17 Best Ballistic Calculator Apps for Android and iOS

Ballistic Calculator Apps

The best ballistic calculator apps are for long-range shooters and anyone searching to make precision pictures at the range.  

Get our top recommendations! Are you tired of seeing these features, pros, and cons in the review guides? Probably yes, and we recognize why! 

They provide the stereotyping vibe and are now not profound or convincing enough to impact your shopping for choice for the best ballistic calculator apps for Android and iOS.  

But being a consumer, you choose to be aware of the actual user trip of a product and, in all likelihood, want to live it through studying the review.  

A complete evaluation can have extra insightful factors, such as the company price because you anticipate desirable merchandise from ethical brands.

You may even favor more dialogue on warranty or aftersales as they’re a sign of credibility.  

The value contrast and different credible elements like comfort regarding setup, use, and upkeep can also push your buying decision.   

We have examined each ballistic calculator according to critical features and produced an evaluation that we hope you’ll find helpful.

So except in addition ado, let’s get into our pinnacle choices for the best ballistic calculator apps. 

 1. Shooter

One of the most conveniently obvious advantages of Shooter comes from facts management.

Many of the best ballistic calculator app preferences try to hide an awful lot of the underlying math. But Shooter makes sure that users are pretty aware of the entirety going into a calculation.  

Part of this involves one of the giant bullet libraries. But the app also makes including one’s facts reasonably easy. It’s so handy that one doesn’t even want to have the app at hand to do so.  

Users can enter points into an online machine, which will immediately sync to the app. This makes it effortless to prepare when using one-of-a-kind equipment quickly.  

The degree of complexity makes it nicely ideal for customers who revel in working with numbers. It requires a bit extra work than some options. But that additionally translates into greater accuracy in some situations.

Download on Android /iOS 

2. Nosler Ballistics 

Nosler Ballistics is one of the extra bare bones of the best ballistic calculator apps. Unlike many choices, it puts a huge focal point on raw data.  

It’s important to note that this isn’t always a horrific thing. Some users do more with raw records than with a graphical user interface.

And it resources air density, altitude, windage, and every essential environmental component for a shot.  

Of all the ballistic calculator picks, it’s the closest in appearance to a general photograph calculator app.  

The app deserves consideration in the massive phase because it’s one of the great picks for a vast demographic. That said, most users do better with a graphical consumer interface.  

Download on Android /iOS 

3. Hornady Ballistics

if you already use the climate apps to decide or forecast the weather. You can, without difficulty, synchronize it with Hornady Ballistics.  

In that case, your new ballistics calculator will automatically discover all the situations beneath which shooting occurs. You can manually enter all the weather facts and manage them if necessary.  

You only want to enter your login and password to synchronize Hornady Ballistics between your iPhone and iPad.  

After that, you can always enter your preferred rifles and ammunition data. It ought to be referred to that the calculation software uses an expanded 4DOF trajectory and even considers the bullet resistance coefficient.  

You will be capable of striving it in taking pictures long sufficient distances and straight away see how excellent the service is.

If you figure out to enter weather data yourself, use the statistics from the nearest weather station.  

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4. BallisticsARC 

BallisticsARC has two access levels – free and Pro. You will need to buy the Pro version to use the application actively.

In the free version, you can solely attempt out the utility as soon as on a specific rifle – to add extra weapons, you have to have a subscription.  

On the different hand, Weather Flow and Kestrel merchandise are routinely integrated into BallisticsARC.

So, you can count on that this utility is entirely paid.  Like other applications, there are several picks for working modes.

The Chart is a frequent records schema, which considers the bullet’s movement. During Map mode, you use Google Maps, which displays all the data.  

This mode, unfortunately, affects overall performance and overrides ballistic statistics from satellites. Comp mode is a more accessible version of the scheme, which helps to keep a firing route with different azimuths.

Download on Android /iOS 

5. Mil-Dot Ballistics

Next on our list of best ballistic calculator apps is Mil-Dot Ballistics. Despite its straightforward design, the Mil-Dot Ballistics utility is environment-friendly, ample to work with, and perfectly fulfills the task.

The software combines the speed of action and shot evaluation and is a complete ballistics calculator. Even the beginner shooter can cope with the calculations with its help.

An easy interface lets you control the provider with one hand, and synchronization with other purposes eliminates the need to enter all the information.  

