10 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad
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When it comes to online communication, blogging is among the most fulfilling methods of communication available today.

With the help of words, photographs, and videos, people may share their thoughts and opinions with the entire globe.

Those with a creative bent and a passion for writing prefer writing. There are many blogging apps suitable for iOS users.

However, this article discusses the best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad and the links to download on the App store.

Mobile applications make it easy to stay engaged in the blogosphere while on the road, and there are several outstanding ones.

We’ve gathered a list of the 10 best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. WordPress

Bloggers use WordPress the most. In terms of power, the desktop version is rather impressive.

No of your level of experience, it’s straightforward to use and navigate. It’s easy to start a blog, update it, and maintain it.

However, iOS users may make new articles, amend old posts, add videos, images to posts, and respond to comments on posts using the WordPress app on their iOS device.

The iPhone user can also view blog statistics and respond to comments. Furthermore, you can access your blog on the move with this app, which has several useful features.

Download Here

2. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the best blogging apps for iPhone users. Users of Hootsuite can accomplish this from their iPhone or iPad.

However, using a single software, you may submit your latest blog entries to all of your favorite social networking sites.

Also, you can schedule messages to be sent out over a certain number of days with the AutoSchedule feature.

Date and time can be specified for specific messages to be sent to your social media accounts.

In the free edition, users can connect to up to three social networks. Those three extensive social networks are sufficient for novices.

Lastly, the USD 29 monthly Hootsuite Professional Plan removes all restrictions.

Download Here

3. Tumblr

For brief visual posts, Tumblr is the perfect platform for you. It is one of the best iPhone blogging apps.

As if it were a magazine for the blogging world, this site is like that. Photos, videos, quotes, and more can all be shared via this official app.

Right from your iPhone or iPad, you may write and update a blog entry. Even when you’re offline, you may read your messages, comment on them, repost other content, and “like” postings.

App extensions allow you to publish photographs and videos.

Download Here

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

You may be asking why a photo editing app is included in the list of the best blogging apps for iPhone. Photoshop Express by Adobe is one of the most outstanding picture editing apps for iOS.

A variety of options are available for cropping, enhancing, and editing photographs. It is also free to use.

Download Here

5. Weebly

Using Weebly by Square, you can establish a blog or even an online store using its drag-and-drop builder. Also, text and media options are available, as well as the ability to upload your photographs.

Moreover, the Site Dashboard allows you to keep track of your site’s activities, respond to blog comments, and change your site rapidly.

Download Here

6. Squarespace Blog

The user can create elegant websites using Squarespace’s web-building platform. Squarespace’s official app allows you to modify and manage your content from various Squarespace accounts.

While on the road, you may make and update posts, upload photographs, format text, and create links.

Also, you can monitor reader comments and respond to them with little effort by keeping a comment log. Your finger is all that’s needed to designate an entry as spam.

With this software, you don’t have to sign in and out of multiple websites.

Download Here

7. Medium

As another easy-to-use blogging app for iPhone and iPad, Medium allows you to establish your site and view those of other users. As long as the iPhone app and the browser version of Medium are available, you may compose your tales wherever you are.

Lastly, receive a tailored feed of other bloggers who are similar to you by following your favorites.

Download Here

8. BlogTouch Pro (Blogger)

A top-rated blogging tool offered by Google for no cost, the Blogger app is available to everyone. A Google account is required to create the blog, and many Google products are accessible through it.

The number of photographs and videos you can post is endless, and you don’t need to worry.

But the application for mobile devices is quite rudimentary and barebones. It’s a shame because Google’s mobile apps are lovely.

So, “BlogTouch Pro” is now available as an alternative. This blogging platform makes it easy to publish a new post, update an old one, or moderate comments.

Download Here

9. FastFeed T1

Multi-tab browsing is essential for a smooth browsing experience. When you tap on a link in Tumblr, the FastFeed app creates a new tab.

When you scroll down a post, the controls will be hidden. Also, view your feed in either landscape or portrait mode, and choose between a flow or grid layout, depending on your preference.

Whether you’re online or not, you can submit any form of content, including images, videos, chats, links, text, and quotations.

Download Here

Blogo allows bloggers to create, modify and manage their blogs from a single app. It has a very intuitive UI and a range of handy features that let bloggers accomplish various activities quickly and efficiently using the iPhone or iPad’s offline mode.

So, this makes you continue working on an article even if there is no internet connection available. An advanced version is known as a paid upgrade to the free version.

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