17 Best Chrome Extensions for Android

best chrome extensions for android

Using the best chrome extensions for Android is a fantastic way to enhance the functionality of your web browser and add features that go beyond the capabilities of a standard web browsing experience.

These are the best chrome extensions for Android discovered after testing a wide range of them across various categories to see which ones stand out and contribute something of value to the surfing experience.

You can use them on any platform or browser on the Chromium open-source project.

Best Chrome Extensions for Android

1. Keepa

Keepa integrates Amazon pricing history charts and sends you alerts when prices drop to predetermined levels.

Even though Amazon’s wish list will alert you to any price changes on your bookmarked items, Keepa gives you even more information, such as a breakdown of the cost of buying the item brand new versus used.

You may save money on Amazon thanks to a plethora of extra options, such as the ability to import wishlists, receive notifications when an item you like is back in stock, and be in touch with daily offers.

2. View Image

The View Image button no longer appears in search results for Google Images after the two companies reached a license agreement in 2018.

This button would launch a new browser tab with the image within, making it easy for users to save or download the picture.

This feature and the Search by Image option have been brought back with the View Image option.

If you right-click on an image, you may use Google’s Search by Image feature to see where else the image has been used online.

View Image is one of the best chrome extensions for Android here that enhances functionality already present in Chrome.

To get the most out of Chrome, you should prioritize View Image.

3. Magical

Magical is a tool that does double duty as a text expander and a message template maker. Common words, email formats, and websites can all be saved as shortcuts.

There’s a use case here for everyone, whether you’re a code recycler, an email marketer, or a job seeker.

It helps people of all ages and backgrounds type faster and more accurately.

4. The Great Suspender

Some users are dissatisfied with Chrome because of the considerable amount of memory it requires to run.

The Great Suspender is useful in this situation because it hides inactive tabs until you click on them again.

There are several ways to adjust the Great Suspender to fit your needs. You can configure tab suspension to occur after as little as 20 seconds of inactivity, or you can select never to suspend tabs that are playing audio.

A change in the settings could prevent you from losing work by accident. Still, otherwise, it’s among the best chrome extensions for Android you can use today.

5. Colorblind by Daltondalton

Colorblind by Dalton is one of the best chrome extensions for Android that improves color accessibility for colorblind users.

Color blindness of all kinds is addressed, from blue to green to red. The process of enabling it is straightforward, and it then requests input.

After making a choice, you can modify the filter’s intensity to meet your requirements.

6. Google Keep

The Google Keep Chrome Extension is only one of many helpful features available in Google Keep that can improve your note-taking experience.

Suppose you’d rather stick to Google’s app ecosystem. In that case, Keep is a great replacement for Evernote, allowing you to store text, photographs, and links.

In addition, you can annotate and tag your stored content for instant organization.

7. Dark Reader

This one only requires a little explanation. There are still a lot of websites that don’t have a dark mode.

Chrome doesn’t have the option to force dark mode by default, even though most smartphones have a dark mode that makes viewing the screen in the dark less taxing on the eyes.

You can accomplish this through the use of the Dark Reader add-on. You can enable dark mode on any website if you’re using Chrome on an OLED display.

Conserve some battery life while minimizing the strain you put on your eyes, particularly when reading late at night.

This is one of my favorite best chrome extensions for Android as a tech-savvy.

8. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder allows you to make customized screenshots within Chrome, which can be very useful if you want to capture only specific portions of the webpage or a scrolling screenshot of the entire page.

You can take screenshots on your computer using the default tools on Windows, Mac, or any other operating system, for that matter.

You also get a built-in screen recorder that can either record the entire Chrome window or a single tab in addition to the feed from your webcam.

This can be incredibly useful if you’re giving a tutorial or want to record anything to help someone else. Another one of those indispensable add-ons is here.

This extension is a great help if you use Chrome to capture many screenshots or record videos using various websites. 

9. Inssist

Instagram may be one of the most popular social networking sites. Still, its online interface people consider to be the most frustrating of all of them.

The Instagram web app has been around for years, but it still needs to allow users to add posts or stories to their profiles, which can be annoying.

Utilizing the Inssist tool is the solution to this problem. It is among the best chrome extensions for Android that you need to authorize by logging into Instagram.

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to post photos, videos, and even stories onto your Instagram profile directly from your computer without having to open the app on your smartphone first. It is an extension that you need to authorize by logging into Instagram.

10. Invideo for YouTube

You’ll want to fast-forward to a particular point in the video where the author discusses a particular term or subject matter.