Atmospheric stipulations are mechanically up to date with Kestel, while point-based Ballistics is dealt with using the 3DOF model.

You can enter tiers in different modes – for example, calculate the distance to the goal or enter approximate values.  

The data required for the shot will be proven on the screen immediately. It can be a ballistic design or a map – it is up to you.  

Start the Mil-Dot Ballistics coaching mode and start education precisely. You can exchange the shade scheme of the utility or modify the brightness for one-of-a-kind conditions.  

Download on Android /iOS 

6. Lapua Ballistics

Lapua ballisticsLapua Ballistics is one of the suitable equipment for mobile units that use the 6DOF calculation model. This mannequin approves the application as one of the most accurate smartphone tools.

You will install unique dimension systems (e.g., switching between metric and inch values) and document the maximum powder temperature.  

To most accurately calculate all the warning signs for the shooting, you will need to decide on the weapon you are using.

Lapua Ballistics also combines statistics on firearms and nearby weather, affecting the bullet’s trajectory. 

You can, shortly and without problems, change the data properly at some stage in the capturing system – for example, the distance to the target, wind speed, tilt angle, and much more. 

The result is introduced in several views, depending on whether you select – a graph, table, vizier, or even numerical values.  

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7. Winchester Ballistics Calculator 

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is one of the best ballistic calculator apps today. For accurate calculations, superior technological know-how is used that is suitable for each hunting and sports enthusiast. 

Hunting prerequisites are adjusted to exclusive terrain and objectives – for example, searching regularly takes place in the forest, which requires a lot of data.

It is additionally worth choosing one of the six categories of weapons on display.  Like many different calculators, you enter precise wind speed, temperature, and altitude conditions and set the sighting reference marks.  

All records about the shot will be available in 3 versions: Graph, Chart, and View. In the Graph, the person is proven to be an entire sketch of the image.  

Additionally, in Chart – diagrams with correct statistics on the flight time and so on, and View shows you a realistic view of the area in which you are shooting.

In the Winchester Ballistics Calculator, you will see an almost correct sniper scope, which you must replicate yourself.  

Download on Android /iOS 

8. GeoBallistics 

Geoballistics is also one of the best ballistic calculator apps. This was a one-time most famous ballistic smartphone app used by way of this group of elite shooters, representing 33% of the Shooter’s usage of smartphone apps. 

Geoballistics BallisticsARC is a free app on hand for iOS and Android devices, and the free model facets a bullet library with 2500 bullets, performance for truing muzzle velocity, and helps with weather hardware integration to accumulate onsite atmospherics.  

The app additionally features a GPS-based “rangefinder” that can grant challenging distances to various factors on satellite tv for pc images.  

The “premium” model of the app is $15 and approves you to construct unlimited riffle profiles, export/save various cards, join a Kestrel via LiNK, and a few different things.  

The function lets you build/save satellite imagery. Various playing cards appear convenient if you exercise from one or two positions in the same range.  

Download on Android /iOS 

9. Ballistic Advanced Edition  

Ballistic Advanced Edition earns an excessive ranking thanks to widespread ease of use. It is one of the best ballistic calculator apps. For example, the rangefinder gives the most vital information in an effortless-to-use image.  

It then places more advanced data on the periphery. This general layout principle is evident through most of Ballistic’s functions.  

Ballistic does a proper job of balancing advanced functionality with standard ease of use. But when one indeed wishes to get to the raw statistics, it’s available.

The sole drawback comes from platform limitations. At the moment, it solely runs on Apple devices.  

Download on Android /iOS 

10. Strelok Pro

Strelok Pro can often be something of a received taste. A mixture of factors makes it particularly counterintuitive for many users.  

But those who stick with the app shortly discover a lot of electricity hidden out of sight. The most obvious benefit is the mainly seen reticle. 

But one can additionally use it to correct elevation changes due to crosswind. This feature aggregate is rare even amongst other candidates for the best ballistic calculator apps.  

There are different lower-fee versions of Strelok. But they’ve limited to the factor the place one should reflect on consideration on Strelok Pro as the best option.

Download on Android/iOS 

11. Applied Ballistics  

Applied Ballistics is also one of the best ballistic calculator apps. It comes in advance with several features. The most right now obvious is user-friendliness.

Its standard UI layout is intuitive to the factor the place humans can quickly start seeing results.  

But at the same time, it has some of the most advanced facets of any app on the list. One can count on it to supply fairly accurate outcomes inside around 1,500 yards.  

