13 Best Audiobook Apps for Kids

Best Audiobook Apps for Kids

Are you looking for an entertaining and educational way for your kids to spend their free time?

The best Audiobook apps for kids are an ideal way to keep your children entertained while also helping them to learn. 

Various audio apps are available to help your children learn and play. In our blog post, we’ll look at the best Audiobook apps for kids to help them learn and play.

Read on to discover some of our top picks!

1. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is first on our list of best Audiobook apps for kids. It is a great audio app for kids to help them learn, explore and play.

This app allows your children to listen to various books, audiobooks, music, and sound effects. 

With Google Play Books, kids can read their favorite stories at home or on the go.

They can also find new and exciting books to listen to while exploring the vast library of titles available.

The audio quality is excellent, providing clear and crisp sound without distortion.

Plus, kids can adjust playback speed and control their volume levels. Plus, this app includes parental controls that you can use to keep your kids safe.

Google Play’s best Audiobook app for kids also features an immersive reading experience that kids will love.

It has an interactive animation feature that helps bring stories to life and games and activities to help keep kids entertained.

The app also has many educational and entertaining books for all ages.

Google Play Books is a great way for kids to enjoy audiobooks, explore their imaginations, and become more engaged in learning.

Its wide variety of titles and easy-to-use features make it the perfect app for parents who want to help their kids learn and have fun.

Download for Android / iOS

2. Storytel 


Storytel is also on our list of best Audiobook apps for kids.

It is an excellent audio app for kids that offers many stories read aloud by professional narrators.

Kids can access hundreds of audiobooks and recordings in different genres, such as classics, fairy tales, fantasy, and more. 

With Storytel, kids can easily find something to listen to and get lost in a world of fun and adventure.

The best Audiobook apps for kids also offer a great library of free content, so kids can try out different stories before they commit to buying them. 

It’s a great way to introduce kids to audio stories, and the selection keeps them engaged for hours.

Plus, with its intuitive user interface, kids can easily browse various titles and make selections without hassle.

Even better, there’s no need to download or install anything – all you have to do is open the app and start listening! 

Furthermore, Storytel’s best Audiobook app for kids allows parents to set up their profiles on the app to monitor what their kids are listening to and adjust settings accordingly.

This makes it easy to ensure your children are only accessing age-appropriate material. 

And if you’re looking for additional educational benefits, many stories come with accompanying activities that help further reinforce learning.

Whether your child enjoys listening to classic literature or engaging in fun-filled adventures, Storytel has something for everyone.

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3. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital is a great audio app for kids. It has a variety of stories, songs, and sound effects that children of all ages can enjoy. 

You can easily select from different genres like bedtime stories; animal sounds, relaxing music, sound effects, and white noise.

With its huge selection of audio content, you can find something that appeals to your child. 

In addition, you can also borrow audiobooks, movies, and TV shows for free using your local library’s digital media collection. 

Hoopla Digital makes it easy for kids to enjoy and explore audio content. Its user-friendly design helps kids quickly find the right audio file they want. 

Furthermore, its parental controls allow parents to choose age-appropriate content for their children.

This way, you can be sure your kids will be safe while exploring the different audio content.

With Hoopla Digital’s best Audiobook apps for kids, you can make your child’s listening experience more fun and educational.

It is a great audio app for kids and adults alike. Give it a try today and see how your family can benefit!

Download for Android / iOS

4. Libby


Libby is a great audio app for kids of all ages. It is designed to access thousands of digital books, audiobooks, and other media from your local library. 

Parents can easily find books for their children in the app and check them out with their library cards.

The best Audiobook apps for kids also include features such as adjustable narration speed and bookmarking capabilities, which make it easier to track where kids left off in their stories.

Libby has various interactive features, including quizzes and puzzles, that can help children learn and retain new information. 

With its simple user interface, Libby is an excellent choice for audio apps for kids. This makes it easy to navigate and select titles quickly. 

Plus, parents have the peace of mind of knowing that the content is age appropriate.

Additionally, since many libraries have partnered with OverDrive, parents may be able to use their existing library cards with this app without signing up for another account.

Download for Android / iOS

5. Scribd


Scribd is a great audio app for kids, with a vast selection of books, audiobooks, and music.

