17 Best Augmented Reality Games for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Augmented Reality Games for iOS

Recently, augmented reality (AR) has become a big part of our life. With Facebook’s rebranding as Meta and the launch of the Metaverse, people are on their way to a future where the digital and physical worlds collide.

Fortunately, we’ve already had a feel of augmented reality thanks to various iPhone and iPad games. With iOS 11, we were also given a sneak glimpse at ARKit.

Developers were able to incorporate the augmented reality experience into their apps. Check out the list of best augmented reality games for iOS.

1. Civilization AR

This augmented reality game for iOS Civilisations AR app uses augmented reality to bring ancient relics and cultural treasures to life on your iPhone, transforming it into a mobile museum.

With your phone’s screen functioning as the viewfinder for this most okay iPhone AR app, you can view each relic in lifelike 3D reproductions. The AR method provides you with unrivaled vistas and the ability to zoom in and whirl around objects. 

2. Froggipedia

As part of the best augmented reality games for iOS, a once-living frog is dissecting as a task that not all pupils can or want to do.

What’s a whole lot nicer? Froggipedia is being used to cut open a virtual Kermit. The $3.99 augmented reality software works on both iPhone and iPad.

Still, if you have a tablet that accepts Apple Pencil, you can use it to learn anatomy and biology with Froggipedia. It sounds a lot less risky than operating on an amphibian with a knife. What’s even better?

3. The Machines

The Machines, as one of the top augmented reality games for iOS, has quickly risen to the top of Apple’s best iPhone AR apps list, with on-stage demos of the $1.99 app being shown at iPhone launches.

Take a look at this competitive multiplayer co-op strategy game, and you’ll discover why it’s so popular. You shoot at each other and destroy virtual bases against opponents online or locally in the same room.

The game’s sound varies as one player rotates their device based on real-world obstructions that might block traveling sound.

4. Smash Tanks

Smash Tanks, like The Machines, transforms your tabletop into a battleground, with the virtual action taking place on your iPhone’s screen.

You lead cartoon tanks over an AR battlespace while flinging troops around the battlefield to crush your opponent in Smash Tanks.

While Smash Tanks is one of the greatest iPhone AR games for $1.99, the app’s popularity stems from its usage of simple physics-based gameplay. Smash Tanks has mono-player and multiple player modes, giving players various ways to play.

5. Mission to Mars AR

Humans have yet to step foot on the Red Planet. However, having this as one of the best augmented reality games for iOS opens a gateway in your room, and you can get a glimpse into the future.

You may stroll through and trek around Mars using Mission to Mars AR on your iPhone. You’ll first watch the Perseverance rover cautiously drop to the planet’s surface, followed by a flashback to a human settlement.

6. Big Bang AR

Big Bang AR is one of the best augmented reality games for iOS between CERN and Google Arts & Culture that uses augmented reality rendering to help you visualize the opening seconds of the universe, and the enormous forces unleashed that define our universe today.

Big Bang AR is a multimedia presentation narrated by Tilda Swinton that covers everything from the big bang to the closing act of a supernova and the birth of our solar system and the Earth itself.

7. SketchAR

Your iPhone becomes an augmented reality drawing tool with SketchAR. The program overlays a drawing or line art image on a blank piece of paper, which you can trace or use as a starting point for your sketch.

SketchAR comes with a library of illustrations, but you’ll get the most out of it if you convert your photos into traceable line art. SketchAR is made to work on A4 paper or four different circle markers drawn on it as scale markers for the program.

8. WWF Free Rivers

Because a class excursion down the white-water rapids is both costly and potentially risky, the World Wildlife Fund has come up with the next best thing as part of the best augmented reality games for iOS to the top iPhone AR apps list.

For classroom enlightenment and entertainment, free Rivers allows you to display interactive models of natural areas on a tabletop, such as the Himalayas, African savannas, and Southeast Asian deltas.

Kids can even take command by building dams to regulate water properly.

9. Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Chalk, one of our favorite augmented reality games for iOS, employs augmented reality to supercharge tech help for the twenty-first century.

Chalk establishes a video chat between two devices, in which the individual seeking guidance aims their back camera towards whatever they need to be explained.

At the same time, the other person draws on their screen while speaking their comments. Those doodles display on the person receiving assistance’s screen, falling on the exact buttons, knobs, and other components of what they’re looking for.

10. Dance Reality

Dance Reality, an ARKit-powered software that teaches you the basic footwork and timings of some dance styles, turns your iPhone into a mobile dance instructor.

Choose a dancing style, and Dance Reality superimposes the footwork and a virtual instructor on your smartphone screen, showing you how to put it all together.

Users can choose from a range of dancing styles and learn the proper footwork for leading or following. There are additional options for solo and couple practice.

11. Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

As one of the best augmented reality games for iOS, Angry Birds may no longer be the mobile gaming behemoth it once was.

Still, it produces innovative concept games, such as Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, which brings the physics puzzler to life through augmented reality.

You can now project piggy fortresses into your living room and bring them crashing down with an AR slingshot and various exotic birds.

12. ARia’s Legacy

ARia’s Legacy is a visually appealing adventure augmented reality game for iOS that takes inspiration from immersive puzzle games like The Room while adding an AR twist.

If you like puzzle games, Aria’s Legacy is one of the best iPhone AR apps you can get. It doesn’t just project puzzle elements around you; it practically creates an entire virtual room.

13. Thyng

Do you want to try your hand at designing augmented reality experiences? Thyng provides tools for regular people to develop and experiment with augmented reality things.

What can you do with Thyng on your iPhone exactly? While one example allowed viewers to transform into chess pieces, another, dubbed Pigskin Paradise, provided a three-by-three grid of soccer match feeds.

14. Insight Heart

The $2.99 Insight Heart app lets you drop a visible human body with a beating heart onto whatever you see, which is far more legal than lugging around a carcass. You can learn more about the vital organ by moving your iPhone around the graphic and walking closer and closer. 

15. Houzz

Houzz, a popular home improvement software, has a View in My Room 3D capability that uses Apple’s ARKit toolset. This allows app users to acquire even more detail after placing goods into their living environments from its library of half a million products.

You’ll also be able to see how those items react to light. The Houzz app does more than show you how products seem in real life, and the accessories that tie your rooms altogether can also be bought in the app.

16. Ikea Place

Are you looking for something other than Houzz to help you decorate your home? As part of the top augmented reality games for iOS, the Ikea Place works similarly, allowing you to virtually drop new Ikea furnishings into your living areas and see what they like.

Ikea Place may not have virtual meatballs, but it is still one of the best iPhone and iPad augmented reality apps.

17. Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is a specialized augmented reality game for iOS app that tracks and anticipates the sun’s direction in the sky, supplying a flat compass view and augmented reality viewfinder that reveals the path and position of the sun at a given date and time.

It is one of the more expensive entries on our best augmented reality apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) at $9.99.

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