15 Best Bird Watching Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

best bird watching apps

The best bird watching apps are potent instruments that enable you to recognize and track various species in real-time.

Each application has a range of features designed for bird enthusiasts of all skill levels, from novice to expert. 

Observing and identifying birds is the fun recreational activity known as birding, often known as bird watching.

Birding can be done everywhere, including in your backyard and at far-flung field locations.

It’s a wonderful way to exercise, breathe clean air, and spend time in the outdoors. 

There is always something new to learn about birds, regardless of your experience level.

If you need the correct equipment, identifying birds might be challenging. Birding apps, which use your device’s camera, are helpful in this situation. 

You can use these apps to identify certain species, discover more about their habitats, and even get in touch with other birders.

Therefore, regardless of your familiarity with birds, these best bird watching apps are a must-have.  

1. Audubon Bird Guide 

Audubon Bird Guide is first on our list of the best bird watching apps.

The Audubon Bird Guide is a remarkable app that aids in bird identification and education on more than 800 different bird species found in North America. 

You may view their images, listen to their noises, and read in-depth descriptions of them.

You may use the free app to identify sites nearby where you can go birding and keep track of the species you spot. 

Even sharing news and images with other bird lovers is possible.

Additionally, there’s no need to be concerned about a sporadic internet connection when birdwatching. 

You may still access all the images, bird call recordings, and range maps when you’re off the grid by downloading an offline field guide. 

Finally, you can be notified when a particular bird you’re looking for is nearby. It’s like carrying a pocket-sized personal birdwatching assistant

Download on iOS and Android.

2. Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab 

Merlin Bird ID (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) is an outstanding gem for bird watchers of all skill levels.

This app, which the well-known Cornell Lab of Ornithology created, uses artificial intelligence to recognize bird observations from pictures or descriptions. 

It’s like carrying a bird expert around with you! This powerful and user-friendly Merlin Bird ID app makes identifying birds easy and fun. 

It’s a fantastic option for birders of all skill levels because of its AI-powered identification tool and support from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

Some features of this app are: 

  • Smart Bird Identifier: This app uses advanced AI to identify more than 6,000 species from images or textual descriptions. 
  • Users can download bird packs specific to their locality, making locating and recognizing local species simpler. 
  • Identification of Bird Songs: The app includes a large collection of bird songs and calls for more thorough identification. 

The app needs an internet connection for bird identification, which could be problematic in distant birding locations.

Although the app covers many species, it may need more information on some uncommon species in specific areas. 

Download on iOS and Android.

3. National Geographic Birds 

Any birder, whether an amateur or an expert, can use the significantly larger database found on National Geographic Birds.

It is one of the best bird watching apps for those with average birdwatching experience. 

You may look for birds by location, size, or color using the built-in search engine.

You can identify birds you have seen outside in this way. 

Because the list of ideas is updated as you enter additional letters in the search, the search engine is user-friendly.

The pictures are small, but you can pinch-zoom to make them bigger. 

Download on iOS and Android.

4. The Warbler Guide 

Next on our list of the best bird watching apps is the Warbler Guide. It’s one thing to see a warbler; it’s another to determine its species.

The Warbler Guide is also available to download from the app store.

This birding app is beneficial since it focuses on making it as simple and quick as possible to identify warblers by sight or song. 

This app is for you if you want to become an expert on warblers! 

Download on iOS and Android.

5. ChirpOMatic 

With modern technology and the straightforward app ChirpOMatic, you can recognize various bird sounds by recording them and matching them with particular bird species. 

It is simple to use and doesn’t involve tedious editing or physical labor.

You can upload sound samples to the app to improve, save, and share your recordings.

However, you must pay a one-time $4 cost to use the app; it is not free. 

Download on iOS and Android.

6. eBird 

Next on our list of the best bird watching apps is eBird. With eBird, one of the biggest citizen science initiatives in the world, you can log and identify birds while supporting avian research. 

eBird’s user-friendly interface and robust database make it easy to keep track of your sightings, explore local hotspots, and interact with a community of other birders. 

Like Merlin Bird ID, this program needs an internet connection to work effectively.

According to sources, the user experience may be hampered by sporadic software errors. 

Some features include: 

  • eBird contains a comprehensive species database with over 10,000 bird species worldwide, each with a description, image, and location. 
  • Users can set up individual alerts to receive updates if a rare sighting occurs nearby. 
  • The app lets you look up nearby hotspots for birding and keep track of your observations while on the go. 

For serious birders who want to keep track of their observations and contribute to a broader research project, eBird is a great option. 

It is a priceless resource for any serious birder with its extensive species database and real-time notifications. 

Download on iOS and Android.

7. Peterson Birds 

Peterson’s is renowned for producing thorough field guides; this app is no exception.

For elderly birders who are used to paper field guides, this is the best birding app because it delivers the information similarly. 

It has an index where you may choose a bird, and the app will then take you to that bird’s page. You can also utilize a search engine to speed up the process. 

Once you locate the bird you were looking for, you can see its images and maps of the regions it frequents.

The software uses diagrams rather than photos, giving much more information about the bird’s anatomy. 

It’s one of the best bird watching apps because it has recordings for every bird, customizable checklists, and the ability to log observations. 

Download on iOS.

8. Picture Bird – Bird Identifier 

This app is one of the best bird watching apps we have. The Picture Bird app is an excellent resource that can recognize any bird simply by looking at a picture or hearing its sound. 

More than 1,000 bird species are identified using modern machine learning, and the results are extremely accurate.

