button label and automatic detection of word wrapping.

With Jarte, editing essential tools like copy, paste, find, and spell check come easily. Moreover, you can insert images, hyperlinks, tables, and equations and adjust paragraphs using alignment.

3. WPS Writer

WPS Writer is part of the WPS office and fast word processing software you can use asides from Microsoft Word. It helps you create and edit documents quickly, making word processors easier.

One excellent feature of WPS Writer is that it works on any system; Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android. 

4. Focus Writer

Among the best apps like Microsoft Word is Focus Writer. Focus writer is ideal for those who want no distraction and a free writing experience.

It utilizes a hide-away interface by dragging your mouse to the edge of the window.

If you want to hammer some words without worrying about formatting, you could use the Windows built-in notepad.

Still, Focuswriter has clever tools that will help you maximize documents without getting in the way.

Further, you can use it to edit with basic undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste features. You can also format font and paragraph, use tools to find a spell check, and adjust settings for focus text.

5. Free Office Text Maker

Text maker is a word processor developed by a German company and is available for Windows, Macs, Linux, and Android users.

It seamlessly opens and saves all Microsoft Word in DOC and DOCX files and lets you create PDF files directly from within the Application.

All features you’ll expect with the Text Maker application are present and correct, including advanced formatting options.

You also won’t miss out on the ability to create databases for managing bibliographies and footnotes.

6. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice is also among the best apps for Microsoft Word. It is a free, open-source office productivity software suite with feature-rich tools for creating books, letters, newsletters, and reports.

You can also insert graphics and other objects into the writer’s document. Development is open to new talent and ideas, and the software is tested and used daily by a large and devoted user.

Further, LibreOffice Writer can save and read Microsoft DOCX and format and does better than Word with ODT files. However, differences may creep in with complicated documents.

7. AbiWord

AbiWord comes from the Spanish word. This Microsoft Word alternative provides similar functions to the original and takes up little space on the hard drive.

With Abiword, you can create tables, embed graphics, and automatically fill fields in Emails with the Mail Merge tools.

Moreover, AbiWord is a rare text processing software that allows local users to edit simultaneously the same shared document in a local network. And it runs on Linux, MacOS, ReactOS, and BeOS.

8. Hemingway 

The Hemingway app is another great online word processor, and we can count it among the best apps like Microsoft Word.

It is easier and faster to access, and you can write from the top to start while editing simultaneously.

While the editor does not offer specific features for images, tables, or downloads, it gives you a good writing experience.

Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy features like a color-coded display for active voice, adverbs, hard-to-read sentences, count for words, characters, letters, and more.

9. Only Office

Another open-source project, OnlyOffice, is more than adequate for your essential work needs.

So, if you own a small business, it is an excellent productivity suite as it offers outstanding collaborative elements.

Users can connect OnlyOffice’s desktop version to several cloud services like ownCloud, Seafile, and Nextcloud.

Once connected, you’ll see the changes in real time and add comments for a more cohesive workflow.

10. Polaris Office

Though Polaris Office is the last on our list of the best apps like Microsoft Word, it doesn’t make it the least.

It is another decent productivity suite with a premium option for people who need more features. However, the free version is enough if you work alone and don’t need collaboration.

Besides the usual spreadsheet, document, and presentation editing, Polaris Office allows you to convert and edit PDF files.

The software also supports ODT files. The UI is similar to Microsoft Office 365, so you’ll feel at home when switching.


Though Microsoft Word is a famous word processing software globally, these best apps like Microsoft Word are as good and worth trying.

We all need quality word processing software, and there’s a chance to find the one that will fit our needs the most with so many choices.

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