Particularly if the movie is fairly lengthy, the process of manually scrolling through the seek bar to locate the specific segment might be quite laborious. Invideo for YouTube is specifically with this use case in mind.

It does this by utilizing YouTube’s transcription capability, which allows it to search within a video and locate the portion of the video in which the author discusses the term that you are looking for.

Conduct a search for the word or phrase you wish to locate in a movie, and you will be able to jump directly to that specific timestamp.

11. Evernote Web Clipper

You’ll be able to save web pages, articles, and PDFs to your Evernote account if you use the Evernote Web Clipper.

If you save articles and websites to read later, this could be one of the best chrome extensions for Android for you to use.

Since it is synchronized across all your devices, you can save an article on your desktop and then access it later using the Evernote app.

The versatility of the Evernote Web Clipper’s clip formats is one of the program’s many strengths.

You can bookmark the page, save the entire page, save the page with its original formatting, or save a stripped-down version of the page.

It merely takes a few clicks, and once they’re done, everything works properly. From the add-on, you can also arrange the content within the folders of your Evernote account.

12. Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler makes managing Chrome tabs easier by dismissing tabs that aren’t being utilized automatically.

Once configured, it will automatically close inactive tabs after a specified period. Closed tabs are not permanently lost; rather, they are moved to a section of the browser called the Tab Corral, where it is possible to reopen them swiftly.

This is the perfect add-on if you continually find yourself drowning in tabs you aren’t utilizing or have so many open tabs that you lose track of the ones you want to utilize.

Tab Wrangler’s exceptional usefulness can be attributed to the vast number of personalization possibilities that it provides.

You can keep tabs from shutting by locking or pinning them, and you don’t have to close tabs currently open to your favorite websites.

13. Momentum

Thanks to Momentum, your browsing goals are easier to concentrate on using one of these best chrome extensions for Android.

It will replace the page you saw in your new tab with a personalized dashboard.

When you start your browser daily, it will ask about your primary concern and add a checkbox next to the response you may complete later.

It prevents you from feeling overwhelmed while keeping you focused. Installing Momentum will populate your new tabs with a to-do list, a weather report, and a daily motivational quotation.

People who prefer to cross off goals but don’t have the time to keep a journal or a dedicated to-do list will find that Momentum is the perfect app.

It’s a fantastic method to freshen up your tabs, even if you don’t use any productivity apps.

14. Grammarly

Grammarly is an extension that combines a spell checker and editor into one convenient package. It does so regardless of where in the browser you are writing.

Therefore, whether you’re writing an email, a Facebook message, or a post for your blog, it can help rectify the faults that you make in your writing.

In addition to detecting errors in grammar and punctuation, Grammarly draws attention to unclear sentences.

You will be free of pop-ups and other messages from Grammarly. It makes suggestions that are easy to understand without getting in the way, which means your workflow will be smooth.

Download and install Grammarly if you intend to write on the internet.

You won’t regret it because it is one of the best chrome extensions for Android in terms of writing and grammatical corrections.

15. Google Translate

The name “Google Translate” is familiar to almost everyone. It permeates every aspect of our life, from assisting elementary school children with their homework in French to translating phrases from other languages.

The same service may be obtained using the Google Translate plugin but without copying and pasting the content into the page.

When you right-click or highlight some text, a translation will show, then hit the Translate icon on your keyboard.

16. Mighty Text

Users of Mighty text can send SMS messages (but not RCS chat messages) directly from within their browsers.

Although the Google Messages web app provides a function that is analogous to that of the mobile app, it can only be used in conjunction with the mobile app. Mighty text is compatible with all SMS clients.

Mighty text alerts you to incoming text messages, enables you to respond to them directly from your web browser, and relays notifications from other applications and indications for short battery life.

People who want to answer text messages fast without taking up their phones might benefit greatly from the wonderful technology known as Mighty text.

17. Forest

The presence of forest serves as a horticulture incentive to maintain one’s motivation. If you spend too much time on Facebook or YouTube, this is the perfect add-on.

After inputting the URLs, you want to stay away from while working, start a timer. The extension will start cultivating a digital tree as soon as the users have set the time.

You will destroy your tree if you try to access one of the URLs you have blacklisted.

For your tree to mature into a full-grown specimen, and you can add them to your virtual forest, you will need to stay away from these URLs for the duration of the timer.

This is among the best chrome extensions for Android; if you try to use your phone while using the Forest app, it will “kill a tree,” which is a pleasant and effective way to stay focused on your work.

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