The app also provides extensive details on each bird, such as their appearance, habitat, diet, and other characteristics. 

You can store your insights and forward them to your friends. You can upgrade to a Premium Picture Bird account for even more features. 

After a 7-day free trial, you can subscribe for $3/week, $6/month, or $30/year to access 10,000+ bird species, limitless bird identifications, free consultations with bird specialists, and other benefits. 

It’s an excellent way to gain more knowledge about the birds in your area and astound your friends with your understanding. 

Download on iOS and Android.

9. BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide 

BirdsEye is the ideal bird watching app to identify new birding hotspots or unusual species in your neighborhood.

This app ensures you never miss a thrilling birding chance with the most recent bird sightings, maps, and alerts from neighborhood birding communities. 

Only iOS users in the US and Canada can use the app. Some users have reported software errors that affect the functionality of apps. 

Some features include: 

  • The app simplifies locating uncommon species’ behavior, habitat, and conservation status by displaying local hotspots and bird observations. 
  • Users can set up real-time alerts specific to their area to receive updates when a rare species is seen. 
  • Your sightings are synchronized in the cloud in real-time across all your devices, allowing you to access your data anywhere. 

For birders who want to learn more about local species and intriguing sites, BirdsEye is a great option.

It is an excellent tool for any dedicated birder due to its extensive database and real-time warnings. 

These birding applications will advance your hobby, whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro. Whatever the case. 

Download on iOS and Android.

10. iBird Pro 

Number ten on our list of the best bird watching apps is iBird Pro. 

iBird Pro can set you back a few cents, but it is worth the cash.

Given that it offers fundamental and modern technology, this is the greatest birding app for novice and seasoned birders. 

The search engine offers rapid and precise results when you use the many distinct characteristics of the bird’s appearance and environment to narrow your search. 

The best app for identifying birds or letting you record your observations is also iBird Pro. You can add new entries to the database in this manner. 

In addition to tabs for noises, comparable birds, and journals, each species’ website also features tabs for identification and ecology.

This is the ideal birding app to teach you about the species because it offers fascinating information. 

Download on iOS.

 11. Smart Bird ID 

Smart Bird ID is one of the best bird watching apps we have.

With the help of the free, ad-supported app Smart Bird ID, you can recognize more than 1000 bird species from the US and Canada just by looking at a picture or hearing their sound. 

You can share your findings with others and create a journal of your bird sightings.

You can also play quizzes and listen to bird melodies to improve your ability to distinguish between various species. 

Also, you can enable bird watch notifications if you want to be informed when a specific bird is in your area.

The straightforward design of Smart Bird ID makes it simple to use, and you can even use it offline. 

Enabling your location allows you to contribute to the community by posting your observations and seeing which birds have been recognized nearby. 

You may subscribe for $6/month or $30/year to remove adverts and unlock all the app’s features.

You can ask questions about birds to a team of ornithologists through the subscription service. 

Download on iOS and Android.

12. Song Sleuth 

Do you ever ponder the identity of the singer in your backyard? You can use Song Sleuth to help you solve the puzzle. 

This app uses modern audio recognition technology to recognize bird songs and offers information on the species that sang them. 

Some features include: 

  • The app employs cutting-edge audio recognition technology to determine which species of bird is singing. It gives thorough details of each species. 
  • There have been complaints of sporadic software errors that could negatively affect the user experience. 

Any birder wishing to identify birds by their songs should use Song Sleuth.

Anyone interested in bird identification will find it an excellent resource because of its modern audio recognition technology and thorough descriptions. 

Download on iOS and Android.

13. Bird Buddy 

Next on our list of the best bird watching apps is Bird Buddy.

A brilliant app called Bird Buddy connects to a smart bird feeder that can be bought from the Bird Buddy website. 

The bird feeder has a unique camera that can capture images of various bird species and uses modern technology to identify them on the app

You may learn everything there is to know about the birds you are observing and even let others use your bird feeder.

Additionally, you get to contribute to gathering important information regarding bird migrations and populations. 

The intelligent bird feeder is a practical approach to getting interested in bird watching and contributes to conserving our feathered companions. 

Download on iOS and Android.

 14. Bird Watching Magazine 

The Bird Watching Magazine app is an excellent option for serious birders seeking ideas and guidance.

This program keeps you informed and entertained with articles, gorgeous imagery, and advice from well-known birdwatchers. 

The app offers many articles, gorgeous images, and tips from birders worldwide.

Users can access professional advice on tools, methods, and locations to improve their bird-watching experience. 

It also provides resources for identification, such as bird images, range maps, and audio recordings.

The Bird Watching Magazine app is a fantastic resource for a dedicated birder. 

It offers a plethora of informative material and guidance that can expand your understanding and increase your appreciation for the beauty of birds. 

This app is worth looking at if you’re searching for motivational stuff to fuel your enthusiasm for birds. 

Download on iOS and Android.

15. GoBird 

Last on our list of the best bird watching apps is GoBird. No matter where you are, you can use the free bird identification app GoBird.

You may map out where you’ve seen birds, identify different bird species, find areas to go bird watching, and even hear their calls and see their images. 

The app’s user interface is clear, quick, and easy to use. It will help you become a better birder overall and is ideal for learning more about the local birds. 

Download on iOS and Android.


Equipped with the best bird watching apps, are you prepared to start your birding adventure? A birding app can offer a variety of features and materials that can improve your birding experience, from identification to exploration and education. 

Therefore, download these apps and be ready to experience a brand-new level of bird-related awe! 

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