This number can go up or down, depending on familiarity. As with any superior calculator, it depends on several variables. But thanks to the interface, entering all essential variables is generally effortless.  

It’s a fantastic ballistic calculator app in terms of UI and functionality. The single downside is that the price factor is on the higher side of these options.  

Download on Android /iOS 

12. Hornady Ballistics 4DOF Calculator 

Their 4DOF calculator is more accurate. However, it does have some caveats. It is reliant on the Shooter using bullets already in their database.  

The database is sizable, consisting of some through different manufacturers, but there is an understandable Hornady bias. The app additionally has a way to save your information for faster use in the future.  

You can add your gun, optic, and desired bullet. For this to work, you will need to register for an account, but there is a checkbox that lets you choose out of newsletters and emails.  

Additionally, this app has many features, mainly because it’s free. The UI is handy to follow, and you can click on the red query marks if you want a term clarified.  

That makes it a good choice for shooters that are new to long-range taking pictures and ballistic calculators. For shooters who already have a journey with both, you might also discover this app needs to be added in contrast to others on our list.

Download on Android /iOS 

13. Bullet Flight  

The KAC Bullet Flight app is now less visually polished than other apps. However, it includes numerous tools past an average ballistic calculator.

The app is presented in three unique variants, the L1 ($3.99), the L2 ($11.99), and the M ($29.99).  

Consequently, the M. however, in your domestic display, there is a scrollable list of guns with prefilled data you can choose from.  

Using those, you can do a quick calculation using hitting Simple or a greater unique one using switching Ballistics. Hitting Range Card will pull up a web page comparable to Ballistics. However, it will exhibit a range card at the bottom.  

Download on Android /iOS 

14. Isnipe  

snipe is also one of the best ballistic calculator apps you should check out. One of the OG ballistic calculators, iSnipe, generates information for bullet trajectories based on statistics calculated for pitch, yaw, the wind, Coriolis effect, spin go with the flow and atmospheric condition.  

Snipe App It’s a very advanced calculator and the one I’d endorse for serious shooters and competitors that need a complete information set they can get their palms on.  

Furthermore, it has a getting-to-know curve, and you need the requisite degree of perception at the back of the math before you can shortly use this calculator.

But you can genuinely study it in the afternoon by taking pictures and reading the instructions.  

Download on Android /iOS 

15. SBC Ballistic 

This is a clever ballistic calculator. It can use G1, G7, and customized drag functions! Can calculate trajectory besides the usage of ballistic coefficient!  

You can pick out a reticle from the listing (2122 reticles!) and see holdovers at any magnification3923 cartridges database, 3390 bullets database, 712 G7 ballistic coefficient bullets database, 559 air riffle pellets database. Calculate spin drift, Coriolis effect, the gyroscopic balance factor, and vertical deflection of crosswind.  

Download on Android /iOS 

16. Meopta Ballistic Calculator  

The Meopta ballistics calculator is intended to assist you in determining how to position yours about the destination it desires and to complement the Meopta ballistic-looking turret.  

Your reticle will now be perfectly calibrated for the displayed distances once you enter the specifics of your game, the ranges you want to configure your BHT for sight design and size and climatic conditions. 

Download on Android /iOS 

17. Desert tech Trasol Ballistic App  

Last on our list of best ballistic calculator apps is the Desert tech Trasol Ballistic app. One Shooter stated they often use Trail, a ballistic calculator made by Desert Tech that is handy on iOS or Android devices.  

Here is what Desert Tech says about this ballistic engine: “Utilizing proprietary algorithms, TRASOL is the correct ballistics calculator on the planet.  

No extra want to alter producer bullet statistics to get your hits; we developed new algorithms for using Doppler radar data to create the most predictive flight course possible.  

In live-fire testing of TRASOL’s predictions, the following outcomes were documented within 0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yards, within 0.5 meters up to thousand seven hundred yards, inside 1.1 meters at 2200 yards.”  

They also claim it’s simple, intuitive, and based on screenshots. It seems to be. One of the unique facets I saw was once a HUD that uses your phone’s digital camera and onboard sensors and primary drag and drops functionality to input variables and wind details.

It also approves you to capture both pix and videos to log pictures and share them with friends. The iOS app is free, but there is an in-app purchase to get admission to the complete set of points $25. The Android app is $10.

Download on Android /iOS 

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