It is available on the App Store and Google Play and has many features to make it easy and fun for kids to listen and read. 

These best Audiobook apps for kids come with access to thousands of books, with classic titles and newer releases.

It also has audiobooks from popular authors such as J.K Rowling and Stephen King. It also includes a collection of music from all genres.

These best Audiobook apps for kids also have great parental controls, allowing parents to set listening time limits for their children.

It also allows parents to choose content based on age and interests to help children find the perfect stories. 

Scribd is an excellent audio app for kids, with a wide selection of books and audiobooks.

It’s easy to use and offers great parental controls so that you can ensure your kids are listening to appropriate content.

Download for Android / iOS

6. LibriVox Audio Books

LibriVox Audio Books is next on our list of best Audiobook apps for kids to explore their love of books and stories.

It has thousands of free audiobooks in various languages and genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, classic literature, and more. 

Plus, all the audiobooks are voiced by volunteers worldwide, which adds an interesting element to the experience.

With this app, your child can listen to stories anytime, anywhere, whether in the car, on a plane, or just hanging out at home. 

It is educational and entertaining and can also be a great way for kids to practice their language skills.

Plus, with easy-to-use filters and search features, you’ll be able to find the perfect story for your little one quickly. 

If you’re looking for something specific like animal stories, science fiction, comedy, etc., type it into the search box, and you’ll have a whole selection of titles that fit the criteria.

You can also browse through age groups, genres, and author categories. This makes finding the right book easier than ever before.

Download for Android / iOS

7. Kindle


For those who already own an Amazon Kindle device, a variety of audio apps are available to children.

The Kindle App Store offers a wide selection of audio content tailored for kids, from audiobooks and music to sound effects and white noise. 

Its easy-to-navigate library and free trials make it an ideal platform for finding new audiobooks, stories, and songs.

Its “Parent Dashboard” feature allows parents to monitor and manage their child’s audio activity on any device.

This makes it a great choice for parents who want to control their child’s audio consumption without investing in new devices. 

And, if you don’t have a Kindle device, but you’re still looking for some quality audio content for your little one, you can always download the free Kindle app from Google Play or iTunes so that you can access all of these awesome audio apps from your mobile phone or tablet.

Another great option is YouTube Kids, which provides fun videos and activities for younger audiences. 

Finally, many other platforms have different audio options, such as Soundcloud, Audible, and more – so be sure to research before deciding which audio content is right for your family!

All in all, there are plenty of best Audiobook apps for kids out there that can help keep your kids entertained while providing them with educational value at the same time. So why not give them a try?

Download for Android / iOS

8. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is another great audio app for kids. With a selection of over 6 million titles, Kobo Books has something for every child.

The app is available on iOS and Android, and it’s easy to search for books, browse different categories, and even find books in the same series. 

Kobo Books’ best Audiobook app for kids offers audiobooks in both English and French. Their simple interface makes finding age-appropriate stories, classic tales, and new releases easy. 

Kobo Books also has parental controls so you can ensure your children are only listening to age-appropriate content.

And with its digital library, you can access titles you already own from Kobo anytime, anywhere. You can even save favorites in the app, so they’re always close at hand. 

It’s easy to turn any book into an audiobook with the “read aloud” feature, so children can enjoy hearing their favorite stories narrated by professional voice actors. Even better? Parents can listen along too! 

Kobo Books’ best Audiobook app for kids also supports multiple users on one device, allowing siblings or friends to create profiles and listen to their favorite stories simultaneously.

And if that wasn’t enough, weekly activities, rewards, and fun learning tools are designed just for kids!

Download this educational, entertaining, and incredibly useful audio app today and watch as your child’s love of reading grows!

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9. Audible


Audible is one of the most popular and reliable audio apps for kids. It provides a wide range of audiobooks, educational audio stories, podcasts, and more. 

These best Audiobook apps for kids also come with parental control options so you can keep your kids safe while they explore the world of audiobooks.

Audible offers a great selection of titles for kids of all ages and interests, making it a great way to engage your child in reading. 

You can even access Audible’s huge library through Amazon Prime and get unlimited access to titles.

This means you don’t have to purchase every book individually, giving you more bang for your buck. 

Additionally, suppose your children are starting with audiobooks.

