15 Best Character Creator Websites

Best Character Creator Websites

Well, where you find netizens drooling over RPG and MMO games, there are still many geeks who want to give their gaming world and social media a personal touch. Guess what? 

Now, the Internet has come up with a whole new ball game. Character creator Websites are here to help you create your persona, avatar, and figures.

How exciting is it to see yourself in an animated version with just a few clicks?

You get options to set your hair, shoes, outfits, eye color, and whatnot. These character creator sites deliver these ultimate tailor-made traits. 

You must be getting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get a hand on the Character Creator Websites. Are you ready to see your anime version?

Head downward as the wait is finally over!

Best Character Creator Websites

We have listed the best character-creating tools below. No need to worry about the charges as we have made sure that most of them are cost-free.

That’s enough of a talk. Let’s go!

1. Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker

Do you want to start with a simple character-making site? Then, Avatar Maker can assist you in framing a perfect picture of yourself. The website offers straightforward options to use.

You get a menu where you can choose your mouth, nose, eyes, ear style, and many more.

After that, you can even clothe your character with a fancy wardrobe, and you can share it with your friends and family.

You can always get your customized figure in SVG and png form (200 x 200 pixels & 400 x 400 pixels.

The website is free to use. Log on to their site and see what you can do to make your avatar look like you.

Check it out: avatarmaker.com

2. Cartoonize


Are you a picky person who can’t tell what you look like? Well, Cartoonize has resolved this problem for you.

How? They have multiple options for character creation. You get sets of two methods; either manually select options or use your picture to apply effects on it. 

The miraculous filters can do wonders for you to create a character that looks just like you.

You get a menu where you can choose your mouth, nose, eyes, ear style, and many more. 

Check it out: www.cartoonize.net

3. Avachara


Anichara is a one-stop solution for you. Why? Avachara lets you have your way by giving you a proper menu to select whatever you want.

Therefore, it provides impeccable service among other Character Creator Websites.

You can make your profile pictures entertaining and unique with Manga Caricature Creator, Portrait Maker Tools, and Anime Avatar Maker Tools.

The simple design frame does not even require editing skills. What more do you want? You would have to go and explore this character creator site.

Check it out: avachara.com

4. AvatarMaker.net

AvatarMaker net

The character-making website has come forward to help all social media users update their profile pictures.

This character creation is a great deal to display your pictures; if you feel uncomfortable on social platforms.

Additionally, avatars give a sick look to the profiles and in-game characters. AvatarMaker.net has a similar yet dope quality to offer other best Character Creator Websites in 2023.

You get to make your character from scratch. You can choose your skin tone, gender, and many distinct attributes. 

Therefore, it’s right to say that it has everything you want. You also get an option to direct to your socials with new looks.

Check it out: avatarmaker.net

5. Doll Divine

Doll Divine

Have you always been a fan of those sparkly and sinning manga characters? How about owning one? Yes, Doll Divine has made it possible.

It is a digital world; you have to save your intellectual property. Therefore, this character creator website, inspired by Manga, must get your visit.

The site takes you to a new wild where you get different character cards. You can choose anyone and start adding details and further stages.

Either you’re a boy or a girl. It doesn’t matter. No graphic skills? No need. Just visit their site and be ready for all manga-based hairstyles, physiques, and scars. 

The game comes with 20+ backgrounds. So, what is stopping you?

Check it out: www.dolldivine.com

6. Freepik


All you all caught up and want a site that can customize your avatar itself? Freepik can be your ride on the list of Best Character Creator Websites.

Freepik has already developed a preset of thousands of animated characters online. You need to hover over their site and see what matches you integrally.

You may get lucky and come across a figure identical to you. If not, you should always be able to see yourself in different attires. What do you say?

Check it out: www.freepik.com

7. Multiavatar


Are you interested in NFTs or have your site? Multiavatar can take care of you in the list of other Character Creator Websites

Go check their special-looking avatars, and don’t forget to get yourself the most suitable character. Also, all website owners can enjoy their Javascript API facility.

