15 Best Calorie Counter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Calorie Counter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Are you interested in learning about your health and shedding some weight? This article on the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is what you need.  

The key to a happy existence is having a healthy body. Some best practices for getting your body in shape include exercising, yoga, cycling, and other physical activities. But what if you decide against partaking in them? 

Tracking your food consumption will be very beneficial to you in this situation. Calorie-tracking applications on your iPhone make it simpler to track your eating habits. 

These apps enable you to log and track your daily calorie consumption because you can frequently find calorie information from a food database or upload photos of scanned food labels. 

Some calorie-tracking applications will generate a daily calorie consumption plan tailored to your unique requirements and health objectives.  

These apps may analyze your daily physical activity, diet, macronutrient intake, water intake, and other factors.

Here is a list of some of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad to learn about. 

1. MyFitnessPal 

A digital health-tracking app called MyFitnessPal will help you like a loyal friend. The app uses a supportive system to ensure you reach your fitness objectives. This app comes first on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad.

Monitoring your calorie intake and the amount of nutrition in your food analyzes your eating patterns. MyFitnessPal encourages healthy eating by breaking up the monotony of normal calorie-tracking software by providing essential motivation. 

In a real sense, the MyFitnessPal app is a substitute for a nutritionist, fitness professional, and health planner. You may also use the app to customize a plan for a certain goal. 

MyFitnessPal can handle all this while respecting your weight gain, weight loss, nutrition, or fitness preferences. The app also allows you to monitor your water intake, food’s nutritional value, and the amount of carbohydrates, fat, and protein in your meals. 

The Meal Planner feature of MyFitnessPal makes calorie control simple. With the help of this service, you may receive advice from a licensed dietician and create meal plans specific to your calorie goals. 

You can also access over 500 nutritious recipes and 50 simple exercise programs. The app teaches you more about leading a healthy lifestyle by tracking your meals. 

2. Lose It! 

One of the best health trackers, Lose It!, has a simple food diary and an exercise journal. Another fitness gadget, such as a pedometer, can be connected. 

Lose It! offers a customized calorie intake recommendation based on height, weight, and age of goals. Your calories are then tracked on the home page. 

Each food entry in the app’s huge food database has its icon. The food diary is simple to use and understand. Including new foods is relatively easy. 

Lose It! also features a barcode scanner for packaged goods and stores your go-to foods for convenient entry later. It maintains track of your intake on a daily and weekly basis and displays a graph of your weight changes. 

You can also access a lively chat community using it. You can join dietary challenges or create your own using the “Challenges” page. Premium membership entitles you to greater objectives, jot down additional details, and acquire a few extra features. 

3. Noom 

Next on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is Noom. Look no further than Noom if you’re looking for a reliable calorie counter, live assistance, coaching, and accountability. 

Noom will help you achieve your calorie counting objectives by making it simple to scan barcodes and labels, offering live support, and providing access to hundreds of recipes. 

The calorie counter in the app employs color coding to provide you with a fast overview of your eating habits in addition to simply logging calories. 

It will make you feel satisfied for longer and provides a quick overview of which foods are the most in calories (orange) against those highest in nutrients (green). Its database also includes more than 1,000 recipes and color-coded grades of how well they meet your objectives. 

Users can communicate with their coaches and the Noom community round-the-clock. Noom is more expensive than most calorie counters. Still, it is a wise investment for people seeking additional one-on-one encouragement and thorough education in healthy eating. 

4. My Macros+ 

This app is jam-packed with several ground-breaking features that meet the needs of everyone. Consider installing the My Macros+ app if you need help with weight management, routine fitness testing, calorie counting, macros testing, and nutrition testing. 

The app uses clear graphs to assist you in routinely tracking your weight. With the My Macros+ app, which breaks down nutrition intake depending on the meals you eat each day, calorie counting is made simple. 

In addition, the platform enables intelligent food classification and total input customization. This implies that you can enter food items directly from the label and keep track of your vitals for any portion amount. 

The app also offers a reporting system about your daily calorie intake. An optional component of the My Macros+ app uses artificial intelligence to help you swiftly reach your health goals. 