In that case, Audible has a great feature called Whispersync, which allows them to switch between listening on their device or following along on Kindle devices.

Hearing the words spoken aloud helps kids learn how to read better.

Download for Android / iOS

10. Audiobooks


Audiobooks are a great way for kids to experience stories and learn about the world around them.

You can easily use apps like Audible, Kobo Books, Kindle, LibriVox Audio Books, Scribd, Libby, OverDrive, Hoopla Digital, Storytel, and Google Play Books to find the best Audiobook apps for kids that your kids will love to listen to. 

Whether they’re interested in classic literature, stories based on popular films or TV shows, or even just educational stories, there’s sure to be something they’ll enjoy.

Listening to audiobooks will help build their reading comprehension and auditory skills and encourage them to explore their imagination and broaden their horizons. 

It’s a great way for kids to relax after a busy day of school or play, and it can even be used as a tool for learning new words and phrases.

So audiobooks are definitely the way to go if you want to give your child the gift of literature without worrying about them getting bored with traditional reading material.

Download for Android / iOS

11. Baby Mozart

Baby Mozart

Baby Mozart is one of the best Audiobook apps for kids available.

It offers a variety of music, stories, and sound effects that can help stimulate your child’s development and creativity. 

These best Audiobook apps for kids feature popular classical music pieces performed by professional musicians and engaging stories narrated by famous children’s authors.

It includes various sound effects, such as animals, nature, machines, and other creative sounds. 

Parents can use the app to provide their children with a safe, interactive, educational listening experience.

Additionally, Baby Mozart also offers easy-to-use parental controls so that you can monitor your child’s usage.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and offers free access to the first five stories and music pieces. 

There is an option to purchase additional content if desired. This makes it an ideal choice for parents who want their children to be exposed to different media and experiences without investing too much money.

Download for iOS

12. DoReMi 1-2-3: Music for Kids

DoReMi 1-2-3

DoReMi 1-2-3 is a great audio app for kids. It teaches musical fundamentals through fun and engaging interactive games.

DoReMi 1-2-3 introduces children to the world of music, helping them understand how notes and rhythms work together to create songs. 

These best Audiobook apps for kids also encourage creativity, as kids can use the app to compose their songs.

Kids will love exploring all the different sounds available on DoReMi 1-2-3 and the ability to record and share their creations with others. 

DoReMi 1-2-3 helps foster an appreciation for music in young minds, making it one of the best audio apps for kids.

It educates them about the basics of music and enables children to discover their creative side by giving them the freedom to craft unique tunes.

The app’s visual design provides a stimulating environment that keeps kids engaged while learning. 

In addition, this app allows users to save and export any song they have created so they can listen to them later or even share them with friends and family.

Whether looking for an educational tool or something fun for your child, DoReMi 1-2-3 has something to offer every kid.

Download for iOS

13. Mazaam


Finally, Mazaam is an amazing app that can help your kids explore and discover the world of music.

It is designed to make learning fun and exciting while teaching basic musical concepts. 

With Mazaam’s best Audiobook app for kids, your kids can learn to recognize musical notes, compose music and play along with the beat.

The app also has a library of over 25,000 songs and offers a variety of games to help your kids practice their musical skills. 

In addition, these best Audiobook apps for kids allow your kids to share their compositions and collaborate with other users online.

Mazaam is an excellent choice for kids who are looking to learn more about music and explore their creativity.

It is engaging and educational and comes with no in-app purchases or advertisements, making it a safe place for young minds. 

Additionally, parents can monitor their children’s activity on the app by setting up user profiles for each kid.

Through these profiles, they can view which songs have been composed, what musical challenges have been completed, and even comment on their work! 

Moreover, Mazaam is highly customizable, allowing parents to adjust difficulty settings based on each child’s individual progress.

Furthermore, if you have multiple children at home, you can purchase the family plan, which gives them access to all the features on five devices at once.

As you can see, Mazaam provides kids with an immersive learning experience that will keep them entertained for hours.

Download for Android / iOS


Best Audiobook apps for kids are the perfect solution! They provide a fun and interactive way for kids to explore music, language, storytelling, and more.

Our blog post has explored some of the best Audiobook apps for kids that can help them learn, play, and create.

From educational music apps to interactive stories, there’s something for every type of kid on our list. 

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