The non-discriminate site caters to all genders, nationalities, colors, and races.

The open-source and free-to-use site also has a high-quality download quality at the end of avatar creation.

Check it out: multiavatar.com

8. DoppleMe


Everyone likes to have an identity. Right? Sometimes, you may wish to have your character showcase it at your workplace, in-game logo, or Whatsapp DP to ensure individuality.

These Character Creator Websites are the most optimum choice for all people coming from versatile backgrounds. DoppelMe has the same features to satisfy you.

They provide a funny set of character options to make them close to looking like you.

You get to choose your skin color, eye color, and the way you dress. There are many more doors to open. Go, get them.

Check it out: doppelme.com

9. Befunky


Befunky has been in the news lately. The most used site nowadays helps you edit pictures, and you can also eventually build a cartoony version.

With its ever-growing fast features and services, you may need to have a little knowledge of editing. Don’t worry. They have a walk-in guide on their site.

Therefore, everyone can learn and showcase their photography skills at Befunky.

Check it out: befunky.com

10. Marvelhq

Are you a Marvel fan like every kid around the corner? Then, Marvelhq can offer you some next-level and crazy editing elements.

How wild is it that you can see yourself in the attire of your idol? It’s insane. Right? You have got it all; let it be Batman, Spiderman, or Jean Grey.

Now the ball is in your court. Go through their extreme customization from eye color to accessories tint. What more can we need?

Check it out: www.marvelhq.com

11. Character Creator

Character Creator

Do you have zero graphic design knowledge? Then, all beginners can vouch for Character Creator.

The site has many extensive tools to help you create a character close to reality.

Although, the interface is not as user-friendly. Still, the level of detail on the site is enough to make you loony.

It is a full-body character-creating website where you get through several steps to reach a final look.

It is one fine choice among the other best Character Creator Websites. You even get to edit the watches, jewelry, and other minimal deets.

Are you all in for a character similar to you from head to toe?

Check it out: charactercreator.org

12. MakeHuman

MakeHuman is a free interactive tool that helps you make your character.

You know what? The characters made on this website are three-dimensional and provide full-body customization.

Now you can see side profiles of your character. Another stirring factor is the fast delivery of this platform among other Character Creator Websites.

Check it out: makehuman.com

13. Comicgen


Have you always wanted to make anime characters? Your wish has been taken into account by Comicgen.

They provide you with fascinating products by which you can even customize the reaction of characters.

You can name it, select a pose for it, and choose the apparel. Visit the site and make your comic character now!

Check it out: gramener.com/comicgen

14. Charat


Charat is another exceptional tool in the list of other best Character Creator Websites.

Are you interested in Japan and its Chibi-themed characters? 

Then, this character creator can be your favorite. However, it has covered a numbered genre.

Still, a significant portion of the game revolves around those tiny and cute anime characters. It’s time to get your chibi!

Check it out: charat.me

15. Picrew


Where are all anime, manga, and video game adorers? We’ve got a gift for you at the end. Picrew has become a tremendous hit, as it should.

The extreme customization of this site goes beyond a person’s belief. From popular to obscure, you can create whichever character you want.

You get a set of backgrounds, themes, and skin tones to choose from in the game.

So, we think it’s a wise pick to see for yourself what Picrew holds among other Character Creator Websites

Check it out: picrew.com


When it comes to Character Creator Websites, the options are numerous. However, for now, here are only 15 sites to soothe you. 

It’s time for you to use the tool which appealed to you the most. Do let us know which one you liked and which worked best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are characters used? 

The characters are not limited to gaming figures. You can customize your character through the number of character creator sites and download them in picture format. Just a few clicks are enough. After that, you can upload them as your social account’s display. Most of the time, people make the characters like themselves, and hence, it gives a sense of recognition. 

How Can I Create My Character?

We have given links to the site above. Click over the links to reach the website you prefer. You’ll get a set of menus to create your character.

What App Lets You Create Your Own Avatar?

Apps like Bitmoji, MSQRD, and FaceQ are the best ones that let you create your own avatar.

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