You must also complete the questionnaire that the app requests to receive your first macro objective. The app adjusts these macro goals for the greatest outcomes as you progress toward them.  

5. FatSecret 

Another of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is FatSecret. Among the free calorie tracker features, FatSecret has a nutrition database, a food journal, wholesome recipes, an activity log, a weight-loss log, and a diary. 

Using a barcode scanner, you can keep an eye on packaged items. The breakdown of your daily and mealtime carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake is shown on the home page. 

In addition, FatSecret provides a monthly summary view that shows the daily averages and caloric intake totals. This feature might be useful for keeping track of your overall development. 

It’s easy to use this calorie counter. Users may share success stories and obtain advice, recipes, and more in the app’s chat community. 

The website contains knowledge, advice, and articles on various subjects. 

6. Lifesum 

One of our favorite diet applications is Lifesum because of its adaptability, simplicity, connected platforms, and motivational elements. 

With Lifesum, you can easily and quickly calculate calories while learning to eat more healthfully, plan meals, comprehend the nutritional value of various foods, and more. 

For as low as $8.33, you can choose the app’s kick-starter three-week weight reduction program if you’re starting. You’ll receive pre-planned meals, simple five-ingredient recipes, shopping lists, and assistance during this time. 

From there, you can switch to the free version, count calories, and track your nutrition, or you may carry on with another Lifesum plan. A barcode scanner and an amazing food database are included in 

Lifesum’s calorie counter feature for simple logging. If you need to track your macronutrient intake and net carbs as part of a ketogenic diet, Lifesum can help. 

7. MyNetDiary 

Next on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is MyNetDiary. Your daily obligations will undoubtedly cause you to miss your morning walks, evening yoga sessions, and weekly gym trips rather frequently. 

Controlling your diet might help you achieve your goals for health if time restrictions are becoming a problem. One of the iPhone’s best free calorie counter applications, this digital platform has a fluid, simple, and intuitive user experience. 

The diet app contains a large, accurate food database with over 1.2 million products. MyNetDiary, unlike other food monitoring apps, contains a barcode scanner that allows you to immediately and without delay log your meals. 

You also receive a customizable dashboard, a water tracker, food articles and blogs, how-to videos, etc. You can select a food plan on the MyNetDiary app, which helps you stick to it by providing advice from a certified dietician. 

Also, you can choose healthy products using the grocery list and check features. Additionally, you can upgrade to a Premium subscription to access more features. 

You’ll have access to the best diet recipes, macro planning, simple fitness tracker integration, nutrient tracking, and more. 

8. Cronometer 

Cronometer makes monitoring your diet, weight loss, and exercise simple. It offers accurate serving sizes in addition to a useful exercise database. 

You can select a personalized profile based on higher calorie requirements if you’re pregnant or nursing. Additionally, you can inform Cronometer if you are on a certain diet, such as paleo, vegetarian, and low-carbohydrate 

As a result, the suggested macronutrients are changed. The food diary is straightforward and convenient. A bar graph displaying the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins may be found below it, along with the overall number of calories ingested for that day. 

Monitoring micronutrients like vitamins and minerals is made especially easy using a cronometer. The application has a Gold upgrade that includes advanced analysis without advertisements and additional features. 

9. Carb Manager 

Next on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is Carb Manager. Carb Manager helps you stay in ketosis with three different calculators and maintain or lose weight. 

A keto calculator lets you track carbs and net carbs; a nutrient calculator lets you track protein, fats, and other nutrients; and a calorie calculator adds it all up and displays your daily caloric intake. 

When you’re out of ideas, Carb Manager also provides many keto-friendly recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists to simplify your life. 

10. YAZIO 

You can count calories quite easily using YAZIO. The app’s user-friendly layout makes it simple to log your activities, manage your daily calorie intake, calculate calories burned, and eventually lose weight quickly. 

The lengthy calorie table available on the app and features more than 2 million food items will astound you. Keep a daily food journal for each meal using the YAZIO app to meet your health goals. 

The portal includes a barcode scanner integrated to make finding food quick and simple. You can create menus, compile a list of favorites, or add brand-new dishes for people to get ideas from. 

In addition, the YAZIO app records your physical activity, step totals, and sporting events to provide you with a comprehensive health report. 

To assist you in understanding the effects of your regular habits on your health, the app evaluates your food plan and milestones. These exceptional functions make YAZIO number ten on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad.

11. Calory 

Calory might be your ideal calorie tracker app if you want one of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad. You can register calories or foods with Calory, which only records your calorie intake. 

The app calculates the percentage of calories consumed and the total amount of calories left for the day when you set your objectives, and this information is displayed on the home page in a bar chart. However, you can manually change your calorie target. 

The history page shows a breakdown of the foods and calories consumed per meal and weekly, monthly, and yearly charts of your overall calorie intake and weight changes. 

Food logging is comparatively simple. However, using the database could be challenging. The app also retains your most recent food records to simplify future submissions and offers a list of common items. 

Upgrading to premium can unlock features like macro and hydration tracking, a barcode scanner, recipes, and access to a premium food database. 

12. MyPlate 

Even with its free edition, MyPlate by Livestrong can assist if you are ready to improve your eating habits but need clarification about where to begin. It does this by providing an eight-week meal plan. 

The app tracks extensive nutritional data and the number of calories consumed per meal. Simple graphs and charts make monitoring your progress toward a certain objective simple.

The app also links you to other users and videos of success stories to inspire you. Additionally, MyPlate tracks the number of calories you burn with various workout programs in its database. 

Omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets may all be accommodated by the eight-week meal plan, although access to more “clean eating”-focused recipes requires payment. 

13. Nutritionix Track 

Next on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is Nutritionix. Nutritionix Track perfectly combines technology and exercise. 

Users and nutritionists alike commend Nutritionix Track for its precise calorie counting and ability to provide nutrition-related data openly and honestly. 

You’ll be astonished to learn that knowledgeable dieticians selected the app’s database. Nutritionix Tracker combines the calorie content of common food items with that of packaged food ingredients and food joint items. 

Therefore, whenever you combine homemade food with meals from a restaurant, you are still conscious of the calories and nutrients you take in. 

Additionally, this helpful app offers access to thousands of popular recipes created by in-house dieticians. Interestingly, you may also let people have your recipes. 

In addition to the traditional logging, you can use the app’s voice recognition feature to log food items. When using the vocal command feature, be sure your dictation is clear. 

14. Ate Food Journal 

The goal of Ate Food Journal’s design was to promote mindful eating. With the app’s help, you can photograph your meals and snacks and track when and why you ate them, how they made you feel, and whether your food choices supported your wellness objectives. 

If you find counting every calorie frustrating, this app may allow you to experiment with different habits—it gives options like “cooking at home”—and how they make you feel in a less critical setting. 

It does not offer the comprehensive nutritional information of our other top apps. A seven-day trial of Ate Food Journal is offered without charge. After that, a $9.99 monthly subscription is required to access the service. 

15. Fooducate 

Last on our list of the best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad is Fooducate. You may monitor your meal consumption on the platform and monitor calories, macros, sleep, mood, and hunger. 

Furthermore, by specifying your preferred rate of weight reduction, kind of diet, and health conditions, you can benefit from a more individualized experience. 

The app provides dietary recommendations for various health objectives and disease recovery from the on-staff dieticians. 

By simply organizing your diet, you may regulate your carbohydrate intake, lower your rising cholesterol, defeat diabetes, improve your heart health, and more. 

You can also share your preferred recipes on the app for others to enjoy. Additionally, Fooducate is an all-inclusive health and fitness app that meets the needs of all users, regardless of their age or gender. 

A component of the app is devoted to women’s health. Food recommendations are in this section for conditions like PCOS, menstruation, lactation, and pregnancy. 

Additionally, you may add components to the app if you have allergies to them so it can create a diet without them. 


Lack of discipline is one of the most frequent problems people who want to change to a healthy lifestyle encounter. These best calorie counter apps for iPhone and iPad can help you by holding you guilt-free accountable for the excess calories you consume. 

Whether you’re attempting to lose weight, maintain your weight, or eat a more balanced diet, calorie counter apps make it simple and handy to keep track of your eating habits and monitor your progress. 

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